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Speed Devil

Abs and Scott had just met up and were waiting up to 20 minutes for their lovely girls to turn up. The girls had on the way to there guys a little bit of trouble with the car and they were caught but the police.
Just because Kimmie liked to speed sometimes when she was late for things. And Sian was worrying that they were going to be late for the boys. Sian called Scott.
"Hai babe, we have a problem. Your best friend’s girlfriend is a speed devil and now we are caught. So we will be there later."
"Did she?? Never know that Kimmie could drive fast."
"Yeah, neither did I lol" Kimmie was saying something in the background so Sian couldn't hear her. Scott then said than:
"Abs would like to talk to Kimmie about her speeding and he sounded a little pissed off."
"Kim, Abs wants to speak to you." Scott heard Sian say, Scott past the phone on Abs.
"Kim? Are you there?" He asked.
"Hai sweet. Wassup?" Kim had to laugh a bit.
"What do you think you are doing? You could be died!"
"I know baby, please don't have ago at me again about this." He then said:
"I don't mean to but you know how much you mean to me don't you, Kim? I mean you are my everything, hun"
"OK I’m sorry. Won't do it again! Promise. Happy now?" Kim was a bit upset and gave the phone back at Sian. Kim walked back to her car.
"Hello Abs, are you there?" Sian didn't know if he gave Scott the phone back.
"Yes I’m here." She heart him say.
"Abs, I will promise you that I will ride back to you." She said.
"Thanks sis! Here is Scott again." Abs gave Scott his phone back.
"Hello my lovely." Sian said to Scott,
“Thank hun, well I better 'go now'." Sain said. They both said there goodbyes and the phone went dead. Sian started walking back to the car to see if Kimmie was alright, she was sat in her seat with tears falling down her face.
"Oh what have I done to Abs." she said.
"Well you were stupid. Why did you do it? I mean Abs really like you. If you not here anymore he is going to die to. I know him better than you. He is my big Bro. Please don't hurt him and me. I don’t want to lose you too." Sian said while she putts her arm around Kimmie.
Kimmie and Sian then hug each other.
"Ok I'm sorry hun, I didn't mean to scare you like that"
"Well I think we better get to the boys how to see how there doing." Kim said.
"Ok let’s go." Said Sian. They started driving again to the cafe were the lads would be, but no soon as they just started driving again they hit something in the middle of the road.
"What was that?" Sian said.
"I don't know." The girls stepped out of the car. They saw that the hit a little post. Nothing special, but the car was busted.
"Now what?" Kim said and before Sain answer that question she called Scott again. As soon as
Sian was done talking with Scott the guys graphed there jackets and walked to the car. It was only one block away.
"Well what's happening" Kim asked Sian
"The lads are coming to help us." Sian said.
"Oh they must think we're a right pair, I mean what we get up to with this car."
"Whaha I bet they do." Sian said back.
Abs and Scott started to fight about who was going to drive.
"Oh I can't believe you Abs ,why can't I drive." Scott said.
"Because it's my car and nobody drives it but me, do you understand that, Scott?"
"Ok you can drive, Mr. Breen." Scott said sarcastically. On the way to the girls, the guys said nothing to each other. The girls saw the car of Abs. When Kim saw him she ran to him and hugged him.
"Abs, I’m so sorry that I hurt you!" Kim said
"It's ok, hun. Let's fix you car now, shall we?" Abs pushed Kim away.
Sian walked over to Scott and asked him what was wrong.
"Nothing hun," Scott said
"Babe I know you to well, what has my pig-headed bro said now?" Sian asked.
"Well he wouldn't let me drive his car" Scott said.
"You must be joking to ask Abs that, I'm not even aloud to drive that thing of his" Sian then said.
“That not the reason why we are here. Let's fix this problem." Scott said. Sian hugged her 'pig-headed' bro. Kim got into her car to get her jacket and keys. She gave the keys to Abs and gave him a kiss on his cheek and walked away. Abs followed her.
"Kim, wait. What's wrong?" Abs grape her arm.
"Nothing, Abs just let me go for now." Kim turned around but couldn't stop her tears. Kim sad down on the side walk, 20 meters away from the car.

As Abs and Scott started fixing the car it started to rain.
"Bloody hell" Abs said. The girls kept wondering up and down the road next to the car, but they were starting to get very bored, as the lads were kind of taking there time. More like they didn't know how to fix the damn thing in the first place. Kim was losing it.
"Well forget it. Let's just go home guys. I will call the A.A. They will know what to do with my car." Kim walked to the car of Abs. No one followed her.
"Well aren't you all coming?"
"Yeah." they all said together. So they all started walking towards Abs nice big BMW x5.
Sian pulls Scott in the backseat with her and Abs then said:
"Please don't do anything naughty in the back of my car." Sian and Scott both laughed at him.
Kim was still feeling a bit sad. When Abs saw that he graphed Kim hand. Kim smiled at him.
"You guys are home." Abs said when the arrived at Scott's place. Scott pulled Sian out of the car too and they were walking hand in hand to the front door.
"Abs, can you drop me off by my home?"
"You can also come with me."
"I want some time alone, babe."
"Well of course I can babe." With a naughty look in his eyes
"Abs!" Kimmie said.
"What hun, I was only saying."
"Let’s be going then." Kimmie told Abs.
Abs and Kimmie drove, Abs put his foot down. They got to Kimmie's about 10 minutes after dropping Scott and Sian off.
"Abs? Thank you for everything." Kim gave Abs a big kiss goodbye. It was like they never going to see each other agian. Kim opens the door and walked to her front door. When Kim was just watching a TV show, she was thinking about what happen today. Her car was busted, the guys of
A.A told her. And she made Abs mad. That was a thing that she hated. Make other people mad.

