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A Day With Ritchie

It was a beautiful dream, I was walking in the park and all of a sudden I saw a really attractive guy leaning over a bridge. The wind swept his natural brunette hair allowing it to shine under the sunlight. I knew this man; I swore that I had seen him before. I walked shyly over to him. I cleared my throat, to let him know that I was standing next to him. “Um...excuse me, you look awfully familiar.” I said stuttering. He removed his sunglasses from his eyes and smiled at me, the familiar smile that I swore I had seen in pictures. “Do I really, dear? And who must I remind you of?” His voice made me tingle it was like velvet. I blushed and stuttered some more. “Forgive me if I am wrong, but are you Ritchie Neville? Former band member of five?” He smiled even wider, revealing his glossy white teeth. “I’d be afraid if I wasn’t, my dear. And who might you be?”
“M-my, name is Y-Yasmin...” I replied still stuttering. Ritchie smiled gently understanding that I was a curious fan girl. “Well, Y-Yasmin are you the slightest bit shocked to see me?” I nodded and met his eyes. They were very blue, in fact the bluest I’ve seen anything. It was a real excitement to see him here.
“S-so what are you doing here? In Perth I mean.” I was more than curious; I was excited because he was so beautiful up close. He looked away from me and turned his gaze back to the waters edge. “I’m here because I was in search of something...but I don’t know if I have quite found it yet.” He sighed emptily. My eyes flickered silver, the sign that I knew I was slowly becoming sad.
“What are you looking for? Is there some way I can help?” I asked confidently, forgetting every timid expression I had shown before. He smiled sadly and nodded.
“If you know where I can find a lovely person, a girl, who can help me with my band preparations and to be more...” He trailed. My heart squeezed and my pulse jumped. I knew of only one girl, me... but would that be too direct for him? I smiled brightly. And as I was about to reply, he blurred away, the whole setting became a blurry mess and everything lightened up too bright to see.
I rubbed my eyes, and realized what happened...I had woken up. Trying to remember the dream, I wrote it down in the small diary beside my bed. “Hey wake up Yaz! We’re gonna be late for school, I woke up late too.” My best friend Tayla had shook me.
“R-Ritchie...” I said drowsily. And then panicked, I was gonna be late for school! I raced out of bed, leaving Tayla looking rather confused. Racing to finish my shower and dressing, she was still sitting on my bed in confusion.
“Who’s Ritchie Yaz?” She raised an eyebrow and went over to feel my head to see if I was sick. I removed her hand and growled. “Taz! Just come on, I’ll explain later!” Leaving the house and running to catch up to the bus was a pain, but it was like every other day.

As both Tayla and I barely managed to get in class without being caught the lesson was just about to start. Math’s, period one...how boring. Luckily I had a five song stuck in my head, it wouldn’t help me concentrate but it would entertain me in the very least. Just as I was about to think of a five song, the school principle had interrupted the lesson with a P.A. message. “Hello staff and students, just a reminder that the school concert is upcoming it is encouraged that at least 1 group from a classroom picks a music and dance routine, thank you.” Then suddenly ‘when the lights go out’ by five started playing. Taz waggled her eyebrows at me, figuring it all out because I was the only one in the class who was doing a mini dance. When Ritchie’s solo of the song came on I sank into my chair because his words were just so gentle. “Explain Yaz, now! I know you’re in love with someone from this band, can you please explain all about it?” Taz frowned rubbing her head like she had a massive headache, in reality it was just confusion. I smiled excitedly and started running my mouth.

“This band is called five and my favorite band member is Ritchie, he was born in 1979 and was only 19 when he sang this song, He’s got the prettiest blue eyes and the cutest brunette/ blonde hair ever!” I took a quick breath, but before I could start again Taz put a finger on my lips and shushed me. “Yaz...he’s 33! That’s like 19 years older than you, isn’t that really gross? I mean. No offense but that’s just...”

I sunk down in my chair and my mood went instantly to sad. It wasn’t my fault that I was just a 13 year old and it’s not my fault that Ritchie is 33. I felt really miserable, in love with someone older than me may be nice but in other people’s opinion, not so.
“Yaz...sorry.” Taz frowned sadly noticing that I was upset. I looked up at her and shook my head. It wasn’t her fault, Taz didn’t mean to hurt my feelings, maybe I just needed time to think...All I really wanted in life was to spend just one day with Ritchie Neville, that’s all! If I had everyday with him it would be the best, but even just one day would satisfy me.
