Transcript Of The Show - Part One
The Fridge MTV Europe, 19 July 2002

We have got one FANTASTIC guest today and that is the one and only Abs! Welcome to The Fridge
Hey nice and slidy I like that!

We got a little bounce going on here! So how have you been ? It's been a while.
Very well. Yeah it's been a while. I've been busy writing my album, new single and everything. And it's ready to go.

Congrats on being the first of the Five-camp to come out with your solo-stuff.
Thank you, it's nice to be back.
Yeah I bet it is.
It seems like it's been ages but hey I'M BACK!

It's quite funny cos I met Five a couple of times and you always seemed like the quiet one, Scott and Rich did the talking.
Yeah, I think a lot of people wouldn't expect me to release a single first coz Rich and J. always had the celebrity girlfriends and be on the cover of the tabloids, you know what I mean? And I was just sitting in the background and saying "Go on you do the talking.

But you did love it?
Of course but at the end of the day if someone wants to say something get on with it, I'll just chill.

Did it come to you as a surprise how it all ended?
A little bit, it would like get mentioned and then it would all be normal and then it would get mentoined again, but the gap closes after an amount of time. And then one day you just don't show up for work and that's it. That were two months of going on bargain hunt.

And a lot of daytime TV?
A LOT OF DAYTIME TV! It was hard man.

And then you're thinking "shouldn't I be doing promo?"
[Abs is curious about the false ice cubes which are laying on the table and grabs one]
They are supposed to be cold, are they cold?
[Abs acts if that ice cube was freezing]
Wow good acting, there's a future there as an actor as well.

Never know...

But we're loving "What You Got". I've been having a sneaky listen to some other tracks of the album.
You're one of the lucky ones

But there is a great sound to it.
There is!

Who's been working with you?
Biff over in Dublin he's written a lot of the Five stuff. It was nice working with there coz they kinda knew me. I got over there and we played Playstation 2 for about 8 hours. Then we realised we had some music to write. But there was a nice vibe, it's like a family over there.

It's good for you as well because I know that you do a bit of DJing you got a good musical culture. So it's not all pop.
There's a bit of uptempo, a couple of reggae tracks, a dance track,... Just trying to use my talents.

There's a song build around Spin Me Around by Dead Or Alive. A discotune!
Ow ya noticed that. It's cool though really happy with that.

Yeah it's cool.
We're obviously gonna see more of you in the course of the next couple of years with your new stuff, but now we're gonna watch the new video...