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Two girls who are lost

Chapter 1.
Abs and Scott were sitting on there boot, fishing. Miranda and Kim were having a great time shopping.
"What about this dress for you, Kim?" Miranda was calling.
"Miran, I don’t wear dressed and you know that."

The fish weren't biting, so after 3 hours the boys decided to go for a drink. They sat down and started to watch people who were passing by.
After Miranda bought the dress the girls went also for a drink. The girls saw two guys staring at them but they decided to walk on and not pay attention to them.
"OMG! Did you saw that girl with the white top?" Scott asked Abs.
"Hell yes! What about that other she looked so damn fine!" Scott and Abs looked at each other and thought the same....
They guys paid for there drink fast and follow the two girls. Both wearing sunglasses so they think they were cool. They girls didn't notice that they were being followed.
"He Miranda? Hello...? What are you thinking about? You seem far away.."
"Mm, what? O sorry there is nothing."
"Are you sure??"
"Yes, I’m sure" And she smiled quickly.
"Kim! Miranda! Over here!!!" A boy was calling their names.
"Oh NO! It’s Lars ..." Kim said.
"... and Eric is with him." Miranda followed. They girls walked over to them.
"Hi guys." The girls say the Eric and Lars.
Scott and Abs see the two girls walking over the guys.
"I think that those guys are there boyfriends, Scott. To bad let's go."
"No Abs, look. They don't kiss each other. Maybe they are just friends.."
"What's up girls? Spending money? Again!?" Eric said. Kim was about to freak but Miranda calmed her.
"They not worth it, come let's go." Miranda was about to leave when Lars gripped her arm.
"Sorry for Eric. He is not himself. We wanted to ask you two out for tonight dinner."
"Well no we have other plans." Kim told them. Than she saw two guys hiding, she smiled at them.
"Mm guys, we have to leave, Miranda are you coming?"
Scott and Abs shocked when they saw that Kim was looking there way.
"Did she just smiled at us?" Abs asked Scott.
Scott answered still in shock: "I think so...."

Kim walked away followed by Miranda.
"What are you doing'?" Miranda asked.
"I want to make them jealous, remember those guys staring at us a few minutes ago? Well, there following us!" Miranda looked around and than she saw them....

"OMG, now the other girl saw us to. We should do something now?"
"What do you have in mind, Mr. Robinson?" And before Abs knows it, Scott was walking to the girls. Abs followed him.
"Hi." The girls respond when the guys walked to them. They started to have a talk.
"Any plans for tonight?" Kim asked the guys.
"Have we, Scott?" Abs asked Scott.
"Now we have..!" Scott smiled evil.
"Are those guys with you?" Scott asked pointing at Lars and Eric. Miranda turned around.
"There never going to leave us alone..." she bragged.
"Who are those guys anyway?" Abs asked.
"Well Eric is my ex and Lars was almost Miranda boyfriend."
"O ok, well what are you two wanted to do tonight?" Scott changed the subject.
"Well we wanted to see a movie tonight and maybe you can join us?" Miranda said while she looked at Scott.
"We would love to..." Abs said.
Eric and Lars crossed the group but the girls ignored them.
"So should I call you just girl or do you have a name?" Scott asked. They introduced.....

Chapter 2.
Later that eve @ the cinema....
The guys were waiting outside. Eric and Lars walked there way.
"Look Eric, there are they guys that our girls talked to."
"Our girls??" Kim and Miranda where standing behind Eric and Lars. The girls gave them a weird look and walked to Scott and Abs. Kim gave Abs a kiss on his cheek and Miranda gave a kiss on Scott.
Abs and Scott looked surprised...but happy.
"Let's go" Miranda said. Miranda gripped Scott's hand. Abs did the same thing with Kim.
Eric and Lars also went inside.
"I want her!" Lars said.
Lars and Eric went to the same movie as them. They took a seat behind the four.

At the end of the movie.
"Wow the movie was good, wasn't it?" Kim said to Abs, who was still holding her hand.
"Yes it was." The four looks behind them. Eric and Lars were sitting there.
"Will you please leave us alone?" Scott griped Miranda hand and the four walked out of the cinema.
"What do you want to do now?" Scott asked Miranda.
"Well let's go to the beach." Miranda toke Scott hands and they were gone.
"What about us?" Abs asked Kim.
"Let's dance." Kim said. They went in to a club.
Miranda and Scott had a nice talk. They sad down on the sand. Scott draws something in the sand. Miranda couldn't see what he draws.
Kim and Abs had the best time of their life, they danced all night long. Abs drove Kim home.
"So..." Abs got shy and looked down.
"So...?" Kim repeated.
Abs looked up and he saw that Kim was looking at him. They looked in each others eyes....
And the next moment they were kissing.

"What are you drawing, Scott?" Miranda asked.
"Something, don't look!" Scott answered.
"You make me curious!" Scott looked at Miranda with an evil smile. He leaned over Miranda and said:
"You've to wait" he tickled her.
Kim went into there house and called Miranda. When she didn't her any response she decided to walk into her room. When Kim was asleep for three hours she woke up by a door rang. She walked to the door and though it was Miranda who forgot there keys. She opens the door and there was Abs standing.
"Hai what are you doing here." Kim said.
"I left my keys at Scott's but he isn't home.." Abs answered.
"Oow poor thing, come in....Miranda left her keys here so maybe they'll drop by soon" Kim said. Abs followed Kim inside.

"Are you ready?" Miranda asked Scott.
"Yes." Scott turned away from his drawing. Miranda looked at it. She saw a huge heart with ‘I like you’ written in it.
"That’s the sweetest thing that everyone had done for me!" Miranda said look for Scott eyes.
He looked down.
"Really Scott, I mean it." Scott looked up and he bent his head to hers. Miranda felt Scott soft lips met hers. They kissed for a long time.
"That was nice." Miranda lay down in the sand and a sec after that Scott joined her.
"Want to go home?" Scott asked. Miranda laid her head on Scott's shoulder.
"No I want to stay here for a while." Scott said it was.
Fine by him and putt his arms around Miranda. Miranda fell asleep and so did Scott.

Abs stayed that night at Kim's house. They also felt asleep on the couch because Miranda and Scott didn't show up.

