Caught With Your Pants Down

Abs Breen has a bit of a rep for being a bad boy, so we were just dying to ask the ex-Five fittie about celeb snogs and hotel high jinks.

You said you only wanted to use dark-haired girls in your What You Got video because they were more sophisticated! What's wrong with blondes and red heads then?
I never ever said that! Purr-lease! I couldn't restrict myself to laydees with dark hair. I was misquoted, man.

You had a bit of a fling with the rather blonde Suzanne Shaw (exHear'Say). Was she a good snog then or what?
(laughs) Nutink happened.

We know you snogged. Spill it…
Ok. We did kiss. But that was it.

Was she a good snog, then?
(Long pause) Um, yeah. She weren't the worst I've had. She didn't rock my world or nutink. It wasn't that deep between us.

Is it true that you once nicked the gold doorknobs from Westlife's hotel room and they had to foot the bill?
Us (Five) and Westlife were in Israel and we ended up in Shane and Kian's hotel room and completely trashed it. There was all this gold leaf numbering on the wall and we peeled it off for a laugh. They had to pay for it. Well, what's £20,000 between friends?

Generous of them! OK. Sarah Whatmore or Holly Valance? Choose…
I just want to say that nutink happened between me and Holly Valance…

Er, we didn't say anything did…
It was just some b******t rumour. We met up and had a drink that was all. And Sarah Whatmore is a really good friend.

You went out with Heidi Sugababe, too, didn't you? Anyone you wouldn't date?
Man, you are so cheeky! Heidi is a lovely person. We sort of dated. It was weird. We were ships passing in the night. That was it…

Ever been thrown out of a club?
You know it! This guy threw me out of a club one time cos he thought my trousers were too low. I was literally caught with my pants down! It wasn't cos I was showing my pants, though, it's because I've got a low waist. It was very embarrassing!

OK. We're out on a date, I turn up with a new hairdo and you hate it. Do you keep schtum?
I would have to tell you because you would get photographed if we were out together and you'd regret it. I'd tell you to put a baseball cap on your head.

Sensitive. Ok. You've made me cry now…
Awww man. I'm sorry. My mum always told me not to go around breaking young girls' hearts. I was just being honest. In a nice way. (of course, Abs, of course)

Ooh, he's a live one that Abs. Caught with his pants down?

Permanently, we'd say!