TOTP Lottery with Abs

Did you ever get into fights at school?
(Looking sad.) Hmmm, I did. When I was in primary school there was this girl who was really mean to me. We had a playground with a little pond in it full of goldfish and stuff. Anyway, she said something horrible to me, I can't remember what, so I grabbed her by the ponytail and swung her round and round. When I let go she skidded on the floor and went into the pond! How dreadful is that?

Does it annoy you that some girls may fancy you just cos you're famous?
It doesn't really bother me to be honest cos I've got a girlfriend (Gina from Hollyoaks) so I don't worry if girls fancy me or not! I met my girlfriend before I was famous. If you meet someone before you're famous then everything's OK but if it's afterwards, well, you don't know what they're after, do you? Actually, if I was single I wouldn't even be looking for a girlfriend right now. I'm really very lucky to have my girlfriend.

What's your earliest memory?
A lot of my early memories are of being with the cousins I grew up with. I remember dressing up in little white costumes and doing karate and fighting with the - you know the usual stuff. (Pause.) I'm lucky. I haven't had a white ball yet... doh!

When was the last time you got up to outdoor ruderies?
Whaaaa?! Doing outside what? Oh, right! Well, it was about a month ago and we were in a sort of a wood, well it was like a park actually. There must have been lots of noise coming from the trees cos we kept snapping branches. Then we just walked out as if nothing had happened and I said, 'Oh, I forgot my contact lens!'

Do you ever worry what will happen when Five split up?
No! I can honestly say I don't worry about it because I take each day as it comes. When Five split up, which they will eventually, I'll just do my own thing, I'll have a lot more time on my hands to develop something else. I often daydream about starting my own record label or going into films, but I'm not looking too far into the future at the moment.

How did you learn about sex?
Erm, I dunno. I think I was watching saucy videos at my cousin's house - they weren't too rude, but there were girls with no tops on. I didn't really learn anything from lessons at school, I just heard the usual whisperings in the playground really.

Were you good at games at school and did you ever have to do PE in your underpants?
I always forgot my PE kit at school but I never had to do it in my underpants, I was just given detention instead. It was a really big deal in those days if I got a detention, I'd be like "Awwww, man, I've got to stay half an hour after school!" I was really good at games, though, not anything in particular but I was just, erm, good. Oh, I remember I was particularly good at rounders.

Did you always know you'd be in a band? >
I was at stage school and I remember just wanting to do anything performance-wise, be it dancing, singing or acting. It was a case of whatever came along first - and Five did! I live to perform! I've had people tell me that I could go into acting if I want, so if all else fails I could be the next Leo DiCaprio!

When were you last chased by fans?
I still travel on public transport a lot and last Saturday I was out in Bethnal Green in East London, wandering around the market. I went into a pie and mash shop - I love me pie and mash, I do - and my cousin said there were a few girls in the shop talking about me. Anyway, they came over and suddenly I was surrounded! I left the shop and they were chasing me down the street. I'm now beginning to realise that going out is not to be as easy as it used to be.

Who in the group would you go to for advice if you had girlfriend problems?
Not one of them! No, I don't need any of their advice thank you! Anyway, (Looking miffed) I haven't got any girlfriend problems!

How talented are you on a scale of one to ten?
Ooooh, mmm, I can't do that. I don't like that question. Can I answer another one please?

What's the worst thing about being famous?
Not having any privacy. You could be walking along picking your nose but have to worry that someone might be taking a picture of you. It's just hard to be yourself sometimes. People expect pop stars to be riding around in limousines all the time - you can't just be normal.

What did your careers officer say you should be when you grew up?
I had to go and organise my own work experience with my careers officer. I told him I wanted to do all sorts of stuff but in the end I went to my uncle's Turkish cake shop. I was quite good at making cakes, actually, but I don't think I would have made a career out of it. The only reason I wanted to go to my uncle's shop is so I could mess around all day.

Do you use posh men's grooming and skincare products? What are they?
(After having facial wash, etc., explained o him.) Oh, right, got ya. Naaaaa! I don't use anything like that, man. Well, I mean, obviously I use soap and water - sometimes I even have a dry shave. Aftershave and all that sort of stuff is just like a waste of money in my opinion.

Who is the vainest member of Five?
Oooh, mmm, I'd have to go for Scott. Yep, Scott is without doubt the vainest person in Five - he's always concerned about his hair. Rich is the second vainest, then J. Sean and me are last cos we really couldn't care less what we look like most of the time!

Can you remember the most trouble you ever got into at school?
Actually, I do remember this. You see, I was at stage school and for some reason I really didn't want to go in that day. So I told my mum I was ill and that I was gonna go straight to the doctor. Then I told the school I was ill and I ended up going round my mate's house and we both bunked off. Of course, everyone ended up finding out and my mum went absolutely berserk at me!

Which other artists do you most admire?
Hmmm, I don't know really. There are loads of artists I respect, but I must say I admire the Spice Girls a lot because they cope so brilliantly with their hectic schedule. I mean, I've always thought out schedule is mad but the Spicies are doing a huge world tour and everything and, it's amazing, but they still manage to look really good. Seriously, it's really hard work in this business you know!