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Roll with me

Part 1

It was a beautiful sunny day in London. I was there with my best friend Monique. We came from Holland and we needed a break, so why not London.
The first day that we were there, we got to our hotel and unpacked our bags. We decided to get something to eat and went downstairs for some food. As I was ordering something to eat, I saw a nice looking guy sitting at the bar. He looked at me. I smiled back. After eating our dinner I went to him. He introduces himself. His name was Errol.
We had a nice talk and he told me that he was going to some club called Sintillate that night. He asked me if I would want to come and bring Monique with me. I said why not, though. We wanted to do something anyway, so he gave me his phone number.
When I told Monique about Errol and our plans for tonight she was surprised. I didn’t know why so I asked her. She told me that Sintillate is a famous club and that Abs Breen himself was there a lot. I was so shocked I couldn’t move.
We were getting ready for that night. Nice clothes, shoes and some make up. And while we were getting ready I called Errol. When he heard my voice he seemed happy somehow. When I asked him how he was doing he told he had a small problem.
”Can you tell me what it is?” I asked. There was a minute of silence, and than he told me he couldn’t pick me and Monique up for some reason. I felt that there was something wrong but I didn’t ask anything.
“Are you still going to Sintillate or not?”
“Well I want to come. But I have some problems.” Than I just had to ask him what it was. He told me that he was in the hospital because he had a little fight with his cousin Izzy. He asked me if I want to come there…

I went there with Monique and asked some nurse where I could find Errol. I knew only his first name, Errol. So I called Errol. When I called, a guy named Abs picked up. Without thinking about it I asked if I could speak to Errol. A view seconds later I spoke to Errol and asked where he was in the hospital. After 10 minutes looking Monique and I found it. We knocked at the room’s door. When we heard a yes we went in. Monique and I looked at Abs first and we were so shocked that the only thing that we could say was hi. I looked at Errol. He smiled at me. I introduce Monique to Errol and he introduced Abs to us. We looked at each other and laughed. Errol asked us why we did that. So we told them that we are big fans of Abs. He got embarrassed. He looked cute though.
“This is not a first date that I though off!” I said that with a smile to Errol. He told me al about his fight with his cousin Izzy.
After one hour Monique and I decided to leave. So Abs was nice to offer us a ride to the hotel. On our way to the hotel Abs, Monique and I had a nice talk. He asked us why we were fan of him. We told him with read cheeks that we just love his music and the man himself.
”What’s so special about me?” He asked. We didn’t answer that question. I did notice that Abs was looking at me quiet a lot. Or maybe I wanted that.

When Monique and I was in our hotel room the only thing we did was laughing. We still couldn’t believe it that Errol was the cousin of Abs, the real Abs. And that same Abs gave us a ride home. He gave us his phone number so we could call him if we wanted to see Errol.
Almost every day we went to the hospital all week long. Abs drove us. We had fun in the car.
When Errol was out of the hospital we all drove him to his home. Errol looked at Abs and asked if he wanted to leave me and Errol alone. Errol looked at me with a cute smile. We talked about the last week and we decided to go on a real date, just the two of us.

The next day I and Errol had a real first date. We had a nice meal. It was very romantic. He asked me lots of questions. And also he ask me what I though of Abs. I laughed and told that he was a nice person in real. I like his music and yes I hade a little crush on Abs too. But I didn’t know him like I do now. But we changed the subject very quickly. After our date we decided to go to Sintillate with Abs and Monique. So we picked up Monique and Abs. First we picked up Monique. Errol called Abs to tell him that we were going to Sintillate. Abs told Errol that he already was there. So after an hour we three went to Sintillate. Monique and I were never been there. But when we were in soon we found Abs. He introduces us to Maria, his girlfriend. Monique and I were looking at each other. That night was fun. We had a couple drinks and nice talks and we danced a lot. Abs with Maria, Monique with some guy she met there and Errol with me. Errol and I kissed a bit that night. But nothing more happened.
The next two days Errol and I just called but we didn’t saw each other.

It was Saturday night and Monique and I decided to go to Sintillate. We took a cab. When we got there we were looking for faces that we saw before, than we saw Abs. We went to him and he was happy to see us. He gave us a couple off drinks and talked a lot. When Monique saw the guy that she met a couple days ago she looked at me and went off. So only I and Abs were sitting there just hanging. I asked where Maria was. He told me that she had other plans. He was a bit sad when he said that. He looked at me with a smile and asked me where Errol was. I told him that we only called since the night that we went here. I also told him that Errol was not really my type. He was nice and sweet but he doesn’t have the same interest like I had. Abs told me how Errol was when they talked about me. I was looking little bit sad. I don’t want to hurt Errol. But Abs promised me that he won’t tell Errol.
When we had more drinks he took my hand and dragged me to the dance floor. We danced and had a really great time. I told Abs that I had to go to the toilet. When I was there I realized that I didn’t though of Errol. My thoughts were with Abs, the whole night. While I was thinking about it Monique came in. She was happy and told me that the guy she met is called Tom. I was happy for her. I told her all about me and Abs.
“I’m not sure if I’m going to the hotel tonight.” Monique said. All that I could do was smile. We left the toilet together and when I was looking for Abs, Monique was already gone.
I went back to our drinks and looked around. When I wanted to take a sip of my drink I felt two hands on my hips. A sweet voice whispered in my ear:
”What took you so long? I missed you!” I recognized that voice. It was Abs. When I turned around and looked into his beautiful dark brown eyes, I smiled. He was still holding my hips. I put my arms around his neck. Than he said:
”Let’s dance” He took my hand tight and led me to the dance floor. All the way he couldn’t take his eyes away from me. We were dancing really close and didn’t though about the rest of the people that were there. He held me tight with his strong arms around me. When I closed my eyes I felt that the arms of Abs were slipping away somehow. When I opened my eyes he was not there, but before I know I felt those strong arms again. Abs was standing behind me. I put my head on his shoulder. After the song ended I turned around. He gave me a dirty look and small kiss on the lips. I felt his soft lips. They were softly touching mine. I was shocked but it changed and I answer it with a kiss back. He seemed to enjoy my kiss very well. We kissed for a long time. I totally forgot Errol but than another name came up, Maria. I stopped kissing Abs. I didn’t want to. Abs looked at me and asks me why I stopped.
“I have one word for you, Maria.” He took his eyes away from me for the first time that night. He walked away to our drinks. I followed him.
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?” I asked.
“The real reason why Maria is not here is because we had a little fight.” He told me with a sad face. I put my arm around him.
“Did you two split up? If you want to talk about it…”
“Well, the reason of the fight is…” There was view seconds of silence. He looked at me with his sad eyes. My heartbeat was rising up at the minute.
“Well are you sure? It’s because of you.” I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say. All I could do was finishing my drink. When I was done with that I wanted to go home and Abs saw that. He asked if I was alright. I said that I just wanted to go back to the hotel. Abs wanted to drive me home. So he did.
When we were in front of the hotel Abs stopped his car and when I want to get out Abs grabbed my hand. I looked at him.
” What are we going to do now?” He asked.
”I don’t know Abs.” I closed the door. I sat next to him in the car. I was thinking. I really liked Abs. I liked his voice; the kiss in the club was something that I couldn’t forget. We had a great time that night. But there was something holding me back…
Than we looked into each other eyes. He gave me a sweet smile. I made had to make a chose. I could walk away from him or kiss him. I thought how I felt about him. I was fan of Abs, but now that I know him for over a week... He was cool, nice and sweet to me, but totally different when Maria was around.
“What are you thinking now, Kim?” I heard Abs saying to me.
“You don’t want to know!” I turned my head to him. I bent over and kiss him softly on the lips. He kissed me back. I forget all the things that were around me. The only thing on my mind was Abs. I felt his arms holding me and rubbing my back. I was massaging his neck. He liked that and he kissed me even harder. When we took a little break to breathe, I looked at him with a little smile.
”I think that I should go.” I said and gave him one more kiss on his cheek and left the car.