Taz didn’t realize how hard it is to have a crush or a dream about a celebrity because I don’t think she’s ever had a crush on anyone, real life or not. I wasn’t prepared to share my dream with her, mostly because she’ll laugh or that she might think I’m just an obsessive fan girl, which isn’t even my fault.
I left school an hour ago and was sitting alone in my room. Mum and Dad had things on so they hadn’t arrived home yet. Listening to all the five and Ritchie songs made me feel a lot happier. But something had been buried in my head all day, what if my dream was to come true? What if one day I did get to meet Ritchie and have a full day with him, no disruptions or anything?
But then the evil, unhappy thoughts entered my mind and ruined the thought. The evil thoughts had told me that it wasn’t gonna happen ever and that he probably wouldn’t want to spend a day with a fan girl. I couldn’t take the thoughts. I jumped on my bed and cried into my pillow, too bad the song ‘closer to me’ by five was playing, that song always makes me cry.
The song’s deep words had made my heart squeeze and more tears escaped my eyes, especially when Ritchie’s solo came on. I had to face reality, maybe it wasn’t ever meant to be and maybe I just needed to wait and see.
While I was sobbing into my 5 billionth tissue, my phone started ringing and made me jump. It was Taz. “Hey...Yaz, I’m so sorry about earlier on today, I really Am.” she sounded worried, mostly because of the fact that I didn’t say goodbye to her.
“N-no Taz, it’s ok...d-don’t worry ok?” I sobbed. My voice was a total giveaway. Taz would instantly know that I had been crying. She sighed heavily and began to explain again how sorry she was. I couldn’t blame her; she always regretted the bad things she did.
At times like this, I just really wanted to be by Ritchie’s side. He could tell me everything was ok; he could hug me, hold my hand or play with my hair. I just wish that he were there.
“Look I shouldn’t have said them things. It was mean of me to hurt your feelings and I would never had planned to upset you so much. Don’t cry anymore.” She was so sympathetic.
Taz was a girl who was made to never hurt someone in anyway at all. She just wanted to make a point or in the very least try to get an understanding. I was just sensitive at the moment and anything against Ritchie, ever since I had the dream, would set me off.
“Yaz, let me make it up to you ok? You don’t have to do anything, all you have to do is accept my apology and come with me to our special place ok? Good.” I could almost feel Taz smiling from through the other side of the phone.
“I did accept your apology, but you really don’t need to make it up to me, I’m just sensitive at the moment. It’s ok.” I replied sighing, knowing that she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She had hung up with simple words of “your coming!” and that was that.
Taz arrived almost instantly. “Yaz, let’s go to the park. And please don’t object all because of your dream, I heard you mumbling in your sleep and I got pretty much everything that you did in that dream.” I opened my mouth but I decided to shut it. This time I wasn’t gonna give my hopes up in seeing Ritchie at the park because dreams like this don’t come true and no one’s dream as advanced as this has ever happened. I sighed allowing my imagination to go blank. “Fine, but when I wanna go, can we go?” I groaned as I tied up my laces to my favorite pair of converse shoes. Taz rolled her eyes and nodded but she still looked excited. Who really gets excited about going to the park?
Taz and I walked the two blocks over to the park. The park was how I had dreamed it, bridges, nicely cut grass and wildlife surrounding the setting. We walked for a bit and then I decided I wanted to sit under a shaded tree, the same tree that had appeared in my dream. Taz, looking confused as normal, sat down next to me.
I tucked my knees up to my chest and sank my head down, keeping an eye out on the setting. Then while I was still looking around, I saw a really attractive man leaning over the bridge. The wind swept his natural brunette hair allowing it to shine under the sunlight. I knew this man; I swore that I had seen him before. I walked shyly over to him, Taz watching me from afar. I cleared my throat, to let him know that I was standing next to him. “Um...excuse me, you look awfully familiar.” I said stuttering. He removed his sunglasses from his eyes and smiled at me, the familiar smile that I swore I had seen in pictures. “Do I really, dear? And who must I remind you of?” His voice made me tingle it was like velvet.
I blushed and stuttered some more. “Forgive me if I am wrong, but are you Ritchie Neville? Former band member of five?” He smiled even wider, revealing his glossy white teeth. “I’d be afraid if I wasn’t, my dear. And who might you be?”
I knew this dream it was becoming reality! Amazing, I never thought this would ever happen in my life! “M-my, name is Y-Yasmin...” I replied still stuttering.
Ritchie smiled gently understanding that I was a curious fan girl. “Well, Y-Yasmin don’t you feel the slightest bit shocked to see me?” I nodded and met his eyes. They were very blue, in fact the bluest I’ve seen anything. It was a real excitement to see him here.
