Abs on J

What's J's most annoying habit?
He's very moody, he changes just like that (clicks his fingers). Sometimes he will be really cool and the next minute he can change and he'll be like, "I hate you, I hate the world, I want to kill you."

Does he have smelly feet?
He doesn't actually. When we all take out shoes off, I'd say Rich has got the worst feet!

What's J like in the morning?
Like I said, some days he's, "Yes, I'm alive" and other days he's like, "I want to die".

What makes J lose his temper?
(pause) He's really weird...Like yesterday he lost it. We were having cheese and crackers at HMV. He had this cracker and because there were no knives around he tried to cut a piece of chees with his cracker, but it broke so he tried again and it broke again. Then he just threw it. I really don't understand it - but that's J!

How often does J call his mum?
I actually don't know. He's never called her when I've been around. He calls his dad quite a bit, but I don't know about his mum.