Five Boy On Late-Night Graffiti Session

The Mirror, 9 July 2002
MEMO to the absurdly named boy band reject Abs: you were in Five, not Oasis. You are dancing singer of silly little pop songs, not Jay Kay.

We at 3am sincerely hope the above information will help Abby on any future visits to hotels.

Because when he stayed at the Moathouse in Stoke-on-Trent one day last week, the poor chap evidently suffered some sort of identity crisis with an extraordinary display of rock wildman antics.

For reasons best known to himself, the former Five star - now attempting a solo career - paint sprayed "Abs woz ere" all over the inside of the elevator.

His special brand of promotional graffiti was also splattered around the hotel bar and his room.

Solving the crime hardly required Sherlock Holmes. Apart from his unoriginal "woz ere" nonsense 23-year-old Abs helpfully added the name of his new single and its release date.

Destined to quickly become a rare collectors' item, it's called What You Got. It comes out on August 12. (Happy Abs?)

Abs even confessed to his dastardly deeds when back in London.

As he left Elyseum after Monday night's London Bar and Club Awards he nodded in naughty agreement as one of his chums said: "We had a wild time.

"We were in this hotel lift in Stoke and Abs just started going mad and spraying the ceiling.

"Abs has always wanted that rock lifestyle. "It was just a bit of fun really. And it was really cool to just go mad for once."

The man himself added: "Yeah man, it was wicked."

Bosses at his record company S Records, owned by Simon Cowell, may well be a little less than amused.

They've been slapped with a 10,000 bill from angry hotel chiefs and are counting the cost of Absy's national promotional tour.

He was in town to do an interview with local station Signal Radio.

His desire to redecorate his temporary digs unfolded after a couple of drinks in the hotel bar.

After his rampage Abs slept peacefully before checking out and travelling on to Birmingham.

A spokesman for the singer confirmed that the Moathouse Hotel had sent a 10,000 bill for the damage.

But he insisted: "It wasn't Abs who did the vandalism, it was some fans who have been following him from hotel to hotel over the past month."

A spokesman for the hotel added: "We never comment on our guests or their behaviour.

"So, sorry, no comment."

Eat your heart out Liam, there's a new rock tough guy in town.