OK Magazine
January 2003

Since leaving the group Five, Abs has been the first member of the group to crack the top ten as a solo artist with his debut single What you got. This year he follows up with a second single and a debut solo album, X. In his words 'Not bad for a young boy from Hackney!' How does the success of your first solo single What you got compare with topping the charts with FIVE?
I would have been over the moon with number 10, but I reached number four. That was a nice little welcome back. When you're in a band, you get blase about success. You do this, go there, pick up another platinum award and it's all part of the job. Now that I'm solo, just trying to get your video on TV or your song on the radio is pretty hard work. but I'm here and I'm releasing tracks.

What do you hope the new year has in store for you?
I would like to become a number one selling solo artist. I guess that wouldn't be too bad. I just plan on working really hard and appreciationg what I have, it's all brand new again for me. Shows such as pop idol make it look easy to gety by in this industry, but it's really hard. I am lucky to have had two chances at success and I'm making the most of it.

Who do you think you'll be competing with next year?
I don't see other people as competition, I really havn't got that kind of mentality at all. People say 'What do you think about Justin, Usher people like that? but I think they're all wicked, they wouldn't be where they are if they weren't good. It's not a competition- if it's good music and people like your music there is more than enough for everyone.