Love Island - Abs Blabs
[ITV - August 2006]

He came, he saw, we all must understood all of what he was saying. But what did Abs make of his time on Love Island?

We caught up with him for an exclusive chat.

How are you feeling?
Beautiful. I’m feeling very beautiful. Refreshed, feeling like it was a perfect amount of time. I was kind of nice because I was in and then I was out and I stayed out of all the drama when it was going on.
The eviction didn’t matter to me so I’m feeling very nice and met some beautiful people in there as well.

Did you feel like you achieved what you needed to do in there on the cupid front?
Kind of but I kind of failed miserably! By the second or third day it was not going to happen, I’m not here to do that. The girls were harder than the boys to get gossip out of. Apart from Sophie. Sophie was just honest and made it easier.

You went on lots of dates, what did you and Bianca talk about on the beach?
We went down to the beach and it was all set up with the bucket with the wine sticking out of it and the first thing I did was spill the drinks everywhere!

Were you nervous?
No, just stoopid! I’m clumsy like that. But she was a really cool chick. I was like, ‘What’s going on with you and Leo?’ She was very like, ‘We’re just very good friends, he was the person in here I could talk to.’ I mentioned that she had the constellation of Orion on her back, which no one had ever told her before!
We had a nice chat about what she thought about people on the Island, and how she was coping.

How was your lunch with Sophie? Did she tell you about her game plan?
I found out Sophie’s game plan last night when I was sitting with her. On the boat trip first of all, she was very honest and truthful and open about how she feels from the start. Because she knew me from the past she felt like she could talk to me.

What did she talk to you about?
Just everything. I asked her about how she felt about people on the Island, who she was feeling, obviously the whole Shane thing, and just last night I was talking to her when she got back from her trip with Paul.
I was like, ‘Listen man, maybe you just need to flip the record a little bit and start from the top.’ That’s been done, just move forward and look forward to your time here and do something else. It’s been four weeks. She was like, ‘I kind of see what you’re saying.’

What’s ‘been done?’
The Shane thing. Her thinking about him all the time and talking about him all the time and obsessing about him all the time! It’s like, do something else man, change the record. She was like, ‘you know what, I do like Chris’s hair!’ She was like, ‘That’s what it was like when I first met him.’
So I went up to Chris and was like, ‘Yo bro, I’m leaving tonight, but just so you know…!’ He was feeling her as well so potentially something could happen this week!

Did you fancy anyone in there?
Initially Bianca’s whole vibe…I was like, hmm, not too bad. And Colleen obviously, they both know how to rock a bikini. But then for like two, three days I held the door for Bianca and she didn’t say thanks and that just put me off straight away.
It’s like, whatever, it’s just a personal thing, that’s just the way she is and I’m very considerate like that.
Colleen, there were just a few moments when eyes were being thrown across the table, and certain things were happening. My spot at the table was always bottom right for some reason, and then last night, for the first time, she sat right there, and was complimenting me on my braiding and had these big black boots that she was rocking. She wore them for me the day I left and she gave me a cap. I was like, sweet. The whole DJ thing we were chatting about.

Have you made plans to meet up with her?
No, mainly just the boys man. I’m going to hook up with Chris and Paul and Brendan’s going to tag along. Once he’s had a couple of whiskies and a cigar he’s cool man!

Just how cringy was it in the Secret Suite when Lee heard Colleen talking about him?
I loved it! I was loving it! Every single moment from top to bottom! I felt really bad because I just whooshed in there and took all the girls out. It was champagne and wine. I was thinking maybe we could have a lads night.
So they set up the roulette table and there were 36 questions, who do you fancy, whose brains with whose body, who would you take home to your mum and all that sort of thing.
Lee was really funny because every question was like, ‘Who would you take home to your mum?’ He was like Colleen. Colleen. Colleen…etc
And then they showed that! (clip of Colleen). It all came out and he just wanted to get out of there and go talk to her. He broke down and started crying. I was like, ‘You know there’s cameras on you, is he playing it a little bit?’ I was like, ‘You’re sad man, it’s been four weeks.’

Do you think he’s been playing it?
I think so, he’s an actor, it’s what he does best. It’s like when you go out with a girl and she can drop the tears just like that. Even though he reacted over the top, it did make me think maybe he had some genuine feelings. And he has put a lot of effort in. He doesn’t know LA girls.

What about when he started arguing with her later?
That was a bit deep because he started raising his voice and shouting at her. She’s a girl man, that’s going to scare a girl. I was like, ‘Don’t be shouting at the girl!’ And then Brendan gets up and he has a go at Bianca…It’s just like, chill out man. He’s throwing mics and breaking shit. It’s like chill out man.
They woke up that night and had a little chat and the next day everything seemed fine. There are other people on the Island you have to take into consideration. And they’re bored of that. People were trying to tell him. It’s good it happened the way it happened.

Do you think Colleen was leading him on?
She could have said to him, first or second day, ‘You’re not my type. There’s no feelings whatever.’ She’s probably keeping herself safe and on the resort. She seemed cool to me. I’ve not got any hang ups about her.

Do you think you’d be in there with her if you’d stayed in?
Honestly yeah. Blatantly.

What about Lee?
He was like, ‘Obviously it’s not going to happen between us so if you want to make the move then I couldn’t be happier.’

What was your favourite memory?
One of them, the task we had to do across the pool when we had to build a bridge. My team was like SAS, it was only for tiramisu but that’s not the point!
Also me and Chris chatting in our own little language between ourselves. We sound retarded when we talk in it but is was funny.