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The Accident

“I really have to go now!” Abs said while he hugged his girlfriend Kim.
“I know.” Kim said quietly, her eyes filled with tears.
“Don't cry.” Abs whispered. Kim and Abs were standing in terminal 1 at Heathrow Airport, in London. Abs was leaving for 3 months. He had some promo things to do in America for his singing career.

Meanwhile at the other side of the airport....
“Miranda!!” Miranda turned around and was happy to see her best friend for life Chase call out her name. She'd just landed for a very long holiday in London .
“Heey handsome.” Miranda greeted Chase and hugged him.
“Wow you look beautiful.” Miranda started to blush.
“You say that every time you see me” Chase grabbed her bags and together they walked to his car.

“Ok go now.” Kim said, letting her boyfriend go.
“I will see you again soon” Abs give her one last big kiss and walked off, leaving Kim standing there with nothing but tears.
“Don’t cry, please?” He whispered at her and walked through the gate.

Kim turned around and walked to her car. She was still crying a bit. She stepped into her car and drove off.
“Chase, look out!” Miranda yelled at her friend when she saw a yellow car coming right at her.
“Miranda, are you alright?.”
“Yes I am. Shit, look at the other car.” They stepped out and walked to the yellow car.
“Miranda, call a ambulance now. This is bad.” Chase saw a girl lying against the steering wheel. Miranda took her cell phone and called for an ambulance.
“Yes hello, there has been an accident outside terminal 1 at Heathrow need an ambulance. Ok, bye.” She ran back to Chase.
“They're on there way.” Chase gave her a nod.

“Who is it?” Abs yelled when he heard a knock on his hotel room door.
“It’s me.” Came the reply. Abs' manager.
He walked to the door and opened it.
“Hi do I have an interview or something? I though I was free today, I want to shop today.”
“No, you have your free day. Abs, I have news and I think you better sit down.” They sat down on the couch and Abs listened to what his tour manager had to say.
“Kim had a terrible accident.”
“What? Is she alright? Tell me!” Abs jumped up.
“She's in the hospital. She has a bad head injury. She doesn’t know very much.
I’m not even sure if she remembers you.” Abs didn’t know what to say. He and Kim had been together for almost two years.
“No, she has to remember me and the time we've spent together. Please tell me I’m dreaming.”
“Sorry Abs. Do you want to go back to London now, because it would be not a good idea. There are some good gigs for you coming.”
“Forget them, I want to go back” Abs picked up his bags and started to pack.
“Why don’t you call her first?”
“She needs me and I need her too. Please understand that.”
“Ok I will make sure that you get home.” He left the hotel room.

Miranda and Chase were feeling pretty bad when they heard the news about the girl that they'd hit.
“What’s going to happen now with her?” Miranda started to cry when Chase asked the doctor.
“Well she is sleeping right now, and there are some family members on the way. You ca wait if you want.”
“Can I see her?” Miranda asked.
“Do you want to? You are not a family member so I can’t let you in there.”
“I want to. I don’t know why but just feel like I need to see her.
“Well ok come with me then.” The doctor said.
“Oh my gosh, look at her, Chase.” The doctor left them alone.
“Hope that she is doing fine.” Kim slowly opens her eyes.
“I will," they heard her whisper.
“Hi, there. She's Miranda and I'm Chase. I’m… I’m sorry that I hit you.”
“You hit me? I don’t remember that. All I know is that, well, I don’t remember anything.” She started to cry.
“Sssh. You will remember things later.” Miranda said.
The doctor came back in.
“Excuse me but you have to leave now. Her family is here.”
“Ok we will leave. Hope you get better soon.” They said their goodbyes and walked out.

