101 Amazing Facts About 5IVE

[Big Hit - ISSUE 1 - October 1998]

Everybody Get Up, because it's time for Santi Pintado and Pamela Eldridge to put the guys from 5ive under the griller.

1. Who thought of the name 5ive?
All of us.
2. Do you drive?
3. Have you ever been caught picking your nose?
Not that I can remember!
4. Growing up, what did you want to be?
Something to do with music.
5. How often do you bathe?
Twice a day, minimum.
6. How long have you had your eyebrow ring?
Six-and-a-half years.
7. Who's the sloppiest around the house?
Sean's the laziest but Rich is the most untidy.
8. When you're rapping, what do you think about?
I'm focusing on the crowd.
9. If one of you left, would you call yourselves 4our?
No, we'd disband straight away.
10. When did you last "get the feeling"?
Last Sunday night when I was watching TV!
11. Describe Australia in one word.
12. What is the worst outfit you've ever worn?
When I was 12 I had these massive baggy black cord pants and a matching white cord shirt with black pockets. Disgusting!
13. Who's the most outspoken member of 5ive?
Myself or Scott.
14. Can you cook?
Yep, I cook anything. I enjoy cooking Italian stuff.
15. Who would you choose as a date between Pamela Anderson and Posh Spice?
Not much of a choice, is there! I couldn't go for Pamela because I cannot stand false people. So I'd go for Posh, but I still wouldn't opt to go for her.
16. Fave Backstreet Boy?
Kevin. He's the oldest one and he seems like he never has too much to say.
17. What puts you in a really bad mood?
Ask the others!
18. Your fave clothing label?
Phat Farm. It's comfortable, baggy clothing.
19. The last time you swore?
About 30 seconds ago!
20. What gives you and adrenaline rush?
Bungee jumping and anything stupid.

21. When did your parents last embarrass you?

They embarrass me all the time!
22. Do you run late for things?
Yes. I try to be on time, but it just doesn't happen!
23. When did you last cry?
While I was watching Titanic.
24. Your fave Hanson song?
25. If you were a girl for a day, what would you wear?
I'd go for suspenders and long, elegant dresses.
26. Where would you most like to live?
Cape Town in South Africa.
27. What makes you cringe?
Nails going down the blackboard.
28. A job you would never do?
Any office job.
29. would you ever change your name?
I like Reginald, actually.
30. Describe what your ideal wedding day would be like.
I either want a really big do in a country church in England or a quiet beach wedding.
31. If Geri Halliwell wanted to do a duet with you…
I'd say, "Sorry Geri, love, but I'm not interested".
32. Would you ever change nationalities?
33. What if 5ive broke up?
I'd chill out for a few months and then continue with my career.
34. What's your phone bill like when you're on tour?
35. How can people tell when you're angry?
I crease my eyebrows and scrunch my face.
36. Do you spit?
37. Can you waltz?
No. I reckon I'd be able to blag it.
38. Describe yourself in five words.
Sensitive, emotional, thoughtful, impatient and imaginative!
39. Do you think your neighbours like you?
They do. The old ones didn't… we got thrown out of the house!
40. What's the best Aussie expression you've heard?
"Oh, you're such a dag!"

41. How many spikes are in your hair?
About 107.
42. Are you a good dancer?
I am now.
43. Ever seen a ghost?
Yes, on my 10th birthday. It wa like an old guy with a beard.
44. Do you iron your own clothes?
I never used to, but I do now.
45. What name would you give to a pet?
The name of someone back home, so it would be like they were the pet.
46. Do you talk to yourself?
Absolutely! I have proper in-depth conversations with myself. I argue with myself. I ask myself if what I'm wearing looks all right. I'm weird… very!
47. What word best describes Home and Away?
48. Why is the weather so depressing in England?
Well, it was very damn depressing in Sydney when I was there!
49. Have you ever been dumped by a girl?
Many times. It's not nice!
50. What colour are your eyes?
51. Do you know what "MMMBop" means?
It means Hanson!
52. What do 5ive do right before a concert?
We work out what we're gonna do on stage, then do a little chant and go on stage.
53. What is the best movie you've seen?
54. A word you say every day?
55. Would you ever wear matching outfits?
No. We don't think it looks good.
56. What is the most disgusting food you've eaten?
I hate salad cream.
57. What was your first impression of Australia?
The people are really nice.
58. When do you open your Christmas presents?
On Christmas Day.
59. Did you do anything to break the ice when you first met the other guys?
I made a pizza.
60. Would you ever throw a punch at anyone?
No, I don't like fighting.

