I Didn't Want Five To Split
CD:UK Magazine, 19 July

Abs is back, and like Robbie, he's here to stay. But he's still sad about Five...

Hey Abs! Great to have ya back! What've you been doing lately?
I've just got back from filming Fear Factor in South Africa with Harvey, Ralk Little, DJ Spoony and Terri Dwyer from Hollyoaks. It was freezing! I went out there thinking I'd get a tan before I started doing the promo for the new single but I've come back paler!

So did ya get to hang with Harv and the gang then?
Yeah, Harvey's wicked man! He's a diamond geezer, a real gent. People know of his bad boy image and think hes going to be kicking off, but he's cool and so, so nice.

OK, the tough stuff. Fess up, what really went wrong with Five?
It happened so quickly. Let's Dance was number one for two weeks then suddenly it was all over. I was like "What is up boys?" I was the only one in the band who didn't want to split!

So they were over it?
I don't wanna make them look bad they had their reasons for wanting to stop! I would hae liked to have done another two singles and a world tour - then I'd have been a happy man.

Are you still talking to the other boys?
Yeah, course! It's not even a matter of forgiving them. I'm not angry. I just think the split was a bit premature. They've got their own lives and own things to do so fair play to them.

When did you last hook up with them?
We haven't spoken for ages to be honest. J's just chilling. I went out with him a while back and he hadn't been out for like eight months. I didn't know what to think because everyone was saying that he was completly different.

Different 'er how?
That he was talking to flowers and stuff! But after a few drinks, he was the old J, trousers round his ankles. I heard Ritchie's demo-ing new stuff, but I haven't heard any of it yet.

Do you miss having them around you?
Erm, a little but I don't have complaints. Like, I got back from DJing in Amsterdam recently and I was rehearsing dancers for my video. There I was, in a dance studio with 80 girls dressed really sexy, dancing around just me! And there's no fights over trainers or clothes or people not turning up. It's all good.

But is it scary starting from scratch again?
Yeah! I'm getting all those pre-show nerves from my solo performances. Stupid little things like finding out when my video's going to be on The Box. But I'm loving it.

Robbies first solo single was a cover, yours samples an old tune too. Did u do that deliberately?
Nah! It just happened. Everyone loved it, including Simon Cowell who's my A&R, so we just went with it. It's good - some people will know the original, but it's still my fresh take on it.

If you could ask Robbie for advice about going from a boyband to a solo star, what would you ask him?
I wouldn't. He's really successful and all but this is my fresh start. I don't wanna do what Robbie, Ronan or anyone in that situation has done.

Finally the goss. Suzanne Hear'say?
We're friends, thats it! I like hanging out with her. When you go to premieres they try and make you up with some girl. But I don't care about models. I just want to see the film. I don't want no girls spoiling it, talking in my ear and wanting popcorn. I want to see the film!