Three 'N' Easy
The Daily Star, 30 July 2002

Fab Abs can't shake then off. He is playing fast and loose.
As karting virgins, our Laura and Julia may have sounded slightly arrogant when they posed the question: " How hard can it be?"
And as those of you who have tried it will know, it's not that hard. But it is very competitive .... especially when you're racing against Abs.
To cut to the chase, yes - Abs did thrash our butts, but only because he had a faster kart.
Whizzing round the Daytona Track at Park Royal, north-west London, it became clear that Abs takes his favourite hobby very seriously.
When we eventually came off the circuit, sweating and high on adrenaline, Abs scoffed at the mere suggestion his kart was faster than ours and his tour manager John's.
Guess we need to challenge you to Round Two, eh Abs? Oh, and your kart WAS faster than ours.

It seems Abs has turned into a bit of a stud since launching his solo career.
The former 5ive singer is juggling no less than three lucky ladies since signing his first record deal.
And he is even chased by a top model who is desperate to date him.
Imani, a 19-year-old half-Egyptian catwalk queen who stars in his first video, has been phoning 23-year-old Abs since meeting him six weeks ago on the set of the vid for "What You Got". Abs said: "Imani had a boyfriend when I first met her but they've split up now."
"So I want to take her out as soon as I get some free time"
Abs even hand picked Imani for the video - after being attracted to one special area of her body. He said: "I got sent about a 100 videos of girls to pick who would star in the video and she stood out the most."
"She has got the most perfect boobs I have ever seen."
Nice. Meanwhile, until he finds time to take Imani out, he's keeping himself busy with Hear'Say's Suzanne Shaw - and Sugababe Heidi Range.


Abs admitted he's been casually dating Suzie for the past few weeks and they occasionally shared a kiss.
But he insisted it was nothing serious and he didn't feel the need to explain his actions to her.
These actions include a romantic evening with Heidi.
He said: "I might as well admit that I do like Heidi and I would love to take her out"
"But I just don't have the time."
We feel for you Abs, we really do feel for you.
But despite his mission to bed half the ladies in pop, Abs insists he is no playboy.
He confesed: " I am just a 23-year-old single boy and I went out with someone for four years when I was in Five."
"Since Danielle Brent and I split up I just want to have fun."
So do we Abs, so do we.