Ten minutes later Kim's mother and dad walked in the room where their daughter was sleeping.
Chase and Miranda were already going home.
“Oh look at her, John. She looks terrible.”
“I know.” Kim slowly opens her eyes.
“Mum and dad?” Her mother started to cry.
“You know who we are.” Dad said. "How are you feeling?”
They heard a knock at the door. The door opened and Abs walked in.
“Kim. It’s so good to see you.” He hugged her tight.
“Who are you?” Kim asked him.
“Oh no, he was right. You don’t remember me.” Abs let go of her.
“Abs, don’t worry she will remember you. Just give it time.” Abs and her parents were good friends.
“Did she remember you?” He asked.
“Yes but she has known us longer than you.” Abs sat down and looked outside.
“Mm mum, dad. Can you leave me and Abs alone for a minute?” They nodded and walked out of the door.
“Abs, come and sit on the bed.” He stood up and walked to her.
“I don’t know what to think anymore. I only know mum and dad. But you have to believe that I really would like to remember what we have. Would you please tell me? Do you have pictures of us together?”
“Yes I have so many things. I will get them now so I can show you.”
“Ok now you tell me where we met and when we started to date.” Abs smiled again.

Chase and Miranda were having a nice meal at Chase home.
“Wow Chase you can make dinner. I’m impressed.”
“Well there are more thinks that you don’t know about.” Miranda gave him an interested look.
“Ok and when do I found out about it?”
“Soon.” Chase said with his mouth full.
After dinner they decided to go to the cinema. They went to the movie Finding Never land. “Why do you want to see this movie? You hate this kind of movies.” Miranda said while they were walking to the mean room.
“Another thing that you didn’t know about me.” He said with a smile on his face.
They sat down in the comfortable seats.
“Wow what a good movie!” Miranda said happily.
“I knew you would love it.” Chase said.
Miranda and Chase walked a few minutes…
“Oooh MACDONALDS!!” Miranda screamed. Chase stared to laugh, took her hand and they run forward.
“Good Evening, Can I help you?” The girl behind the desk asked. Chase orders the food.
“You still remember my favourite!!” Miranda said. Miranda and Chase had a great night.

Abs began to talk about Kim and him. How they met, how long they've been together. Kim really enjoyed it even she couldn’t remember anything about it. \par
That evening the Kim's came by. Abs left again he had to do a little interview in London .
“So how was your afternoon with Abs?” Dad asked. \par
“Yes, was weird. I could tell that he liked that time. After he was gone I cried. I want to remember that time.”
“Time will come soon, sweety.” He hugged his girl tight.
Soon after that a doctor came into the room with the jewellery that she was wearing on the day of the accident. Her mum and dad were still there.
“Kim, you got the ring back that you granddad gave you.”

Kim saw a necklace, she grabbed it.
“Abs, I got this from Abs.” She looked at her mum.
“You remember it?”
“Yes is remember it! Mum, give me the Abs' number. I need to call him.
Mum gave her phone to her daughter.
“He's not answering.” Kim said sadly, giving the phone back.

‘Knock, knock.’ Miranda came by with Chase again.
“Hi, you don’t mind that we are here?” Miranda asked.
“No it’s ok I was bored anyway. I want to go home.”
“How long do you have to stay here?”
“Not long I hope.”
“Wow, nice necklace.” Miranda said.
“Thanks, I like it too. My boyfriend gave it to me for our first anniversary.”
“It looks beautiful.” Chase said.
“Oh my gosh, you met Abs?” Miranda yelled.
“What do you mean?” Miranda drooled at a picture of Kim and Abs. \par
“Oh that…Um, I don’t know if I should tell you this but that is my boyfriend. At least that's what he told me.”
“Serious?!” Kim only nodded.
“I will leave you two alone; Miranda is so totally crazy about Abs!!” Chase rolled his eyes and left.
Miranda started talking and didn’t stop for ages. Kim enjoyed it, but got very tired and fell asleep, Miranda didn’t even notice.
After 3 hours Chase walked in the room. Miranda turned around. \par
“Hey Chase, back already?” She said naive, not knowing Kim was asleep.
“Miranda, hun, your talking to a sleeping person...” Chase laughed. Miranda turned red.
“I’m so dumb!” She shouted.
“Come on let’s go, silly!” Chase said. Miranda stood up and followed Chase out of the room.

The next morning.....
“Hey Girl!” Abs said when he walked into Kim’s room. Kim just woke up and smiled.
“The peepz who got me here did visit again, they seem to be very nice people” Kim told Abs.
“Really? What did you talk about than?” Abs asked curiously.
“About you....well this girl Miranda talked for ages about you.” Abs had a very strange look on his face.
“Don’ t know when she left, I think I felt asleep” The rest of the day Abs brought up some memories, Kim couldn’t remember anything.

