Dear Abs

Dear Abs

Something on your mind? Relax, folks. Abs is here to help.

Dear Abs
I'm really into pop music, but the kids at school make fun of me because I like S Club. They're all into Linkin Park, Korn and other rock bands. What should I say?
Shona, Leicester

Pop music is an abbreviation of popular music... It just means that lots of people like it. It doesn't mean that pop is cheesy - it's just music that people are into and, at the end of the day, you're an individual so do your own thing. Who cares what they think? You're having a good time so don't let them change you. Trust me - in a few years they'll realise how silly they were.

Dear Abs
I've just had a massive mobile phone bill and have no idea how to pay it. I haven't told my mum - what should I do?
Daisy, Norwich

Run for your life! I know what you're saying... Angry mums are not nice at all. Seriously, though, why not leave the bill lying around where she'll see it and then go and stay at your mate's house for a week, or something? Or own up a nd offer to pay her back bit by bit by saving up your pocket money every month. Then at least she'll see you're making an effort and you're really sorry. And switch to a pay-as-you-go phone - they're much less hassle.

Dear Abs,
I've got to dump my boyfriend - , what's the best way to go about it?
Tash, Glasgow

If he's cheated on you, burn his car (The Hits recommends you don't do this or you'll end up in the 'slammer' -Ed). But if he hasn't, always break up face to face. Don't text him because that's rude and don't do it on the phone - that's always messy because you end up calling each other backwards and forwards all night. Having a chat to get everything out in the open is good and, if you can, leave it on a friendly vibe. It's not always easy to stay friends, though.

Dear Abs
I really fancy this lad but I can never get him alone - he's absolutely insperable from his mates. How can l get him on his own? Kerry, London

Personally, I would just go up to him and say "can I talk to you for two minutes?" That's it. Nice, easy and casual... You don't have to make a bJigthing out of it. If you're too embarrassed to do that in front of his group of friends, get hold of his mobile phone number and just text or call him. Come on, Kerry what have you got to lose?

Dear Abs
My mum wants to know where I'm going and what I'm doing every time I go out and we always end up arguing -I can't stand it any more. What should I do?
Liz, Cardiff

It got stupid with my mum and I like that. You can't blame them because they care about you and what you're doing. But she needs to realise that you're growing up, and that kind of understanding only comes over time. Tell her you need a little bit of independence but, at the same time, listen to what she has to say.

Dear Abs
My boyfriend flirts with other girls a lot and it's starting to get me down. What should I do?
Sally, Belfast

Does he have a car? If he does, just use him for his car and get your revenge... Simple as that. Get him to drop you off wherever you want, take you places and pay for things. Also, when he's flirting, you should flirt with other boys, too... It'll probably get right up his nose and he should soon get the message. If he doesn't care, well... Dump him.

Dear Abs
I have a huge crush on Justin Timberlake. Sometimes it makes me cry when I think I'll never even get to meet him. How can I cope?
Lucy, Birmingham

I have the same feelings, know what I'm saying... I can't wait until I meet Justin either (laughs). I know from personal experience how you can touch people's lives with your music and it's nice you're having these feelings for him. It's fun being into celebrities and most of us get obsessed with our idol at some point in our lives. Just enjoy being a fan and remember-there's nothing wrong with dreaming. Sometimes dreams do come true...

Dear Abs
I'm really worried I'm a bad kisser -what's a good kissing technique?
Caroline, Liverpool

You should go out, get yourself a boy and practise on him. It doesn't have to be anyone you know that well... Not a complete stranger, though. Just have a little sample and see what you think. I like girls who are all over you, but I also like girls who are subtle and sweet. As long as you're not clanging teeth and you're keeping your saliva level to a minimum, then it's all good. It's a good idea to start off slowly and build up gradually into a more frenzied snog. You'll learn.