I'm Gonna Be Prime Minister!

[Smash Hits AUS Issue - September 2000]

Has Abs gone mad? From creating catchphrases to fighting with Westlife, he sets the record straight!

So how's life in Five right now?
Good. We're tired but happy. For once in our lives we're happy!

Is it fair that people always think of Five as miserable?
Yeah, I think we've been through dark periods where we haven't been as happy as we should have been but now things are good. Being in a band is hard, making music is hard - life is hard [starts rambling on for hours…] but at the moment we're very tight as a band.

Thinking back over the last year, what have been the highs and the lows?
Our manager Bob dying really woke us all up. Until that point, we'd kinda thought we were invincible and, to be honest I don't think we treated people who worked with us that well. One of the highlights was winning a Brit Award - that was amazing. I love winning awards just cos it shows everyone what you're made of! Five aren't the kind of guys you should bring home to your mum, but on most days we're alright!!

When people think of Five, the think of a band that fights. Would that be fair?
Nah, you know us, we're not like that! We had a bit of a run-in with Westlife, but it was blown out of all proportion. People would love us to hate each other and fight and moan, but it's not true. Obviously there is rivalry, but it's friendly, you know. Well, most of the time, anyway…

J and Sean don't seem to mind bagging out other bands…
They just do it for fun. We don't like it when bands, say, 'Ooh, we love everyone…" when they don't, at least we are honest! We don't act pop-starry, we act real! We're the most real band you'll ever meet!

All of you guys have girlfriends, has that made you calm down…
Well, no, not really. I'm still seeing Danielle but that's not news cos we've been together forever and Scott is seeing his girlfriend. The other three are having a good time, that's all I know…

What do you think of the whole J and Mel C thang?
I think it's cool. She's a lovely girl, really friendly. There's not that much going on with them to be honest - everyone thinks it's this huge romance but they don't see each other that much, so it's not as full-on as you might think.

Would you ever want to go solo?
Maybe one day I would, I don't know. It's weird to think of cos we're working so hard, there is not time to sit back and think, "I'll do this next, or I'll do that next."

If you could predict what Five will be doing when you're all 65. What would it be? Let's start with J…
He'll be some big name producer or some Robbie Williams type singer. He'll be cool.

Definitely a writer, producer. He'll be a name behind the scenes. He won't be famous like a star, he'll be working in a studio, writing music, just like he loves to do.

He'll be a play boy! No, he'll be like Tom Jones or something. Or maybe even an actor.

He'll be married with about a thousand grandchildren and he'll be sitting in his rocking chair, feeling good about life!

And you?
I'll be a millionaire! Nah, I'll be Prime Minister!

Quick Fire With Abs!
Fave Five dance routine:
It's The Things You Do
Fave playstation game: It used to be Tomb Raider and now it's FIFA 2000
Fave catchphase: "It's doozin'" which means "It's freezing."
First record bought: A dance track called I'll House You by The Jungle Brothers
Greatest fear: To find a scorpion in my flat
Fave Five mum: Rich's mum is great - "She cooks for us all whenever we go round there."
Fave pizza topping: plain old cheese and tomato
Fave cartoon character: Johnny Bravo
Pets: Two cockatiels - Kiwi and Banana