The Last Straw!

[TOTP Magazine - Issue 66 - April 2000]

What would it take for your fave pop star to lose their cool? Well, quite a lot if it's Abs you're talking about - unless you disturb his tin of maggots!

An old lady starts lecturing you about the youth of today, how do you react?
I'd sit and be polite and listen, heh heh! No, I'd say something like, 'Nice one love, that's good!' I'm quite respectful of old people, I think you should be. When I meet my dad's friends that have been in the war…it's just respect, isn't it?

Ok. Someone keys [scratches with a key] your brand new car…
What could I do about it? Nothing! I'd be a bit annoyed but I'd just have to sort it. No point standing there devastated! It happens, there are horrible people around. If I caught them doing it I don't know what I'd do but, in all honesty, if it was just a kid I'd probably bust them up!

Someone starts singing, 'Wiggi wiggi' at you in the street, now that must annoy you?
I've had that, it was this freaky girl! We were in this pub and she just kept singing, 'Wiggi, wiggi', and laughing and I was like, 'She's stupid'. I just want to chill, play a game of pool, relax and she's singing, 'Wiggi, wiggi'. After about half an hour I asked Rob to get rid of her - she was a freak!

Aha! So was it really, really winding you up?
Not winding me up, I was scared! You get these odd moments in your life when you come across these strange things and she was one of them.

Right. What if someone slagged off Danielle in front of you?
I'm not bothered and she wouldn't be either. You've got your own opinion and you're entitled to it. We think things about other people but don't voice them because it's not nice. Say we're chilling in a restaurant and someone comes up, I'd have a word and then if they wanted a brawl I'd go somewhere and have a brawl with them. But I suppose I'd be more annoyed if someone had a go at her rather than me.

How about if someone asks for your autograph and then they say, "Thanks AJ, I love the Backstreet Boys…"
I'd probably start laughing, I'd crack up - [laughing] wicked! I think the only time I was mistakenly recognized was in the Peter Andre days. We were in the car driving to a gig and there were all these girls outside. As we drove through they were all banging on the sides screaming 'Peter, Peter' - it's probably because I had my sunglasses on or something!

What if they aimed something at your builder's crack?
I haven't got a builder's crack. I don't do it on purpose, you know I've even got a belt on! [We point out it's not very tightly done up!] I did try - see, I poked another hold through it and I didn't want to poke another in case I ruined the belt. I don't care!

There just must be something that gets you hot under the collar?
I tell you what does annoy me, not being able to think of an answer to a question. That winds me up. [Rich butts in and tells us Abs never gets annoyed - thanks!]

Ooh dear! OK, someone's throwing stuff in the water while you're fishing and they kick over your tin of maggots…
They kick over my maggots? Yeah? Well, they obviously want a fight so I'd throw them in the water. It's just not a nice thing to do, is it? Would that be the last straw? Hmm, well if you're fishing you want to relax so I'd say this would probably get me a bit annoyed, not much… [That's it! We've cracked it as far as we're concerned!]