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Something You Don't See Everyday

It was the year 1997 and I was so excited to finally be going to 5ive’s concert in London. I was born in Australia but had lived in England nearly my whole entire life. It wasn’t everyday an opportunity like this to be attending 5ive’s concert. I had scored some awesome seats too, I guess that was the nature of cutting out leaflets in my magazine that offered the chance to win free tickets and V.I.P passes.

Being the usual nag I was, I dragged my best friend of 8 years, Tayla to the concert with me. It was her chance to experience a different type of music genre that she wasn’t used to. After all, if she didn’t listen to my nagging, there would be other ways to get her to come.
“Yaz, did you really get these tickets free? I don’t want you lying to me, because I hate it when you pay for me you know!” Tayla questioned very embarrassed. I nodded my head. It was the truth but if I had not of won these tickets I would have paid for her anyway.
“These are the best tickets ever! We get to watch them from a good distance and then get to meet them!” I squealed excitedly.

She cocked an eyebrow at me as the concert began.
“Ah, so who’s the lucky lad that you’ve fallen in love with?” I blushed at her devilish question and inhaled a deep a breath.
“It’s Ritchie, you know, the blonde haired, blue-eyes babe over there to the right.” She turned her gaze to Ritchie and laughed. Of course she was going to laugh at me, she always did when I became an obsessive fangirl. It was just something she wouldn’t understand yet.

After the concert finished with ‘When the lights go out’ I took Tayla by the hand and dragged her quickly to the V.I.P secure area and waited for the boys to come around from the stage. With they’re eyes shining and happy grins we all shook hands and introduced ourselves. Ritchie came forward first.
“So who might you lovely young ladies be?” I blushed but before I could explain, Tayla cut me off.
“I’m Tayla and this is Yasmin. We’re both teenagers now, but I’d thank Yasmin for bringing me along to the concert.”

I made eye contact with Ritchie and blushed even redder than I ever had in a long time. There was something about his blue eyes that made me feel safe, but a bit cheeky. His 90s hairstyle represented his youth and nothing was more gorgeous than his gleaming, happy smile. I had fallen too in love with him, but there’s nothing wrong with that.
We sat down on some red leather seats and discussed about the tour and how everything was planned out. I had been known as the kind of person to randomly blurt things out and unfortunately, now was the perfect moment for it.
“Rich, lads…could you teach us how do dance like you guys? We want to bring home the moves to impress the girls back in our city.” Realizing this, I had blushed again. However, the lads seemed to be really satisfied with our question and almost immediately jumped out of the seat.
“We can do that, no worries!” They chimed in together.

Taz rolled her eyes, but got up for the sake of me. I had always wanted to know how to dance like a 5ive member. When the lights go out would be the new girl version when I got home, so I had to make my best impression. It didn’t look like it was going to be easy, but that didn’t matter to me.

“Well, the routine is kinda simple really. I mean all you have to do is just follow through. Like this.” Scott began the routine. I was lost completely. They made it look so easy, but prior to meeting them, everyday I would set up the video of them and attempt. Sadly, I failed. While watching Scott, I looked around for Tayla. She was no where near me, instead she was sitting on the couch next to J. Looking at her from a distance I saw that she had a deep interest in him. She wanted to know how to rap. I’d never thought my little Tayla would like rap, but hey, it was too late to assume that.

“Yasmin? Are you ready to learn the dance moves?” I spun around and came face to face with Ritchie. I stuttered looking for an interesting catch phrase, like Tayla had when it came to seducing J. There was no hope for me now that I have no catch phrase. “Um…Yes, let’s do this!” I smiled, while blushing like a tomato.

After numerous attempts I was finally able to do half to routine, but was very exhausted. I flopped onto the couch and spread my arms out.
“Ayah, that was one hard dance routine. Taz, why didn’t you join in?” I looked slowly to my right and saw Taz laughing with J. Puppy love definitely, Puppy love. I thought. A hand suddenly brushed the hair out of my eyes.
“You did good Yaz, surprisingly so, for a beginner. Ritchie smiled his warm, prize-winning smile showing of his gleaming white teeth.

Generally if anyone had said that to me, I would have just shrugged it off, because I know I’m a beginner. But sometimes comments that come out of certain people make it all worthwhile.
“Thanks, Rich. Not like the pro’s though, after all I am just a beginner.” I smiled like a weirdo, blushing at the same time.

