Abs in Cosmo October 2003

What's the most outrageous thing a fan has ever done?
When I was touring with 5ive, I came back to my hotel and found loads of girls in there. I was livid at first but soon found the funny side.

If you could spend the night with a sexy A-lister who would it be?
Angelina Jolie. Her accent in the film Tomb raider is such a turn on. She has the sexiest eyes and tons of attitude which I love. She really does it for me.

So is there a lady with attitude in your life at the moment?
No. I'm single. Although there are always false rumours flying around,like I'm dating Heidi from the Sugababes and Holly Valance. Holly is cute but nothing has ever happened. We were at a celebrity bash, having a drink in the corner of a bar, looking cosy and suddenly all these rumours started.

Is your playboy persona accurate or just a rumour?
Im not the player everyone makes me out to be. I haven't really dated since my relationship with actress Danielle Brent finished two years ago, we were together for four years. I'm not a one-night stand kind of man. I much prefer to have lots of little flings with lots of different dates. And I always keep in touch with the women I meet.

What's your ultimate sex fantasy?
I've always wanted to have sex with a pair of gorgeous womanly twin sisters. I think a lot of men are into that'double act' fantasy. I've had a couple of threesomes. You can be more adventurous simply because there is another person in the room. But it has to be me and two girls or nothing!

What about your most embarrasing sex story?
My mum walked in one me having sex once. We were naked and in the middle of things. We jumped off eachother and pulled the sheet up, but there was no denying what was going on. My mum looked horrified and walked back out. Even tho it was years ago, I still shudder with embarrasment when I think about it now.

Quality or quantity; Which is the most important to you sexually?
Quality is important, but quantity is underated. You can't go starving can you? I think a healthy amount is three or four times a day. Mind you four times a day while I'm single is a pretty mean feat, at the moment it's more like once a month.

Where's the wildest place you ever had sex?
It was on a stage, while the curtains were closed. Not at one of my concerts with 5ive, but a while ago at a hall where I grew up in Hackney. My mum was at her tap dancing class. I went along to meet her and bumped into a gorgeous girl called Claire. we had sex on stage, behind the curtains, while the whole class was tapping away below us"

What's your sauciest sex trick?
I can do this strange move I call a tongue hanstand. It's a little oral sex tip that I've perfected over the years. There's not a 100% guarantee that it will give a woman an orgasm-obviusly everyone is different but I've had no complaints so far.