“S-so what are you doing here? In Perth I mean.” I was more than curious; I was excited because he was so beautiful up close. He looked away from me and turned his gaze back to the waters edge.
“I’m here because I was in search of something...but I don’t know if I have quite found it yet.” He sighed emptily. My eyes flickered silver, the sign that I knew he was slowly becoming sad.
“What are you looking for? Is there some way I can help?” I asked confidently, forgetting every timid expression I had shown before. He smiled sadly and nodded.
“If you know where I can find a lovely person, a girl, who can help me with my band preparations and to be more...” He trailed. My heart squeezed and my pulse jumped. I knew of only one girl, me... but would that be too direct for him? I smiled brightly. Instead of the setting blurring it stayed natural, nothing changed. “Well...I um...know one um...girl...” I stuttered.
His eyes lit up instantly. “Who might that be? Could you tell me about this girl?” He smiled and watched me redden. I nodded slowly, still blushing. “Well she’s 13...she has a massive crush on you and is all about the band five. She enjoys art and drama, the problem with her is that she is very shy and doesn’t like to sing in front of people and she sometimes has a habit of snapping back at people when they insult her or say nasty things...” I trailed off.
Ritchie smiled and nodded his head in understanding. “Well she seems very nice, I appreciate the fact that both you and this mystery girl appreciate me and my former band. Can you describe her appearance, not that it matters of course, but I’m sure this girl must be as beautiful as you, yes?”
I blushed again and stopped stuttering. He called me beautiful, I wasn’t, but coming from Ritchie it was more than a compliment. “She has blue eyes, they change with her emotions, and too bad they aren’t as blue eyes yours. She has brunette hair with little blonde streaks in it. She normally dresses in jeans, a simple t-shirt and converse shoes...” My gaze met his and then he did the award-winning Ritchie smile. He raised his eyebrows and held my hand.
“Would this dear girl, be the one and only Y-Yasmin?” He laughed gently. I looked down at my feet and nodded guiltily. He lifted my chin up to meet his eyes and he smiled warmly.
I looked away briefly and saw Taz filming the whole thing and smiling. Knowing her, she’d keep the tape forever and never ever delete it. I wouldn’t mind that.
“Yaz, please don’t feel upset for explaining yourself or at least admiring me. I understand and I think that you are very brave for telling me about yourself, because some people don’t open up to things like you do. I want to ask you something and it’s ok if you decline.” That was the first time he’d called me Yaz, it felt great to be told that I was brave.
“Would you like to come with me for a day and let me show you some of the Ritchie things to do and you can show me some Yaz things to do around here, would that be ok?” He smiled widely showing his glossy teeth. I nodded and smiled the widest I had ever in a long time.
“Great, well let me see, what day is good for you dear?” He opened a calendar app and looked to me for a response. I could hardly breath and tried racking my brain for a day. “How about Friday? I’m supposed to be in school but I could pretend to be sick, I’m good at that.” Ritchie raised an eyebrow and laughed.
“Ah, so your a rebel girl? Mm interesting and Friday is good for me, I shall see you then beautiful, now go home and listen to my solo songs, ha ha and I have a surprise for you on Friday too.” I nodded bravely, gave him a quick hug and ran over to Taz, waving back as he walked along the bridge.
Taz laughed so hard that she fell onto the grass. Barely taking in a breath she attempted to talk without laughing. “That would have to be the longest trip to the park, an hour of speech with Ritchie Neville? Wow Yaz, ha ha!”
I sat down beside her and smiled watching Ritchie walk south to where the hotels and apartments were situated. “I got the whole thing on tape, come to my house and we can have a double sleepover again so I can show you the tape, I got up close to the hand holding and you blushing red like a tomato!” Taz was still rolling on the grass laughing.
She was all about this, she even asked about the ‘date’ as she called it. “So what did dear Ritchie say to make you jump so crazily?” I sighed and look over to the bridge, even though he was gone, he would never leave my thoughts.
“Well, he wanted to meet up with me next week so that I could do some of the things he does and then I can show him some ‘Yaz’ things to do and then he has a surprise for me after.” Taz raised her eyebrows and smiled. She stopped the silliness.
We picked ourselves up and walked over to her house while I checked to see with mum if I could have a double sleepover, the answer was a yes, which meant that I could see the tape.
When we got inside I dumped my bag into her room and then we went straight to the telly. “Your gonna laugh so hard, just like I did! Teehee.” Taz was a rare one, always laughing and bringing a special mood in every occasion.