“Why am I lying naked next to my best female friend?” Chase asked himself, while Miranda turned her head to the other side.
“Good morning sunshine.” She put her arm around Chase's waist. He didn’t mind that at all.
“Sorry, but how did we land in bed like this?” Miranda looked into his eyes and kissed him deeply.
“Remember now?” She said with a smile on her face.
“Mm vaguely.” Chase bent over to kiss Miranda this time.

“Think I will leave now.” Abs hugged Kim.
“Oh by the way Abs. I forgot to tell you something. I remember something about us.” She grabbed the necklace.
“Mm Kim, I didn’t give you that.” He said with a sad face.
“But I remember our first year anniversary. You gave me something, didn't you?” Abs sat down on the bed.
“I wasn't with you that day. I had to promote my album then.”
“Oh, ok.” Kim went all sad, trying hard to hide her tears.
“Abs, please go.”
“No, I’m not going anywhere now.” He took his jacket off and threw it on the chair. \par
“Why not? Why do you stay here? I don’t remember a thing about us. You are a complete stranger to me. I hate it when I hurt you like this.”
“Kim, I'm not going to let you down, Kim. I love you to much for that.” Abs kissed her hand.
“Did I love you?”
“Yes as far as I know. You showed me many times how much.”
“I want to remember it so bad.”
“What do you think of me now? I’m I still your type, aren’t?”
“Yes, you are being so nice to me and you have the cutest smile that I’ve seen since the accident.” Abs turned red a little bit.
“That is something that I really missed, Kim.” Now Kim turned red and laughed.

“Think I'll take a shower and then I will drop by Kim, than I have to go back home.” Miranda was laying on Chase's chest still.
“Are you sure you have to leave? If you still want to meet Abs you have to stay a bit longer.” Chase had a big smile on his face.
“ That’s a good idea. Ok I will stay here for a couple days, just to meet Abs.”
“Oh ok, great. Not even for me a bit?”
“I will stay here more for you. But my mum doesn’t have to know that.”
“Can we please skip that part?” Chase stepped out of bed and walked into the bathroom.
Miranda's mother doesn’t like Chase very much. Even when they were friends, she would be mad when she found out about their nights together.
“Sorry to bring that up, Chase.” Miranda stepped out of bed too, walked to bathroom where she saw Chase taking a shower.
“No it’s ok. Come here you.” He pulled her closer to him under the water.

Kim woke up and found Abs was still there, also asleep. Her mum came in.
“Sst Abs is asleep.” Mum hugged her daughter and asked how she was today.
“Abs told me yesterday that I didn’t get this necklace from him. That was a shock. We had a nice talk though. Very nice.” She said with a big smile on her face.
“Good, he really misses you. He really loves you.”
“I know that, mum. I even think that I’m falling in love with him too. It couldn’t be like before but after last night it changes my mind about him.” Kim was looking only at Abs.
He woke up.
“Morning love. Slept well?” Kim said. He smiled.
“What is the time?” He asked.
“10 AM.” Mum said.
“Shit. I have a photo shoot. I have to leave.” He jumped up, and grabbed his jacket.
“I will come back soon.” He said, giving her a kiss on her forehead.
“Bye, Abs.” Mum and Kim said at the same time, not even sure if he heard.