Chapter 4.
Abs was holding Kim very close.
"Kim, how long has you and Eric had a relationship?" Abs asked Kim. Kim looked up.
"Why do you want to know?"
"O, just a question. I saw the way he looked at you."
"Abs, don't worry. What we had was nothing. We had a thing for two weeks."
"How far did you two go?" Kim was sitting up strait, giving a weird look at Abs.
"Why do you ask me those questions?" Kim walked into the kitchen.
"Sorry, i just saw his look on his face when.."
"Abs, please?"
"Ok." Abs walked over to Kim, ready for a hug. Kim past Abs and went into the bathroom.
"Kim, are you alright?" Abs was standing at the bathroom door because Kim was in there for more than 15 minutes.
Miranda walked into the house and saw Abs leaning against the door.
"What's wrong?"
"I don't know. Kim ran into the bathroom 15 minutes ago and she hasn't come out yet."
"Kim, are you alright?" Miranda asks.
"Abs? Do you mind going home? I will call you when I’m feeling better."
"But Kim.."
"Abs, I think you should go. It's the best thing to do. We will call you as soon as possible." Miranda showed Abs to the doorway. Abs walks out.
"Kim, I love you!" Abs said before Miranda close the door.
Kim came out of the bathroom.
"Miranda, I think I’m pregnant."
"What makes you think that? And I though you were still a virgin?"
"Well there is something that I did not tell you. I slept one time with Eric."
"Gosh Kim, that is so stupid! Have you done a test?"
"Not yet....I’m afraid Miran.." Kim said.
"You know what...I’ll buy you a test..."
"Oow and call Abs ok? He's worried"
"I will."
Miranda left the house while Kim makes herself a hot tube.

"Can I help you?" Asked the woman behind the desk.
"Yes, I want a pregnancy test"
The woman gave Miranda what she wanted.
"Yours?" asked a familiar voice.
Miranda turned around and saw Lars, she was shocked with tears in her eyes she said no and left.

Back home...
Kim sat on the couch, she was calling Abs. Miranda was happy to see Kim did call Abs.
After a few minutes Kim hang up.
"Got it?" She asked.
"Yes, here you go" Miranda gave Kim the pregnancy test.
"Wish me luck!"

30 minutes passed by....
"Kim? Are you all right?" Miranda asked while she was standing for the bathroom door.
No answer...Miranda stood there not knowing what was going on. Kim unlocked the door.
"I'm ....." Kim didn't finish her line.
Miranda looked at Kim.
"What, Kim?"
"...NOT pregnant!" said Kim very happy. Also Miranda was very happy.
"Let's celebrate!!" said Miranda.

"Scott what's going on?" his manager asked.
"Nothing, why?" Scott answered.
"You just gave that man £10, - instead of £1, - back!!" his manager said now angry. Scott was surprised to hear what he just had done.
"Go home, deal with your things and come back if everything is back on track." Scott didn't know what to say and just left.
When he walked outside he bumped into Abs.
"He man! You all right?" Abs asked.

"Yes, I think so." Scott and Abs walked to the house of Miranda and Kim. On the way there Abs told Scott about what happen with Kim.
"Are you serious?" Abs nodded.
When they arrived, Miranda opens the door. When she saw Scott she griped her jacket and walked together with Scott into the garden. Abs sat down next to Kim who was looking sad.
"Hi, I’m glad your here." Kim looked at him. Abs took her in his arms.
"Why didn’t you tell me this before?”
"Well I was not sure how you would react. I even not tell Miranda. And normally I tell her everything. I was so ashamed of that."
"Well I’m glad everything is ok now, can we finally start with a clean relation or do you have more secrets?" Abs joked.
"No" Kim smiled.

Scott and Miranda were walking to a little lake.
"How's your eye?" Scott asked.
"Nasty spot you've got there"
"I know, but it's fine" Miranda smiled at Scott.
Scott smiled back and kissed her on her forehead.
"Get used to it, I have copy write on blonde moments" Miranda joked.
"Thanks Scott." Miranda said after a view minutes. Scott looked at her.
"For what? For loving a great and wonder girl, who is sitting here next to me?" Scott smiled and made Miranda smile.
"I’m wondering how Kim and Abs are doing." Miranda said. Scott and Miranda looked over there shoulder and try to see Abs and Kim.
"I think they are fine to. There are holding each other." They look back to each other and kissed.

Chapter 5.
Back in the house.
"Abs, can you spend the night here, with me?" Kim was lying on Abs chest. Abs was holding closer.
"Only if you want me to." Abs gave a kiss on Kim's head. He stroke his hand trough her hear.
Scott and Miranda walked in.
"Hi you two." Abs said.
"Abs, are you coming?" Scott asked.
"Don't you want to spend the night with me?" Miranda pinched into Scott arm. Kim and Abs laughed.
"Well Scott, I’m spending my night here, with Kim." Abs looked into Kim's eyes.

Miranda and Scott left the house.
"Did you mean what you just said?" asked Scott curious.
Miranda smiled and said:
"Yes, but we can't go to my house."
"That's fine, I have a king size bed."

The morning after...
When Scott woke up he noticed that Miranda wasn't lying' next to him. He went downstairs where he found Miranda talking with his mum.
"Good morning" His mum said. Scott walked over to Miranda and kissed here.
"I see you met already" Scott smiled. The three talked a bit more than his mum had to leave for work.
"How long were you awake?" Scott asked.
"An hour I think, I came out of the bathroom and than I faced your mum. She looked like she had seen a ghost...very I introduced myself and asked her for something for my headache and for the rest we talked" Scott laughed.

Also Abs was awake very early; he didn't want to wake Kim so he went to the living room.
He put on the telly and had a good laugh watching some cartoons.
Minutes flew by....Abs heard something from the bedroom. He walked back. Kim was talking in her sleep. Abs had a good laugh again; he got bored and made breakfast at bed for Kim.

"Good morning!" Abs woke Kim up and places the plate with breakfast on the bed.
"O thanks, babe." Kim gave Abs a kiss on his cheek. Abs sat next to her.
"Did you know that you talk in your sleep?" Abs sad while Kim toke a sip from her tea.
"Do I? What did I say?"
"Well how much you like me and that you had a good time last night and I can keep on like that.." Kim tickled Abs.

