Under the pop banner

icBirmingham August 2001

Court appearances, illness and fatherhood aside, Five are keen to scotch rumours of their demise with their new single, Let's Dance.

While their fellow boyband rivals seem keen to walk an unchallenging path, Five look towards their own individual and varied personal influences to create a diverse sound that retains a pop credibility.

"Basically," says Richie, "Abs is your garage/ jungle kind of guy. J is old skool hip-hop. Sean is rare groove, and Scott is stuck in the '80s with his love of Phil Collins and I'm more into rock stuff."

And after their chart busting rendition of Queen's anthemic We Will Rock You, their soon to be released new album contains another crashing rocker, Lay All Your Loving On Me.

Pegged to be a future single it features a sample from Back In Black by Aussie metal outfit AC/DC!

"That's the great thing about pop music," adds J. "You can do whatever you want, it still comes under the same pop banner. That gives you the freedom to release what we want, and whatever style it is, it always sounds like Five."

Let's Dance is released on 13 August, and the album XL on 27 August 2001