When I got back into my hotel room I went into the kitchen and made me some tea. After that I went into my bedroom. I heard a door. It was Monique.
“Did I wake you up?”
“No.” I said with a smile. She made some tea too and we talked about her night with Tom. She told me everything with a big smile on her face. I was happy for her.
”And how was your night with Abs?” She gave me a cheeky look. All I could do was laughing.
“I KISSED ABS!!” I yelled. But don’t tell anyone. We were laughing and talked for more hours that morning.

It was 6 am on a Saturday and we were still talking but than my phone rang. It was Errol. He asked if I had any plans for Sunday afternoon.
“Not that I know. Why?”
“Well now you do know. We have to talk.” We set up a time. Than I told him that I wanted to sleep. So he hung up. When I looked back at Monique she was already sleeping. I went back to my room and cuddled in my bed.
I woke up at 3 pm and found out that Monique was already awake. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. Then I heard a voice calling:
”Kim, do you want to go with me to Sintillate?”
“Yes, please? You might see Abs?!” I said that it was okay. I was dead already but why not. I needed to talk to Abs anyway.
Later that day the doorbell rang. Monique and I were getting ready for tonight. But when Monique heard the door she was happy and ran to the door. It was a man standing there. I thought it was Tom because he gave Monique a kiss on the lips. I introduced myself to him. Than after we were done he drove us to Sintillate.

When we got there we went to ‘our’ seat. That was a little area where we all sit for the last two nights that I was there. We ordered some drinks. Monique and Tom went to the dance floor. While I was drinking and looking at the dancing people I heard a voice that I know. It was Errol. I looked at him kind of shocked. I gave him a smile. He bent over me to give me a kiss. That kiss was a kiss like he didn’t saw me for over a year. I didn’t stop him. That’s Kimmie again. Don’t want to hurt people. We dance a lot and ordered more drinks. But still my thoughts were with Abs all day. That night was the same thing. I wanted to drink so we went back to our seat. Not much later Monique and Tom joined us.
”He there is Abs!” Errol said and waved at Abs. I looked at Monique. I saw Abs. He didn’t look at me. I saw that he was holding someone’s hand. Not much later I found out that it was Maria. I looked at Monique again.
You could see on her face that she was feeling sorry for me. She knows me better than I know myself. Without thinking, I kissed Errol. I was kind of mad. Errol was kind of shocked by my action but he kissed me back. I give him a smile after that. He went over to Abs and Maria. Monique came next to me.
”Are you ok?”
“No, I’m not. But I will talk to Abs tonight” I said while I was looking at him. Errol and Abs were talking about me. I know that because they were looking at me. Errol had a big smile on his face and Abs had a face that said I’m sorry. I smiled at Errol and looked kind of mad at Abs.
“Who wants a drink?” Errol asked us all. Monique and Tom were already on the dance floor again, so only Errol, Maria, Abs and I were there. Only Maria wanted something to drink. Errol went to the bar followed by Maria. But before she left she gave Abs a kiss.
”Bye darling.” She said, and went away. I looked away than.
I felt a hand on my shoulder. When I turned around I saw two beautiful dark eyes that I’ve seen before. It was Abs. When I saw his eyes the only thing that I wanted to do was to kiss him.
“What happened between you and Maria?” I asked.
”Well last night I came home and I found out that Maria was still awake. We talked.”
“What did you say? Anything about our kiss?”
“No but you didn’t answer my question, remember?” That made me so angry.
“So you thought; well I will wait for an answer but in the mean time I have Maria?” Before he could answer that question Maria and Errol came back.
When we were all dancing on the dance floor I looked mad at Abs. I pretended that I had a great time with Errol. He was so happy. He asked me if I wanted to go home with him. I didn’t know what to do. Errol was sweet and nice to me but I was not in love. But I did go home with him. I had to do something to forget Abs for a minute.
I woke up with strong arms around me. I realized what I’ve done the night before. I tried not to awake him and left. Back at the hotel I went to my room and cried. My plan didn’t work. Abs was still on my mind when I was with Errol the whole night. Monique came in. I told her everything that happened the night before. She told me to make a choice. Forget the whole thing with Abs or tell Errol everything and go after Abs.

I saw Errol that afternoon. When he came in the restaurant, he had a big smile on his face. He gave me a small kiss on my cheek. As soon as he sat down I said started.
“I have to tell you something.”
“No, me first.” Errol interrupt me.
“Kim, I know that you have to go home tomorrow. That’s why I need to say this to you. I think that I’m falling in love with you. Hope that you want to be my girlfriend. I will miss you when I’m here all alone in London. But maybe you can come here often?” He gave me a smile. I smiled back, thinking about what I was going to say. My phone rang. It was Abs.
”I need you. I want to feel your arms around me. Please come and talk to me. I’m at …..” I hang up, back to Errol.
”Hmm Errol... I don’t know how to say this but I have a boyfriend at home.” I lied. Because I was not in love with him and I used him just to get my mind of Abs. He gave me a sad face.
“But we still can be friends.” He agreed but still I had the feeling that I hurt him. When he left the table, I asked him if he want to say goodbye to me at the airport the morning after. He said no and walked away.