"Scott, I think I should go." Miranda griped her jacket and walked to the door. Scott griped her arm for one last kiss. "Hope to see you soon again." Scott said when he let her go. Miranda smiled.
"What do you think, Scott? You won’t get away from me that easy!" One small kiss and Miranda walked out.

Abs was already home when Miranda arrived at Kim's place.
"Kim, where is Abs?"
"Abs is already gone sadly. Miss him already." The girls talked about there night with the guys. The guys talked also about there nights with the girls.

Kim and Miranda were enjoying a day in there garden. Playing some music; laying in the sun and reading some magazines. But than Kim ran off..
Miranda felt asleep and had no clue from what was going on.
Kim ran to the toilet and throw up.

Chapter 6.
Scott didn't go to his work that day. He was just walking through the city when some guy bumped into him. Scott wasn't on earth with his mind so he didn't noticed who the guy was.
"Look out man!" the guy yelled at Scott. Scott said sorry, but the guy didn't accept his excuse.
"Oww it's you! First you stole my girlfriend and now you just think I’m air and you can walk right through me!" Lars was very angry and upset. Scott was speechless; he gave Lars a weird look and walked away.

Abs had to work that day. He worked at the local supermarket. It was very quite that day because it was great weather outside. Abs started to clean the floor while he sang along with Brian Mcfadden's Real to me.
"Excuse me?" some guy said to abs when he was finished singing.
"Yes, can I help you?" Abs asked friendly.
"Are you a singer?"
"Well I like to sing." Abs answers the guy.
"You have a good voice."
"Thanks but is there anything that I can help you with?" Abs asked.
"Well yes I’m looking for a good whine. I get a girl over tonight so." Abs and the guy walked to the whine department.
When Abs was done with his work he went outside and saw the same guy again.
"Hello do you have a minute?" The guy stopped Abs. Abs listens to what the guy had to say.
"Here is my card. Maybe you can come by the studio someday." Abs accepted the card. At the same time his phone rings. It was Kim.
"Abs, it’s me, Kim. Will you please come over?"
"Yes I’m coming right now." He hung up. When Abs looked back to the guy, he was gone already.

"Wow my boyfriend is going to be a star!" Kim said with a smile at Abs when he told about that guy that he met at the supermarket.
"But is there something bordering you? You are not fine to me." Abs said.
"Well I’m fine now. You are here."
Miranda and Scott came in.
"Wow man you should call him." Scott said and Abs did call him. Abs walked out of the room.
After 15 minutes he came back.
"And what did he say?" Kim asked while he sat down next to her.
"Well I have a meeting with him tomorrow at 1 PM."
"That's great!" Miranda congrate Abs.

The next day Abs went to the studio. He asked if Kim wants to join him. He was so nervous. Abs introduces Kim to the guy. His name was Chris. He didn't mind that she was with Abs.
Abs made a little demo tape. Kim was a bit bored when Abs was singing. She read some magazines. She became to feel dizzy again and before she know it she past out. Abs saw it happen and ran to her. Kim didn't wake up and Chris called an ambulance.

In the hospital...
The doctors did some tests on Kim, but didn't found anything. Abs was nervous, but than the doctor came to him and told him that Kim was ok. The doctor thought it was just stress. Abs asked of he could see Kim and that was ok.
"Hey girl!" Abs said when he walked into the room were Kim was.
"What happen?" was the first thing Kim could say. Abs told Kim that she passed out, but that the doctor said it was ok, just stress. The two talked a bit more and after 3 hours a doctor came in to say Kim could go home.

Chapter 7. Back home, Abs phone rang. It was Chris. He was curious how everything ended. Abs told him everything. A few minutes later Scott arrived.
"Where is Miranda?" Abs asked Scott.
"She has a headache again; she wanted to stay in bed, so I let her..."
"...but I think there is something else"
Abs was to busy checking out how Kim was doing and didn't really hear what Scott said.

At Miranda's..
Miranda lived in a house with 4 more other people. One of them is Lars.
Miranda was still asleep; she didn't know that someone sneaked into her room. Miranda woke up because she had a nightmare. She sat down. She saw a shadow by her window. She putts her lights on and sees its Eric.
"Eric, what the f*ck are you doing here?" Miranda scared the hell out of her.
"Well I was wondering how Kim was doing.
"I have no idea! What are you doing here! You know Kim doesn't live here!" Miranda started to get angry. Eric was speechless and left Miranda's room. Slowly Miranda came out of bed, still with a headache. She decided to call Kim. "Hey How are you?" Miranda asked Kim.
Kim told Miranda the whole story, when she was finished Miranda told Kim that Eric was in her room. Scott heard that Kim was talking' to Miranda and took the phone from her.
"Hey cutie! Are you all right?"
"Well I still have a headache, but I’m fine. Want to come?"
When Scott arrived at Miranda's place, Lars opens the door.
"Hello Scott. If you are looking for Miranda she is not here."
"Hi Scott!" Miranda said and pushed Lars away from the door. Lars walked away very sad. Scott and
Miranda walked to there room.
Back at Kim place, Abs and Kim talked about what happen with her. No one knows about what she has. Why she was sick sometimes.
"Hope I won't be that sick again." Kim said when Abs came back from the kitchen.
"What do you have there?" she asked.
"Well close you eyes and open your mouth." Abs placed little peace of white chocolate in her mouth. Kim's favorite. A view seconds later she felt his lips meeting hers.

Back at Miranda place; Scott and Miranda made themselves comfortable. Miranda though that the guys that lived in the house were left but than someone knocked on her door. Miranda became very mad.
"What, Lars? Why can you not leave me alone?"
"No it's me Eric. I want to ask you something. It's very important!"
"Man, you can ask her any time but not now!" Scott said.
"OK than I just wanted to know Kim's new phone number." Eric shouted. Scott ran out of bed, angry. He opens the door.
"Leave Abs en Kim alone. She doesn’t wants you anymore and please leave us alone to." Scott slams the door behind him and jumped back on the bed.
"Sorry, I won’t happen again." Miranda said while Scott was kissing her neck.
"Forget him for now ok and think of me." Scott smiled at her. Miranda kissed him.