I was recounting the things I had said while watching my actions. I had gone red; Ritchie had smiled, laughed and shone his big, blue, cutie eyes. It was funny and my reactions like these couldn’t ever be helped, I was just a full-time blusher and tomato look a-like.
I guess that’s what I am and that will never change. I had only one thing on my mind; Ritchie’s surprise for Friday. Hopefully he performed for me. All I have to do is pretend I’m sick or find last year’s calendar that says ‘pupil free day.’
The plan to trick my parents into a fake pupil free day worked and they left me at home alone because they had jobs to attend to, which was a mega help. I had changed into my best clothes that consisted of a pair of blue jeans, a better-than-simple t-shirt and my purple converse. I raced out of door and hurriedly locked it. I sprinted the two blocks and came to a quick halt on the bridge. Where was Ritchie? He wasn’t here. He promised to meet me on time. Just as I was worrying something rustled in the trees above me. I looked up and the something shouted, “BOO!” and nudged me gently. I panicked and looked behind me. To my relief it was Ritchie. He scared me and I was looking at him wide eyes and laughing as he did his best smile.
“Hello dear, thought I might drop in on you. That, I can assure you was not the surprise, ha ha.” He looked over to the city on the horizon. “Now then, we best be going, how about of to the city?” I smiled and nodded.
We walked over to where his car was parked and I was so excited to see an expensive Aston Martin DB9, shining under the sun. I was really going to ride in this. Ritchie noticed my expression and raised an eyebrow pointing to the door. I laughed and turned to the door. As we drove, I felt like a million bucks, the sun shining and its reflection bouncing of Ritchie’s sunglasses. The wind swept our hair and I never wanted the ride to end.
“Here we are, now it’s time to do some things Ritchie style.” I was really looking forward to this. As we started walking onto the street he held my hand so it kinda looked like we were a couple, I didn’t mind that. It just made me smile widely. Then he whispered into my ear “Are you hungry love?” His breath against my skin made me tremble.
“Yeah, what about you? What would you like?” He didn’t reply instead his eyes twinkled and he smiled cheekily. Suddenly he dropped to his knees taking me down with him. “Play dead ok?” I lied down on the pavement and he immediately shouted “HELP HELP! PLEASE!” I was so embarrassed but I had to play dead. An innocent man came running up to Ritchie in panic. “What happened? What’s wrong?” Ritchie panted and looked down to me.

“M-my girlfriend, she passed out from lack of sugar! She needs some sugar or she’ll need to be hospitalized.” The man looked at Ritchie and then to me and nodded. “What do I bring her?” Ritchie smugly looked over his shoulder towards me.
“Something sweet, please bring her a mini chocolate muffin!” The man instantly raced off to the nearest bakery that was just across the pathway. I opened my eyes and smiled. Ritchie was gazing into my eyes and laughing hysterically.
The man had arrived with a freshly heated, chocolate muffin; god knows how Ritchie knew they were my favorite. I broke the muffin in half and passed the piece to Ritchie who happily ate it alongside me. “My dear, you play dead so magnificently it looks as if you are a movie star in the making.”
I laughed and felt more than happy even though the day was nowhere near finished. “Now then, I suppose I should really show you more fun, how about the arcade just down the road, I believe you call it time zone. He smiled as my eyes lit up. He was treating me like a regal princess; I didn’t want him blowing all his cash on me, even though he can afford almost anything.
“Ritchie...don’t spend all your money on me, I feel really guilty.” I frowned and looked at my full purse. He raised my chin to meet his eyes. “There is nothing I won’t do to please you, besides you’re with me and I’d do anything for a beautiful girl like you.” He smiled and the blueness of his eyes melted my own. We arrived at Time zone and as usual it was very busy, even for a school day. Hundreds of people from all ages surrounded games competing with each other. In the corner of my eye I saw a photo booth and Ritchie must have caught my eye, so we went straight to it.
“Ritchie...I...wanna pay for this, please.” I nervously suggested. I would really do this, because it wasn’t fair for him to pay for me when we went to expensive places.
“No my dear, never! This is my treat and I’d pay for you no matter what, so please relax.” He smiled widely again releasing his boyish cheekiness. I loved him all too much to deny so I tried to stop the worrying. The curtain closed and the camera was about to take a picture. Ritchie sat behind me and put his arms around me like a big bear hug. I couldn’t stop smiling and that was good enough for the photo. Five photos were taken and I laughed recognizing the whole ‘five’ attitude.
Ritchie had the biggest grin on his face and mine almost matched but his eyes were the things that really stood out, like diamonds in the most expensive jewelry shop. This was too good to be true and for my sake, it was not a dream.