After an hour the doctor came in.
“Good morning, how are we feeling today?”
“Very good. Only my mind is still not back but I’m trying hard to get over that and give it time.”
“Glad you are feeling great. I have good news. You can go home today.”
“That’s great news, Kim.” Mum said.
“Yes but she can’t be alone because there may be trouble with her head, if you know what I mean.”
“Yes, I understand that. Seems I’m moving in with you then, mum.” Kim started to laugh.
“Why don’t you move in with Abs?”
“He can’t be home 24/7. He is an artist. And you don’t want to move in with you?”
“No I would love to but I was just thinking that you like Abs so much. It was just an idea.”
“I think that Kim is better off with you than with Abs,” said the doctor. “But I have to go now. You can pack your stuff and leave and then I will see you again in two weeks.”
“Bye doctor.” When the doctor left the room Miranda came in.
“Mum, this is Miranda,” explained Kimmie, “one of the two who got me in here.”
“I’m so sorry that I did this to your daughter. I didn’t see her coming," apologised Miranda.
“It’s ok. I’m glad that she is still alive. I will leave you two alone.
“Kim, do you need help to pack?”
“Pack, can you leave the hospital?” Miranda asked.
“Yes, I will move in with my mum. I still have to take a lot of rest.”
“I will help you pack if you like.” Mum nodded and walked out of the room.
“So where is your boyfriend?” Kim asked.
“Who, Chase? He was my best friend but since last night I think I can call him my boyfriend.” Miranda told her with a smile.
“Oh I though that you were a couple already.”
“No. By the way sorry about the other day. That you felt asleep.”
“Oh that’s ok. I now know that you are a big fan of Abs. I told him yesterday. He would love to meet you.”
“He is? I can’t thank you enough. I was going home today but I'm staying here for some more days because of Chase.” The girls talked about their guys.
After half an hour Abs walked in. Miranda was so busy packing that she didn't even not hear him come in. Kim whispered to him that this was the girl she was talking about the other day. Abs nodded back.
“Kim, where is your picture with Abs?” Miranda looked around and still didn’t see Abs.
“You mean this picture?” Abs handed it over to Miranda.
“Abs!” She yelled. Abs laughed and hugged Miranda.
“This is so weird. I hit the girlfriend of the artist that I like the most. I’m sorry for doing this to you both.” Miranda started to cry.
“It’s ok. I mean I forgive you because Kim did. Don’t worry. And it’s a pleasure to meet you. Kim only tells me good things about you and some guy, your boyfriend I think.” Miranda and Kim started to laugh.
“What? Is he not?” Abs looked surprised at Kim. Chase came into the room.
Miranda started to smile and welcomed him with a kiss on the lips.
“Chase, this is Abs.” Miranda introduces them.
“Nice meeting you Chase. Kim also talks about you.” Abs said while he put his arm around Kim.
“Look man, I’m so sorry that I hit her. By the way I heard that you can go home, Kim.”
“Yes I can. Well I’m moving in with my mum, just for a couple of weeks.” Mum came into the room.
“Wow what a lot of people. Kim, are you ready?”
“Let’s see. I think I have everything.” Kim looked around.
“Can Kim and I have a minute or 2 alone, please?” Abs asked. Everyone nodded and stepped outside.
The couple sat down on the bed.
“Listen Kim, I have to go back to America. I'm stay there for 3 months and that’s why I want to give you something.” Abs grabbed something from his pocket and gave Kim a box.
“Hope you like it.” Kim opened it and started to cry.
“Hope that I’m remembering it right, but is this the bracelet that I love from when we were in that shop together?”
“Yes it is. You remember it right!” He hugged her tight. When they looked into each other eyes again they laughed.
“Ok I think I should leave now.” Abs stood up.
“Abs, wait a second.” Kim said and walked to Abs. They were standing an inch apart.
“Thank you for standing by me...” She didn’t finished her sentence. She gave him a small kiss on the lips.
“Ok now you can go.” Kim said with a big smile on her face.
“Oh, ok then. I will see you after 3 months then. You take care, ok?” Abs was a bit shocked and left with a big smile on his face.
“Ok I can leave now...” Kim said. She grabbed her bag and walked out of the room. Everyone was standing there saying goodbye to Abs. When Abs left he looked at Kim and gave her a wink. Kim laughed and walked with her mum to the car.
Miranda had to go back to home. Kim said goodbye to her before Chase drove her to the airport.

“Ok we will stay in touch I hope. I’m sure you want to meet Abs again.” They laughed.
“That’s true. Hope I will come back soon.” Miranda looked at Chase.
“You have to go now, hon.” He said.
“I know.” The girls hugged each other and Miranda left.
At the airport Miranda told Chase that she didn’t want to leave after their night together.
“I know what you mean.” He said while he was hugging her tight.” Come back soon ok?” He whispered.
“What do you think?” She said, kissing him.
They hugged one more time then Miranda headed into the terminal.
She turned around and saw Chase standing there with a sad face. Miranda waved.
Chase waved back.
“I love you!” He said, though Miranda couldn't hear it, but on his lips she could read what he'd said.
Miranda ran back. “I love you too.” she whispered and then ran back into the terminal.

