Bliss Magazine
January 2003

Solo star Abs is tipped to be even bigger than Five. No wonder bliss reader Kate Short 14, From cheshire couldn't wait to interview him...

If you could date any celeb girl, who would it be?
This isnt a tough one... Holly Valance, she's beautiful.

So is it true about her sending you flirty texts?
No, there have been rumours but there's no truth in them.

Why did you split with Heidi and Suzanne?
I wasnt really together with either of them. They were just a 'ships-passing-in-the-night' kinda thing. They definitely weren't real relationships.

What about Jess liberty x, are you seeing her?
Blimey, this is a tough interview, man! No, I'm not seeing her, the truth is I thought she was nice so I got someone to call her management and they were like "she'd got a boyfriend" and that was it.

Snogged any other celebs?

Which celeb would you like to see bannished from the public forever?
The cheeky girls, they're so annoying!

What about Simon Cowell?
Everyone really hates him but Simon's my saviour! When Five broke up I didn't know what to do. Then I got a phone call from him offering to sign me up with BMG.

Were you sad when Five split up?
Gutted, there was so much more we could have done, I felt we were really into something, like we had finally laid the foundations for something bigger. I had no desire to stop working with the band, but at the same time, I understood their reasons for wanting to split.

Who was the most talentd member of Five?
Me, of course! Then Sean, J, Scott and Ritchie. We'll never reform unless we all end up really skint and have mortgages to pay! Scott's the only one I still speak to. I've only seen J once. I don't know what Sean's doing and Ritchie? I Haven't seen him for months.

Do you miss them?
Put it this way, I don't miss waking up and worrying about what mood the others are in and I prefer being on stage with six beautiful lady dancers than four other guys, and I get 4x as much money!

Have you ever been in love?
Yes, with my first girlfriend Danielle. It was my firt real relationship, five years ago, Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all eh?

What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?
I think romance is the stuff you do continually. Yes you can come home with flowers and make heart shapes with the petals on the floor, but at the end of the day its the little things that count.

Tell us something no-one knows about you?
I used to live in Turkey and we had hens. One day our neighbours saw them and threatened to get us thrown out if we didn't get rid of them. In a panic we cooked them for lunch. I remember eating a drumstick and thinking 'I used to love this bird'

What's your idea of total bliss?
One, you interviewing me! Two, being stuck with four girls, 2 blonde and 2 brunnettes on a desert island and having them look after me. Three, having a home cooked meal, I haven't got a girlfriend and don't live with mum so its usually coco pops for me.