Keep On Moving
J17, 12 July 2002

The first of Five off the solo block, Abs is back.

When 5ive split you may have expected Abs to shuffle off the face of popworld. But now "the boy at the back" has a whole new look and a new sound. He's gone solo with "What You Got" and he's ready to party. Hard!

Are you a big party fiend?
Yes. I go out too much sometimes, especially when I've got work the next morning.

Who would you arrange to meet up with first on a night out?
Friend first. We'll all go out for something ot eat - an Italian or a noodle bar. Just grab a munch. Never any junk food though.

What would you wear?
Just casual clothes. Because I know a lot of people on doors of clubs I can get away with anything - just jeans and trainers.

Where would you go from there?
It depends what day it is, but clubs in London like Propaganda, China Whites, Tokyo Joes.

What kind of music are you into?
Hip-hop, R&B, a bit of garage and dance. Whatever! As long as the vibes there it doesn't matter, I'd even bop to H and Claire.

What song would get you up on the dance floor?
Ja rule Livin' It Up. it's wicked.

Would you dance to one of your own songs?
Yeah man! Damn right, I'd get everyone on the floor. Show them how the routine goes and turn it into a proper roller disco!

What do you drink?
Cocktails. All in one glass. It can get messy, extremely messy. We jump off sofas and get thrown out.

Are you always getting kicked out of places?
I got kicked out of a club the other day for my trousers being too low. They weren't that bad. This big security guy was saying to me "Pull up your trousers" That was a first! But I'm generally not that bad not that I'd tell you anyway.

What would a girl have to wear to get you to notice her in a club?
I used to have a type, they used to be all blonde hair with blue eyes. But now it's just whoever takes my fancy. I like hats. Trilbies are cool.

How would you approach a girl?
It sounds really popstarry but normally they come over to me and I just take it from there. Unless theres someone stunning and I'm like "This isn't going to wait"

No chat up lines then?
No way! Please! I don't use them. But it's quite funny watching guys trying to get girls with rubbish chat up lines.

How do you know when it's time to go home?
It's when you knock yourself unconscious or when the lights come on. Then we go to friends houses and everyone gets up the next day around 3pm. It's wicked. I love waking up on a Sunday and just crashing all day, or going down to the caff, having something to eat, then watching films all day. Chillin' on a Sunday, you can't beat it.

Are summer big nights out different to winter ones?
Because it's hotter theres more of a vibe going on. Girls are wearing less which brings guys out more. In the winter its raining who's going to want to come out then.

What's been your best night out ever?
There've been so many. It doesnt matter where you are, it just matters who you're with.

Are the people you go out with now mated from before u were famous?
Yeah, Now I'm a bit older and I'm doing my solo stuff I can give my cousins a job. And this is my second chance at the whole thing. I ain't taking nothing for granted. I'm just happy and going for it a 100 per cent. I can't wait

The Abs-olute truth - What really happened with 5ive?

How did the band split up?

It was weird because I was the only one that didn't want to break up. After we split I did nothing for two months. Then I got a call from a producer who worked with 5ive saying he wanted to work with me. It was the voice of an angel.

Do you still talk you the others?
Yeah, theres no animosity or anything like that. It's just that you don't stay in touch as much as you thought you would.

Are you surprised that you are the first to have a solo single out?
I don't think people expected it. I was quite quiet. It was always J and Rtchie that had celebrity girlfriends and I was low-key. Someone said I was the one with the most talent in the band anyway. Ha ha! That sounded big-headed but it's true.

Are you nervous about going solo?
So many people stereotype anyone whos come out of a band. I want to prove that it can b done and it will be.

Did you ever have a stalker in 5ive?
Yeah, it's mad. Everywhere I go these two girls are just kind of there. Bless them they probably really like what I do and I appreciate it, but to be honest they're a bit scary.

Have you ever, er, taken advantage of groupies?
No! No, no, no, no, no! There have been girls who are over 18 that have been to shows and you've got your eye on them. You know they're not really there to come and see your band, things like that. But I don't take advantage. It's wrong.

Whats the greatest extreme people have gone to to meet you?
Girls from London would turn up in Hong Kong or Australia - they'd fly over there to meet us after saving up for months. It's sweet but at the same time you're like, love you don't need to do this.

Have you got a girlfriend?
No! I'm missing being in a relationship because I haven't been in one for ages. But I've got my eye on a couple of girls...

So Abs, have you ever .....
Bleached your hair?

No. I haven't got enough!

Been to a festival?
No, but I'd love to. I've never had the chance. It's an excuse to get all muddy.

Dated more than one celebrity girl?
Not at the same time.

Got a tattoo?
I've got "dreamer" down my arm and wings on my upper arm, and a couple on my back but I'm getting them removed.

Would you strip to your pants in a video?
If it was meaningful or had a story to it, then it's quite funny. But I wouldn't just take my clothes off.

Got any friends in indie bands?
I was chatting to David Gray the other day. And Fran Healy from Travis is wicked.