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What’s wrong?

“Megan, I warn you. Abs is coming in a view minutes and he brings Scott with him. So act normal!”
“Why am I the one that has to be normal?” Ask Megan.
“He is the one that is not doing normal to me. He said that im sad because I had a baby when I was 19. Im unfaithful because after I broke up with him I went out with Chase…” Megan kept on going but Kim stopped her
“He is angry because you dumped him. And he should be.”
“Great. By best friend is on his site. You should be on my site.” Kim started to laugh and gave Megan an evil smile.
Megan and Kim are friends for a long time. Two years ago they both met a guy. The funny thing was that they are friends too. Between Kim and Abs was everything great for 2 years. Scott and Megan had been going out for one year. With up’s and a lot of down’s. Megan dumped Scott and after that she went with Chase. Chase was the older brother of Kim. After Megan found out that she was pregnant, Chase left her. Scott was still angry at Megan. Scott always has, and still had, a thing for her, but Megan never saw that Scott was still in love with her.
Kim is still close friends with Scott, because her boyfriend Abs is still Scott best friend.
The doorbell rang and Kim opens the door. She saw Abs and gave him a big hug and a good welcome kiss. Scott walked into the living room. Scott did not know that Megan was there to.
“O, you here to.” He begins.
“Yes. I am here to.” Megan said a very evil way. Scott wanted to say something but than Kim and Abs walked in.
“Hé. Mags!” Abs said to Megan. Megan greets back. The rest off the afternoon was not very good.
“No, you are popular, jerk!” Megan stands up and said goodbye to Kim and Abs and close the door behind her.

When she is away…
“What?” Said Scott while Kim and Abs are looking at him. Both of them are silence and shake there heads. Than Scott has enough and walked out. Just like Megan deed a couple minutes ago.
“Happy birthday, Kim.” Kim said a bit said.
“He girl, don’t be sad. As soon as they come in and start a fight, I will make sure that they are gone.” Kim started it laugh.
“What if I did not had you.”
“Well. If you did not have me you would not have a great very good looking boyfriend who…” Kim has to laugh and hit Abs in ……
“Abs, are you spending the night here with me?” Kim gave an evil smile to him. “Always.”
At dinner, Kim and Abs came op with the subject: Megan and Scott.
“Why don’t we look them up in the basement? Maybe they will cool down a bit.” Said Kim sarcastic. Abs started to laugh.
“Yeah or they will rip each other harts out.”
“Well we can try?” Kim is very serious.
“Hmm… I don’t know Kim. They won’t mess up your day. And if they do I will thru them out. I told you before remember? “

The next day Abs en Scott are at the mall looking for a present to give Kim. Megan is there to with her daughter, Devon. Well what happen. They are in the same shop. Abs sees Megan and waived at her. Megan sees Abs to and walked to him. When she is almost there she sees Scott talked to Abs. He looked up and sees Megan.
“Gosh, is there a place were I can go and didn’t see you.” Scott said and walked away. Abs didn’t understand what Scott had. Abs gave a smile to Megan and walked after Scott.
Same moment, Megan self-phone rang. It’s Kim.
“Hé! Hoe was your day?” She asks happy.
“Well besides that I saw Scott, ok. What about your day?” Kim start to talk happy that she cant wait till her birthday party later that day.

That night Megan arrived early at Kim’s place. Abs was there already. Slowly friends and family of Kim arrived. Than Scott came. The night started good, but what Kim already though came true. Megan and Scott started to irritate each other.

Abs had warned Scott that he has to be nice to Megan. Kim had said the same thing to Megan. But no matter what Kim said to her, she couldn’t understand that if she was nice to Scott, that he might me nice to her.
“It is always my fault isn’t? Like if you don’t do anything wrong.” Abs and Kim looked at each other when they hear a loud voice coming from the kitchen. Abs gave a smile to Kim.
Kim walked to into the kitchen and saw Megan cry. “Hope you are happy now, Scott.” Kim was angry at Scott. Abs came in the kitchen and asks Scott to go with him. Kim went into the garden with Megan. The girls sat down on two chairs that were standing there.
“Talk to me, Megan.”
“What is there to tell? That kid is so stabber. He is a little kid.”
“Megan, you had a relationship with that ‘little kid’. Ok they brake up was not very smooth but you can listen to him for one time. About what were you talking about in the kitchen?” Megan asked herself if Kim was good in her mind.
“I don’t remember what we talked about.” Abs came out side with Scott. Scott almost cried.