I called Abs after when I paid the bill. I asked where he was because we needed to talk, alone. He was happy to hear my voice. He gave him his address and I went there.
Abs opened the door with a smile. When I saw that smile it made me always smile somehow. He invited me in and offers me a drink. I never had been into his house before. I looked at all the awards he won with 5ive. Then Abs came back from the kitchen with two sodas.
“Where is Maria?”
“She is with some friends.” We took a seat on his couch.
”We need to talk, Abs”
“Yes, we do. Let me start.” I looked at him waiting what he had to say. I was prepared for everything.
“The night that we kissed I will never forget. I was driving home and though of that kiss and what to do now. When I got home, Maria was still awake. You have to know that I can’t hurt people. So that’s why I didn’t tell her about our kiss. Last night was hard. I saw you all over Errol. I wanted that you were all over me.” He looked away. What should I do now?
“Abs, now it’s my turn. This might sound weird. I am a fan of you for a long time now. But since I met you I totally forgot about that. I saw you as a friend. Our kiss that night was a shock but I loved it. When I was back into my hotel room I was happy, but when I saw you at Sintillate with Maria, I was kind of mad. I though that you forget all about our kiss. I did something very stupid that night. I went home with Errol. Because I thought that is the only way to get you of my mind for a minute. But it didn’t. I feel terrible now. I used Errol. I spoke to Errol this afternoon and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I didn’t know what to say. I told him that I had a boyfriend at home.” I didn’t know that he is thinking now.
The phone of Abs rang. It was Maria to tell him that she was going out for dinner with her friends and that he didn’t have to wait for her to come home.
“Ok, have fun than. Bye. Yes, I love you too, Maria….”

That afternoon I had to pack my bags, because the next day we were going home, to Holland. Abs didn’t want that, and I didn’t for sure. We sat the whole afternoon on his couch, drinking coffee and talking about nothing, just to forget the painful truth. He could not hurt Maria, I could not hurt Errol, and there was no way to have a relationship while there were two people too much. Somehow I was happy to leave London tomorrow, then I would come over Abs sooner then when you know, you can see him any minute if you wish. But deep in my heart, I was going crazy from the thought; I will never see him again. We had to say goodbye now, and we did, not too much words, not too much kisses, everything would be so painful now.
“I will never forget you Abs, now I am not only fan, but also a friend.” He looked at me and said: "You won’t be able to forget me, and if you will I will stop you, I will call you, I will mail you, and I if must, will come to Holland, but you won’t forget me, baby”.
“Take care Abs, yourself and Maria; she doesn’t know what she has!”
He kissed me and I saw a little tear coming, as I went on. I ask him to promise not to come to the airport tomorrow and he did.
In the hotel room I couldn’t stop my tears, Monique made me some tea, and it was supposed to make me feel better, but it didn’t. Later on I was too busy with packing, to think about Abs or Errol, or Maria. I was pretty concentrated on packing, and may be for the best.

Next day as I was at the airport with Monique, I heard her saying something. I looked back and saw Tom. She kissed him and gave him as much hugs as she could. He almost choked. She looked at me after a minute as with tears in her eyes told me she was staying for one more week in London with Tom, and after that they will see what they will do. They were so in love. I said it was okay with me and went on with giving my bags away and stamping my ticket. I heard someone calling. I turned around and saw him, with guilt on his face. He promised not to come but he did.
“I couldn’t let you go!” He kissed me and griped my hand tight.
“We can’t go on like this Abs. You have your life; I have mine, and what a shame but they don’t cross. You still love Maria even you have feelings for me. And living with a secret relationship is nothing like me. I am sorry, but I am leaving.” He looked at me with understanding en let my hand. He let me go, but really deep inside I did want to say that I was staying. I kissed him and it felt like for the last time.
I was gone and he stood there alone for the next 20 minutes, then he left as well.

“Kim, Monique on the phone.” Monique was coming home today from London. I asked her to come over and tell me all about her week. I make some tea while I was waiting for her. When she arrived she told me how great Tom is. And they had a great week. They went to Sintillate but didn’t saw Abs. Monique called him also but no response. I still though about Abs a lot. I know that I didn’t want to. But I can’t leave with the fact him still seeing Maria. We talked all afternoon.
Later the day I went online and just while I was surfing I found out that the club Sintillate was going on a kind of tour, with there DJ’s and some other DJ’s. I called Monique right away and we decided to go there.

July the 12th. That was the day that Monique and I are going to Sintillate. It went place in Arnhem, in a big stadium. We were getting ready. Her mum was going to drive us there.
On our way there we played some music and talked about our time in London. We didn’t talk about Errol and Abs. We said goodbye to her mum and went in and get us some drinks.
We had a time of our life. We danced a lot and we talked.
Then when we were dancing I felt some hand on my hips. I remember something than. I felt those hand also that night that I kissed Abs for the first time. When I turned around I saw two dark eyes and than I saw a smile that I couldn’t forget. It was Abs. I was happy to see him. I hugged him.

I looked back into his eyes. I was shocked. Than Monique said hi and hugged him. We went to a quiet place so we could talk. We found out that he was one of the DJ’s that was playing here. I was happy to see him but I was just over Abs. It took me a while to get over that kiss.
Monique went to get us some drinks. Abs looked at me and asked how I was doing.
“I’m fine. What about you and Maria?” I was very curios about them. He looked away and told me that she slept with a other man but they talked it out and there ok now. He gave me a smile and I know that they were happy. Monique came back with some drinks and Abs left because it was his turn to spin some records. Monique and I went back to the dance floor.
After a while Monique was not feeling well. She called her mum.
”Stay with Abs, ok? He can drive you to my place or not….” She gave me a cheeky smile and I had to laugh. I waved at her while she was driving away.
I went back and looked for Abs. He was still spinning the records. When he saw me he gave me a sign to come to him. I went there and he said:
”It’s going to be fine!” He gave me a smile with it.
When he was done we went on the dance floor and dance some more. I felt good. Even Maria was on my mind and Errol.
Abs took me closer to him that I already was.
“I missed you.” He whispers in my ear. I missed him to. But now I was over him and I don’t need him. But maybe I want a night of fun? I don’t know.
”Little question. Where is Maria?”
“She is in London, why?” I looked for his eyes than I found very fast and than I know it. This night will be fun. And before I know it I kissed him. He kissed me back. I felt his hands on my back. I got shills on mine spine. My arms rapped around his neck. I wanted to leave and when I looked into Abs eyes he know what I was thinking. He took my hand and led me to the exit. He said goodbye to his friends and than we leave.
We walked to his car. We stepped in and he asked:
“Want to go to Monique or want to come with me?” He said that with a smile. I don’t have to think about that and I answer him with a big kiss.
I don’t have to worry about my night with Abs. Monique know me enough. And she knows that if I had the chance I will spend the night with Abs.
We arrived at the hotel. We both were excited when we arrived at his room. He went into the bathroom so now I had a chance to call Monique. I told her about what happened and that I was spending the night with Abs. She was very happy for me. Abs came back with a smile and I said goodbye to Monique. Abs took the phone from my hand and took me into his arms and kissed my neck.
The next morning I woke up and try to remember where I was and what I did the night before. Soon I found out that I spend the night with Abs. But Abs was not lying next to me. I called his name a couple times but there was no response. When I was took my clothes I found a note. It was from Abs.
’Kim, I’m sorry that I wasn’t there when you woke up. But you have to know that last night was great. I had to go to London this morning but I didn’t woke you up because you looked very sweet in the morning. I will call you... Bye yours Abs.’ I took a shower and went home. I was thinking what to do now. I called Monique for some advice. She came over right away. And we talked all afternoon. I decided to leave it alone. He is not going to call me. He is happy with Maria. He didn’t call me at all…

It was really painful experience in my life, but I got through it and I have to go on now, I should know it can’t be serious dating some famous star. When I played his record I did think a lot about him, but now more in a good way, that I met my idol and became not only friends with him but I also kissed him. I had to see it as something good, otherwise I would become crazy! So I went on with my life and after few weeks I cached my lifestyle again and lived like it never happened.

