Scott Tattoo's

upper left arm
Back of Neck
inner left forearm

Scott Tattoos: (this is the order that he got the tattoos)

  • a black & red tribal swirl on his back upper-right shoulder (he doesnt like this one anymore)
  • a double lightning bolt on the left side of his belly button
  • a tribal design on his lower back/waist that goes up and down, not sideways as most people's do
  • a tribal band around his upper left arm
  • large caligraphy writing in Japanese (its not Chinese as Scott himself thought until recently) on his entire right forearm that says "To Love My Wife and Children Forever". At the top of this writing, he has added his wife's name "Kerry" and at the bottom near his wrist, he has added "Brennan"
  • "Brennan" & "Kavan" on his left forearm with 6 stars around it.
  • Left arm
  • "Arsenal" written on the back of his neck.
  • Massive tattoo on his right chest/shoulder (2008).