Abs' World

Whassup you lot?
Boy, have we been busy this month! We've done so much travelling that when I wake up in a new hotel I have to phone my tour manager and ask him what country we're in!

Do you speak Italian?
Last week we were in Milan to do a press conference because we'd been nominated for a MTV award. We're so excited! Everyone was speaking in Italian and we didn't have a clue what they were saying, then suddenly the presenter-blokey handed me a microphone, expecting me to speak, so I passed it to J, J passed it to Sean, and so on until Scott took hold of it and said, "Erm, we haven't got a clue what your on about but erm, nice weather we're having isn't it!" It was sooo funny!

Home Sweet Home!
I've decided to buy my first, very own flat. I want somewhere near London but not too central - there is enough hustle and bustle in my life, thank you! The other lads are thinking of getting their own places too so we're all going to have house warming parties at each others houses (apart from Scott, he's still at his mum's). If I have a party I'm having plastic cups mind - nothing breakable - especially with Sean and J around!

Mum's the word
Us pop people always seem to be bumping into each other. I had a good old chinwag with fellow L&K columnists B*Witched the other day. My mum also made mate with Cleopatra! We were at an awards ceremony and she went and said, "Hello I'm Abs' mum how you doing?" She'll talk to anyone! When I bumped into Cleopatra the other day the first thing they said was, "Say hello to your mum for us." She was dead chuffed they remembered her.

Christmas in the sun!
I just can't wait for Christmas 'cause we've got three whole weeks off! I'm going somewhere hot for a holiday. Brilliant! So I'm off to start packing!