“Whew...that was fun, slam dunking basketballs, playing horror games and dance games I feel like ice cream. Anything you want, it’s on me.” He smiled and raced out the door. I followed on when suddenly he stopped.
“I have a brilliant idea! How about, before we get our ice creams we can street dance? Like earning a little money, not that we’ll need it but it’ll solve your guilty conscience in the very least.” His eyes twinkled and I knew I wasn’t gonna get out of this, not a chance.
“Ritchie, I don’t know how to dance, I mean I do...but not as good as you.” I looked down at my feet. I didn’t have two left feet, but I still couldn’t match his dance skills. He cocked an eyebrow and shook his head in disbelief.
“Dear, you can do anything you set your mind to. I can teach you and you can pick it up with just a beat, I brought a little music player so we can play your choice of a song.” I nodded and laughed. Wherever there’s a Ritchie, there’s a way.
A perfect spot under a shaded area of trees and enough space to dance around was all we needed and thanks to the mass amount of the city, there was that exact spot. I had chosen the song ‘the things you do’ and Ritchie sang every note perfectly, of course because after all, it was his song. He wanted me to join in and I did, but not loud enough to hear.
In the end, many people came to dance with us and we earned at least $150, which was a good amount. I sighed happily. I learned how to dance with a pro and I was with him, funny to the gawkers who watched us pass by.
“Now about the ice creams, would you like a strawberry one to match your cheeks?” He teased. That didn’t stop me from the blushing, it just continued on anyway. When we had ordered we found a nice area of finely cut grass and a carousel in the distance. While children laughed and played, others sat happily eating their ice creams. It was a really nice day to be with Ritchie, to experience good weather and to have the best fun we could possibly have. Ritchie put his arms around me as the sun bounced off his sunglasses. “I think I’m glad to be in Perth for the time being. Sydney is ok, but the weather here is simply stunning.”
I smiled and nodded. He was right. “I really don’t want this day to end. I’ve had so much fun and spending it with a celebrity is just the best experience ever.” I smiled brightly facing him.
“Hang on a minute love! How can you say that? The day isn’t even finished yet! Don’t go all ‘goodbye’ on me, enjoy the remaining plenty of hours we have left, don’t rush them.” He laughed noticing that I was stunned. He always knew what to say. It’s like I was someone he could really talk to, someone he could trust, despite my age and all. “I don’t see you as 13. I know you may look it, but your attitude is something completely different, you are a very polite and intelligent young lady.” I laughed. Young lady? Not at all.
After the ice creams we walked back to his apartment. It wasn’t the end yet; he in fact had two surprises for me. I couldn’t wait to see them and witness it. Coming from Ritchie, this would be a mega surprise.
“Now, please if you are going to scream I’d better get my ear plugs. I am going to perform for you and you are going to sing with me, make sure I can hear you ok? You may choose the song and I know you’ll probably be shy and believe me, it’s not hard, I wont judge you.” He smiled while his blue eyes twinkled.
“Ok, fine. Let’s sing ‘when the lights go out’, it’s my favorite song.” I looked up to him reaching out for a microphone. “Are you ready, my dear?” His voice was so gentle it made me smile to myself. I nodded and the beat started playing allowing me to remember the steps Ritchie had shown me.
“Baby when the lights go out, the words cannot express, the love and tenderness, I’ll show you what it’s all about, babe I swear you will succumb to me, so baby come to me, when the lights go out.” We chimed in together. “Now my solo part.” Ritchie smiled. “Baby it’s not part of the deal, oh no no.” The song finished 4 minutes later and the Ritchie turned his gaze to me. “See? Your really good at singing, I’m amazed. It is so gentle so happy. Well done dear.” He clapped and gave me a tight hug. Who knew a celebrity would like my voice?
His apartment was so clean and CD's were stashed everywhere. Pictures of his band were plastered on the wall, video clips were playing on his T.V and many other Ritchie things were around. He dropped his car keys on the table. “Now there are two things left to do, some Yaz activities and another surprise. So let’s head out, just as soon as I’ve found where I left the surprise ok? Hang on love.”
I was giddy with excitement. But when words of anger fumed from his bedroom my mood went to curious. “Ow! You stupid git! Ignorant drawer.” I laughed to myself. Not even a celebrity can tame every fan.
“Sorry about that dear, the stupid drawer crushed my fingers, hold out your hands and close your eyes. I assure you will enjoy this surprise.” I closed my eyes and held out my hands instantly. When I felt the gentle touch of paper I waited for his signal.