One day I stayed home because I felt little dizzy. It was a month after I came back from London. For a second I thought it felt like being pregnant, but I didn’t even want to think about that!
The doorbell rang. I stood up from my bed, and went to the living room. I opened the door and was totally shocked. It was Errol who stood the other side of the door, my door.

“What are you doing here?” I asked and welcomed him to come in.
“Hello to you too” he said and smiled at me like he used to do. “I am here because of you and because I really care about you! You do know how I feel about you. I don’t have to tell one more time right?”
“Right.” I said, but I didn’t get what he was saying.
“So I am here because I want only the best for you and now I know what it is. I spoke to Abs.”
“You did?” Oh my god, I thought.
“Yes, and I understand now why you didn’t want to date with me, you had feelings for him right?”
“Right.” I said again, but I still didn’t get where he was going.
“So what are you saying?”
“I am saying, that he told me everything, how he feels, and he wants you badly in his life.”
“He does? But there is a problem you know?”

“Yeah, more then you know, it’s getting serious between him and Maria. She wants to live together with him.”
“I thought they already did.” I said.
“Well, yeah, now and then, but she wants him, as a husband, I thinks she wants to marry him.”
“Is she going to purpose?”
“She is of that kind of girls. She is rich and she has power to get what she wants, and I am okay with them being together, if he was happy, and he was with her, but since he met you he doesn’t picture his future with that girl, he sees it with you!”
“So what can I do?? Interrupt to their wedding and run away with Abs?”
“No, but you can go with me back to London and make everything clear, tell him about your feelings, then he would leave her, I promise.”
“Are you crazy?? I am not going to ruin someone’s life!”
“Whose? Maria’s?” He laughed.
“She can get every guy she wants, and she doesn’t need Abs, believe me. She has already cheated on him, he forgave her, so she does see other guys, and she has been unfaithful so why would you ruin her life? She ruins yours and Abs!”
“Well, okay, I will go with you, but only to see Abs.”
So I went to London again. Abs didn’t know about Errol going to Holland and me coming here. When we came to the cafeteria where we sat before I left London, I saw Abs with Maria, and became kind of hopeless; it felt like I came for nothing, now that I saw them together again. I got chills all over my body and didn’t know what to do. Errol again had a nice idea, and we came to sit at the table with Abs and Maria. Errol behaved like we were a couple, so Maria wouldn’t think that I came for Abs. Abs was shocked when he saw me, and we kissed as friends, I wasn’t really friendly to Maria, as she wasn’t to me. Abs thought that I was with Errol, and it really seemed like he was over me. I thought that it was an idea off Errol to get me back here to try to get me as girlfriend.

After a while Maria had to go somewhere and Errol left us, me and Abs, alone. He just looked into my eyes and couldn’t say a word. He griped my hand and asked me:
“What are you doing here? I’m so sorry that I didn’t call you.”
”I am here because of Errol.”
“What? Are you a couple? I didn’t know…”
“No, we are not, he told me to come to London. He spoke to you and he said...”
“That I need you? I do! I just have to lose Maria.” He said and his cell phone rang. It was Maria, she said something and he got sad somehow.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing.” he said and he looked terrible.
“It’s just Maria; she wants to see me, to talk to me about something. I don’t know what to do, honestly, but I will do whatever it takes to be with you, Kim.”
“Okay” I said and he went on. I sat in the cafeteria, and thought what to do next while I am all alone in London. Shopping seemed like fun.
The whole afternoon being in London and shopping was fun, until I came to this one store. It was really famous and fancy; there were coming many celebrities, and rich people. So I thought it would be cool to visit this one too. I was already a bit shocked, when I came in, because I saw David Beckham, yes, the most famous soccer player, coming out of the store with his wife, posh-spice Victoria. I was kind of WOW! When I came into the store, there was nobody, then I saw some couple kissing in a little store café, I didn’t recognize any celebrity in them. I chose some clothes to fit, and went to the dressing room. I was there I heard very familiar voice, but couldn’t remember whose it was.
When I came out of the room, I saw top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo with guess who, Maria. It was them sitting in the café and kissing, and the whole UK knew she was dating Abs. It’s not fair, not to Abs! I had a feeling like I had to tell him, but he might not believe me, he would think that is a way to get him. I don’t want him to think that way. Abs said he was going to talk to Maria this afternoon, and she is here, so did he lie to me?

I was thinking. About what he said to me this afternoon, and she is here, so did he lie to me? I was thinking. He wouldn’t lie to me. I should call him, I thought. So I did. I said to him that I want to see him and to talk to him. He told he would come and see me at the café, but I wanted to see him at his place. So I came to him and we sat on the couch. He put his arm around me and kissed my cheek. He saw that something bothered me and he asked, what is was.
“What bothers you, Kim?” he asked.
“I am not sure I should say it, you might get mad, you know.”
“Tell me please, you know you can tell me anything.”
“Can I?”
“Of course, you know I love you…”he became silent. He told for the first time what he felt to me. He got little red and smiled to me.
“You do?” I asked.
“Yeah, I feel strongly about you, and you know, I am like between two fires now, you...”
“And Maria?” I said.
“Listen, what I wanted to say to you is about her. I saw her this afternoon, and she was not alone. She was with this guy, what’s his name again, something like Ron…some football guy.”
“Ronaldo? Was she with him? Where?”
“Shopping, at Tiffany’s. They kissed.”
“Hmm, they did? That will make it easy for me.”
“What do you mean?”
“If she has an affair AGAIN, I won’t be able to forgive her, and by the way, maybe she has a future with that guy. As we have future together.”
“Do you think?” I smiled and kissed him.
“Yes and remember, I love you.” He kissed me.
Now Abs had to tell Maria that I was over between them. Not much later she came home.
“Hai honey, everything al…” She didn’t finish her question she saw us sitting on the couch. Abs’ arms were still around me and Maria saw that and went a bit angry.
"What do you think you are doing? She asked very angry and yet with some happiness in her eyes. Abs asked her to sit down. I was holding Abs hand. He was holding mine tight. It was not easy to break up with Maria. They have been together for 3 years.
“What is she doing here? Are you crazy to bring her here? To our house?" She yelled.
“Kim is here because she had to tell me something.” Abs tried not to look away from her eyes but he did.
“Maria, I think we should split up. I heard from Kim that you are seeing Ronaldo. It’s not the first time, Maria. So I think that you should hook up with him.”
“So you can spend your time with Kim??” Maria looked at me and Abs gave a mad face to Maria. “Kim I hope that you are happy now. You got Abs." Her phone rang:
“Oh, hey baby, how are you? Wait second!” She looked at me.” Good Luck.” She said and continued talking on the phone as he went away. She wanted to seem glad but I still saw a tear almost coming from her eye. Abs wanted to go after her. But I stopped him.
“She is going to be just fine!” I said with a smile and kissed him deeply.

