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Two Kinds of Friends

There are two kinds of friends in this world. The ones who you meet at school and become life-long friends with and the ones whom you have known for almost all your life, who know everything about you, what makes you tick and how you are feeling. I have only one friend that fits under category 2. That is my dear friend, Ritchie Neville.

Ritchie and I had known each other ever since we were young, too young to remember in fact. Ritchie would always know how to make me smile if I was sad and how to read my emotions, to make sure he could deal with what I was going through. He never gave up on me and I never gave up on him. We had a lot in common and had been through a lot of things despite our age of 17. Things slowly fell apart, however, when he became a celebrity and moved to surrey with 4 other group members to achieve their dreams of a singing and dancing boy band. They never gave him a chance to say goodbye, not even his parents received a goodbye. As part of the new career, he wasn’t allowed to speak of his departure or where he was going.

I was torn apart and forced to carry on with my life without him. School had let out a year ago, which left only the Christmas holidays to spend with him. I knew of his huge dream to sing and perform for people. I remember sitting on the couch talking with him and how he had explained to me that one day he’d be famous and that he’d perform for me on the big screen and if I was ever to see him at a concert. I was proud of him for aiming high and having the education he always wanted, scoring parts in musicals, plays and little performances.

During the times we spent, I held a dark secret close me, one that I had not shared with him upon the many I had. In truth, I had always fancied him. Lovely hair, striking blue eyes and the perfect smile that could lighten the hearts of many. Having the fear of rejection, I never did tell him. Maybe I was silly for not breaking the news to him before he left, but that would have been a more difficult option, one that would interfere with his musical ambition.

Today, left with no other source of entertainment, I went off to his mother Kim’s place. She was always a sweet lady and owned a bar close to where my family lived. As soon as I knocked on the door, she had her arms open wide and hugged me tightly. Seeing me, reminded her much of Ritchie and recalling from when I was younger, she always told my mother that Ritchie and I would be a fantastic couple.
“Yasmin! Oh how long has it been?” She smiled, making a gesture for me to enter the hallway. “Well, it’s been about a month. How are you?” I smiled politely. I had always been awkward around people who were older than me, but Kim was nice, down to Earth and felt like a second mother to me.
“Oh don’t mind me, just continuing my life, watching my little boy on television. It makes a mother proud to see her son achieving his dream.”

I found my way to the sunken lounge and sat down on Ritchie’s favorite recliner. Kim sat down with a tray containing tea, sugar packets and 2 biscuits. “I miss him Kim, I really do.” I said out of the silence. Kim reached over to hold my hand. She nodded slowly, smiling sadly. “I know you do. I miss him very much too. I miss all the fun times taking you both to the toddlers fun park and our small little trips in London with the family.” There was a moment of silence and then I broke down into tears, with Kim seeing me cry, she began to cry too. I felt weak and silly but a small wrench pulled my heart.

After a few hours at Kim’s I walked down back to my house. It was cold and dark outside, making me feel even lonelier. Trudging through the snow clogging my doorstep, I unlocked my door and went straight to the couch. I was in no mood for eating or doing anything else. I just wanted to relax. My T.V set was old and annoying but there was something about it that just made me all the more love it. “Tonight we reveal pop star group 5ive, who have just released their new single ‘Slam Dunk (da funk)’ Please welcome them!” I almost died with shock as the telly announced Ritchie’s group. I felt like screaming. Not knowing what else to do, I reached out for the phone and dialed Kim.
“Kim? Kim! It’s Yasmin!”
“Yasmin? Dear, what’s wrong?”
“It’s Ritchie! He’s on telly! Turn on your telly!”
“Good heavens! He is on telly! My baby boy is on telly!”

For a moment longer our screams chimed through the phone. Watching the song, I enjoyed it. I actually felt like dancing and singing along. It made me cry with joy seeing Ritchie end the show with a short discussing with the host. “There is one person I’d like to thank, for always being there for me, for understanding and for never giving up on me. Yaz, I miss you.” He smiled at the camera and I sunk into the couch. He…he misses me? He had announced it to everyone! My thoughts ran wild and I jumped off the couch.