“Open your eyes.” He whispered behind me. I looked down at my hands and couldn’t breathe I was filled with excitement. There in my hand was a VIP pass to the re-banding of five for their concert. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. Instead I ran over to Ritchie and gave him the biggest hug possible until he pretended to suffocate.
“Oh wow! Thank you so much Ritchie! This means the world to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I gushed and flailed my arms around the place. No one could possibly compare this surprise it was simply amazing. I closed my eyes and let out a mini fangirl scream, hoping that he wouldn’t mind my excitement.
“Wow, who knew that you could get so excited over a piece of paper, that’s beyond Me.” he joked. He ushered me out through the door so that I could show him the fun things I do.
“I’m thinking that we could go to the movies or something like that, whatever you feel like.” I smiled happily. Ritchie nodded in satisfaction and we drove over to the cinema. Before he put his sunglasses on, I noticed a twinkle in his eye. I was guessing it would be my activities in a Ritchie kind of twist, I didn’t mind that.
As we continued driving I thought that he had gotten lost, this was definitely not the way to the cinema. “Um, Ritchie where are we going? I’m pretty sure the cinema is somewhere back there, not here.” Ritchie just looked at me and laughed. What was he doing?
“My dear, we are going to a fancy cinema. Would you really think I’d allow you to go to any old cinema where kids climb all over the seats? I highly doubt it. We’re going to La Premiere, they serve good food and drinks there too.” He nodded and smiled his wide smile, the one that set my pulse running. I laughed. He was so hysterical. Ritchie was just one of those many people who can easily get someone to agree on things, no matter what.
We arrived at the cinema, but without even knowing what comes next, he opened the door for me and gestured me out with a smile stretching across his face. He was such a gentleman and obviously wanted to be ‘posh’ material, just to fit the scene. “Hmm. what movie would you like to see? I’m paying though so don’t even think about opening your purse.” He laughed. I gave him a look as though I was saying ‘That’s not fair Ritchie!’ “I think we should see ‘five, memories and re-banding.’ Don’t you think?” I looked up at the movie list and I was so shocked. I actually can’t believe that they were showing a five movie!
“Say no more, let’s go! But first, are you hungry or thirsty? I’m gonna pay.” I smiled cheekily. No more Mrs. Nice Yaz this time. Ritchie looked at me and frowned. “In that case, I’m not hungry, but if you are then I’ll pay.” I shook my head. There was no possible way for me to win with a cute English boy there was no chance. The movie was hilarious, embarrassing moments from each band member including Ritchie who was sitting next to me face-palming every time an embarrassing moment for him came up. When the hit songs and tunes played while they took clips of the dance routines I knew every word. I didn’t believe that I overlooked the movie on the listings that was a real dumb thing to do.
“Now you see why I really don’t enjoy the embarrassing things of life, my dear.” Ritchie sighed laughing. I paid special attention to the different scenes where he had a different hairstyle and hair colour, ranging from brunette to blonde. That was just the regular, all out Ritchie Neville.
“Ritchie, your dance moves are way better than I ever could do. Why didn’t you perform like that today?” I asked. I only saw him use half of what he possible could do.
He smiled through the darkness of the cinema. “Because, I think people might realize who I am and besides, I wouldn’t want any fangirl taking me away from you for the day, because that would be a catastrophe.” He was right. Just thinking of that made me panic.
The movie had ended, leaving me smiling and laughing at Ritchie, who pretended he didn’t know me. He gave me the whole ‘Eh? Go away crazy person, I don’t know you at all.’ kind of look.
“One more surprise left to give you before the day is over. I know that you are going to regret the day ending, because I had a lot of fun.” He smiled softly watching my eyes darting all over the place. I didn’t want to make eye contact with him; it would probably end up in me being miserable again, or worse, make me cry. I nodded and sadly trotted behind him as we made our way over to his apartment.
When we got inside the house, he pulled a chair for me and then sat himself down. He stared into my eyes before I looked away, feeling a deep pain in my heart and a lump in my throat. My breathing began to speed and my palms felt clammy. “Yaz...please don’t get upset, this surprise will cheer you up, trust me.”
My heart skipped a beat and I nodded sadly. I couldn’t speak, if I did, I might sob or make a silly crying noise. “Now, how would you like to be part of a five music video? You will get paid and you can use all the dance moves I’ve taught you and follow through with a routine, would you like that?” He smiled trying to make clear eye contact with me. I smiled sadly and jumped out of my seat to give him a hug.
I couldn’t take anything more and ended up bursting into tears, crying into his shirt. He stroked my hair and tried to calm me down. I felt bad for making his shirt all snotty and wet.