The next day Abs had to go the studio again. He asked Chris if he can bring Scott with him. Scott was a great singer as well.
"Chris, this is Scott than." Abs introduces Scott to Chris.
"It's an honor to meet you. Abs told me a lot of things about you."
"Well Scott I’m glad I meet you to." They guys shake hands.
"Abs, i needed to talk to you about something."
"I think i will go outside than so you two can talk." Scott said.
"No it's ok if you stay here. Scott, you can congrate you best friend here."
"What do you mean 'congrate me'?" Abs said and he was hoping in his mind that his dream would come true.
Chris gave Abs a little package of paper.
"I can offer you a contract for 3 years and 3 albums." Chris said while he handed the paper.
"O my gosh, tell me you are just playing with me man." Chris shake with his head no.
"Abs, congratulations man!" Scott was hugging his best mate.
Abs signed the contract.

Chapter 8.
The same evening Abs; Scott, Miranda and Kim celebrated it. They went out to dinner. What they didn't know is that Eric and Lars were coming to the same restaurant as them.
"Please tell me that I’m dreaming?" Kim whispered to herself.
"What's wrong, hun?" Abs noticed.
"Kim! I’m so glad to see you. Can I talk to you for a minute?" Eric stud behind Miranda.
Abs stud up from his seat.
"When do you learn that she doesn't want you anymore?" He said.
"Abs, it's ok. I will talk to you, Eric. Guys will you excuse me, please?" Kim stud up and walked to the door of the restaurant, followed by Eric.
"What is she doing? Why is she talking to him?" Abs sat down again.
"Well maybe this is the only way to make sure that Eric leaves her alone." Miranda tried to calm Abs down a bit.
"So, you needed to talk to me?" Kim and Eric were standing outside.
"Yes. I heard some rumors around about you. That you throw up and stuff. So now my question is....are you pregnant?" Kim started to laugh.
"No I’m not pregnant. Thank god for that."
"Well what's wrong than? Is Abs treading you good than?"
"Abs is treading me very good. He is doing much more than you ever did and ever will do!" Eric slapped Kim in her face. Kim started to cry and ran off. Miranda saw her.
"Guys, we have to go. I saw Kim running away." They griped there things and left some money behind.
On there way out, Eric came back in.
"What have you done to her?" Abs said very angry.
Eric couldn't answer his question. Miranda and Scott pulled Abs with them.
They had no idea were Kim could be.

Scott wanted Miranda to go home because he was worried about this headache she still had. He and Abs decided to look for Kim. They searched everywhere in the city but no Kim.
“Maybe she’s in the park?” Scott said.
“Don’t think so....” was Abs’ answer.
“Why not? I mean it’s a nice place to sit back and think about things....”
“Maybe your right” said Abs with sadness in his voice.
The boys went looking for Kim in the park.
“There she is...” Scott said to Abs while he pulled his finger in the direction of a huge tree.
Abs saw Kim sitting behind the tree; she was throwing stones into the lake.
Scott left the two.

Meanwhile Miranda arrived at her room. When she opened the door, she saw Eric sitting on her couch.
“What the hell are you doing’ here!” Miranda started to freak.
“Sssst, I just need to talk to you, it’s serious, I really need your help with this, so please listen to me”
“Ok but be quick Scott can come back soon”
Miranda and Eric sat down.
“I’m not going to help get Kim back.” was the first thing Miranda said.
“It’s not for me, when I was here last night i didn’t really want to have Kim’s number, but i heard Scott was with you so I made up that question”
Miranda gave Eric a weird look.
“Ok, let me start. Bo is back in town, well she was”
“So?” answered Miranda ice cold.
“Well Lars never told you she was pregnant, and now she dumped Joëlle their daughter by Lars, and disappeared.”
“And what can I do about this situation?” Miranda asked.
“Lars lost his mind since you told him you feel more for him than friendship, but at that moment he was still seeing’ Bo, but when she broke up with Lars he realized what you really mean to him. I know how he ignored you after that and how much it hurts you, but he really needs someone now”
Miranda didn’t know what to say, she was upset and angry.
"Get out of my room now!" She said. Eric was walking to the door.
"Or wait. I have a deal. If you help me I will help you." Eric turned around.
"What kind of deal?"
"You help me to find Kim and tell me what happens between you two." She was serious. She didn't know how to help Lars with it but she wants Kim back.
"Ok I will help you." Eric sad back next to Miranda and told what happen outside of the restaurant.
"You did what??" Miranda couldn't believe her ears.
"Yes I feel terrible about it but she had no right to tell me that." Eric became kind of angry.
At the same time Scott rings Miranda phone.
"He hun. How is you headache doing?"
"Well it's getting worst. Did you find Kim?"
"Yes she was in the park sitting behind a three. Abs is with her now."
"Ok is she alright?" Miranda looked angry at Eric.
"Yes as I can tell she is alright. Do you mind if I come over?"
"Mm yes sure. See ya soon than." She hung up.
"Scott is coming right now. Kim is save."
"Ok i will go than. Think of what i said to you about Lars oke?" Miranda nodded and Eric closed the door.

Chapter 9.
Back at the lake.
"Kim." Kim heard a voice behind the three.
"Please, Abs leaves me alone."
"I want to help you." She saw Abs now who was taking a seat next to her. She tried to hide her face.
"What happens with you? Who did that? Eric?" Abs took Kim in his arms.
"Mm no I walked to wall. You know me, stupid." Kim tried to smile.
"Kim, don't play with me. I want to help you but if you don't tell me what....."
"Abs, I’m sorry. I only hurt you more and more. Why do you still want to be with me and want to help me?" Kim interrupted Abs.
"That's easy. You mean more than you will ever know. I care about you a lot." He holds Kim tight.
"But Abs...." He placed his finger on her lips.
"Please don't say a word." Kim decided that she had no choice but listen to him.

Scott arrived at Miranda's place. She welcomed him in with a hug.
"Missed you." Scott said. He tried to kiss her but she pushed him away.
"What's wrong?' He asked.
"Nothing, really." She answers him. They sat down on the couch watching a TV show.
Than suddenly Miranda started to cry.
Scott walked over to Miranda.
“Now you’re going to tell me what’s going on!” he screamed.
“Go away Scott”
“You want me to go away? Ok!”
Scott was very angry and before he left he kicked the table and closed the door very loud.
In the hall he almost bumped into Lars who was caring a baby.
“Watch out man!” Scott screamed.
“Sorry.” Lars said.

