March issue 2002

When Abs from 5ive heard the band was going belly-up, he was a bit broken-hearted- but far from broken.We chatted him up about life without the boys.

Are you afraid your fans are expecting a Five-like sound for your solo career?
I don't know what to expect!

Are you going to be doing some DJing?
Yeah, a bit of that. I do that in my spare time.

Are the guys going to help you out with your solo record and tour?
I would love them to if they're about, but they're doing their own thing. Obviously, I'd like it to be like a Five track, cutting an album with J or something, but I don't know.

Do you all still see each other a lot?
Scott and J caught up a couple of days ago in Melbourne. The day J turned up he was like, 'What are you doing in Australia?' Then he said 'Well, good luck for the rest of the tour and I'll catch up with you when I get back'. Plus, I saw Rich the other day and he wants to go to a couple of matches. So, it's all good.

Did you get to see your family that lives in Australia on your last visit?
It's kind of been a long time since we spoke...It's terrible, but I've been so busy and only that, but I can't say how terrible it is not to go out or for them to come over here. They come over London sometime, whenever the family flies by and say hi, I find it a bit ankward and kind of tricky.


Job if you weren't a singer... I'd probably work in a garage
Snack food you can't live without... Crispy bacon with cheese.
Age you were allowed to date... I was a rebel, so I decided when.
CD in your diskman right now... Maxwell.
Sport you'll never get sick of... Golf on Playstation.