Five Are Back

[Frikvarter August 1999]

Frikvarter managed to get through to Abs on the phone for a talk about things like the most embarrassing episode with a fan, if everybody in 5ive are into girls and of course Five's upcoming album. Yep. You did read what you think you read. Those five popular lads, who at the moment are in the charts with their latest single "If Ya Gettin' Down", are working hard to finish the upcoming, and at the moment untitled, album, which at the moment has been set for release in November. After a little delay we finally managed to get through to Abs, who once in a while had to interrupt to make his little cousin, who was screaming so loudly in the background that you couldn't hear anything, quiet down. Well. He finally made her shut up and the interview could start.

Is it a more mature Five, we will be able to hear on the new album?
Both yes and no. We have still got fast songs and slow ballads, and it's still popmusic without r'n'b or things like that. But it's with more variation in the songs. Basically you could say, that the new album, will be like the old one, just with new material, which means that the people the music goes out to will be people at the same age as the last one. On top of that, we have written all of the songs ourselves, so we anxious to find out what people think of it.

What is the difference between Five and all of the other boybands?
Many people are asking us that exact question and we feel the difference is that we are just being ourselves. We haven't changed our attitude, since we started in the group, and we are not taking a role towards anybody.

You mean, like if one of you was homosexual like Stephen from Boyzone...?
Ha, ha, yeah, then we would say it from the beginning and be honest. We haven't got any secrets like that. The only thing that's changing about us, is the hairstyle!

How much does looks mean to you?
I would be lying if I said that we don't care how we look, since we have to be on posters and things like that. But we're not running around thinking that we are simply wonderful or models! We're just happy that the girls like us, but it is the music that counts.

Is it true, that you cancelled your US-tour as the supporting act for 'N Sync?
Yeah, it all got too stressing with our new album, so we had to cancel everything else. Actually we told it through our manager, so we don't know how they reacted...!

What is the weirdest thing you've experienced with a fan?
Uhhh, actually there are so many, that I can't even remember half of them, but... yeah, it was in the US. We were sitting in a bus, and all of a sudden there was a girl, who pulled up her shirt without wearing anything underneath it. You could just say: "Hellooooooo, what is it you're doing".

Do you have a dream of going solo someday?
I... can't tell you right now. If it happens it happens, if it doesn't, well... yeah. We have to wait and, but one thing is for sure. 5ive will keep going as long as people wanna hear us, Abs finishes.