After Kim told Abs everything she wanted to be alone. And Abs brought her home.
On his way back home Abs gave Scott a call.
“Hey man, everything is fine now between Kim and me” Scott could hear that Abs was very happy.
“That’s great” said Scott with no emotion in his voice.
“You’re still at Miranda’s?” Abs asked.
“Okay, want to catch up?”
Scott agreed. They meet somewhere in town.

“What happened here?” was the first thing Lars said when Miranda opened the door and he saw the mess.
“Scott, freaked out”
“Did he hurt you?”
There was a moment of silence.
“Want to come in?” Miranda asked. Lars nodded.
At the moment Lars walked inside Joëlle woke up and started to cry.
“Sssst...daddy is here” Lars tried to calm down Joëlle. It wasn’t working.
“May I?” Miranda said.
Lars gave Joëlle to Miranda.

Kim was very happy she told Abs everything and was now relaxing. Just watching’ some movies, drinking some thee, and eating some cookies.

"Joh buddy." Abs shouted from his car to Scott. He was ordering something to drink.
"Hey Abs, want to you want?"
"O same as you mate." Abs took at seat at the table.
"Abs, can you tell me what I see in Miranda?" Scott began.
"What do you mean? I though everything was doing fine between you two."
"Well I though it was to. But she was doing so weird today. She cried and didn't want to tell me what was wrong."
"O man, I’m sorry. Want me to talk to her? Or shall I call Kim?"
"No it's ok. If she still wants me she will have to come to me." Scott toke a sip from his drink.

Chapter 10.
Miranda was still caring Joëlle around her place.
"You can baby sit more!" Lars said.
"In your dreams." Miranda gave her back to Lars.
"Do you want to talk about what happen with Scott? I saw that he was angry. He bumped into me and Joëlle on his way out."
"Well I was thinking of what Eric said to me this morning."
"Eric? You talk to Eric again?"
"Yes, I though he was here for Kim but he was here to talk about you."
"About me??" Lars decides to bring Joëlle to bed first and than come back to talk to Miranda.
"She is asleep now so now you talk." Miranda gave Lars a drink at took a seat on the couch next to him.
"Well Eric told me about Joëlle and also about Bo." Lars looked down.
"Oke, what did he say more?"
"That you were alone and needing someone in you life, someone like me."
"Yes, you already know how I feel about you. But you have Scott and I except that."
"Well if Scott keeps shouting at me I will leave him."
"But he is a great guy. I mean I don't know him like you do. But I know I tread you bad. And he doesn't."
The phone of Lars rang.
"Eric, hai how are you?.....Mm yes sure where do you want to meet?" Miranda was listing to him. She was thinking at the time that she and Lars went trough.

“Are you all right?” Lars asked when he saw Miranda turned white. Miranda didn’t answer.
“Eric, i have to call you back, bye.”
“Hey don’t cry, I’m here, everything is all right” Lars tried to calm down Miranda. Miranda lays her head on Lars chest. She could feel his heartbeat. That made her calm. Lars tried to find Miranda eyes. Miranda looked for his eyes to.
"Lars, thank you." And before they know it they were kissing each other. But than some knocked on the front door. No one was around so Miranda opens the door.
"Hello I’m looking for Lars." The girl said.
"Bo? What are you doing here?" Lars was standing behind Miranda.
"Lars hai, well I’m here to pick Joëlle up."
"No, you are not going to get her back. First you drop her off and walked out with saying a word and now you want her back?
"Where is she Lars?"
"She's sleeping in my room, but don't you dare to take her with you!"
"Or else?" Bo said with an evil smile.
"I'll call the police" Bo started to laugh.
"Where were you when she was born? You have absolutely no right"
"I guess she is right Lars" Miranda said quiet.
"See even your girlfriend agrees" Bo walked away. Lars wanted to run after her, but Miranda stopped him. "We'll get Joëlle back"
"We? You mean your going to help me?" Miranda nodded.
"Let go say goodbye for now to Joëlle"
Bo walked out of the house with Joëlle. He cried when they left.
"Why does she do this to me? Now that I finally have a band with my daughter." Miranda pleased her arm around Lars.
"Did you hear that Bo said something about my girlfriend? She mended you. And you didn't say anything."
"I know but we just kissed before she arrived."

Chapter 11.
The next day...
"He Miranda! Whazzup!" Kim greeted Miranda when she opened the door. Miranda was happy to see Kim.
"Come on in; hope you don't mind the mess." Kim already knew what happened. Scott told Abs, and Abs told Kim.
"Let's do something for fun today!" Kim said.
"Shopping, would be fun" Miranda smiled. Kim nodded and smiled back. The girls left.

Lars and Eric worked at the same company. Eric noticed that Lars wasn't with his mind at his work.
"Lars, are you all right?"
"No, Bo took Joëlle from me yesterday and Miranda and I kissed but i don't know of were official together again."
“Really?? That’s bad man. Now what?”
“Well Miranda wants to help me to get Joëlle back. Since I have Joëlle I see that she is really my daughter now.”

