Transcript Of The Show - Part Two
The Fridge MTV Europe, 19 July 2002

That's a fantastic video. The new Abs video, it's such a sweet video and it is a sweet sound too.
Thank you.

By the way we had an email from one of your biggest fans in Israel and she asks "How did you feel when you first saw your video? And Who came up with the idea?"
I was proud. At first I didn't know what to expect. Basically it's a summertrack so I said "we gotta go somewhere hot to do this video!! Let's go to Cuba, let's go to Rio!! But then a week later I ended up in this small studio in London and we had blue screens everywhere and they said they would put in the sun afterwards. So not quite the same thing but hey...

Maybe next time.
Yep maybe next time.

The lovely thing about WYG is that it's built around the classic reggea track "uptown top ranking", which is great coz any old school/reggea fan will love your track.
Actually this guy who works at the record companie's mum was really in to the old version, but she likes mine better so it's gonna be a hit man
Yeah I'm sure it will.

I've done some research and I found out that you're not the only Abs in the world of music.

No, I'm not. I just found it out myself recently.

And we're gonna show him to you...
Lemme see, lemme see!!

So that's Abs, are you proud to share your name with him?
Erm... Okay...

Abs meet Abs, oh what a beautiful moment. So this was German hip hop
Fair enough, fair enough. So like I said I just found it out myself. And they were like "You're gonna have to change your name!" and then I said "What do you want me to call myself Vincent or something?" and then they said "Nah, why don't you just call yourself Abs Breen?" So they just added my surname for Germany.

So for the rest of the world you're Abs and in Germany you're Abs Breen.
Yep that's right.

We got a new video to show everyone Moby with Mysterious Ways.
[They show Moby]

He's got a bit U2 there, a bit rock 'n roll.

Erm... Yeah... I don't really feel Moby, not my cup of tea.

He sort if left his kind of dancy stuff he used to do.
Maybe he should have stayed with the dance stuff, we'll find out soon I suppose.

Let's go it's over...

[An alarm sets off]
What's that?

That means we're gonna play a game called The Icey Stare.
The Icey Stare?

Basicly it's a game where you look eachother in the eye and the first one to laugh, blink or look away loses. If you win we'll play your video of choice, which one would that be?
N.E.R.D Rockstar please

Good choice

I want The Red Hot Chilli Peppers with By The Way..

Are you ready?

Go for it.

This is The Icey Sare!!!
[About 5 seconds later Abs starts laughing]


You can't laugh either. Sorry Abs I told you the rules.
Please play N.E.R.D man.

I'll ask! Can we overrule the rules for just this once?
Just this once!

You'll have to ask that camera very nicely that's Claudia.
Please Claudia can I see N.E.R.D Rockstar? And... Erm... I think you're very nice.

[winks to the camera] Thank you!
That really is a fat track! I love it.

Turn it up, turn it up!!

We got Abs here but not for long only for about 25 seconds. We'd like to wish you all the best with your new single What You Got.
Thanks for having me.
No problem at all.

I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who's been waiting for me and I hope I forfilled your criteria in becoming a great solo artist.
Let's say goodbye and thanks to Abs everybody!