Abs' World!

[Live & Kicking Magazine, Issue 77 - February 2000]

Alright you lot! How you all doin'? Phew have I had a busy month or what! So I'm gonna have a sit down, put me feet up and tell you all what's been going on!

The reason I'm so tired is that we've been rehearsing for our tour, getting all our dance moves spot on! That's not to say we haven't had a few mishaps in true Five-style! Only last night, Sean got a right bump on his head when he was messing about having a go at headspins on a hard wooden floor - not a good idea for a start! Ha ha! He didn't get much sympathy from us lot, surprise surprise!

Country Gents!
Now I'm gonna tell you a little secret about us lot. You know how most people think we're mad party lads, always shouting and screaming at each other? Well, we've taken up going for afternoon strolls in the countryside! Don't worry we haven't gone all soft on you, but we thought we better get some fresh air 'cause while we've been in the rehearsal studios we haven't seen daylight for flippin' ages! My mum will be proud of me!

It's Catching!
You know how last month I was sneezing all over the place? Well now J's got the dreaded lurgy, which is well funny 'cause he pretends to be well 'ard but he hasn't stopped whimpering! The wuss!

Abs' Game of the Month
This month I've mostly been playing Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation and it rocks. It's the fourth Tomb Raider game, but it doesn't carry on from the other three, it kinda stands alone. You get to train with Lara and then go on some crazy adventures through spooky Egyptian ruins. It really kicks behind!

See you next issue!
Lots of Love, Abs