Part 2 Roll with me
Abs and I were serious for more than 4 months. I was still living in Holland but when Abs was home, I was there with him.
There have been some changes in these four months. Like Errol. Between him and me was everything all right. We were big friends. In addition, Errol and Abs became friends with Izzy again. Errol had a girl called Miranda. She became best friends with Monique and me.
Monique was living in London with Tom. We all became very good friends and you could find us almost every weekend at Sintillate.
Since Abs told Maria that it was over between them, she was still in our lives. She kept calling Abs en coming to his home.

One day I was in London with Abs in his house. We were making out on the couch. But then the phone rang.
” Abs, please pick up the phone!"
"Why?" He said while he was kissing my neck.
“Because, Abs." He looked at me with his puppy eyes. I try not to give in on that. I said with my sweetest smile:
“Please?". Abs picked up the phone. It was Maria. We both sat up straight and Abs was listening to what Maria had to say. Normally when Abs picks up the phone and knew it is Maria he hangs up on her. However, this time he did not. It had been two weeks since we hear from her.
"I miss you!” I hear Maria say. Since they broke up, I had Abs but also still Maria. She was still doing everything to get Abs back.
"Maria, forget me! I have to go." Abs said a bit angry to Maria. When he hung up, he looked at me. "Sorry Kim" He said. I bent over him and gave a kiss.
After ten minutes of kissing, we heard a door knock. Abs looked at me and shouts:
"Now what! Why can’t just spend a day with my girl?" We both sat up straight again. I walked to the door, open it. It was Errol and Miranda. I shouted at Abs that it was they and let them in. Errol asked Abs if they interrupt us. Abs smiled at me and nodded his head.
"Good." Errol answered on that.
"Because I think that you have a little problem” I sat next to Abs and grape his hand.
Miranda told us that Maria was with her last week. She was upset because Ronaldo broke up with her because he though that Maria still loves Abs. However, while Miranda was in the kitchen to get them something to drink, Maria went into her stuff to look for my address and phone number. Miranda found that out when Maria left.
I was shocked and did not know what to do. I called my mum. I told her the whole story and she told me:
"If she is coming here or calling me I will tell you that I don't know you!" I was so happy to hear her voice. After I hung up, Abs put his arms around me and told me that she could not hurt me.
After a few minutes, my phone rang. I picked it up and hoped that it was not Maria. However, it was Monique. She asked if it was all right that, she and Tom came over. I said it was okay but Errol and Miranda were here to. She did not mind.
After 15 minutes, we heard a door knock. Abs opened the door and we found out it was Tom with Monique. Abs invited them in. I was still talking to Errol and Miranda about Maria. When I saw Monique, I gave her a big hug. When everyone got a drink and a sat, I told Monique and Tom about Maria. They did not believe there ears.
"But what brings you two here?" Abs asked. Tom gave a smile to Monique and then she showed us her ring around her finger. Tom asked to marry her. She said yes. We were all so happy. We did not think about Maria.
Before dinner, Errol, Miranda, Tom and Monique left the house. I sat back on the couch thinking about the conversations we had that afternoon. Abs took sit next to me and put his arms around me. We ordered some food and rent a movie. I did not saw the end of the movie. I felt asleep in Abs arms. Safe...

'Ring Ring.' it was my phone again waking me up. I picked it up. I did not know who it was.
"Yes this is her." She hung up. However, I remembered the voice. It was Maria. I put the phone on the table, went into the kitchen to get me something to drink. Not much later Abs was standing in the kitchen and asked who it was on the phone.
"O nothing, wrong number." I lied. It was hard for me to lie to Abs. I did not look into his dark eyes, because if I did I had to tell the truth. However, Abs knows me enough and asked if I was Albright. Then I could not feel my knees and I had to sit down. I sat on the kitchen floor and Abs ran to me and took a seat to next to me. I felt tears coming down so I tried to hide my face for him. However, I was too late, he saw my tears. He put his arm around me.
"It was Maria, wasn't it?" I answer yes on it. Than he, stood up and walked to the living room. When he came back, I saw that he gripped the phone.
"It's Abs. Maria can you please leave Kim alone. If you mess with her you mess with me ok?" He hung up with out listing to what Maria had to say. After that, we went to bed. I tried to sleep but it was hard. However, with Abs’ arms around me I felt asleep.