A few weeks had passed since I recalled his words on telly. My mind boggled over reasons if he loved me, missed me as a friend, would call me soon or would see me very shortly. Every night after work, I’d visit Kim, check in to see how she was, if she had any news for me or just recounting the days when me and Ritchie were only children. Kim had always told me that he’d never forget a face or someplace he’d ever need to be, so I guess I could count on that as reason enough.

Eventually I found out the source of news I needed. Teenage girls. I was walking down the street to do some shopping when a group of 14/ 15 year olds started babbling about a new boy band. I stopped for a second and pulled out a note pad. Relatively, this was strange writing down exact words for my conquest to figure out what was happening with Ritchie. “Oh my god, 5ive are coming to London!!!” One shouted out to her friends like they were scattered across the world. “Wow! That means we get to see Ritchie, J, Scott, Abz and Sean! I love Scott!” Another one squealed. And I love Ritchie I thought, dazing off. The only news I received other than fangirl talk was that Ritchie and his band members were coming to London and tickets were already on sale.
I raced off to the nearest concert hall (the ones that have ticket booths outside) and had all the money that was left in my purse, supposedly for my shopping day, ready and waiting. “Excuse me.” I asked flustered “Can you tell me some band and ticket information for 5ive, please?” The man looked at me and smiled noticing I was shaking with excitement.
“Well let me see, 5ive tickets are almost sold out, but the tour includes places all over England and across the globe. Says here that they’re due to be coming next month on the 26th for the special 1998 tour. Tickets are £15 and V.I.P tickets are £50. What else can I do for you love?”

I took a look deep into my purse. £50 was pretty steep but there was no other way for me to get in. No one would believe me if I told them that I was best friends with Ritchie and I couldn’t get V.I.P tickets for free, so either way I would have to pay up. “Ok, may I please have two V.I.P tickets please?”
The man smiled widely and pulled out two tickets with shining gold labels on them, to prove they were well and truly expensive and rare.

After paying the most expensive £100 in my life, I went back to the car park and zoomed over to Kim’s house. I wouldn’t want her to have a heart attack, but I would like her to have a nice ticket so she could see her son. Knocking loudly and impatiently on the door I felt anxious, like I was in the biggest rush ever.
“Hi Yasmin, how are you and may I ask why you look so anxious?”
“Hold out your hands and close your eyes.” I felt silly playing this old game with Kim as she used to when I was only small, but it was a surprise that I was most certainly waiting to give. “Open.” Kim opened her eyes slowly and averted them to the small piece of paper in her hand.

After a moment of silence Kim finally realized what she was holding. “Good lord! Is this what I think it is?” I shrugged my shoulders with a funny grin on my face. “I get to see my baby boy!” She hugged me tightly, so tightly I thought that I was going to explode. “I managed to get myself one, so now we both can see Ritchie.” I was so happy to see Kim jumping for joy and hopefully the lead up to that magnificent month would breeze on by. I’ve heard stories of people saying to never rush time and to just be happy with what you are currently doing. I was never happy waiting, I’d never been a patient person but I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to wait too long.

Tonight was the night of the concert. I drove to Kim’s house and waited until she came out to come with me. I was so excited I was trembling and little goose bumps made their way under my skin. So many thoughts were racing through my mind and neither one of them could decipher what would happen. What do I say to Rich? It’s been a few months now will he remember me? He misses me but what does that mean? I was nervous, but I was going to have to suck that up and be brave. Rich was more than a pal, he was a life-long friend and I wished for it to be more.

A month prior to this night I had been practicing all of their songs and learning every word, so that I could prove to Ritchie that I had been keeping track of his career and knew that he was pursuing his dream.
It was squishy getting through the line to the V.I.P area and a few people had chosen the exclusive area, so I knew I wasn’t going to get much time with Rich with all these fangirls swarming around like flies. I had planned a couple of things to say to him but they all sounded corny, I was going to have to play the flirtatious card if I wanted to get anywhere with the conversation.

After the concert had finished (with all the songs) people who had not purchased the V.I.P tickets had started to clear out, leaving only a few people (of the many) in the exclusive area. I pulled Kim through the isle with me so we could go backstage to see Ritchie and the boys. I was starting to shake again, but at least I could get away with it since it was winter. Kim was anxious to get through to see Rich and I had faith that he would remember me, but I had a small tug of nausea in me.