Weeks went by and Abs was coming home a week earlier than Kim had thought.
“Abs!” Kim was happy.
Abs enjoyed to see Kim so happy. They talked for hours and had so much fun.
“Do you remember that day we were at the cinema and that famous movie star James Badge Dale was there and we laughed at all those screaming girls?” Kim said. Abs mouth was wide open.
“What? Abs?”
“You just asked me if I could remember something about we did together!! Kim, you did remember something!!" Abs was even more happy.
Kim was surprised, but happy.
“Yes I remember more things everyday. But I saw James Badge Dale this week.”
“Did you remember more about us?” Abs wanted to know.
“No but I found out that James Badge Dale bought an apartment in the same building you live.” Abs look surprised.
“So now I got screaming girls for my home all the time?” Kim smiled
“But it’s nice seeing you, by the way!” She said.
“Same. I missed your smile.” He said while he pulled Kim closer towards him.
“Abs, I thought about us a lot those last 2 months.”She said suddenly.
“Ok. You don’t sound very happy.”
“I am but it’s still hard for me to believe that you're still in love with me after all this happened.”
“To be honest with you, I was a bit shocked when you didn’t recognise me but after we talked alone for the first time it changed my mind. You are still the same Kim and now we can do all the things that we did again if you want.”
“Like what.”
"After I came home from promoting the album, I took you to Disney Land. I remember it you loved it. You were always smiling, even in your sleep.”
“Ok. Abs, I like talking with you like this.”
“Me too, Kim.”

It was Sunday and Miranda was bored as always. She decided to check if some interesting people were online, but no.
After a few minutes her mum ran in.
“Miranda, we need to talk.”
“Ok relax, sit down.”
“I got this over the mail yesterday...”she said.
“Good for you mum, what is it?”
Miranda's mum showed her the telephone bill.
“$320!!” Miranda's mum almost screamed. \par
“That's a lot of money.” Miranda said and she knew it was her fault.
Than Miranda’s mobile rang. She looked at the display and saw it was Chase.
“Don’t you dare to take that call, young lady!”
“I have to take it.”
“NO you don’t…”
Miranda got angry and walked out of her room, but in the hall her mum stopped her and took her mobile.
“Chase? As in Chase Edmunds? As in the Chase I forbid you to see years ago??” Her mum asked.
“Yes.” Miranda said with her head down.
“So you didn’t go to England for your work?” The mobile was still ringing.
“MUM, give my mobile back!”
“Fine.” She threw the mobile to Miranda, but she didn’t catch it and it felt on the ground. It stopped ringing. Because Miranda didn’t have money to call Chase, she decided to go to her room and hoping that Chase would call back. And he did.
“Hi, girly. Why didn’t you pick the phone up?” Miranda started to laugh.
“Mum got upset with me because of the high phone bill.”
“And that's funny?” Chase asked.
“Yes but I am angry because she found out the real reason why I came to the UK.”
“Now what?”
“I don’t know. But no matter what she told me, she can’t stop me from seeing you!” Miranda almost cried.
“Maybe she can't, but I can!” An angry voice said. Miranda turned around and saw Dan; her mum's new boyfriend coming her way. He took the mobile and ended the connection.
“Listen to your mum next time.” He said and smacked her mobile on the ground, it broke instantly. Miranda started to cry.

