Rock Ard Abs - Part Two
Worldpop, July 2000

Are you still enjoying pop stardom?
Indeed I am! I'm having a very good time being a pop star, although I don't like saying that I'm a pop star because it sounds a bit cheesy. I'm just enjoying doing what I'm doing, it's part of my life now and I've got used to it in a way. I still find it a bit mad when there are girls screaming at us, but I suppose that's something that I'll never get used to. It's still nice travelling the world and meeting people and doing interviews, though.

Have you got to meet any of your idols recently?
Not really. I don't really idolise anyone to be honest. The one person I would like to meet is Michael Jackson. I'd like to shake his hand just to say that I've done it. What would I ask him? Nothing. I'd just like to say congratulations, nice one, see you later.

Have you go any really mad fans?
I wouldn't say mad, I'd say enthusiastic. I'm not going to name any names, but some of them do go to extremes. We usually get sent crisp bags, hamsters in boxes (er, not real ones readers), unusual photographs, and letters and stuff.

Your new single, We Will Rock, is, well, a bit of a rock track! So who's the most rock 'n' roll out of all of you?
If it had to be anyone it would be ... all of us at different times. One day one of us might go out and hammer it while a couple of us will stay in out hotel rooms and sleep because we're tired, and then we'll swap. And then sometimes all of us will go out together.

Which band member always goes to bed earliest?
I'm gonna have to say Scott because he never comes out, really. He stays in his room and plays on his PlayStation. He's an Essex boy, and you know when you were a kid you have those things that are attached to your back so you can't walk too far? Essex has got them on him, he can't go too far away from it.

Have you been to any good parties recently?
We've been so busy that I haven't really had a chance. The last good party I went to was The Brits aftershow. It's been work, work, work You see, it's not all fun, it's hard work as well

Did you enjoy the Five tour?
Oh yes, it was just like a big holiday! We went sunbathing and chilled out. It wasn't a tour, it was a total holiday. It was wicked.

Are there any plans for a follow-up tour?
Not yet. We've only just finished this one! That would be like buying a new car and then going out and buying another one straight away.

You've got the open air tours coming up later this month. What have you planned for them?
Anyone who knows us will know what to expect. We're hoping the weather will hold out, that's the most important factor. Queen are playing for us which is a nice little thing to say and we're looking forward to it. And you never know, J might come out in a leotard or something. Does J usually wear leotards? I'm not saying, I'll leave it to your imagination.

How are things going in America?
Things are very good. We've sold near to half a million copies of the new album which was only released there a couple of months ago, so that's nice to know. We're heading out there soon so that should increase the sales, and the fans still love us - yeeeaaaah! We're planning to go back out in August for two or three weeks, or maybe even a month.