When I was sure I was all cried out, I looked up and smiled drowsily. My eyes were puffy and red, my nose was red and a tiny sob came from my throat. “I’m sorry Ritchie, I didn’t mean to make your shirt all gross and I’m sorry that I cried like forever. Today has just been too great for words.” Ritchie smiled and nodded. “It’s ok, I’m glad that you stopped crying, the word felt a bit dull without your happy spark.” I looked over at the wall clock by the telly and saw that it was already 4pm. Mum would be home in an hour and dad was at soccer training with my brother.
“Now let’s go back to the park, we’ll wait a little while there and I’ll walk you home.” I nodded and together we walked back to the park, heading to where he had leaned over the bridge, five days ago, to where we had organized today’s day.
We stood in silence as he leaned over the bridge to study the tiny fishes and creatures in the water. Then he turned to me. “I had a really good time today, you really do know how to have fun in your own way, we really should do this again sometime. Promise me one thing...wait two things.”
I raised an eyebrow, these promises better be easy, or I might have trouble keeping them. I nodded and waited for him to give the hardest promises that he possible could set.
“Don’t miss school too much and also make sure that when I’m here, you visit me.” He smiled widely revealing his glossy, white teeth.
I smiled back, his smile was a way to get anyone to smile, and no matter what mood they were in. “Ok, Ritchie.” He handed me the apartment number and gestured his hand to over the bridge. It was time to go home, even though I wished the day would never end.
As we walked along he joked about all his previous travel life, sang my favorite Ritchie song, ‘wasted’ and held my hand all the way to my house. It was empty along the streets apart from us laughing and dancing on the street.
“Thank you so much for today, it meant a lot to me. Who knew that you were such a good actor and that you knew your way around Perth, better than I do?”
He nodded and kicked the dust behind him. “No, Thank you for a wonderful time. You know how to have fun and you are a way better actor than I am. Playing dead is cooler than it seems, Y’know.”
I gave him a hug that lasted for about five minutes and then he went back to holding my hand as a tear escaped my eyes. He shushed my sobbing, which was very embarrassing. “Shh, it’s ok, you know that I will see you again. Don’t forget the concert tickets, you’ll see me backstage and you will also visit me when I come to visit.” He smiled stroking my cheek. He was right. I would see him frequently when the time came.
“I have to go now, but don’t worry, I’ll be here for a few months more. When your parents allow you to go out, come visit my apartment at any time, you are always welcome.” He smiled his wide, award-winning smile and I kissed him on the cheek.
Going red, I looked down at my feet. He really was a good person to hang out with and he had good intentions at everything he did. I was really going to miss him and the day we had today.
I waved goodbye to him and called out “We will meet again, sooner than you think.” and then he walked back out to where his apartment was. I stayed out the front and watched him go, he occasionally turned around and waved and that was that. I let the tears drip down my cheeks and when he was out of sight I opened the door and went inside. I had so much fun today it was almost criminal. I saw a note on the bench top as I was walking to my room. It was from mum; Hey sweetie, I have a meeting I’ll see you at 6pm xxx. So like mum. I went to my room to find Taz sitting in my room and smiling. “Hey, your mum let me in earlier so I was just reading and stuff.” I nodded and sat on my bed, sighing and balancing my basketball on my fingertips.
Taz put the book she was holding down and came over to my bed. “What’s wrong? By the way how was your day with ‘Ritchie Darling?’ ” I dropped my basketball and looked over to her.
“Simply the best, too good for words. You know that feeling.” I frowned even more trying to keep in my tears. It would be a hard one trying to not let it upset me. All good things must come to an end.
Taz looked confused as ever and raised her eyebrows. “Then why the heck are you frowning? You had a whole day with a celebrity, isn’t that awesome?” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, this time; I wouldn’t be able to stop the tears. I jumped off my bed and gave Taz a huge hug while I cried and sobbed. She patted my back. “Oh, too much fun that you just never wanted to say goodbye...” she whispered into my ear.
I nodded, trying to get a sentence out, minus the sobbing. “Uh huh...and h-he invited me to his apartment, w-whenever, I get to b-be in a music video...a-and I g-got tickets to the concert.” I scrambled my words between sobs. Taz stopped hugging me and made me face her. Her eyebrows were raised and her eyes were almost popping out of her head as she screamed.
She picked me up to my feet and danced around the whole room, flailing her hands around and laughing so hard. I wiped my tears away on my sleeve and sat on my bed as she continued to make a fool of herself.
Taz was one in a million, one in a million of being the happiest, fun-loving girl anyone has ever met. She raised my chin, the same way Ritchie did and pulled me off my bed to dance with her.
