Chilling Out With...Abs
Cosmo Girl, 19 July 2002

He couldn't believe it when Five split up, but now Abs is going solo. Cosmo Girl! talks grooves, girls and green Y-fronts (?!) with him

So Abs, whats life been like since Five split?

I sat at home for three months watching Trisha and Bargain Hunt. To be honest, I was the only one who didn't want the band to split. I thought the other guys were crazy! But then I started doing my music again and it's all sweet now.

Trisha eh? So you're good at lounging about?
Oh yes! It's the only way I can relax, sitting on the sofa. Friends and cousins come round and sometimes don't leave. I wake up on the sofa and there'll be a geezer sleeping next to me and I'm like "Hey, where did you come from?"

Do the guys from Five come over?
No, but we keep in touch. I went out with J recently which was cool. I didn't know what to expect because I heard he'd gone off to Tibet and chilled out, but he was the same old J.

How does it feel to be the only former member of Five signed by Simon Cowell?
I feel privileged and happy to be doing what I love. He hasn't said anything nasty to me, he's not as bad as everyone makes out. And I think his trousers are fine too. I've got to say that though - he's got a black Ferrari I want to borrow.

Tell us about your debut solo single
Its got a reggae-ish feel. As soon as the sun's shining and you hear the track you're cool. It's about seeing a girl and thinking "Ooh, lovely girl, looking kinda nice, come back to mine..." And all the rest.

So is there a special lady in your life?
No, my music's all I've got right now. In the early Five days I went for blonde hair and blue eyes but now I've had a sample of what the world's got and I'm much more open! I like girls with style and a bit of attitude.

How would you spend a romantic night in?
That depends on the mood. Maybe watch a film, this and that. I'd have a nice bit of music and take it from there. If she picks up the fact that I like her and gives me a little signal back, then that's sweet.

Do you have any pulling pants?
I haven't got any pulling pants but I am a boxers guy. I don't have any dirty pink pyjamas or bogey green Y-fronts. And there are no black, silk, Peter Andre type vibes going on either!