Abs Launches Website
Yahoo, 9 July 2002

Former Five singer Abs Breen has launched his own official website, to keep his fans up-to-date with his goings-on.

By logging onto www.absessive.com, devotees of the pint-sized singer can find out who he's been seeing, what he's had for breakfast or when he's recording in the studio and even see a clip of the video for his debut solo single, What You Got, which will be released on August 12th.

Elsewhere on the site, there's a discussion forum, where like-minded fans can chinwag about their favourite idol for hours on end, a gallery allowing girls and boys to check out the best pics of the Abster and a download area, where you can select a mouth-watering wallpaper for your computer.

Although Abs' debut single boasts something of a reggae flava, he recently told us that his album, which is to follow later this year, will feature a variety of styles. "The album is different," Abs explained, "I've got a dance kind of feel, I've got like a soul kinda vibe. I got a rap t'ing! It kind of goes up all over the place."