“Megan, can we talk? If you want Kim can stay. I need something to say to you.”
“Megan, think about what I said. Listen to him ones. I will be here sitting next to you ok?” Megan agrees and Scott toke a seat next to Megan. Abs went back into the house.
“Megan, I think it’s time that I tell you about my feeling for you. Before I start, are you going to listen to me?”
“Yes, I don’t think I have a choose.” Megan gave a sarcastic look to Scott.
“Megan, I have no idea how to tell you this. I’m just going to say it. Megan, I hate fighting with you like this. It’s stupid. And it has to stop.” Megan stud up.
“If you start like that I will leave.” Kim griped her arm.
‘Listen to him, please.” Kim said. Megan said down again.
“Megan, I’m still crazy about you. My feeling for you didn’t change when we broke up. I went crazy when I found out that you were going out with Chase.” Megan gave a look at Kim and ran out of the garden. Scott wanted to go after her but Kim stopped him.
“Scott, leave her alone. Megan is very confused about what you said to her. As soon as she ready to see you, she will come to you. Believe me.” Abs came out side.
“Kim, Chase is here.”
“I will be right there, Abs. Scott are you coming in?”
“No, I don’t want to see Chase now. I think I will be going home.”
“I will drive you. I won’t let you go alone.” Scott agreed.

Kim gave a hug to Abs on her way to her car. She told him that she was going to bring Scott him and that she will be back in a second. Abs wanted to know what happened in the garden but Kim told him that she was going to tell him when she was back.
Kim and Scott were driving. The whole way to Scott’s home they didn’t say a thing. Kim wanted to start a conversation but when she saw Scott she though it was not a good idea. Scott almost cried.
They arrived at Scott’s home. He stepped out of the car.
“Take good care of yourself. It’s going to work out well.” Kim said before Scott slam the door behind him.
Kim wanted to be home as soon as she can. When she arrived, her party was still going great. When she saw Abs, she talked about what happened in the garden. Later that night Kim and Abs didn’t though of Scott and Megan. When everyone was away Kim and Abs went to bad very tired.

A couple days go by. Scott was doing the dishes when he heard the front door rang. He open the door and saw Megan standing there. He didn’t know what to say and asked her if she wanted to come in. Megan nodded and walked in. They walked to the living room and took a seat on the couch. It quiet for a while.
“Sorry..” Megan start.
“I don’t know why I’m here but I just had to see you.”
“Oww.” Is all that Scott can say at that moment. And than there silence.
“Scott??” Scott looked up.
“Scott, I miss you.” Megan said while Scott was looked at her.
“I miss you to. More that you know.” Scott felt relieved. Megan en Scott gave each other a big hug.
“Scott, I’m so sorry that I ran out on you the last time we spoke.” Scott went with his hand thru her Megan’s hair.
“Why didn’t you tell me that sooner, Scott?”
“Because I was afraid of your reaction. But it was killing me. I spoke to Abs a couple nights before. He told me that he saw that I was still crazy about you. I told him that it was true but he had to promise me not to tell anyone. And he did. But what is going to happen with us?” Megan looked deep into Scott eyes and answers on that question a soft kiss on his lips. They decided not to tell Kim and Abs. And see how crazy they will be.

Kim is home alone waiting to hear anything from Scott. She hasn’t talk to him since that night and she is worried. She heard a door ring and opens it. It was Megan.
“Hi Kim.” Megan said when she walked in. Kim is very surprise to see her so happy.
“Wow, you are in a good mood. So tell me who is the lucky one?” Megan smiled even more but say nothing.
“Well, I’m the lucky one.” Megan begins to laugh.
“I’m happy but that doesn’t mean I’m in love.” Kim laughs and the girls walking to the living room. The door rang again and Kim opens the door again. It’s her brother Chase.
“I felt bored so I though: why not visiting my little sister.” Chase said on his way to the living room.
“Hi Chase.” Megan started happy. Chase gave a weird look to her and greats her back. Chase and Megan could go along well. Well Megan pretends it because she really hated him. But he was the big brother of her best friend Kim, so she had to be nice.