Just at that moment I felt the buzz of my phone in the back of my pocket. Reaching out I flipped it open to find something that completely tore my heart out. I slumped into my chair and folded my arms trying to fight back tears. Taz and the boys noticed my reaction and hushed. Everything now, seemed to be gloomy. I wasn’t having fun anymore…just moody and depressed. Ritchie was the first to speak up.
“Y-Yaz? What’s wrong?” I didn’t look up.
“Oh…j-just my boyfriend, he dumped me because he found a girl with more in common with him…” I trailed off as my heart tugged.

He moved his hand across my face and turned me to look at him.
“That guy isn’t worth it. If anything, you’re too good for him. You don’t need him.” He smiled at me as tears poured down my face. Wiping them away he whispered something in my ear. I couldn’t quite hear it, but it sounded reassuring. He relaxed into the couch with me and put his arms over me, pulling me into a big, Ritchie-style bear hug. I cuddled back feeling safe and warm. It looked like everyone was a couple again. Taz was back in puppy love mode with J and I was warm and snuggly against Ritchie, I never wanted to move from this spot.

Ritchie turned to face me.
“You have an option here. You can say yes or no to this question and I won’t mind at all.” He smiled
“I know that you’ve just had a break-up but if you’d like to, I could fill in that position.” I smiled and giggled, blushing once more again.
“I would love that Rich! YES!” I laughed and pulled him in for a kiss. It was warm and safe, making me feel on top of the world. He ran his fingers through my hair and held me closely. No words could express my mood. It was so good to be dating a celebrity, and that wasn’t even the start.

Suddenly Scott jumped behind us and tried breaking us up, unfortunately it worked.
“Hey lovebirds. We wanna go to the club, are you people coming?” He gave me a cheeky smile knowing exactly what would happen between Rich and me.
“Sounds nice, you up for it Rich?” I questioned, giving him a suggestive look. He nodded and returned the favor of the look.

Taz and J tagged along too; after all, I couldn’t leave Taz by herself. The club was called ‘the west-side’ I’d only dreamed of this club. Walking inside, there was thumping music, the catchy type and a nice V.I.P area. Fortunately, Scott had chosen this area and they were given the deal for free, being celebrities and all.
“Well lads, this isn’t bad at all.” Sean smiled taking the steps down to wear the crowd jumped vigorously. Abz took over the D.J, knowing the D.J’s in this town was common, because it wasn’t that big. Ritchie spread out on a silk couch making room for me.
“I taught my boys well.” He joked. I couldn’t argue with that, just the fact that they weren’t his boys, just more like brothers in the least. I smiled. It was a fun night, both now and what happened an hour ago. Taz and J were laughing; Sean and Scott were dancing with a girl Sean met and Kerry, Scott’s girlfriend. Then it was just Ritchie and I happily relaxing.

After awhile of chatting, Rich and I decided to dance. But something unexpected happened. The announcer gave a message that changed everything. “Ladies and gentlemen. Word has it, that the members of five are in the vicinity, on the dance floor! Make them very welcome to perform ‘When the Lights go out.’ Along with 2 guest members Yasmin and Tayla!”
I exchanged looks with Ritchie as we made our way up to the stage. “Get ready.” He breathed softly into my ear, sending tingling sensations like a current of electricity through me. “Remember the moves I taught you.” He smiled softly and took his position at the back beside me. The lights dimmed and the music started. This time, I had the opportunity to sing with Ritchie and Taz had the opportunity to rap with J. This was like a dream for the both of us.

I stayed inline, acing every move and every note. “Baby it’s not part of the deal, oh no no.” Ritchie winked at me and smiled a particular Ritchie smile that had melted my insides. Ritchie was a charismatic character and everything he did was friendly and/ or flirty. I don’t think I would ever forget this moment. To think just 2 free tickets won from a competition set me dancing and dating a 5ive member. I owe it all to the leaflets in my magazine.

After the mini-performance had finished, we cleared back up to the VIP section of the club, doing exactly what we were before the club announcer had disrupted. “You did amazingly! Who knew you’d be a total professional in less than an hour.” Ritchie smiled widely and gave me a flirty wink.
“Thanks, but obviously you outshone me, Mr. posh.” I returned the wink and blushing at my own failure of the flirty act.

