Abs Talks

Former 5ive member Abs Breen has ruled out a reunion with his former bandmates. The singer is preparing to release his debut solo single, What You Got and says he doesn't miss being on stage with them. 'I think everyone?s had their mad 5ive years and that?s it now,' Abs told worldpop. 'Otherwise we?d still be here promoting singles. But I think everyone has had their time, apart from me. I?m still hungry.'
Abs recently told a tabloid his former bandmates had 'lost the plot'. 'Well, Scott hasn?t lost the plot,' he told us. 'He?s settled. He?s got a kid, family, his own radio show. He?s one of the only ones I keep in touch with. But the others, I don?t know. I think they?ve kind of experienced their 5ive years of madness and just want to lead a normal lifestyle now.'
Abs said he spent two months watching TV and eating coco pops after the split of the band but still feels the band paved the way for boybands of today.
'5ive paved the way for a way to be. Even from day dot, when Take That were still around we were like, ?Yeah, we?ve got girlfriends, yeah we drink,? and that was unheard of in those early stages. But that was because of who we were. There were so many things that we did that made a name for ourselves, and it just got bigger and better. We started off winning awards, then we did the Queen collaboration which was killer. I think in a lot of peoples minds 5ive were still the band that were a bit different and the band the boys said it was alright to like. It makes me realise being on a solo career how big they were and how tough it was.'