Abz & Scott in Doncaster

REVIEW: Five out of Five, for two out of five.
When I first heard that Scott and Abs of Five would be performing as “Five” in a night club in Doncaster, on the 28th of July 2012, I knew I would have to go.
It had been twelve years since I had first see them and hoped that they would have the same energy and sound as they did back then.
I arrived at the nightclub to find out that they had not arrived yet and probably would not arrive for a few hours, this was 10pm.
Eventually at 2am Five arrived on stage. Both Scott and Abs looked great, even if both are in their thirties they both looked extremely good. They were only on stage for around 20/25 minutes but really got the crowd going. They sang, We will rock you, Got the feeling, Keep on moving, If your getting down,, Everybody get up.
Obviously just being the two, effected the song choices. Though even though there was three vocalists missing it still sounded good.
They new how to keep their crowd happy and I even sang along to “Got the feeling” when Scott put the microphone too me.
Overall even though it was a short performance, it still was amazing. I do hope that the other three join back with Abs and Scott. They still have a very large fan base and their original sound wouldn’t have to be altered too much.
If you get the chance to see them, I would advice you do.
Estella Savage