Teen Zone
June 2002

Abs from the band Five was in South Africa recently and TZ managed to catch up with him at his hotel before he jetted back to the UK. We asked him about the split, his new solo career and album and what he was doing in Cape Town...

How did the FIVE split come about?
I honestly don't know. That's the truth. I'm still thinking about it. All I knew was that I was the only one that didn't want it to happen. It was crazy. I mean, can you imagine, it's like giving a kid a toy and then taking it away again.

What are you doing in South Africa?
"Fear Factor", a celebrity version for charity. It was wicked, prob the most daring thing I've ever done. I'm having a great time out here. Plus, I get to see SA. I've never been here before.

What do you think of what you've seen here?
So far, the locations they've taken us to have been beautiful, and so are the girls. The weather's a bit out. I want to come back when the weather's better.

What did you know about South Africa before you actually arrived here?
Rich from the band has been out here and he kept saying how beautiful it was.

What is the most embarrasing thing that has ever happened to you?
I was 7 and standing in my room shouting out the window, and this girl was in my room. My mom threatened to come into my room, pull down my trousers and slap me in front of this girl if I didn't keep it down. That was my worst moment.

What aspirations have you got?
At the moment, it's about my music. But family. I'd love to have kids and settle down. Not just yet, but definately in the future. To be healthy, happy and settled.

What is the most you would pay for a pair of jeans?
If I really, really liked them and had to have them, 200 pounds. If they were really great, I'd push it to 300 pounds.

What do your parents think of all your success?
Love it, wicked. I don't really talk to my pop about it, so I don't really know how he feels. My mom has scrapbooks and collects everything. She's loving it.

What music do you listen to?
Everything. Obviously on diff days, diff moods. Classical, R&B Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Old School Soul, Garage, Dance, a bit of House, Jungle, Drum and Bass, Chill out, Cafe.

In the dating game, who would you prefer to make the first move?
I make the first move. If she's alright and I'm feeling kind of horny, then I'll make eye contact, they attract me first. If she doesn't get back to me, then I'm not bothered.

What is the biggest misconception that people have about you?
Prob that Abs is my name because I have a six-pack. Abidin is an abbreviation of my real name. My dad is turkish and my mom is Irish.

Name one object that you don't have that you really want, but do not own?
A dog

I thought you had a boxer dog called Alabama?
Yeah, I couldn't look after it. My life was too crazy. I wasn't at home. I ended up giving him to my aunt.

Album "skinner"

What is the name of the album?
I haven't got one yet.

You're not exactly starting from scratch are you?
No, I'm not, but I'm treating it like that. I want to start from fresh. It's my second chance. I'm not taking anything for granted.

What made yo choose the Dead or Alive 'You Spin me round' tune to cover?
I saw it on "The Wedding Singer" and I thought "that has to be done"

Why did you choos WYG as the first single?
We used a sample from a big reggae club track from the 70's/80's hoping people will remember it and those that don't are still liable to like it.

Tell us more about the rest of the album?
One of my fave tracks is "Roll with me". The rest is disco, slow jams, and a chilled out mellow song as well. A bit of everything.

You've retained a lot of musical style that FIVE used. Was that a conscious decision?
I used the same production team. It's not to sound like FIVE or anything. It may sound the same, but musically, its different.

How do you manage your vocals without the other guys around you?
I've got a couple of backing vocalists. A girl called Shene, who's got an amazing voice, for big stuff, I back myself up.

You wanted to shoot the video for the first single in the sunshine, maybe in SA, but it didn't happen did it?
Yeah right, I wish! You know the first single has a sunny, summery feel to it. I wanted to go to Rio or somewhere nice like that, instead, we did it in a grotty studio. They used a blue backdrop and put the visuals in last.

Quick Questions:

Star sign:
Fave food: Turkish
Fave Movie: Action
Boxers/briefs: Boxers
Fave aftershave: Sculpture
Dream car: Medina Ferrari
Current car: Don't want to say
Dream date: Anyone that's interested
Fave destination in the world: Maldives
Fave sunday afternoon activity: Chilling
Blonde/ brunette/ redhead : Not bothered
Fave article of clothing: My baggy tracksuit