Relaxing on the couch together, the only noises that sounded were Taz and J chiming a rap and the original noises of club music and people laughing and singing. The only time I moved from Ritchie’s side was when I went to collect some drinks. I wasn’t old enough to take alcohol and I hadn’t planned on infecting my body with toxins. For me, all I wanted was a lemonade and for Ritchie, a cola.

After a few more hours we went back to where the boys were staying. It was a nice place in the southern side of London. On the limo ride, I started to burst out in the fits of laughter. Ritchie cocked an eyebrow giving me a silly look. “S-sorry, ha ha. It’s just the fact that I’ve heard things about you lads enjoying a good game of gun wars. I actually really enjoy fighting with toy guns, ever since I was a kid.” I laughed really hard and the snorted. Then it was everyone else’s turn to laugh at me.

Abz unlocked the door. Turning on the light, the house revealed Feng Shui of all items, a large staircase and 5 toy guns lying on a freestanding table. Taz and I exchanged looks and ran for the guns, until the boys pulled us back. “Ladies, we’re gonna get you!” They laughed evilly and took charge of the guns. Taz and I ran upstairs screaming and laughing slamming the doors. We hid in what seemed to be someone’s room. I couldn’t tell which room it belonged to because it was dark inside the closet but a thick smell of cologne filled the air. “Taz.” I whispered in almost a hiss. Taz knocked my hand in approval of hearing me.
“I didn’t see Ritchie Taz, I might not have been looking properly but when we walked in, he made a bee-line for the stairs. Come to think of it, I only saw 4 guns.” I worriedly added. I felt someone breathing on me, thinking it was Taz, I let it reflex. But this breathing felt like velvet on my skin, sending tingles of electricity down my neck. That kind of breathing only belonged to Ritchie. Wait what? RITCHIE! I turned around slowly, heart pounding in my chest. I came face to face with him as he gently kissed me and then smiled in the dark. Making out his gleaming teeth, I shrieked loudly pushing the doors open to the closet.

I ran down stairs, not taking any chances to look back. I had already known that Abz, Sean, Scott and J were downstairs so I shut my mouth and bolted for the living room, not knowing where the hell it was. Taking a hunch, I made a left into a sunken lounge. Tripping over the drop, I scrambled over to behind the couch and smothered myself in pillows. I let my breathing pace itself and calmed my shaking nerves.

Peering over, I saw the boys, all 5 of them this time, gathered in the middle right next to the living room and backing on near the stairs. I closed my eyes and then flashed them open. Oh my God! I had left Taz upstairs in the closet. I had to get her. Even though it was just a game, I was taking it seriously. So seriously, I had laughed at my stupidity. “Hey did you hear that?” Abz questioned. I ducked my head down under a pillow. Idiot, idiot, idiot! What have you done? Blown your cover much? I stressed the thought. “Yeah, it sounded like Yaz.” Sean replied more aware. My heart started pounding as I heard heaving footsteps. I could barely hear them anymore, because my heart was sending beats through my ears.

Knowing that my time was almost up, I saw something colourful to my right. It was another gun! I rallied over to reach the gun, without being seen, since my arm was sticking out of my fortress of pillows. Got it! Retrieving the gun under the pillow I crawled out. The boys were no longer in the corridor, which meant they could be anywhere. I was thinking of Taz, but thinking more about my victory that could be served. Prior to this, the boys had decided on their prizes. Ritchie wanted a kiss from me and unlimited access to the fridge, Sean wanted to play his music as loud as he could and to keep the telly on his favorite channel all day, J wanted a kiss from Taz and unlimited access to the fridge, Abz wanted to D.J all night and to dump his left-overs in the bath and Scott wanted to host a party and to order pizza. Taz and I didn’t have time to decide, so that was that.

No one was in the living room but me, so I stood steadily at the doorway, with determination on my face. It was a little too quiet, like the kind of quiet that happens in horror movies. The killer is waiting while the others try to escape. The boys were gathered in the kitchen. Since they decided to shoot each other to make things more interesting, they came bolting down the hallway. I ran back to my hiding place behind the couches, burying myself in a fortress of pillows.

Ritchie had the gun. With his back turned to Abz and eye contact with Scott, Abz lunged from out of nowhere and pulled a pillow over Ritchie’s head. He squirmed from under the giant pillow and eventually rolled over so the pillow rested under his head. Scott aimed the gun and shot him. Ritchie faked his damage pretty well; then Abz came tumbling beside him. Scott had a cheeky smile on his face. “Mwahahaha!” he laughed evilly and dashed out of the room, probably in search of me. With Taz, Sean, Abz and Ritchie out of the game, it was just Scott and I. This was a competition where only one could walk away safely.

