Rock 'Ard Abs! - Part One
Worldpop, July 2000

There's a lot of speculation about Five and Westlife hating each other. What's the truth?
At the end of the day, they do what they do and it doesn't really bother us, and we do what we do. Simple as that. At the end of the day, the press made it up. They probably had nothing to write about that day, they probably couldn't catch Posh and Becks or whoever, so they decided to write about someone else and start a rumour. There's no big story and we don't even know the boys so we can't pass judgment.

What other rumours have you heard about Five recently?
There haven't been any actually, so we'll have to start one. How about ... J is secretly hiding a Vietnam war refugee in his basement. And he wears leotards.

How do you feel about the press making up stories about you?
At the end of the day they're just doing their jobs. They're doing what they have to do to fill their columns and sell their papers. As long as they don't write anything too nasty, I don't mind. They're doing their job and we're doing ours, and it sort of goes hand in hand. Show business and rumours -they go together.

What was the last really expensive thing you bought?
The last thing I bought was a house and it was so expensive that I'm still asking myself why I did it. Am I doing any DIY? No, because I did a room and I got paint everywhere. I'm gonna get someone in to do it because that's not my job, I've discovered. And so did the carpet and the bed.

Have you been doing boring things like furniture shopping?
Yes, but it takes ages. People who've got a nine to five job can nip out in their lunch hour and order things, but when you're travelling around the world and you're in different countries and you're working all day, it's really difficult to get time to buy things. But I'll get there in the end.

So are you having to sleep on the floor?
No I'm not, I'm sleeping in a very cushty bed that's called a queen-sized bed, it's a big, big one. You spend half your life in bed so make sure you buy a nice one.

What's your duvet cover like?
It's beige to go with the beige carpet. I've also got a few throwovers and a few cushions and a few teddies lying around the place. It's in quite a state right now.

Have you had a house warming party yet?
No, because I've just moved into my flat and I want to move again because I've found somewhere else. I've made a bit of profit on my old place so I'm getting rid and I'm going to have a house warming party when I move into my new one. A big one.