The next morning I packed my stuff because I was going home today. Abs brought me to the airport. Our goodbyes were tough but this one was even tougher. Abs did not want me to leave and I did not want to leave but he has his singing carrier and I had plans at home. I told Abs that I was going to be safe there. My big brother Cedric was going to pick me up the airport. After our goodbye, I went on, with tears.
When I was home, I went shopping the next day with me friend Antje. We were at some shop looking for nice shoes. I heard someone saying my name. Therefore, I turned around and saw Maria. I was so shocked that I had to look for air. Antje was to busy to look for shoes. She did not know about Maria.
Maria walked to me and asked me if she can talk to me.
"What do you want to say than?" I gave her a bitchy look.
"Well that's very simple. Leave Abs!" She said that very serious. I started to laugh. I tried to ask her why.
"Because he is not happy. He was happier with me that he is with you now!"
"You have Ronaldo right?" I know that they broke up but I had to say something right.
"I’m not going to break up with Abs so you have a chance with him." I turned around and wanted to walk to Antje. However, than Maria gripped my arm and said:
"If you don't leave Abs I will harm him and you." She walked away. I called her name a couple more times but she pretended not to hear me. Antje walked to me, asked me who that was. I said no one and then she showed me the shoes, she really likes.
We went back home. I was thinking what to do now. I do not want to loose Abs. He is the most loving man I ever met. But what if Maria was right about the fact that he was happier when he was still with her than with me.
That night Abs called me. I was still thinking about what happened that afternoon. I did not tell Abs about it. He was going to worry about me and I did not want that. Abs told me how happy he was to hear my voice and told me that he misses me. I missed him even more after this afternoon. Abs asked me:
"Did you hear anything from Maria?" No was my answer. I lied again. I really hate that, especially to Abs.
He had to go after 10 minutes so we said our goodbye.
“I love you, Kimmie," He finally said. I did not say anything back and hung up. I went to my bedroom and cried in my sleep.
"Kim, wake up!" My mum woke me up to let me know that Abs called me many time this morning and I did not hear it.
"Call him back. He worries about you." Ok, I though and thought what Maria said. I decided to call Errol. Maybe he can help me. I packed my bags and went to London. I wanted to stay at Abs place but what if Maria founds out. So I checked into a hotel. I spent the night and the morning after I had lunch with Errol. I told him what happened with me in Holland.
"Maria is still in my live and now is going to ruin my live and Abs. Maria came to Holland to tell me to leave Abs. I do not know what to do, Errol." I tried to hide my tears.
”Kim, Abs came to me yesterday. He worried about you."
"I hate doing this to him. As argument she gave me that Abs was happier with her than he is with me."
"Kim, don't believe that. That's a lie!" Then Abs came into the restaurant. He saw us. He said hello to Errol and when Abs saw me, he gave me a kiss. I pushed him away.
"Abs we need to talk." I said. Errol left us alone and we sat down. Abs gripped my hand and asked why I did not tell him that I was here.
"Abs, I think that we should break up." A tear came down.
"Because it's not working. I can't live with you and Maria." I lied. I did avoid his eyes. Abs left the restaurant. I decided to go back to Holland again. There was nothing to keep me here. I lost that afternoon the man of my live.
Back home everything was normal. Cedric came to visit me a lot. Abs did call me many times but I did not answer it. My family did not know the real reason why Abs and I broke up.
Awake after Abs and I broke up, Monique called me. She told me that Abs was in the hospital and that he wanted to see me. I did not care about Maria and went back to London. I spoke to Monique and Miranda that she will pick me up at the airport. I got my things and looked for Monique and Miranda. However, before I saw Maria again.
“What are you doing here?" I asked.
"I wanted to ask you the same question." Before I could give an answer on that, I saw Miranda and Monique. When Maria saw them to, she went away.
Monique and Miranda drove me to Abs. When I came into the room, I saw Errol, Izzy and Tom. I said hello to them. I walked over to Abs and give him a big hug. I realized how much I missed him.
"I missed you!" He said. I smiled at him. Everyone was leaving the room.
"I spoke to Errol this week.” Abs said. I walked to the window and looked outside.
"You did? What did he say?"
"Everything. The real reason why you broke up with me. After you broke up with me, I went directly to Maria. I know that she had something to do with it. By the way am so sorry that I left you alone at the restaurant." I smiled at him.
”However, Maria told me that she had nothing to do with it. However, she did flirt with me and said that she misses me and still loves me ..."
"Ok you can stop now. Tell me why you are here?” I smiled.
"Let me talk first. After I left Maria, I went to Errol. He told me the whole story and I am glad he did. I tried to call you the whole week but no response." I walked to the bed and sat down next to him. "I’m sorry Abs that I did not return your call. But tell me please why you are here in the hospital?" "Last night I was home and Maria came. She invited her in and asked me if I wanted to take her back. When I said no to her, she went mad and thrower stuff at me. She throws our picture at me and that landed on my chest. "He showed me his scares.
”OMG! What happened with Maria?"
"I don't know. She left and I went to the ER. But if she calls or comes over I will call the cops."
"Abs, I am so sorry that I had to break up with you. I was so worried that she was going to hurt you and me. But look she did anyway." I cried again. Abs hugged me and whispered in my ear:
"If you still want me I will take you back?" He smiled at me. My answer on that was a soft kiss on his lips.
We heard door knock. We saw the head of Errol. He said:
"I interrupt you guys again, right?" We smiled and the rest came in.
The next day Abs could go home. I was there waiting for him. Izzy brought him home. He helped Abs to the door. Izzy saw me, gave Abs to me, and went back to his car. I helped Abs is and he saw that his living room was full of burning candles. He looked at me and gave me a big smile. "Thanks for giving me a good welcome home." We walked to the dinner table and had a nice meal. That night was nothing but romantic. We talked about what happened this week. We decided to leave it all behind and look to the future. That night no one interrupt us.
The next morning I went to Monique. We wanted to make plans for her wedding with Tom. We send Tom over to Abs so he could keep an eye on him.
The first thing we did that day was driving to the airport because her mum was coming to London today to help her with dress and stuff. After that, we went into the city and had lunch. Than we went to a shop were the sell wedding dresses. Monique picked a beautiful dress. I picked a dress to. I hate dresses but for her special day, I want to wear a dress, because I was going to be her bridesmaid.

15 January, a week before the wedding of Tom and Monique. Things between Abs and me had change. We were still together but it was not the same as if we had in the beginning of our relationship. Maria was not the problem of that. Since Abs left the hospital, Maria did not call or came over.
Abs and I needed to talk about us. I spend the last week with Monique to help her with the wedding. I wanted to talk to Abs at his place. I went there and when Abs opened the door, he gave me a hug. We sat down on his couch.
"Kim, what happen between us?" I looked at him and said that I wanted to know that too.
"Maybe we should spend some time apart. Maybe we can fall in love again, like we did before."
"I think that is a good idea." He walked from the couch to the window. I walked to the front door. I opened it but before I left, I said to Abs that I loved him. He looked at me and gave me a smile. I walked out.

