Take Five!

Richard "Just call me Abs" Abidin is a member of Five, the boy band created by the same people who dreamed up the Spice Girls. TV HITS grabbed the Spice Boy for a quick chat!

Hey, Abs, how did you feel when you first heard your song on the radio?
I was like, "WOW, this is me, this is us!" all our family and friends were listening out for us.

Your first single is 'Slam Dunk (Da Funk)'. What exactly does it mean?
Absolutely nothing! (laughs) It's basically just a feel good song. It sounds good with the backing track and that's it!

You've said that you're a "lad" band and not a "boy" band, what do you mean?
Basically, there's boy bands and there's us. We're not told what to do, we're not told what to say. It's just us doing our thing.

Do you guys get along well - do you ever need to call a time out when you're through "Slam Dunk" - ing?
We definitely need time out. We live together and we see each other everyday so as soon as we get a day off we're like "right bye bye I'm off for the day".

Have you had any complaints from neighbours yet?
Yeah, we have. We moved into a house where me and Scott were sharing a room and Rich and J were sharing a room and basically we were there for 6 months and we got kicked out because we were too noisey! They actually made a tv documentary on it. It was called Neighbours From Hell and it was really funny!

Did you guys know each other before?
Nah, we didn't. When I first saw Rich I actually hated him, I didn't like the look of him at all. But Rich is now one of my best mates.

How are you all different?
Alright, in one word. Scott is hyperactive, Rich is emotional, J is sort of a psychopath, he's got 2 completely different personalities. Sean is laidback and I've been told I'm a bit of everything.

Do you like the Spice Girls?
You know what, I've only gotten to speak to Mel C. She's the nicest one out of the lot.