61. Do you know what Vegemite tasted like?

Yeah. Rancid! I hate it.
62. Are you treated like the baby of the band?
No, we're equals.
63. How does your mum tell you off?
She says, "Can I have a word with you?", and talks to me.
64. What was your first job?
A removalist. House removals.
65. What don't you miss about school?
66. Are you a summer or winter person?
I get nostalgic about both.
67. What was your worst injury playing rugby league?
I once broke all the bones in my left wrist. I got stamped on.
68. Would you ever trash a hotel room?
I don't know. I haven't yet!
69. What's in your Walkman?
Old soul and funk.
70. What's the strangest place you've been recognised?
71. What body part would you like to pierce?<
72. What make a guy cool?
Someone who won't stab you in the back. A loyal and proper man.
73. Have you ever read your sister's diary?
I read it once, and my mum went mad, off her head at me.
74. Favourite TV show?
Men Behaving Badly.
75. Describe your perfect meal.
Savoury, with plenty of flavour.
76. What is your mother's middle name?
77. What does your bedroom look like?
Like a bomb has hit it!
78. What's the first thing you bought with money from 5ive?
A holiday.
79. What shoe size are you?
About 9 or 10.
80. What is the most annoying thing about being in 5ive?
When you don't know how you'll get through the day.

81. What does Abs stand for?
Abidin, my middle name.
82. What would you never do to your hair?
I would never spike it like Scott!
83. Worst song you've heard?
"Polyester Girl" by Regurgitator.
84. How long do you take to get ready to go out?
Five minutes! I'm easy, man. Just get the smells on and I'm done!
85. How did it feel when a fan first screamed your name?
I shitted myself!
86. What would you do if you met Lene from Aqua?
I'd say hello.
87. Who is your best friend?
My cousin Izzy.
88. Your fave aftershave?
Sculpture. I don't know who it's by… the bottle says 'Homme'!
89. Who does the dishes at home?
90. What's the last argument you had with the guys?
It was when we were in Australia. Scott wouldn't let me throw stuff around his hotel room. I was kicking around teddies that he'd been given and he was getting really aggravated.
91. If 5ive went on a date with the Spice Girls, which one of you would miss out?
Me! I wouldn't turn up!
92. The first word you said?
Probably something rude.
93. When do you wake up?
If I had my way, two in the afternoon. I love my bed!
94. When do you feel famous?
When I'm on stage.
95. What do you do "when the lights go out"?
"Slam Dunk Da Funk"!
96. When your first single made the charts…
We were driving, heard the news on the radio and went "Yay!"
97. Most memorable dream?
It was like paintball. You pretended to shoot people you wanted to, but didn't.
98. Are you often told that you look like Peter Andre?
By nearly every interviewer!
99. Do you sing in the shower?
Yeah! I strut my stuff.
100. Most embarrassing situation you've been in?
When I was six, I was naughty and Mum pulled down my trouser and smacked my butt in front of my friends!

Name: Rob Barnes
Position: "Tour manager, bodyguard and anything else that needs helping out!"
101. Which 5iver is the hardest to wake up in the morning?
All of them! Rich doesn't speak in the morning, he grunts. I'll say to Sean, "You've got half an hour," and he'll go back to sleep! Scott will go, "Shut up, I don't want to get up," and then all of a sudden he's downstairs. Abs gets up straight away, and J either wakes himself up or I wake him up.