The week after, Abs and I didn't spoke to each other. Tom called his that week to tell him that he was looking forward to see him on his wedding. Abs had doubt about coming to his wedding but Tom convinced him to come.
The day of the wedding, Tom spends the night before with his brother Eric. Monique and I talked about the future and what happen in the past that night.
"Kim, wake up. I’m going to marry Tom today!" Monique waked me up. We got dressed and went to the church. I sat on the couch in a room where Monique and I changed our clothes. My thoughts were with Abs. I was so far away that I could not hear Monique yelling at me.
"Come on Kim. Go get your dress on!" Monique was already ready. She got her dress on and looks amazing. He mum came in to tell you that she looked liked princes and to wish her good luck.
Than almost the decisive moment, Monique and I were walking down and we took a little pick into the church. We did not saw Tom. Than while, I was searching for people that I know I saw Abs. I melt inside. I looked into his eyes and than I realized how much I miss him. He sat on the first row.
The decisive moment, they music stared and I walked in. My mum and Cedric were there too. When I saw them, I gave them a little nod. As I arrived at the altar I smiled at Tom and his brother Eric. Eric was his best man. When I turned around I saw that Monique coming. She looking at the people but when she saw Tom, she did not took her eyes away from him. She gave me a hug and gave me her bouquet. She whispered that I had to sit next to Abs. I turned around to my seat. Before I set down, I looked at Abs. He gave me a smile and I smiled back. Through the ceremony, I thought of Abs. I got smell his colon. I was thinking about the past. What we had been through. When Monique and Tom took there whiles, Abs grabbed my hand. I looked at him and he whispered that he misses me. I whispered back that I missed him to. After the ceremony, Abs and I congrate them.
At the party we had great time. I did not spoke to Abs since the ceremony. I spoke to my mum and Cedric when I hear Abs calling me. I turned around and walked to him.
"Kim, can I talk to you?" He took my hand and led me to the dance floor. We dance and we talked about the last week.
”You look very beautiful Kim." He said that when he looked up and down.
"Thanks you look great too." There was a good chemistry between us. The same that we had on our night of our first kiss. He looked at me again and put his arms on my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I looked straight into his dark eyes. Than I know it. I was falling in love again.
“Kim, what do you feel right now?" Abs asked me.
”I do not know but I had this feeling before. What about you?"
"Well since I saw you in this dress I think that I am falling in love with you again." Our faces went closer to each other. It was so close that I know for sure that was in love with Abs again. I felt his soft lips. I missed them. I gave him a kiss back. After a little break to breath, he looked into my eyes and asked if we are together now. I answer that question with a small kiss. We walked of the dance floor to meet my mum and Cedric. Cedric and Abs had a great time talking about music and sports. I went over to Monique and Miranda who were talking. I told them that everything between Abs and me was ok now.
"What? You are back together?” They said at the same time. All I could do was laugh and said yes.
"Where are you going to on your honeymoon?” I asked Monique. I changed the subject. Do not know was her answer. Tom said that it was a surprise.
"Now it's time to throw the bouquet ladies.” Monique said.
"I think I will past this.” Miranda and Monique grabbed both of my arms and drag me with them. I looked at Abs and Errol. They were laughing at me. Monique gave a little speech and than she turned around. She throws her bouquet high and Miranda was the lucky one who grabbed it. I congrate her and we walked over to Abs en Errol.
”So when can I wear this suit again, Errol?" Abs asked and places his hand on his shoulder. We laughed.
Tom and Monique said goodbye to us because they had a plane to catch. We walked outside with them and waved them goodbye.
"Kim, where are you going to spend the night? Monique and Tom are gone now.” Abs gave a smile when he said than.
”Well I think I spend the night over at Errol's please if that’s alright with him.”
"What did I hear my name?” Errol asked.
”Yes Errol. I said that but it was just a joke to tease Abs.” I gave Abs a little kiss on his cheek and whisper in his ear:
"I will spend the night with you. I do not care were that is, as long am with you." He smiled at me.
Miranda's phone rang. It was Maria. She knows that it was the wedding of Monique and Tom.
”Will you say to Abs and Kim that I will stay out of there lives? I wish them a happy life. I will move to Portugal with Ronaldo. He asked me if I want to move in with him. Now I know that Abs is happier with Kim than he is with me. I will come this week to you ok?" Maria said.
”I will tell them that. I will see you this week than. Bye.” Miranda hung up.
"What did Maria said, sweet?" Errol asked Miranda. Miranda told us all what Maria had said to her.
"I kind of miss Maria.” Abs joked. I gave him a weird look and gave him a little punch.
“Joke silly!" Than said goodbye, me, and Abs went to his home and make it a very romantic night of it...

It was 6 months later. Monique and Tom went on there honeymoon to Hawaii for 2 weeks. When they came back, they were even more in love. The life of Errol and Miranda has change a bit. Miranda was living with Errol. They did not have wedding plans so far. Miranda did talk with me about her fantasies about her wedding with Errol.
What happened between Abs and me? Well everything was still going great. I moved in with Abs. Abs moved out of his house and we went into an apartment in the centre of London. Cedric lived in that same building. He could keep company when Abs was on a business trip. He had time a job at some newspaper. He writes a column. Cedric and I did go to Holland sometimes to see our mum and friends. I saw Antje to but we did not saw or spoke to each other since I moved to London.
I lived with Abs for two months and I was looking for a job. I was a bartender in Holland. It was in a cafe. I always wanted to have my own club. That was my dream.
Monique came over. We talked about my dream and she was the only one that knew. She said every time:
"Kim, when are you going to make that dream come truth?" And I always say to her that I really want that but I didn't enough money. But that day Monique said that I should ask some money from Abs.
”Are you sick? I am not going to do that. Then he thinks that I love him for his money and I don't."
"He loves you, Kimmie. He would love to help you out."
Abs came home. He said hello to Monique, gave me a kiss, and walked into the bathroom. Monique and I walked to the front door.
"Talk to him, Kim. You never know." I closed the door behind her. I sat back on the couch with my cup of tea. I never told Abs about my dream, my own club. In addition, Abs did not know what I did in Holland. That night he did ask me. I told him that I was a bartender in a café.
”I try to find that kind of job here too."
"Wow, hope that you find on than." Abs said and gave me kiss.
The next morning Abs was gone already. I grab the newspaper and a cup coffee and read the newspaper. I read first the column of Cedric. After that, I went to job. I saw two articles that I had put my interest in. For a cafe, our corner called 'The Landscape' and a club called 'Vision'. I decided that I will give a try at club 'Vision'. It was 20-minute walk. I went in and talked to the owner. He told me that I should come back that Friday night. So he could see what I can and cannot. When I got home, Abs called me. I did not tell about my new job.

Friday night Abs went out with the boys and I told him that I was going to Monique. I did not know why I did not tell him. Maybe I was scared for his reaction or something. But I went ready and went to 'Vision'. As I came in the club, I found many people dancing and drinking. I looked for Chris. He was the owner. When I found him, he introduced me to the other bartenders. One of them was Izzy. He never told me that he was a bartender but he helped me that night. It was a good night. At the end of it I went to Chris and he told me that I got the job. I was so happy.
When I got home after Izzy drove me home, I saw that Abs was in bed already. I got undressed and cuddled next to him.
I went to Miranda the next day. Abs was home because he had a little cold. I let him sleep and I went to Miranda. Miranda and I went out shopping and when we arrived back at her place I saw Abs sitting on the couch next the Errol.
"Hi sweet.” I gave him a kiss. I told Miranda when we were shopping about my new job.
”Kim, can I talk to you?” He looked very serious at me. Errol and Miranda left the room.
”Hello to you too." I took at seat next to him.
"Before I went to Errol I was at Izzy’s place. He told me that you work at 'Vision'. Why didn't you tell me?"
"Well last night was a test to see how good I was. But I was good enough to stay.” I said with a smile.
"I’m glad that you have a job, Kim. But please watch out. I have been there before and I saw things that I did not want to see. I just want to say that it isn't my cup of tea, if you know what I mean."
"Abs please don’t you worry about me. And Izzy is there to. He can keep an eye on me if you want." I gave him a kiss.
I worked there for two nights a week, sometimes three nights. Izzy was working almost every night. He promised Abs that he would keep an eye on me.
One night Abs, Errol, Miranda, Tom and Monique came to 'Vision'. It was a Saturday night and I had to work. I did not want to. I wanted to spend the night with Abs. It has been a long time since Abs and I had a real date. Abs was sitting at the bar so he could keep me company. I introduced them all to Chris.
Abs was waiting for my after work. So when I though that I could leave, Chris called me to his office. "You wanted to speak to me, Chris?”
"Yes I do. Have a seat, Kim. I wanted to ask you if anything is wrong." I didn't understand what he meant.
”Well I see that things between you and you boyfriend, Abs is his name right, is not right. Is he treating you bad?”
“No, he is not. But that's private." He walked over to me. As he came closer, I got feel his breathe on me. Than he try to kiss me, than Izzy came in. I was so happy to see him. Izzy pushed Chris away from me.
”What do you think you doing, Chris?" Izzy shouted at him. Izzy and I left his office and walked to the exit.
"Izzy, will you promise me not to tell Abs about this. He will worry too much about me.”
"But Kim..." I did not hear him because I ran into Abs arms.