Kim and Abs decided to go to Disney Land and Kim wanted to tell Miranda everything about it so she first called her cell phone but got no response. She called her home phone.
“Hello?” Dan picked up the phone.
“Hello, is Miranda home? I’m a friend.”
“Yes sure wait I will get her.” Dan put the phone on the table. Kim could hear Dan call Miranda. She also heard someone running loudly from the stairs.
“Miranda, its Kim.”
“Is that Chase?” Kim heard Miranda's mum yelling.
“Hi Kim, how are you?” Miranda said loudly and made an angry face to her mum.
After Kim told Miranda that she was going soon to Disney Land with Abs they continued.
“That’s cool. Hope that you remember something than. But I have a small question. Do you remember that guy that we met at the bar? The tall one, with sunglasses?”
“I have no idea what you mean. What happened with Chase?” Kim asked.
“Yes that guy. You have his phone number right? Why don’t you give him a call?”
“Oh you are talking about Chase but your parents can’t know?”
“Yes you remember him now? Call him, he is cute, ok?”
“Oh ok I will call him but why?”
“Yes I can’t call you anymore because my cell phone broke and I can’t call anymore.”
“And you want me to tell that your phone broke?”
“Yes of course you can call me lots of time! Send me a card ok?" Miranda asked.
“Of course!” Kim answered.
With that they hung up.
“Hey Chase! Kimmie here!”
“Hey so good to hear from you! How are you!?” Chase asked. Kim told Chase that she was going on holiday with Abs to Disney Land.
Chase was happy for them, and that they were in such a good contact after what he did to Kim.
“Euh Kim, have you been in contact with Miranda last few days? I tried to reach her but she's not answering her phone.”
“Yes, I just got off the phone with her, this Dan guy smacked her mobile, she can't call you, that’s the reason of my call".
“Aah's so sick that I can't even call my girlfriend.”Chase said sadly. Kim felt sorry for him.
“I know.”

Kim told Abs what happened.
“I have an idea.” He said with a huge smile on his face. Abs dialled a number.
“Hello, I want 2 tickets.”
“What are you doing?” Kim pushed Abs a bit.
“Sst, wait a minute. Oh yes hello I bought two tickets to Disney Land? I want to make it four tickets.”
“Four tickets? Abs, what are you doing?” Abs was holding me tight.
“Ok thank you. Bye.” Abs hung up and threw his phone on the table.
“Okay, speak!” She said looking straight into Abs eyes.
“I want to ask Chase and Miranda to come with us.”
“Why do you want to do that? I mean he almost killed me!”
“I know but I feel sorry for him. I know what it’s like to be not with your girlfriend when you really want to.” He walked away, leaving Kim sitting on the couch.
“Abs, I’m sorry. I want to say that I know what you mean but I can’t.”
“I know you want to.” He turned around and smiled at her.
“You'll call Miranda now than? We leave in two weeks.”
“Ok, I will go home then. Mum is waiting for me.”
“Kim, wait a second. I asked you something a week before I left and you didn’t answer it. Don’t know if I should ask it again.” Kim walked to Abs and hugged him tight and looks up straight in his eyes.
“Ask me again.” She said.
“I asked you if you wanted to move in with me when I got back from America.”
“You did? I don’t remember but does it still stand?”
“Yes but I understand if you say no. I mean we are still in the beginning if you know what I mean.” There was a minute of silence and they just looked into each others eyes. Than slowly there lips meet each other for a long hot kiss. After the kiss they started to smile.
“I remember something.” Kim said.
“You do? Shall I kiss you more then? Maybe you can remember more?” Kim nodded and they started to kiss again.
After a while Abs stopped.
“And?” He said.
“No sorry.” She said.
“What did you remember then?” Abs asked curiously.
“I had kind of a flashback to our first kiss.” Kim smiled. Abs was happy.
“Well maybe we should take it slow and hopefully you'll remember more.” He said.
“I think I’m going to call the doctor, this is good news right?” Kim said, she walked over to the phone and made the call.

“Mum, I’m leaving for Disney Land with Kim. You know who that is, right?” Miranda said.
“Yes have fun ok.”
Miranda didn’t know she was going to have her time of her life. When she arrived at Heathrow, where Kim was going to pick her up she saw that Abs was there too.
“Hi you two. Thanks again for inviting me.”
“Thank Abs for that.” Kim said while Abs was cuddling her from behind.
“Kim!” They turned around and saw that Chase was running their way.
“Chase? What are you doing here?” Miranda asked her mouth gaping open.
“Didn’t Kim tell you? I’m going with you.”
“Are you serious, Kim?” Abs and Kim smiled.
“Yep, surprise!”
“Oh you have no idea what this means to me but why are you doing this to us after what we did to you?”
“Don’t ask. Let’s get our things and go to Disney Land.” Abs said picking up the bags.

