Abz Tattoo's

Abs Left Hand
Abs Left Ankle
Abs Left Shoulder
Abs Right Inner Arm
7 chakra symbols
Abs Star & Moon Right Shoulder
7 chakra symbols
Abs Star & Moon Right Shoulder
Delicious - Right Neck
Enlightened - Right chest
Life - Right elbow
Unknown - Left elbow

Abs Tattoos:

  • Paw print on his left ankle.
  • Turkish flag symbol (crescent moon and a star) on right shoulder. (now it's changed)
  • Dragon on back left shoulder.
  • Wings/nirvana design on left arm.
  • The word 'Dreamer' written in gothic lettering down his right forearm.
  • Flames which cover his left shoulder, and all the way down (and around) his left nipple.
  • Flames that match the shoulder on his right hip.
  • Celtic-looking design on left hand.
  • 7 chakra symbols down the left leg. (Yes! there is a man behind all them tattoo's)
  • "Delicious" on right side of his neck. (2007)
  • "Enlightened" - Right side, top of chest [up-side-down it reads: illuminatus] (2007)
  • "Life" - Right elbow (2007)
  • "Jesus Don't Know Me" above left inner elbow (2007) (info from Richard-Breen.co.uk)
  • Snake tatoo on his left calf (2008).
  • Unknown on left side of neck (2010)