Backstage looked wonderful. There were satin couches and many of the concert executives and all people working for tonight’s preparations went around clearing up. I spotted Rich by the drink canister wearing a lovely outfit (since most guy clothes can be dull), which looked like a punkish kind of style. I almost dragged Kim over to Ritchie with my excitement. “Rich!” I called out very loudly. Turning his gaze to us, he looked closely and with realization, dropped his empty cup in shock as he saw Kim and I making our way over.
“Wow! Mum, Yaz it’s you!”
“Hey, you!” I smiled teasingly.

After getting through all the hectic flusters of how long it had been, we sat down on a really comfortable satin couch and started talking. I figured my chance with Rich would come, if only Kim would go and find something to be distracted with for a few minutes. Just as I was thinking that, a news reporter called her over to take an interview. I looked at Rich and then back down to my trembling hands. “U-umm…Rich? I have s-something I need to tell you.” Ritchie looked at me a little puzzled and sat closer. I could feel his breathing and looked up. I started blabbering and knew that eventually tears would well up in my eyes before that happened though, Rich put a finger to my lips and silenced me almost instantly. “I know. I’ve missed you too and its kind of weird for you since I’m a celebrity and all now, isn’t it?” I nodded. It most certainly was. Why would a celebrity like him, love a regular person like me? I wasn’t filthy rich but I wasn’t poor either.

“Rich…I…l-love you and I have for quite some time now. You have no idea.” I paused and watched his facial expressions change. “Ever since we were kids I had always loved you. I never really knew what love meant at a small age. I admired you for your dreams and how you barely cried if you had fallen over of for the fact that you had so many funny little stories to tell me about why the news reporter on telly looked so strange. But as we got older I finally realized what love meant. I loved how your face looked so beautiful, how your eyes were so blue and how much of an amazing personality you had that could melt the hearts of the coldest people. It was you Ritchie, I loved you.” I was starting to feel really embarrassed. It sounded so cheesy. In my head it had sounded wonderfully described but when the words came out, it sounded like a terrible love story. Tears began to well in my eyes and there was no possible way I could stop them from pouring. I decided it would be best to cry, not for added cheesiness but for the fact that I had missed him and he had never fully realized that I had loved him for so long.

Sobs came out of my throat so thickly and a few hiccups along the way but I just needed a good cry from my angst. Looking up at Ritchie, I saw him in a blurry sight as he shifted. All within five seconds I found myself locked into a tight squeeze. It felt warm and safe, like a feeling I never knew. I lost myself in it and my tears began to stop, along with all the stupid sobs. “Yaz, I knew you loved me. I always knew. This is going to sound so cheesy that I’d probably laugh if I was hearing it from someone else but the truth is, I secretly had loved you more than you imagined.”
I tried thinking back to any possible signs from my childhood, but I never saw anything. “Yaz if you don’t remember, allow me to take you down memory lane.” I nodded and tried getting a visual of any age. “At age 5, I pulled your hair and pushed you down a hill. I felt mean doing so, but I wanted to see if you were strong like the superwomen on telly so that you could be my superwoman and I could be your superman. Age, 10, I teased you about your uniform. I actually liked the way your uniform fitted you so well, it just seemed naturally like you were older than me and that everyone would be jealous that I had an older girlfriend, never happened, but a guy can try. At age 14 for the year 9-graduation dance, I teased you for your social dress. It looked amazing and it really was appealing to my eyes but you just lacked confidence.” He stopped and released me from his grasp. I turned my head to face him and watched very closely.

“I’ve always, always loved you and I could never possibly go a day without thinking of you. If you want to…that is…next year or so…marry me, I’d be the happiest man alive.” I sat there in shock and tried to find matching words. I smiled and pulled him toward me. “I’d never want it any other way.” His breathing was tingling my skin and temptation was no longer the answer. It was more Desire. I kissed him ever so slightly until it intensified.

There are two kinds of friends in this world. The ones who you meet at school and become life-long friends with and the ones whom you have known for almost all your life, who know everything about you, what makes you tick and how you are feeling. In my life, I have no friends under category 2; the only thing that fits under category 2 is Ritchie Neville, my love forever.

The End.