Transcrip Of Chat - TOTP
TOTP Chat, 29 August 2002

ANASTACIA: Now that you're a solo artist do you miss being on stage with the lads?
ABS: Ahhh, no not really because now I've got six lovely girls instead, which obviously is a lot more appealing! And also at the same time, I make four times more money. So, I'm doing alright.

TOTP: Is that four times compared to what they're earning now or what they were earning then?
ABS: [Laughs] Oh, er then. I don't know what they're up to now to be honest with you.

TOTP: But you're still friends with Scott aren't you?
ABS: Scott, I saw Scott a little while back, he's cool. I saw J, and J is actually looking like Stephen Segal lately. He's got a little ponytail going on, facial hair and no eye ring. It's a bit of a switch. Sean, I kinda bumped into a little while back, but Rich I haven't heard from. Not sure what he's up to. Hope he's well.

KIRSTY: So why did 5ive really split up?
ABS: To be honest with you... How you doing Kirst? Basically, I don't even know and I was in the band. I know it sounds crazy, but it got to the point when I was turning up to things on my own. I think everybody just wanted to do their own thing, to be honest with you. So it was like, okay, fair enough and one day you just don't turn up for work and that's it! But I think that everyone just wanted to do their own thing. I wanted to hold the band together, but it was four against me.

AMY: What goes through your mind when you're on stage solo?
ABS: It's just nice to be back and nice to be on stage again doing what I do best - entertaining and music. Because to be honest with you, when the band split there was two months when I did nothing. Literally, just sitting home, in my pyjamas, just watching loads of daytime TV. Um, and I was just thinking, 'am I going to do this again?' So, it's just nice to be back really.

PIGGYBANK: If you weren't a singer, what do you think you'd be?
ABS: It's all about music. Nothing! It's all about music, there's nothing else I could do. I went to stage school and trained in drama and dancing, and stuff like that. But, it's all about music man. There's nothing else I would do. [Thinks] Piggybank, what's that all about man?

ANJIE: What has been your craziest goal or ambition in life, and did you achieve it?
ABS: Um, er, Top Of The Pops Web Chat ... apparently! No, you know what, you kinda make new dreams and ambitions as you go along. Like, before I was in 5ive, my ambition was to be in a band, be famous and do music in some way. Then you achieve that, so your dream becomes that you want to get a No.1 and be successful. And then you achieve that, so you just keep on going and make new things have your own show, your own tour. Now I'm solo, I have to do it all again. I'm kinda dreaming of having that success, dreaming of getting a No.1 again and dreaming of all these other things. It's kinda like being reborn and starting all over again. My ambitions have grown.

Jenna: Are you really currently dating anyone at the moment?
ABS: Um...I wouldn't call it dating. I'm not really dating. No, I'm not really. To be honest with you, I'm solo, single, 23 and having a good time! That's all I'm going to say.

SHARON: So is it true then that you're seeing Heidi from the Sugababes?
ABS: There you go Sharon, just put me in it love! Um [thinks] sort [thinks] it's's's kinda. It's just early, early days. No deep, house hunting, talking about marriage or anything like that going on. It's just kinda [thinks] I've bumped into her a few times.
TOTP: So it's at the dating stage then?
ABS: I wouldn't call it dating, I'd call it just kinda 'every now and againing'.
TOTP: She'll be watching?
ABS: Is she watching? [Waves] Er, thanks for that, appreciate it.
TOTP: Moving swiftly on then ...
ABS: Yes. Please.

LUANA: What kind of music do you listen to?
ABS: Um, all types of music, from pop to disco, to garage, to old skool, to motown, to jungle, to drum and bass. Early stuff, like old house. Everything. Indie, a bit of rock. And that's kinda cool because I can draw on that when I'm writing my own album. My album will be a bit of all of that. It's just me, I listen to everything.

FIONA: So what's in your CD player at the moment?
ABS: Right now, just as I came out of the house...Ashanti. I just wanted to hear a track off the album, but I might find a rock album after that. But that is what's in my CD player right now...track 8! 

SHOMIT: What kind of music can we expect from the new album?
ABS: The new album is just basically me, in a studio, creatively free to do what I want. I got up-tempo stuff, I've got a bit of rhyming, a couple of garage numbers. There's a reggae feel, a couple of Usher-style ballads. A bit of everything for everybody, hopefully. And I'm still looking to work with a couple of producers, so there's tracks yet unfinished, untouched. So, there should be something on there for everyone - it's just me.

ABSFAN: Have you ever slapped a celeb?
ABS: Have I ever what? Slapped a celeb? Um, not properly, I've play-fighted with Lee from Blue and Brian from Westlife, whenever they're around. But it's not proper cuffs. 3SL have been getting a bit lippy though lately. And all I can say is, you're not in the Top Ten, boys!
TOTP: That's really interesting, because Andy from 3SL was linked to Heidi from the Sugababes?
ABS: STEVE! Yeah, there was some rubbish going on man. I was just like, 'I can't be bothered with this'. Just ask Heidi about it, she'll set it all straight. It's been kinda sorted now, I think.

[Abs spots Richard Blackwood nearby]

CHRISTINA: Who is your favourite idol?
ABS: Er Richard Blackwood. I love what Richard Blackwood does and I think he's amazing. He's always supported me from the very beginning... What's going on? [Richard Blackwood says 'hello'] Richard Blackwood's in the place!

TOTP: Welcome Richard Blackwood. Thanks a lot for joining us Abs, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
ABS: I would like to say, thank you for logging on and just generally...I know I've been gone for quite a long while, but for those that have been waiting, I hope it's been worth the it.