I stood in the sunken lounge with a smirk on my face, waiting for Scott to come and face me. I could hear the sound of heaving footsteps getting louder and louder as he came closer and closer. Suddenly he stood in front of me by the doorframe. “Well, well, well it’s Yaz. Are you ready to die?” He smirked as I turned my head to the side with a silly expression on my face.
“Not before you do.” I gave him my full attention, still the silly expression stayed. He aimed his gun at me and gave me an evil smile. Just as he pulled the plastic trigger I chucked a large pillow at him. Scrambling over to him I snatched his gun away. He looked at me and laughed. I pulled both guns out and pulled each trigger. “YAH!!!” He pretended his death and crumbled on the carpet.
“Yes! Victory is mine!” I jumped up and down with excitement. Since everyone was faking the death I wanted to get it on footage. Just as I walked up to the Telly unit, where the camera was sitting, a hand reached out and snatched my ankle, causing me to topple over onto the carpet. It was Ritchie who had pulled me down.

“Hey, champ. Have you decided your prize?” He smiled his prize-winning smile. I shrugged my shoulders. “Nope, not yet.” I smiled happily at him. He stroked the hair out of my eyes and wrapped his arms around me.
“Well let me decide for you.” He lifted kissed me softly and I melted into his arms. I didn’t care about all the slushiness because it was amazing. I felt safe and secure. The kiss intensified and I couldn’t help but smile underneath it all.

Taz, J, Scott, Sean and Abz broke us up. “Guys, yuck!” They teased. Rich and I didn’t really care. I mean it was about us in that moment. Not anyone else. It was too late to go back home now, so Taz and I were going to have to take the couch. I pulled a blanket from the sofa and wrapped myself inside it. Being in a cold country was the usual, but the blanket was nothing like Ritchie’s jumper. “Let me stay so you wont freeze to death.” He smiled warmly and wrapped his arms around me again. I dozed off in his arms. I didn’t remember anything else from the time I slept until I had woken up again from a nightmare. My heartbeat faster and faster I thought my chest would explode. I was gulping in small breaths and panicking. “Yaz, what’s wrong?” He whispered, giving some leeway to where his hands ticked around my waste.
“I…I had a nightmare. It was horrible, I’m sorry I woke you.” I sniffled as tears welled inside my eyes and dripped down my cheeks. He stroked the hair out of my eyes and hugged me in closer. “It’s ok, you’re safe. You’re with me everything will be ok. It’s just a nightmare.” Making quiet ‘shushes’ he kissed me on the forehead and waited for me to go back to sleep.

In the morning I found myself alone, sprawled out on the couch. I rubbed my eyes and looked around. Taz was still snoring on the other couch, but no sign of Ritchie. On the small coffee table there was a cup of tea and a note. I climbed off the couch to investigate it. ‘Hey Yaz, don’t worry I’m just getting some supplies at the shops. I’ll be back in 5. Rich xx’ The note read.

I don’t know how long ago he left, but why would he write supplies? What was he planning? I walked into the kitchen and prepared a typical continental breakfast for everyone, pancakes, eggs, bread, salami and a selection of spreads and cheeses. Taz woke up a few minutes ago and helped me prepare. I wanted to surprise the boys as a little treat for them as it was yesterday for them letting us stay and go around places with them.

A knock at the door disturbed the silence in the house. It was the boys, with their hands full of shopping bags. It wasn’t the typical grocery bags from the local supply store. “Uh, guys? What’s with the shopping bags? I thought you were going to get groceries.” I exchanged glances with Taz.
“Well…we did.” Scott paused looking at Ritchie as if to cover a secret or something for him. Sean stepped out behind the guys and revealed a bag of extra groceries.

“Okay, okay! We believe you! Just come and have your breakfast, we made it and we wont have it wasted.” Taz shook her head in disapproval of the boys being late with the shopping. Their faces lit up instantly, racing up the stairs to place the bags away and down the stairs to have breakfast. It was like the guys were little kids again. Running up and down the stairs all day, everyday.

