Five On 5 - Abs

[Smash Hits - AUS March 2000 Issue]

Is fame all it's cracked up to be? Abs sorts the truth from the lies…

True or False?

Pop stars are always at parties together in really trendy nightclubs?
False. That's soooo not true. We do go to parties with other bands but that's just because they've been invited too. We never phone each other up and say, "Let's hang out together at this nightclub." To be honest, I haven't got any really close friends who are in other bands. I know a lot of groups to say hello to, but I'd never ring them up just for a chat.

Pop stars never read their fan letters.
False. I love to read fan letters. Most of them are sweet and they talk to us like we're old mates. I think they see us in Smash Hits and feel they know us really well, which is brilliant. If I was to say in this interview, "I've got a bad leg," I'd get letters asking me how I hurt it! It's cool. I'd love to reply to them but unfortunately we haven't got enough time.

People change when they're famous.
False for Five but true for other bands we know! Everyone in Five is exactly the same as the first day I met them, but I know one boy band who have changed massively. I'd love to tell you who they are but I can't - I don't want to start a fight! When we first met them they were really friendly, but now they've had a few hits and they don't want to know us.

Pop stars always go out with beautiful girls and they never date fans.
False. Looks are really important because that's why attracts you in the first place, but personality is what keeps you together. I met Danielle, my girlfriend, before I was famous and I stayed with her. If you love someone, it doesn't matter what they do.

Being a pop star is glamorous.
True. There's loads of glamour but then we do normal things too. Last weekend I went to stay at Scott's home. We went to the kebab shop and then we went bowling. It was a really good night cos we were just like ordinary lads. I loved that night!