When they finally arrived at Disney Land they went into the hotel.
“Can I help you?” asked a nice lady at the reception.
“Yes I had a reservation on the name O’Brian.”
“Ok wait a second… I got it. Two rooms on the 7th floor?”
“Two rooms? I though I booked three rooms?”
“Three? For what?” Abs asked.
“I thought that we were taking things slow?” Kim joked.
“We are. I will sleep on the couch.”
“Abs, don’t worry. I was only joking. And you don’t have to sleep on the couch.” Kim looked back to the receptionist.
“Here are your cards as keys and I hope that you enjoy your stay here.”
Kim took the cards and headed up to the 7th floor.

“Ok which room do you want, 378 or 379?” Kim asked Miranda and Chase.
“I don’t care. You choose!”
“We'll take room 379 because we're the first who got here and we've also got the number 379!”
Abs grabbed the card from Kim's hand and she handed the other one to Chase.
“Why don’t we unpack our stuff and meet at the lobby in two hours?” Miranda asked.
“Yeah cool.” Abs and Kim walked to their door and opened it.
“Wow, I really can’t wait to meet Mickey!” Kim said walked to the window where she could see the park.
“Me either. This weekend will be so cool.” Abs started to jump around.
“So now I want to look where I will sleep.” Kim ran to the bedroom. “Oh my gosh. I just remembered something again.” Kim turned to Abs who was leaning again the doorpost with a big smile on his face. “I remember that we spent two nights here. I didn’t remember what we did I just remember that we were laying on the bed just holding each other.” Kim was looking at the bed and jumped on it. “Come and join me!” she said.
Abs ran the bed and jumped on it too.
“Hey, watch out for me will you?” She yelled and they started to laugh.
“What do you want to do first?” Abs asked when they looked up to the ceiling.
“Stay for a while and do this.” Kim turned her head to Abs and sat up a bit. She leant forward and she softly kissed Abs.
“You want to kiss me for two whole hours? Can you handle that?” He smiled when she pulled away.
“Mm don’t know, but it’s worth a shot, right?” She smiled back and this time Abs kissed her deeply.

When Chase and Miranda came into there room they were surprised to see lots of rose petals on the floor.
“Chase, did you do this all?” Chase looked just as surprised as Miranda.
“Sadly no. Maybe we were in the wrong room.” He looked at Miranda.
“Or Abs and Kim did this?” Miranda laughed.
“I don’t know really. Shall I call them?”
“No they need their time alone and so do we.” Miranda walked over to him and put her arms around his neck and he put his arms around her waist.
“So glad that you joined me. I thought that I had to go alone with those two.”
“Abs called me to tell his plan and I had to keep it a secret from you.”
“Well one thing's for sure, when I’m home I can tell my mum about this trip and I really had no idea that you were coming also.” Miranda smiled.
“Did I already give you a kiss?” Chase asked.
“No, now you mention it, no you didn’t!”
And Chase gave her a small kiss and then pulled away and walked to the window.
“Is that all? You haven’t seen me in weeks and all I get is a small kiss.” She made a sad face and walked next to Chase who had started to laugh and before Miranda could ask why he was laughing he kissed her deeply.
“That’s better then?” he asked on their little break. They looked in each other eyes.
“Yes but I can have more.” She made a big smile on her face and Chase kissed her again.

Kim and Abs were already waiting when Miranda and Chase walked down hand in hand.
“So are you ready to meet Mickey?” Abs teased them.
“Well we could stay for a bit longer in our hotel room,” They laughed.
“Thanks again, guys.” Miranda said. “Did you know anything about the roses leaves, by the way?”
“Mm no, why?”
“Because they were all over the floor.” Chase said. Abs smiled sneakily.
“Ooooh, this is your entire plan!” Miranda pushed Abs playfully and laughed.