Scott and Sian were planning to spend the night in as a couple but than Abs turned up. Sian let her brother stay.
"If you wanted any company." Sian asked Abs.
"No, I wanted to spend the evening chilling with you two." And Abs said.
"Why not with Kim?" Scott asked.
"Well she wanted some 'time' alone!" Abs said a bit angry. The phone of Sian rang. She saw it was Kim. She walked into the kitchen.
"Hello Kim, how are you?" Sian said but than she heard that Kim was crying.
"Sian, I hurt Abs big time this time. I don't know why I do this but I think it's time for me to go."
"What do you mean with 'time for me to go'?"
Sain walked back into the room where Scott and Abs were sitting. Abs hears that the person on the other side was Kim.
"But Kim, no, please, don't do it. Abs is here right now. Do you want to talk to him?" Abs graphed the phone from Sain hand.
"Kim, please talk to me. What's wrong? I want to help you. And I’m not the only one. You have
Sian and Scott to." Abs said. He almost cried. Kimmie couldn't believe she could hear Abs trying to hold back the tears.
"If you could come around we can talk." Kimme than told Abs. Abs couldn't get off his seat fast enough and run out of the door.
"So he is gone. Hope that Kim and him are going to be alright." Scott said while Sian was sitting next to Scott.
"Well they will make up. He can't hurt people or want people to be hurt and he knows that Kim is hurt somehow." Sian came closer to Scott. Scott putts his arms around Sian.
"So what's on the TV?" Sain said.
"Well why don't we go upstairs and get us some sleep." Scott gave evil smile.
"Hmmmm Mr. Robinson that sounds like a good idea." Sian said
"I know. That's why I said it." Scott and Sian both raced upstairs and shut the door behind them.

As Abs was driving over to Kim's, he was thinking really hard about what he was going to say. So he knew he had to say sorry for what he said to her.
Abs arrived at Kim's place. Abs knocked on the door. Not much later Kim opens the door. Kim was so happy to see him that she hugged him tight.
"I’m so sorry for the things I said to you." Abs said.
"I’m sorry to for letting you scared too much." Kim and Abs walked to the living room. They took a seat on the couch. Abs then put his arm around Kim and pull her over, for a warm and loving
kiss, Abs tasted so fine. Kimmie felt herself melting into Abs soft warm lips. Abs kissed Kimmie harder while stroking the back of her neck.
"Abs, can we start over again? I will sale my car." Kim said when they have a little break to breath.
"Yes, but you don't have to sale your car." Abs and Kim kissed some more.

Back at Scott place the next morning. Sian was awake and found out the Scott was not laying next to her. She called Scott and soon Scott ran upstairs.
"Here I am." Scott opens the door and jumped on the bed.
"Where were you baby?" Sian asked .
"I had to phone Abs to see what happen with him and Kim."
"Well what happen then." Sian asked Scott .
"Well let’s just say they had a good night." Scott said.
"Oh right, so what are we going to do Scott?"
"How about a nice hot bath with lots of bubbles in it?" Scott said.
"Oh, sounds fine to me." Sian told Scott
So off went Scott to run a bath.

Kim and Abs decided to go to the beach the next morning. It was very cold but they didn’t mind.
“Kim, I love it this.” Abs and Kim walked down the beach early hand in hand.
“What do you mean with this?”
”Just you and me walking here on the beach in the morning.” Abs took a deep look into her eyes.
“I love you.” Kim said and kissed him deep.
On the way home Abs drove the car. Kim was just watching outside.
“ABS, LOOK OUT!!” Kim shouts and before they know they were hit by a truck.

“Scott, would you pick up the phone?” Scott and Sian were making out after there bath.
“Why? If it’s important they will call back.” Scott kept kissing Sian neck. Sian graphed the phone anyway.
“Hello this is the phone of Scott Robinson.” Scott looked up and graphed the phone.
“Yes this is me... WHAT? No it can’t be…O ok… I’ll be there in a couple minutes.” Scott hung up.
“What’s wrong, Scott?”
“You never guess. We lost our best friends. Kim and Abs.” Scott stud up and toke his jacket on.
“Come on let’s go to see there family. There at Abs place.” Sian got up and follow Scott into his car.