Same moment Miranda tell Kim about her kiss with Lars.
“Tell me you are joking?”
“I wish. I was so mad at Scott and Lars was the first person who was there for me.”
“Why did you kiss him? I mean, you have Scott. He still loves you. I know he does.”
"I don't know Kim, I still have this strong feeling' for Lars."
“Than you have to make a choice; Scott or Lars.” Miranda nodded at Kim.
They didn’t talk about it for one hour but then Bo bumped up into Miranda.
“What’s out, will you?” Bo yelled. Than Miranda came up with a plan.
“Bo, hi it’s Miranda. You know, girl that was with Lars? Can I talk to you for a minute?”
“What do you want?”
“I have small question. Do you still like Lars?”
“Lars? Well he is sweet and I saw how he looked at Joëlle.” Bo calmed down a bit.
“Good, because I’m not his girlfriend. I have already a sweet boyfriend.”
“Miranda?? Are you coming?” Kim was ready and wanted to leave. She walked over to Miranda and saw that she was talking to some girl.
“Kim this is Bo.” Miranda smiled at Kim.
“Hi Bo!” Kim was ready to shake hands with Bo but Bo turned around and walked of.
“Is that Bo that you were talking about?” Miranda nodded.
The girls pay there close and walked to there car. On the way there Kim saw Abs sitting at some café.
“Abs! Hi!” She didn’t saw Scott. He walked outside at the time she yelled at Abs. Abs waved back and so did Scott. When he saw Miranda you could see him think. He loves her so much that he would do anything to get her back but he had to give it time. Miranda saw Scott to. Quickly she opens the car and sat down.
Kim took a seat to.
“Are you alright?” She asked.
“No but please can you take me home?” Kim drove Miranda home. She stepped out and said goodbye to Kim who was still sitting in the car. Miranda was a bit out of the blue.

When Kim was home she decided to call Abs.
“Abs, is Scott still with you?”
“Kimmie! Yes he is why?”
“Did you talk about Miranda?”
“Yes we did but I’ll tell you more when I’m coming over if that’s alright?”
“OK sure. Bye.” Kim hung up. She couldn’t her Abs saying something.

Kim was not feeling so well so she wanted to take bath but before she went to the bathroom she heard a door knock. It was Melanie with her boyfriend Tom. Melanie was my best friend besides Miranda.
She and Tom went on a trip for one year around the world. Kim was so happy to see them again.
She made some tea and they sat down and they told Kim about there trip, showed her some pictures. They also made a video.
During the video Abs knocked on the door. Kim told Melanie and Tom about him. Abs introduces himself to them. He stayed to watch the movie to.
All the pictures were great. Melanie showed them a picture from the time that they spend in Spain.
“That looks great wish I could be there.” Abs said.
“You know what, Kim. Why don’t we go to Spain together some day? Just the two of us?”
“That’s a brilliant idea! For a moment no annoying people around” Kim gave Abs an evil smile.
“Let’s make this someday as soon as possible.” Abs said. Kim agreed and the next day they went to the travel agency. They’ve been told that they could catch a flight 2 days later. Kim and Abs decided to do it. Kim was trying’ to call Miranda and tell her about her trip with Abs, but she didn’t answer.
“Hey Miran, I don’t know why you’re not answering my calls, I just want to let you know that I’m leaving in 5 minutes. They next 2 months I’ll be in Spain. I will call you from there, take care. Bye Kim” Miranda lost her mind. She had no clued what she had to do with her feelings for Lars and Scott. She locked herself in and cried and cried and cried....

Chapter 12.
Scott was surprised when he heard his best friend was leaving for 2 months. Abs asked him to drive them to the airport. And so he did.
“Thanx mate, for driving us.” Abs said.
“I don’t get this. Why two months? Is she really good?” Scott laughed.
“And what is that supposed to mean, mister?” Kim slapped his head.
“Autch! Nothing just joking.” Scott parked his car and they get there things and walked into the airport.
Kim and Abs were checking in when Kim hear her name.
“Kim, Abs wait!” Kim turned around and saw Miranda running.
“Kim, please don’t leave. I don’t know what to do.” Miranda was about to cry but than she saw Scott.
“Scott.” She whispered. Scott couldn’t believe his eyes.
“What happened with you?” Kim asked.
“Can I please talk to you for a second?” Miranda dragged Kim with her.
“What are you think your doing?” Kim gave a weird look to her best friend.
“What am I doing? I’m going on a holiday with Abs! But tell me what’s wrong?”
“Lars and Scott. I don’t know what to do and you got to help me.”
“But I can’t stay here. I want this trip so bad!”
“But Kim…” Kim turned around and walked over to Abs and Scott. Before she arrived at them Scott ran after Miranda who was running away.
“What happened?” Abs asked.
“Nothing let’s go.”
“Are you sure, you still want to go?” As answer Kim gave a big kiss on Abs lips and they went off.

When Abs and Kim stepped into the plane Scott ran after Miranda.
“Miranda, wait I need to talk.” Scott got a hold on Miranda.
“Please leave me alone.” She wanted to leave.
“First let me speak.” She turned her head to Scott.
“Thank you for listening. Miranda I’m sorry for the way I made you feel the last days. But I care about you so much and I had the feeling that you don’t have the same feelings about me. I love you, Miranda. I just wanted to let you know that.
"Scott, please stop, i can't take it anymore, just leave me alone!" Miranda start cryin' Scott let go and Miranda ran off.
Scott had no idea what to do...he just sat down at the hall. Some girl came to him.
"Are you allright?" she asked him. Scott shaked his head.
"I'm Bo and it looks like you need a listing ear"
Scott introduced himself. The two had a nice conversation, than the girl said: "my plane is leaving, here is my number, in case you want to talk to someone about....everything and nothing"
Scott didn't know how to react.

A week went by and Kim and Abs had a great time. They were lying on the beach. Still Kim was thinking about Miranda.
“Still think about Miranda? What did she say before we left?”
“O nothing, she was just in trouble with some feelings. Long story and I don’t want to tell it now.”
Kim turned her head to Abs. Abs was looking in her eyes.
“OK I won’t say a thing anymore but would you mind if I ask Scott and Miranda to come to Spain for a weekend?”
“Yeah, sure why not?” Kim turned her head to the sun.
“Cool I will call Scott tonight.” Abs stud up and walked to the sea.

When Abs came back he splashed Kim all wet.
"Don't call Scott...i thought we wanted a holiday just the 2 of us...and no annoying people around"
Abs took off his sunglasses.
"Youre right." he smiled.
“But will you please think of me than Scott or Miranda? If you do think of them I will ask if they want to come.” Abs holds his girl very close to him.
“OK I will try.” Kim laughs.

Scott was sitting home and didn’t know what to do. That girl he met on the airport did hit him. But he cares so much for Miranda. And he couldn’t call Abs or Kim. He did know when Bo came back. He decided to wait till that moment and call her and go out sometimes.

