Five To One
TV Hits - Australia, August 2002

With his awesome new song What You Got, ex-fiver Abs proves he's got everything you need! TV Hits meets the ab fab Abs!

What's the biggest difference between being solo and your days in Five?

Everything about it! One of the first things I had to do was choosing backing dancers for when I'm touring and doing TV and stuff. So, I'm sitting in this dance studio and these girls are jumping around in front of me and I'm thinking, "Man, it don't get any better than this!"

Is there anything you miss about being in Five?
Yeah, I miss travelling with the boys. That was fun. There were a lot of fun times. Getting up in the mornings and coming down to the lobby and finding out what happened to people the night before - all that stuff. I can't say I miss the performing or the recording or the travelling or meeting people or the interviews, because I'm still doing that!

Do you still see the lads?
The last person I saw was Sean about a month ago. He came down to the dance rehearsal when I was rehearsing for a show. He popped in for a couple of minutes, but didn't like it and left!

That sounds like Sean! What didn't he like?
Oh, he's just not much of a dance fan to be honest. He's not into dancing in frount of the camera. That just wasn't his cup of tea to be honest with you. He's an amazing writer and lyrics and all the rest of it, but I think he'd prefer to be behind the camera.

So you're still mates?
We still kind of keep in touch - I've just heard this morning he's doing boxing or something full time!

What abour the other lads?
Scott has a radio show, J is just chilling - he's doing nothing at the minute - and Ritchie has written a couple of songs but he's yet to get a deal. I haven't even heard his stuff yet. But it's all good, they're all healthy and we probably don't keep in touch as much as we should. But I suppose that's because we're just getting on with life and doing our own thing now.

Do you think you all needed a break after spending so long together?
It's like school friends, you say you'll keep in touch but you don't in reality. You just do what you do and you bump into one another from time to time or give each other a phone call. It's kind of like that.

Do you think Five fans will be suprised you were the first to go solo?
I think so. I think a lot of people would have expected J or Ritch, 'cause in Five they always had the celebrity girlfriends and the profile. I just kept quiet. I just let everyone get on with it and let everyone do whatever they were doing and kept my personal side personal. But hey, it's me!

Do you think you'll ever score yourself a celeb girlfriend? Holly Valance, perhaps?
She's so priss, man! I was over for Rumba and I was like, "She's hot! Who is this girl?" I was looking at her in magazines while I was over there 'cause I never watch Neighbours. Next thing, I came back and she's killing it over here! She's got a geezer anyway and she wants to hold him down!

Have you met her?
Yeah, I bumped into her at a club. She had some geezer with her and I was like, "Damn!"

So there are no girls on the horizon for you...
No, not at the minute. I know it sounds a bit selfish, but it's all about the music and my career right now. I need some time to myself.

Girls do tend to take up a bit of time!
Yeah man, they do! I get lost in girls, tpp. I've got to devote all my attention to my music. But you never know, I could walk out of this office today and there could be the girl of my dreams just standing on the side of the road!

What is the girl of your dreams like?
Well, it used to be blonde, blue or green eyes. But I've had a little sample of what's around and I'm not too bothered any more. Natalie Imbruglia is quite nice. I'm looking at her right now in a magazine and she's quite cool.

Will you be back in Australia this year for Rumba?
Yeah, man. I definitely am. Looking forward to going out and showing off for a little bit. Get some sun while I'm there, too!

Will you be performing all new songs or will you perform some Five tracks too?
Well, I don't know. There might be a little suprise in store but I'm not 100% sure that it's going to happen, so I dont want to say what it is. There might be a little blast from the past. That's all I'm saying!

Here's who Abs reckons could follow in his footsteps and sut it as a solo artist outside of their group:
Destiny's Child:
All of them. They've all got a bit of a special something.
N*sync: Justin Timberlake. And JC Chasez, he's got quite a good voice too.
Mis-Teeq: Alesha Dixon. She's got that whole look and that whole vibe going on man.
Westlife: Shane Filan. Brian McFadden should do stand-up comedy because he's got a really good sense of humour. And Mark's (Feehily) got a good voice too. The other two (Kian and Nicky) just kind of look good.
Blue: Lee Ryan. It's only Lee that sticks out too. He's got an amazing voice. But the other three haven't done anything yet. You listen to their songs and you're like, "Damn! He's good on that bit!". I would just say Lee, even though I like all of them and they're all really good friends.