Club Nokia

If you could design your ultimate mobile phone – what features would it have?
You know what it’s pretty much all in the Nokia 7650, you’ve got the video, and MMS, calenders – love that and looks damn sexy and I love it’s recording feature.

Who do you have on speed dial?
Nobody as I change my number every other week as I go out and get on it and hand out my number to anyone. Then, of course I get all these strange calls and have to change my number – at least with the 7650 I can store their image in my phone book and then check who it is that is calling!

Where’s the strangest place you have ever made a phone call?
Stuck in a lift – it was actually last time I was over here and I was calling out for someone’s help and couldn’t get reception. I went into incredible hulk mode and was trying to rip open the doors and it was one of the places that I wanted my phone to work!

Have you ever used SMS to flirt?
Oh yes, yes yes. I’m not going to lie; it’s easy if you know what I mean. Just drop a little text and see where it’s at.

What ringtone do you have on your phone at the moment?
ROCKSTAR by N.E.R.D and the theme from Beverly Hills Cop the movie and I love hearing it, I just keep my phone ringing just to hear it.

What do you love about your Nokia 7650 and how important is your mobile phone in your daily life?
Taking loads of photos of loads of girls – and the phone is very very important in daily life. Especially when you are travelling and need to keep in contact with people back home as hotel telephone bills take the piss.

Now let's get into it, It’s been a big year for you this year, what has been the highlight?
Performing at Rumba late last year was one of them – I know it sounds cheesy – but it was and also bringing out a couple of cousins with me, they have never left England. I had one doing security and the other as my personal assistant! They loved it over here – so bringing them out has been a blast. Also travelling going to places that I have never been before like South Africa and Thailand, I’m loving it!

Where has the ABS phenomenon taken off?
Ahhh Germany, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, U.K and haven’t even touched on American – just concentrating on those territories and hopefully at some stage head to Japan.

Now that you are a solo artist do you prefer to be in a band such as Blue or do you like being solo?
I was really happy with the band, we had an amazing album and we were all getting on well. At the end it all went pear shaped but when you step back and realise you have sold 7 million albums and think f***. I still keep in touch with the guys, one’s travelling, ones dabbling in music and one is becoming a boxer. So they are doing stuff that they all probably wouldn’t of done if we were all still together.

What do you think about when you are performing and looking out into the crowd?
You don't think of anything you let the song take over, every moment is just the moment. There are times when you get carried away and think “should I jump into the crowd” and then I think – “are they going to rip my shirt off or my watch off – It depends how wild the crowd is.

Congratulations on the album Absessive Behaviour that's out mid 2003, describe it to someone who hasn’t heard before?
Yeh, I am excited about this one, I have to do some more work on it in the studio and getting it sounding good. The sound is a mixture of everything from rhyming, rapping, singing stuff for you and girl, tracks for when you are just chillin’.

I read that you wanted to work with Jay Kay, has anything come about of that?
I don't think he got the CD – and I was like “Give me his f***** number and I’ll call him” His record company and mine have been going backwards and forwards – but never say never

Anyone else that you would like to work with?
If I work with anyone else, I would like it to be someone that’s different from my sound, Like Red Hot Chilli Peppers you know something different.

Do you ever get behind the decks yourself?
Yeh I do, when I was doing Rumba, I got up at Home Bar in Sydney and did an hour and a half. I bought my own records and it was amazing. Pink, Shaggy and Natalie Imbruglia and Daniel Johns all turned up but had to get off after having a few too many drinks – it was cool as though.

What’s doing it for you in the music world at the moment?
Everything – lot of hip-hop, jazz and dance.

What’s in the pipeline for this year ?
Wouldn't have a clue – working on the album and I would just love to come back to Australia again.