On the other side of the city.
It was good weather and Scott though: it’s a nice day to take a swim. He got changed. In the mean time, Abs arrived and like he always does he come thru the back. Scott saw that Abs was coming and when Abs was walked beside the pool, Scott ran to the pool and make a little bom in the water. Abs was soaking wet.
“He Absmen! Did I make you wet?” Scott laughed.
Abs didn’t like it very funny but he didn’t want Scott to laugh more so he jumped with his clothes into the pool. Abs was noticing that Scott was extreme happy.

That night Abs called Kim.
“Hé Babe! How was you day?” Ask Abs. Kim started to tell Abs about her afternoon with Megan en Chase. She told how amazed she was when she saw Megan. She was so happy. Abs interrupt her and told her that he noticed that Scott was happy to.
“Is there something happened between them?”
“Haha yeah right!” Kim couldn’t stop laughing.
“There most be a miracle happened then.”
“Yeah, you are right. How could I think that?” Abs started to laugh.
“You what’s a good idea, Abs?”
“Tell me, Kim. You always had a good idea.” Kim started to laugh.
“Why don’t we go on a little holiday?”
“Holiday sounds good in mine ears. A white beach, blue sea, couple of nice drinks and you in a very sexy bikina lying in my arms.”
“And Megan and Scott.”
“Megan and Scott?? Those were not in mine fantasy, babe.”
“Maybe we can try to get them back together. It worth a try.”
“Yes, that is a good idea. You are coming to?”
“No sweet. I will be home. I don’t want lay in the sun and drinks some cocktails. And also I don’t want to lie down in arms of a good looking guy like you. Of course I will come. I really can use a holiday.”
“Don’t let me scare me like that again, babe. I was really terrified when you said those things.”
They spoke about where they were going for that holiday and how to bring Scott and Megan with them.

“Yes, sounds fun to me. When are we going?” Was the reaction of Scott when Abs told him about the holiday to Cyprus. Abs told Scott that only he and Kim are coming with him.
At the same time Kim called Megan.
"I don’t know. Cyprus you said?” Megan had still doubts.
“Only I and Abs are coming. Please Megan.”

After Scott and Megan said there goodbye’s to Kim and Abs, they meet at the park. Megan had bring Devon with her because she couldn’t find a nanny. Scott was surprise to see Devon but when Scott held Devon he was sold.
Time was passing by and than the subject ‘holiday’ came. Megan told Scott first that Kim asked her to come with her and Abs to Cyprus. Also she told that she still didn’t know. It was a good time now to spend some time with Scott, she tough. Scott let her finish and started to laugh a bit.
“And what if I go to?”
“What? I mean Kim said that only she and Abs were going with me.” Scott gave a little smile to Megan.
“Mags, you don’t get it. Let me explain.” Scott told her about what Abs asked him.
“They try to bring us back together again.” They started to laugh.
“We will go to Cyprus with them and we will fool them.” Megan said and Scott agreed with a kiss.

Abs took care of the last minutes tickets so that they could leave next weekend. They spoke that they were all at 7 AM on the airport. Abs and Kim arrived there first. Not much later Scott walked in.
“So we can leave now.” Scott really wanted to leave. At the same moment Megan walked in.
“What is he doing here?” Megan said a bit angry and pointing at Scott. Kim and Abs both shake there heads.
“Here we go again. Are you sure this is a good idea, Kim?” Said Abs looked at Kim.
They check in and not much later the plane takes off for his flight to Cyprus. When they arrived, they weather is amazing. The trip had taken all day so after they decided were to sleep and unpacked there stuff, they were looking for a little café. Megan and Scott have been working on a plan to get Kim and Abs.
The night started good until Scott said a bad word about Megan. Megan cried and ran out. Kim and Abs demands Scott to go after her. Scott protest a couple times but than he walked after Megan. Megan was waiting for Scott.
“Haha, that went great.” Megan said while Scott hugged her and gave her a kiss on her lips. They walked to there apartment.

Abs and Kim decided to live Scott and Megan up to there faith. Around 3 AM, Kim and Abs were a bit drunk and walked to there apartment. It’s still very warm outside and they decide to sleep on the balcony under the sky.
“This is so romantic, right Abs?” Said Kim. She didn’t get an answer off Abs. He is already sleeping.