The four went into the park. It was already late in the afternoon and it was getting dark.
After 2 hours just walking through the park Chase got hungry.
“Let’s get something to eat, I’m starving!” He said.
The other 3 agreed and went for a nice dinner in the nearest restaurant. The waiter gave them 2 separate tables in the back of the restaurant.
They enjoined the meal.
“Gosh, this is so romantic” Miranda said. Chase nodded and reached for Miranda’s hand.
“I love you.” He said.
Miranda felt herself turn red and her heart started to beat faster.
“I love you too.” she answered.

Kim and Abs finished there dessert.
“This is the best idea ever!” Kim said happily.
Abs smiled and said. “I know, I only have good ideas”
Kim laughed. “I have a suprise for you” she repeated with a naughty look.
“Oooh don’t give me that look!”
Kim did it again. “Let’s go!” she said.
Kim grabbed Abs hand, and on their way out they passed Miranda and Chase’s table.
“Lovely couple, we're leaving, enjoy your dessert, have a nice evening and we’ll see you two in the morning!” Kim said in a hurry.
Before Miranda or Chase could say something the two were away.

When Kim opened the door she was surprised to see it had snowed! Everything was white. Kim turned around to hug Abs, but he wasn’t there.
“Abs?” Kim didn’t see Abs, all she saw was whiteness around her.
When Kim turned around again she saw something white coming right to her and 3 seconds later her face was all white and cold, she screamed.
Abs was standing in front of her....: SNOWFIGHT!!!!
While Kim was making a snowball Abs ran off. Kim followed him.

Half hour later Miranda and Chase left the restaurant. It started to snow again when the two walked outside. Chase put his arm around Miranda, she did the same thing. Very closely together they walked back to the hotel.

But all good things come to an end and so did this weekend.
The four were at Heathrow airport. Miranda had to run to get her next plane back to the states.
Kim and Abs had already said goodbye to her and walked to exit. Chase ran with Miranda to her gate.
“I don’t want to go back. I had so much fun.” Miranda said almost crying to say goodbye.
“Everyone for flight 5446 to New York, please check in now. Plane will leave in 15 minutes.” A woman called over the tannoy.
“Well go now. Or I will keep you here.” Chase said with a smile and Miranda grabbed her bag and walked to the woman and gave her ticket. She nodded and Miranda looked at Chase and saw that he'd given a ticket to the woman as well.
“Where are you going?” Miranda asked.
“To New York, a girl that I like more than anything lives there and she will miss me if I’m still here and she is there all alone with mum, who doesn’t like me.” Chase gave her a big smile.
“Are you serious? You are coming with me?” Miranda couldn’t believe her ears.
The two got on the plane.

“You know Abs, I remembered a lot of things this weekend.” Kim said while they were driving home.
“You did? Why didn't you tell me?” Abs said a bit disappointedly.
“Just because....” It was quiet for a while. “Just because I wanted to deal with it myself first and didn’t want to tell you because I might be wrong.” Kim was about to cry.
“It’s alright.” Abs grabbed her hand and gave her a smile that made her smile as well.
“Your home.” Abs parked the car in front of the house where her parents live.
”So?” Kim turned her head to Abs.
“You don’t want to go home, do you?”
“No, lot things changed since my accident.” Kim looked to her home.
“Where do you want to go then?” Abs said with a smile.
“Can I come to your place for tonight? I will call them from there.”
Abs didn’t have to answer that question. He turned the car back on and drove off.

Miranda and Chase came out of the airport and Miranda didn’t know that her mum and Dan were picking her up.
Miranda walked hand in hand out of the gate and was very surprised to see them.
“Hi.” Miranda looked at Chase. “I totally forget about them.”
Her mum’s face turned mad when she saw Chase. “You're still seeing Chase?! You know how much you hurt me with that?!”
“Mm I know mum but you have really no idea how much he means to me. And he is not my friend anymore, he is my boyfriend now.” Mum almost passed out.
“Let’s go! I don’t know where you think you will going but you not welcome home for a while.” Dan said mad and hugged Miranda's mum, walking off.
“Now what?” Miranda said sadly.
“You can come back with me.” Chase said with a smile.
“What about my mum and Dan?”
“Your choice but maybe to gave them time to think while can spend with me.”
Miranda hugged her boyfriend.
“And spend more time with Abs.” He whispered. They started to laugh about it, walking to the plane that would take them back to England.