Chapter 13.
Miranda decided to move on. She moved out of there house and found a place were not Lars lives or Scott.
She talked about it with Lars. He was pretty upset but helped her to move out.
“Are you sure you have anything?” He asked her. Miranda places the last box in her apartment. She turned around to Lars.
“Well I forget one last thing.” Miranda walked over to Lars for a big kiss on his lips. Lars was surprised by it but didn’t stop her. Miranda was so into him that she wanted more.
"Lars, come with me" she said.
"Are you sure you want this?"
"But what if I get Joelle?"
"I love children and I want to raise Joelle with you."

Bo was just a minute home when Scott called.
“Hai, im Scott. Remember me? The guy from the airport?”
“Yes I remember you. How are you?” They talked for a while and Bo tells him about her trip.
Than after 10 minutes Scott thinks of Miranda.
“Bo I think I have to go now.”
“O to bad. Will you call me back?”
“I might. Want me to?”
“Yes. You seem a nice guy.”
Scott needed some time for himself. He went for a walk. He walked and walked with no destination. Than he stopped and found hisself in front of Miranda's room. He saw her room was empty, and so was Lars' room.
"He Scott." A familiar voice said. It was Eric.
"Where are Miranda and Lars?" Scott asked.
Eric explained Miranda was moving out and the next day Lars was also gone.
"Weird." Scott said.
Eric agreed with him. He also had no idea where they moved to.

2 Months went by...
Kim and Abs were coming back from Spain. Kim couldn't wait to see her friend’s again. She didn't know that Miranda and Lars moved in together. Kim went to Miranda old place to ask where she lived now. A good friend of Lars gave the new address to her. Kim and Abs went to that address. Abs rang the doorbell and Lars opens the door.
"I think this is the wrong address. Sorry Lars." Kim and Abs turned around.
"No Kim an Abs you’re at the right place." Miranda called them back.
"Are you serious? You live together with Lars?" Abs couldn't believe it.
"Miranda, I’m so sorry that I didn't stay. So I could advice you to make the right choose. Who is Scott, by the way!" Kim went angry and walked to the car of Abs.
Abs followed her.
"You're not going to let them go do you?" Lars asked Miranda
"I am, if they’re good friends they understand my decision" Miranda said calm.

Abs and Kim went to Scott. They were so shocked about Miranda and Lars living together.
"Abs! Kim!" Wow it's been a while! How are you? You have to tell me everything about the trip!" Scott was very happy to see his friends back.
The three talked for hours about the trip, than the door rang.
"He hun!" A girl said to Scott. The two went inside the living room where Kim and Abs were still talking about their trip.
"Abs, Kim, let me introduce you to Bo, my girl." Bo walked into the room and walked over to Abs and Kim.
“I met you before, Bo.” Kim only though that she know that girl but didn’t know the reason where and why.

“You do know her?” Scott was so happy again. Kim and Abs liked it so see him happy. But they wanted him to be happy with Miranda. Than when Kim though of Miranda she know again where she met Bo.
“You have a daughter called Joelle?” Scott didn’t know that.
“Kim, I think you mean someone else.”
“No Scott, she is right. I do have a daughter.” Scott couldn’t believe his ears.
“Abs I think we have to leave now.” Kim and Abs were standing up.
“No, friends can stay. Bo will have to leave.”
“But..” Bo said.
“I think I need some time alone.” Bo walked out of the door.
“I’m sorry, Scott.” Kim said.
“Don’t be. I wish she had told me sooner.”
“I don’t know if you want to know this but the dad of her daughter is Lars.”
“What?? You are kidding me.” Scott went angry. Abs tried to calm him down.
Later that night Bo called Scott. First he didn't want to talk to her...but something told him to pick up the phone.
"It's me, I'm so sorry I didn't told you, I really like you and every guy always dump me for that reason"
"It's ok I think, you just had to tell me sooner" Scott said.
"Scott, Joelle was a mistake. Lars and I never went out, we just had a one-night-stand, but something went wrong and I got pregnant"
“How can you call you daughter a mistake??” Scott hung up on her.

Chapter 14.
Kim and Abs were still happy but still there though about Miranda and Scott.
“We have to forget about there problems and think of us.” Abs said.
“Yeah, your right. But Abs I think it’s time for me to go.”
“I hate it when you leave, you know. Why don’t you move in with me?” He said.
“Mm I will think of that. Do sounds like a good idea though.” Kim stepped out of bed to get dressed. She gave Abs one last kiss and walked down stairs. Opens the door and walked home.

In the mean time Abs got a call from Chris. He did know that Abs and Kim went on a holiday but Abs had to work now.
“He Abs, do you mind coming down the studio? There is something I wanted to talk with you about it.”
“Yes sure, coming there in 30 minutes.” Abs hangs up and jumped out of bed.

At the office of Chris, Abs arrived 30 minutes later.
“Here am I. What is it you want to talk with me?” Abs came in with a smile and saw Chris sitting in his chare. He didn’t look very happy.
“Hi Abs, take a seat. We need to talk.”
“OK shot.”
“I spoke to some producers and some are not happy about your music and think that your girl is more important than your music.”
“What do you mean?” Abs didn’t smile anymore.
“I like you music but I have to agree with them. Kim is a nice girl, don’t get me wrong, be she is keeping you from the music.” Abs went mad.
“What make’s you think that? Just because I spend 2 months in Spain with her! Please don’t let me choice between the music and her. She supports me great.”
”Abs, don’t get me wrong but how long have you two been together?”
“Long enough to know that she doesn’t make me choice, between music and her.” Abs stud up and walked out of Chris office.

Kim was one of the sealers in a music store. Abs was forgotten that Kim worked there and wanted some time to think. He went there to look for some more records.
“Abs? Hi. Everything alright?” She asked. Abs turned around with water in his eyes.
“Aw poor thing what’s wrong?” Abs didn’t say a word and run out of the store. Kim didn’t know what to do. She decided to go back to work and after that she will visit him.

Scott didn’t know what to do. His mind was with Bo but also Miranda. He though of time that they spend together. Then his phone rang.
“Scott, it’s Miranda. Look we need to talk.”
“Miranda, I’m so happy that you call.”
“Yeah, what ever. But can we meet on 15 minutes at the beach? You know our spot?”
“Yes sure see you than.” Miranda hung up.
Scott went to the beach directly.