The next morning, Kim and Abs are awake early because of the sun. Kim decides to look for Megan. She looked into the room were Kim and Megan suppose to sleep. No Megan.
“Megan?” Still no answer. Than she look into a room of Scott and Abs. On one of the beds, she sees two bodies lying next to each other very close and half dressed.
She called Abs. He was falling asleep again. Kim wakes him up.
“No, mum. I don’t want to go to school.”
“Abs, wake up. You never are going to believe this.” Abs woke up very shocked.
“What! “ Now Kim shocked.
“Sorry, Kim.” Abs walked behind Kim to the room where Megan and Scott are.
“What the f*ck!” Abs said when he looked into the room.
“Ssst.” Kim held her hand on the month of Abs. Together they walked to the other room.
“I don’t know what happened last night between them but our plan worked.”
“Our plan? Your plan you mean. I would be here rather alone with you.” Abs said.
Abs and Kim decided not to tell anything with breakfast. They though of a little plan to take them back.

When they are all awake they went to the restaurant for breakfast. Kim and Abs only have to look to each other and than they started to laugh.
“What are you two laughing about?” That was the reaction of Scott.
“Leave them alone. I’m glad that they are having fun.” Megan said with a angry face to Scott.
“And what are you talking about?
“O great, you two are fighting again.” Abs couldn’t stop laughing when Kim said that.
With angry face’s, Scott and Megan walked out of the restaurant. As soon as Scott and Megan were out of side, Scott and Megan hugged each other and kissed.

On the beach, Kim and Abs started there plan. They didn’t say a word to each other. They didn’t look to each other. Scott went swimming with Abs.
“What happened between you and Abs?” Megan asked Kim.
“Nothing, what makes you think that?” Kim putt there sunglasses on and lay down.
“Because this morning, you and Abs had a great time and now it seems like you hate each other.”
“You have to ask him. He is doing weird.”
Abs and Scott came back.
“What are we going to do tonight, guys?” Scott asked.
“I will stay at the apartment, Scott. You can go out.”
“Of course, Kim stays in. You are no fun. Do you know that?” Abs said angry at Kim.
“No. You know what? You should go to out and find that chick that you met the night before.” Kim stoke there stuff and walked to there apartment.
“Abs, my man, what was that?”
“Scott, she is not 100%. I think that she has PMS or something.” Abs pretends that he didn’t care that Kim walked away but he wanted to go after her. But he was afraid that Megan and Scott found out about there plan.

Kim was ready a magazine when Abs came in.
“And? Are they buying it?” Kim stood up and walked over to Abs.
“Hmm I think they do. They were only asking me about what happened between us. They aren’t fighting.”
“O man we are bad, aren’t we?” Abs gave a little nod. Kim pulled Abs closer to her.
“And now what?” Abs said and Kim gave a passionate kiss on his lips
That night Abs spends it with Kim. He told Megan and Scott that he was not feeling well. Abs came with the idea that they should go out together. They said that they didn’t want to do that but in there minds they can’t wait to be alone. Finally they agreed and went off.
“They are really think that we still hate each other.” Scott said when to Megan when they finally were alone.
“I don’t know, Scott. I think that they are in to us. I think that they are playing a game with us.” Megan looked very worried.
“But we will see. I still have a nice holiday, sweet.” She said quickly.
“Good. So am I.” Scott gave a kiss to Megan.
At the same, Kim and Abs had already there dinner and they were in Abs apartment that he shared with Scott. Kim and Abs were making out.
“Abs, do you think that they are in to us?”
“What? I’m trying hard to turn you on and now you saying this. This is not turning me on, girl.” Abs keeps on kissing down Kim’s neck.
“Sorry, Abs. But I was just wondering.”
“I don’t Kim and I don’t care right now either.” Kim decided to not think of that and putt her minds on Abs.
The door of the room went open.
“What? You are kidding me.” Scott and Abs said at the same time.
“Kim, did you and Abs make it up again?” Megan looked very shocked.
“What about you and Scott? You two look happy.” Kim smiled at Scott and Megan.
“Be serious guys. How long are you back together? You are not the same like you were before this holiday.” Abs asked them.
“Well the weak after the birthday of Kim I went to Scott. And I we talked it out.” Megan said with a smile to Scott. What about you two?”
“Well we didn’t break up. We didn’t have a fight. We just wanted you two to think that so you forget about your own fight. I saw you two this morning lying in Scott’s bed.”
They talked about it and laughed. Soon Kim and Abs went to the girl’s room. Megan stayed with Scott in the boy’s room. That weekend went to fast that they all decided to stay there for a weak more.