“WOW! This is the most exquisite breakfast I have ever seen!” Ritchie smiled giving me a flirty wink. I blushed and tried to swallow my food gently. I had never had a meal commented on before, especially not from my superstar/ boyfriend. Come to think of it, how could they have never tasted something like this? Being celebrities and all, you would have suggested they have a meal like this everyday.

After cleaning up I headed upstairs and went change out of my boring pajamas. Pulling on a pair of snug jeans, a camisole and a warm jacket seemed to do the trick for the winter look. Taz and J were discussing music, while Sean, Abz, Scott and Ritchie were laughing about some bad dancers on telly.

Ritchie smiled at me as I came downstairs. “I guess it’s time I told the truth.” I panicked as the words escaped his mouth. Oh god! What now? Am I looking disgusting today? Did I poison anyone with breakfast? Am I no longer girlfriend material? The thoughts crossed my mind and my forehead creased as I tried guessing. “Yaz, hello? You listening?” Ritchie was suddenly right next to me.
“Ahhhh…say what now?” I smiled worriedly.
“I said we didn’t actually go proper grocery shopping today. Instead we went to get these.” He grabbed to shopping bags that were decorated with glitter and pink cardboard.

Taz came to stand beside me. Ritchie gave us the bags. With deep confusion, I opened the bag to find a lovely red silk dress sitting inside. I pulled it out of the bag with care and pressed it against myself. It felt soft and lovely. It was long and cut finely near the neck. I was lost for words and the same went for Taz, who stroked the material with her mouth open in shock.
“Oh Ritchie, I…I don’t know what to say. Thank you!” I stuttered trying to find the words. Looking into his eyes, they flashed and a smile spread across his face.
‘I’m glad you like it, because I want you to wear it tonight.”

Were we going somewhere tonight? What was going to happen? Excitement filled me. I folded the dress back into its bag and dashed over to Ritchie giving him a kiss. “This is amazing! Thank you!” I nuzzled into his jumped and laughed happily. He stroked my hair and whispered something flirty.


Tonight the boys were taking us someplace. That was the reason for the dresses. Upstairs in the bathroom, Taz and I were freshening up with nice makeup to match the dresses. Light foundation to match our skin, glittery eye shadow, mascara and kissable red lipstick, which seemed to be Taz’s favorite.

“I’m really looking forward to whatever is happening.” Taz laughed softly. I nodded my head in agreement and went out of the bathroom to change. The dress fitted my body perfectly. It was snug, but at the right amount. It showed off every curve and felt super soft. I came back in to show Taz who had already changed into her Midnight black dress. Taz’s was the same material and style as mine, just in a different colour. She looked amazing, but she complemented me first. Walking down the stairs together, we looked like twins. Our shoes were the most formal we could find in the wardrobe we left here with the boys. Mine were red and at a suitable height, not too high though, Taz’s were a laced black that packed on extra height to her, she looked gorgeous either way.

The boys were waiting at the end of the stairs for us. Gob smacked, they couldn’t stop staring. Dressed in lovely black suits, Ritchie held out his hand for me. “You’re a vision of loveliness. You look absolutely stunning.” He smiled and gently kissed me on the forehead. “Your all smiles and surprises Rich.” I laughed.

The limo pulled up within a minute of us stepping outside. “Wait, I wanna take a picture!” Taz called out in a hurry. She had a camera with a timer on it so we all had to bunch up and still try to look amazing, which wasn’t hard for Ritchie who hugged me in tight with a smile stitched to his face. It was a lovely picture, but I guess in a mental sense, I wasn’t proud of the way I smiled in that one.

We were taken to a lovely, VIP treatment only, restaurant in London. It was called ‘La amore’ which I’m guessing in Italian meant ‘the love.’ The name did nicely for this place. The menu was expensive and I felt really bad that it was Sean who wanted to pay. I argued with him along the way as to why he had to pay. “I’m treating you all! No exceptions!”
“But Sean, that’s not fair! I want to pay!”
With the silliness, we both started to laugh; sometimes these were never serious matters.

Ritchie held my hand under the table. “I never want to forget this moment. This is something I shall keep for the rest of my life and that I will never let go of. Having a beautiful, funny, charming and sweet girl is the most uncommon thing life has. Ever since you stepped into my life, it has been an amazing trip.” I cocked an eyebrow and smiled cheekily. You make that sound like your leaving me. Are you?”
He looked me straight in the eye and squeezed my hand a little more. “Never in my life will that cross my mind.” He smiled widely and kissed me softly but sweetly.

The end.