I couldn’t stay sad forever, because I knew I would see him. His words echoed into my head. ‘We will meet again, sooner than you think.’ I nodded and smiled to myself, even though he wasn’t there. “We will meet again...”
Taz stopped dancing and looked me in the eyes. She must have heard me, because she felt my head and treated me like I was a sick child. The usual kind of crazy, Taz act.
When I woke up, it was 10am. I slept in for once, well later than the usual time of 9am. I went to get my breakfast when mum had stopped me. “Hi, some person named Ritchie Neville came and dropped a gift for you. Do you know him?” I nodded and excitement filled inside of me. I rushed my toast and the fully regretted it after I choked on the crusts. Mum and dad both looked at me like I was a complete moron. “You can open your present after you leisurely eat your breakfast, ok?” Mum rolled her eyes and dad stared at the package. This was kind of awkward.
I raced to my bedroom and gently opened the lid of the pretty, red box. Inside was a note, also red in an envelope. I read it carefully.

Dear Yaz,
Thank you for a great time. It was nice to meet you and I couldn’t say anything more, because yesterday was more than words can express. You’re probably wondering why the package and envelope are red, yes? Well it was too match your cheeks when we first met, that was very funny.
I looked up from the message and blushed, even though no one was there. Then I continued reading.
It will be good to see you again and this time you will meet me and my other band members, don’t leave them in the cold either, ha ha. And I forgot to mention, your confusion about the things you thought I didn’t know about you. Well I’m not psychic but I can most definitely tell that no one can refuse chocolate or non stop fun and don’t you dare think about using your money on me, because that’s not fair, ha ha. I’ll be waiting for next time. Remember my words; ‘we will meet again, sooner than you think.’ I cannot thank you anymore than I already have, I just can’t find any words.
Ritchie xx

I held the note close to my heart. He had done all this for me. It really was special to me and Ritchie just knew exactly what went through my mind.
I dug into the package to find a bunch of pretty red roses, ironically, and a freshly baked chocolate muffin in a container that read ‘Play dead again sometime, there will be more of these :) ’. I laughed to myself. Ritchie really was a special person and had the best humor to witness.
I called Taz up for her to come over. When she did, she didn’t believe the gifts and the note that he had given me. I felt so special inside.
“Well Yaz, looks like missing a day of school really does treat you to the good things in life. I wonder if some day I could try that, who knows?” She was right. Missing school for one day wouldn’t matter, at least I had been having more fun than school could provide. “Hey, wake up Taz! We’re gonna be late for school, I woke up late too.” I frowned shaking Taz till she opened her eyes.
“I-Italy...” She said drowsily. And then panicked, we were gonna be late for school! She raced out of bed, leaving me looking rather confused. Racing to finish her shower and dressing, I was still sitting on her bed in confusion.
“Who’s Italy Taz?” I raised an eyebrow and went over to feel her head to see if she was sick. She removed my hand and growled. “Yaz! Just come on, I’ll explain later!”
I didn’t move from her bed, I just sat there laughing hysterically like a maniac. She turned around and growled for the second time. “What is so funny Yaz? Come on tell me, or we’re not leaving this house!”
I looked at her, more seriously this time. A few giggles escaped my mouth and that made her get really angry and she ended up throwing a pillow at my head. “Spill it Yaz, NOW!” She yelled in rage.
I became very scared of her; she never had acted like that before. I nodded quickly looking for the best possible way to explain to her without making her even angrier. “Um...ok, well you remember how I had that dream about Ritchie and then it mysteriously became true and all?” She nodded and began to huff for me to carry on.
“Well I guess this whole thing is starting all over again. Y’know like, I skipped school and had the time of my life with Ritchie. I guess this time the joke’s on you.” I smiled and giggled again. Taz stopped getting frustrated and looked out the window. “Mmm. I guess so. I can’t wait for that then!” She laughed.
Then looked to me, to see that I was frowning and looking confused. “What’s wrong now?” I looked up from my feet and gathered the words to say.
“Well...I...uh, don’t think that you will get to meet him. Some common sense crossed my mind Taz and there is a problem. He’s an anime character, a cartoon. In other words, he doesn’t exist...” I smiled nervously. She didn’t speak. She looked down at her feet and then back to me.
She was going to cry or at least moan and whine. “B-but...” she started and then began to bawl, like I did after a fantastic day with Ritchie.
I left no other options, we were gonna be late now. “Come on Taz, we’re gonna be late.” I picked up her hand and headed for the door. The bus had already taken off and now we were running to chase it, like every other day. Here we go again...

+++++++++++++++The End++++++++++++++++