Abs Night Of Passion With Model

A STUNNING model has told of her fantastic night of passion with one of Britain's top boy-band stars and revealed: "He's the sexiest lover a girl could wish for."

Gorgeous Danielle Tweebeeke could hardly believe her luck as hunky Abs from chart-toppers Five wooed her at his 23rd birthday bash.

And when he invited her back to his luxury flat Danielle discovered that the star - real name Richard Breen - is Abs-olutely sensational in bed.

"It was the most fantastic night of my life, a dream come true," said 20-year-old Danielle. "Abs has the most incredible fit body and is VERY well blessed in those baggy trousers. He certainly rates more than a Five as a lover - I had the best sex of my life."

Danielle - who is half Welsh and half Dutch - told the Sunday People how amazing Abs:

-CHARMED her at his glittering party, lavishing champagne and compliments on her.

-WHISKED her off in a stretch limo - snogging all the way to his stunning home in London's Docklands.

-UNDRESSED the 32D-26-34 beauty on his king-size bed and sighed with pleasure as she caressed his famous six-pack stomach.

-MADE love to her FOUR times that night and AGAIN in the morning. Danielle said: "He turned me on more than anyone I've met. From the moment we got into his flat I was desperate to make love. "He kept telling me that I was beautiful and had a fantastic body. I told him he was pretty fit himself. "When I pulled off his baggy combat trousers and T-shirt I got to see those incredible abs in the flesh for the first time - and I was blown away.

"He's got such a sexy, toned tum - the perfect six pack. I couldn't resist running my hands all over it, and he loved me doing that. "He took the lead at first but loved it when I started getting more confident and showing him what felt good for me.

"We experimented a lot that night and made some very interesting shapes as we tried out all kinds of positions."

Danielle met Abs - who she had fancied from afar since she was 17 - at London's trendy CC Club last month. Abs, who has now split from Five to launch a solo career, was holding a Casino-style party there for his birthday.

And Danielle, who went with a Page 3 girl pal, soon hit the jackpot.

She said: "I was a fan of Five and thought Abs was by far the sexiest - cute and cheeky but with a great bod. He had lots of girls around him and I thought he'd never get round to talking to me"

But the singer had already spotted the sexy blonde in her skimpy cropped top, sparkly, hip-hugging trousers and high heels. Danielle, from Swansea, South Wales, recalled: "I was trying to play roulette and blackjack with Monopoly money at one of the pretend gaming tables but I kept losing.

"Abs came up and showed me how to do it and we got chatting. He said I had to be a model and asked my name.

"I didn't know he used to go out with a girl called Danielle - ex- Hollyoaks star Danielle Brent - and he was too much of a gent to mention it. I told him I quite liked Five but didn't admit how much I liked him. I wanted to play it cool.

"He bought me champagne and we had a few dances. My friend had to leave but Abs asked me to stay. It hit me then that he fancied me. We just clicked and even though we had only met a few hours before I felt relaxed and at ease with him."

The pair spent the rest of the party quaffing more champagne, dancing and flirting before Abs offered her a lift home.

Danielle said: "We'd had an incredible, fun evening and I'd have been delighted with just that. But when he asked me to leave with him I was on cloud nine.

"A white stretch-limo pulled up outside and 10 of us got in. We dropped friends off around London until it was just the two of us in the back.
"We were holding hands and he started caressing my leg. Then he asked, 'Will you come back to mine?'
"I said. 'Yes please' and he leaned over to kiss me. We started kissing passionately and were groping and fumbling like teenagers.
"His flat was fantastic - a huge, open-plan apartment with wooden floors, lots of chrome fittings, cream leather sofas and top hi-fi equipment.
"Abs opened more champagne and we stood in the kitchen sipping it and smooching. The bubbles made his kisses even more exciting. We moved to the sofa and got more passionate.
"Then he said, 'Let's go to bed' and led me into his bedroom. We collapsed on the cream linen duvet and started tearing each other's clothes off.
"He pulled my top off and kissed my breasts. He said they were lovely and kept stroking them. I was so aroused and so was he.
"He pulled me on top of him and that first time was really fast and passionate. We did it again and this time we were both giggling and having fun trying lots of positions.
"We stopped for a breather and he fetched more champagne to drink in bed. It ended up going everywhere but that added to the fun as we licked it off. We made love twice more that night.

"Abs had incredible staying power and recovered quickly after each time. I finally collapsed exhausted for a couple of hours sleep."

Danielle woke next morning to find Abs gently kissing her face and hair. She said: "I had to go on a photo shoot but we made love again before Abs called me a cab.

"We kissed and hugged at the door and he asked for my phone number. I didn't expect to hear from him but a couple of hours later he sent me a text message thanking me for giving him a great birthday.

"We've kept in touch and I hope we can get together again soon.

"He was passionate, exciting, but warm and friendly too. When you've fancied someone from afar for so long the reality can be a letdown. But in the flesh Abs was even more gorgeous and sexy than I'd imagined."

Abs' first solo single, out on August 19, is called What You Got.

Danielle said: "I know what he's got and I definitely want some more.