The Naked Truth About Abs

What would you like people to know about you?
I am what you see and I don't pretend to be anything else. I like to be taken seriously, too.

Ever done anything you're really ashamed of?
No. I don't drink and I don't take any drugs - I've got too much common sense and high morals, big time. It's just the way I've been brought up. I do take risks though.

You've been Bungee jumping, haven't you?
Yeah, it was wicked. I've also heard about this thing where you jump out of a plane into the net that's suspended between two other planes below. (Nearly jumps out of his seat...) I'd love to do that. (Steady on mate!)

Aren't you scared of dying?
Nah but I do worry about the people I'm leaving behind. Someone once read my tea leaves and told me that I was going to die young. It doesn't bother me. I'm just going to enjoy myself while I can.

How attractive do you think you are?
I get loads of letters from fans saying, 'You're really gorgeous' but I don't see myself as anything special. I just hope that they're right.

You must have some idea that you're quite tasty?
Well, I've been told it so many times ever since I was little - 'You're so cute' or 'You're gonna be a real looker!'. So I guess I expect it of myself. But I don't look in the mirror thinking, 'Yeah you're a good-looking chap'. I'm not like that.

What does it take to make you cry?
Titanic. I bawled throughout the whole film. Stress makes me cry too. When everything gets on top of me or I have problems at home. I'm not afraid of crying though. It helps relieve the pressure.

Describe the problems you've faced at home!
It's when I've had a really hard week and then my mum starts on at me about never visiting the relatives. They don't always realise I just wanna be on my own.

Which member of Five are you closest to?
It depends how I'm feeling. I could hate Sean one day and then be best mates with him the next. I can walk into a room and 'feel' who's giving out the good vibes and today that was Sean.

What are the main differences between boys and girls?
Apart from the obvious? (Flashes a cheeky smirk) Boys need a lot more love and tender care. They put on this hard, 'Yo! I'm your man' image but you can't get by life without being loved.

Do you ever wish you had a girl band member in Five?
It might be nice but it could work out the wrong way. I could imagine Sean getting off with her and then her boyfriend starting on me!

What characteristic would you change about yourself?
I like my personality. Sometimes I'm really hyper-active, over the moon and happy and sometimes I'm quite chilled out and quiet. At the moment I'm kinda in the middle. I understand myself so much more since being in the band.

Have you ever been bullied?
I was picked a few times at secondary school but it wasn't for any particular reason. Since then I've learnt to walk away from situations like that. I'll only kick back if they touch me.

What would you do if you dived into a pool and your trunks came off?
I'd wait for a float to drift by, grab it, put it in front of my bits and leg it back to the changing room. Before the band I would've just leapt straight out the pool totally naked but now I'm so much more aware of photographers and fans being around. I don't reckon I'll ever get used to that.

Finally, this interview has been...
Wicked. A lot of interviewers don't pay much attention and I could chat rubbish for ages but I've really enjoyed this 'cause you've been interested in my answers and asked me about everything. So, thank you!