When Kim was done working she decided to go to Abs place. She knocked on the door. The door unlocked.
“Kim.” Abs whisper and looked down and walked back in.
“Abs, we need to talk.” Kim walked behind Abs in and closed the door behind her and sad on the couch.
“Abs, listen. You help me so many times already. Now it’s my turn to help you. Please tell me what is wrong?” Abs finally looked up to her.
“I wish you could help me. Chris let me came to his office. He said and I quote:’ Choice between the music and your girl.” Kim couldn’t hear her ears.
”Well than I know what you should do. Go for the music. You tell me how much you love to do it. It’s your thing.” Kim stands up.
“No Kim, wait. He can’t ask me that. You never asked me that. To make a choice.” Abs griped her arm. Kim sad down again.
“I never though I come between you and your music. I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be! I have to be sorry.” Kim holds her face into her hands. Chris called on Abs mobile.
“Chris I don’t feel like talking now…. Yes she is her. Why?.... “Abs hung up and thru his phone away
“What did he say?” Abs sits close to Kim and holds her tight.
“Nothing, just forget the whole thing.” But Kim couldn't forget. Her life was such a mess at the moment. She really wanted Abs to do his music thing but on the other side she wanted him for herself.
"Let's do something for fun." Abs said with a huge smile on his face. Kim agreed and let the evening come all over here.

Chapter 15.
Scott arrived at the beach, Miranda wasn't there yet. After 15 minutes she finally arrived. For Scott that 15 minutes took ages.
"Hello you!" Scott greeted Miranda.
“Hi Scott. Glad that you could make it.” They sad down in the sand.
“Listen Scott. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you that I moved. I wanted a life for my own. I also wanted to forget Lars. But he did help me move and when I had everything there I kissed him and the rest went on.” Miranda was talking and Scott was drawing something in the sand.
“Scott are you listing to me?” Scott nodded.
“So? You are not going to say anything?” Scott looked up strait into Miranda eyes. Before she could say anything she felt hips soft lips that she missed. She didn’t stop him. When they took a little break to breath he asks something.
“Why didn’t you stop me?” Miranda didn't know what to say.
"I don't know! I feel so stupid. I like you, but I also like Lars. I can't live with the both of you but i also can't live without the both of you"
"Can I ask you something else?" Scott said. Miranda nodded.
"Does Lars still hurt you?" Miranda looked confused.
"Of course not!"
"So he doesn't make you stay with him?"
Miranda shake her head and looked down.
Scott saw Miranda's face when he asked her that question.
"I'm not so sure." Scott said easily
Miranda couldn't stand it any more; she stared to tell about Lars hurting her mentally. She cried. Scott was holding her tight. She told Scott the whole thing.
Lars came walking down on the beach. Scott him walking very close with some girl.
“Miranda, I see Lars walking over here.” Miranda looked up.
“And his with Bo!” Miranda said. Scott looked down.
“Did you know that I had something with Bo.”
”Yes I saw you two, a week ago.” Miranda looked back to Scott.
“What do you want to do now?”
"MIRANDA!! What the hell are you doing here with ... SCOTT?!" Lars shouted when he saw his girl.
"Just hanging around just like you do with .... never mind." Miranda answered.
"I'm alone here, looking for you and who do I find you here! Come home with me....NOW!"
"Leave her alone, Lars!" Scott said calm.
Lars didn't expect a response from Scott. He left.
"I want to go home, pack my stuff ... maybe my parents got a room for me." Miranda said sad.
Scott helped Miranda pack her stuff. Lars wasn't home. Scott brought Miranda to her parents.
"Thanks Scott." Miranda said and hugged him tight. When they let go...
"Call me if you’re ready." Scott said. Miranda nodded and gave Scott one last kiss.
That night Scott visit Abs. Kim was with Abs. Scott told them what happened that day...
Kim was happy that Miranda made the right choice. She didn't call her though. Miranda called her.
"Hai, Scott told me the news. Are you alright?" Kim said.
"Yes, I am. It's good to be home. I need time, you know. To forget about Lars and maybe I could back together with Scott."
"Well he is here and can't stop talking about you."
"He is? I miss him somehow." The girls talked some more.
"Kim? Scott is going home." Abs shouted.
"I gotta go but we will talk soon again ok?" Kim said to her best friend.
Kim and Abs waved at Scott when he left. Abs closed the door and walked after Kim into his living room.
"I think I should go home to." Kim was going to get her jacket but Abs stopped her.
"No, you are not going home."
"What do you mean by that?" Kim looked weird at him.
"Well did you though about me question that I asked you this week?" He was holding Kim tight now.
"Wish question, luv?" She teased him. She knows what he means.
"Please you know what I mean." She putts her arms around his neck. She looks him strait into his eyes.
"I do know what you mean, Mr. Breen. Just like to teas you. I did though about your question, a lot." She said.
"I would love to move in with you" Kim said happily.

Chapter 16.
2 weeks went by....
Kim moved in with Abs. Kim total restyled the apartment.
Abs was really happy with it. Abs asked Scott to come over to just hang out. Scott liked the idea. DingDong.. Kim ran to the door, cos she saw Scott wasn't alone.
“MIRANDA!” Kim screamed when she opened the door. The girls hugged. Scott smiled when he saw the two. Kim and Miranda stared talking and talking. Scott walked into the house and greeted Abs. Scott told Abs what just happend.
“What something to drink?” Abs asked.
Scott nobbed. Abs knew what Scott wanted and handed him a beer.
Minutes later Miranda and Kim came into the room with both tears in their eyes of happiness.
“So what about a trip around the house?” Kim said. Kim showed Miranda and Scott the whole restyled apartment. It looks really stylisch.

The four had a very great night. At the end of the evening Abs asked the long expected question.
“Are you back together?”
“Yes!” Miranda said very happy to her friends. Scott looked at her.
“We are?” Scott asked with a smile on his face.
“Yes silly. Don’t you remember what I told you this morning?”
“I only remember what we did this morning, hun.” Scott and Miranda laugh like two teens. Kim and Abs look at each other and laugh to.
That night Lars and Bo had a good talk about what they are going to do now. They decided to stay together and see what the future bring them.
Eric decided to be gay. He gave up on his luck with girls.