ABS: Graphix (2007)

Abs decided to amuse fans by making his own graphics of his fellow Five members J, Ritchie and Scott and post them on World Of Five message forum. (comments below are made by Abs and went with the pics)

"Deal or no deal"

"..scott when he was 9 months old.."
"..oi you lot,i think scott is rubbish & i see his new tattoo,it says 'ladyboy'..i always knew it tho,lets start a poll.. "

"..oi you lot,i think j is rubbish & i got pictures of him in backless chaps runnin round soho trying to catch pigeons..& he raps like a girl.."
"..i noticed rich & j had been spending a lot of time with each other recently,so imagine my horror when i found this picture of j,not only in his backless chaps but also in rich's special edition "knight rider" budgie smugglers!!...this one's special,so i wanna see some replies if u wanna see it.. ..sing it with me.. "j & ritchie sitting in a tree,k.i.s.s.i.n.g".."

"..oi you lot,i think rich is rubbish & i heard he likes to wear budgie smugglers even when he ain't even going swimming.."