Abs in Attitude

Normally one fifth of the hugely successful 5ive. The self styled bad boys of pop who shifted 7 million albums thanks to hits like slam dunk da funk and keep on movin the man they named Abs is the only member tostill be with us on planet pop. He returned to our radar last year with a funked up version of Uptown top ranking entitled What you got as well as a tuff nut shaven bonce,since then the hair has grown, the hits have kept coming, including Miss Perfect with the oddly named Nodesha. Guys and Dolls I give you direct from Hackney the man with the firmest handshake in the business Abs...

Firstly how does it feel to be a sex symbol?
I didn't know that I am

come on..
I don't sit at home and think Oh, I am such a heart throb,if ppl think that I aint complaining tho

What lengths have fans gon to get close to you?
IN Five, we had a group of hardcore fans that we christened the hardcores, they used to fly around the world just to see us at the airport for for 10 mins. They used to follow us everywhere and be outside every hotel. It was a nightmare for our security but when you turn up and there is noone thereto scream at you that's when u start worrying

Any crazy gifts from fans?
A dong thong from Ann Summers

A what?
A dong thong, it has a knob shaped pouch that you put your piece in and there's a ruler printed along the side so you can measure yourself. I filled it

You obvioulsy look after yourself. What's your secret? I heard you tried the atkins diet
Yeah I did it for 2 days

I think you have to stick at it for a bit longer
No 2 days that was it I couldn't do it any longer. I keep in shape now by excercising and trying to eat healthily. If I have a day of eating crappy food

If playgirl offered you a million pounds to get your kit off would you? I could be tempted I'd just do it for the f**k of it, it's playgirl man

How do you feel about boys getting all hot and bothered about you? Listen mate, at the end of the day I'm here to entertain. I don't care what sexuality, nationality, what te f**k you are, you know what I'm sayin, at the end of the day if you like what I'm doing it's appreciated

As as sex symbol, do u feel the need to keep up the image in the bedroom? well, I had no complaints, no I don't think there's pressure I just do what I do. I do this great thing called a tongue handstand which is quite good

moving swiftly on, give these guys marks out of 10 for sexiness...
Kevin from liberty x 1/2
gareth Gates 1/2
Will Young 1/2
you are not taking this seriously!

Justin Timberlake No 1/2