The next morning I woke and it was a long time that I woke up in Abs arms again. I turned around; lay down my head on his chest. I was almost a sleep but that I heard a door knock. I went out of bed. I tried not to wake up Abs. I put some clothes on and walked to door. On my way there, I heard the same door knock. I opened the door and saw Izzy.
"Kim, can I talk to you about last night?" I told him to wait outside. I will take my jacket and my keys and close the door behind me.
Izzy and I went to the cafe were we all hang out a lot. We ordered some coffee and sat down.
"Kim, do you already know what you are going to do about Chris?" Izzy said and took a sip of is coffee.
"Well Izzy, I still want to work there. I need this job so badly. I need the money."
"For what? And why don't you ask Abs?"
"Well there are a few people knowing this but I want to open my own club someday. And I don't want to ask Abs for money, because than he might think than that I love him for his money and that is not true." He apologizes for his questions and asks me to tell more about my plans for my own club.
We talked about that the whole morning. I forgot the time. Abs rang me to ask were I was. I told him that I was at the cafe but that I was on my way home again. He hung up and I said goodbye to Izzy.
"Izzy, please don't tell Abs about this ok?" He promised me that.
I went home and looked for Abs. I could not find him in the living room. I looked in the bedroom and saw that he was sleeping. I got undressed and cuddle next to him. I gave him a little kiss on his cheek but than he let me scare me. We laughed and had a little pillow fight.
The next time that I had to work, Izzy picked me up. We drove together to 'Vision'. That night Izzy kept an eye on me. Every time that Chris came to close to me, Izzy called him. When Izzy has his break, he could not keep an eye on me. Chris asked me if I wanted to speak to him in his office. On my way there, I saw Izzy. He looked at me and knows that there was something going to happen.
”If you hurt, you just shout. I will be hearing outside." Izzy said.
"Kim, have a seat." Chris let me in, closes the door behind me. I sat down. I hear the door closing and a few seconds after that I felt two hands on my shoulders.
"Do you want to know why I contract you? From the first moment I saw you I though of you and your sexy body." He whispers in my left ear. I stand up and, walked to the door. Before I opened the door, I warned him.
”If you touch me with one finger I will go to the police."
"Why don't you leave 'Vision'?"
"I can't. I need the money." He walked to me.
"Well I can make a deal with you. You spend one evening with me. On my rules and you get 10.000 euros." I was shocked. 10.000 euros was a lot of money and I could use the money. Than I said that, I will do it. I did not know what I was doing. I took a seat again but I feel bad. I wanted as soon as possible to be over with. The date was this week. Chris gave me the rest of the night off. I said goodbye to Izzy and told him that Chris just apologize to me.
When I got home, I saw that Abs already left. He had to record some songs in Dublin. He left me letter and a white rose. I read that letter. He told me about his feelings for me and that he will miss me allot. He will be back in week. After I red it, I feel terrible. I went into my bed and cried myself to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up I felt terrible. I miss Abs like hell and I had a terrible date with Chris later that day. But not to think of that I though of the money that I get when I went out with him. I went in bed all day. Monique called me but I told her that I was sick and wanted to sleep.
It was 6 pm and Chris was standing at the door.
"Kim you look beautiful." He looked at my dress. He gave me a hug and wanted to give me a little kiss on my cheek but I pushed him away.
We went to a nice restaurant for a nice dinner. The food was good, although I did not eat much. I was too nervous.
"Kim, I think it's time to leave." I told him that I though it was too early. I had to go to the ladies room. I was there standing in the mirror and though of Abs. What was I doing here? I was going to hurt Abs if he founds out about my night with Chris. I was doing something stupid. I had my self-phone with me and decided to call Izzy. I told Izzy were I was and with who. He told me that he as going to get me right away. Before I could say thanks, he hung up.
I walked out of the ladies room and I saw Chris. He was paying the bill. I walked to him. He helped me with my coat. We walked to his car. He wanted to hold my hand but I did not. When I was sitting in the car next to him, he asked me if I was all right. Also he told me that I had to smile more. He loved my smile. I gave him a fake smile. He started the car and before he drove away, I saw a car that I know. It was Izzy's car. He was following us. On my way to Chris place, my self-phone rang. I saw that it was the number of Izzy so I answer it.
"Babe, don't worry. Izzy and I are following you. And we will get you.” The person hung up after that. I could not believe who it was. It was Abs. I was so happy but I had to stay calm. I was thinking how Abs could know that I was with Chris and I thought that he was still in Dublin.
The car stopped in front of a big house. Chris helped me out of the car. We arrived at his front door. He was working to get the door open. I looked at the car that stopped. Two people were coming out and walking into the front yard of this house. I saw that it was Izzy and Abs. Chris heard them and grabbed me and wanted to kiss me. I felt his lips but it was only for a second. Abs pushed him away from him. I ran to Izzy. Izzy and I called Abs who was beating Chris up.
"It's enough, Abs. Come." Izzy yelled and Abs walked over to me. He putts his arms around me.
"I’m so sorry Abs." I said before I cried. We walked to the car of Izzy and drove away. Abs was still holding me tight and told me that it was all right now. Izzy drove Abs and me to our apartment.

When Abs and I came home and cuddle in our bed, Abs asked me why I did that. Finally, I told Abs about my dream. My own club called 'Dream'.
"And now you tell me what you do here. I though that you were in Dublin."
"I missed you so much that I came from Dublin early. I was just home and than I got a call from Izzy. He knows that I was coming home today. He said that he was going to pick me up and that I had to wait downstairs. I waited there. When I was in the car with Izzy he told me about you and Chris." I was so ashamed that I did not look into his eyes. I cried. Than I realized what I almost did. Abs holds my chin so he could control my face. His eyes met mine.
"I love you Kim. If you have a problem just tell me. You know that you can tell me everything."
"I didn't tell you about this because it was a money thing. I did not ask you because I do not want you to think that I love you for you money. I do not Abs. I love you!" He holds me tight, told me that he has no doubt about that. We felt asleep later.
I woke up the next day and Abs was still asleep. I put the TV on and watch the news.
'One of the hottest club's in London 'Vision' is for sail. All the employee’s quit there job's after they found out that the owner didn't pay them.' I heard the person say. Abs woke up. He kissed me good morning and went into the bathroom. I called Izzy to ask if he know anything about it.
"Yes it's true."
"What is going to happen now?" Abs walked in and said:
"I’m going to buy it and give it to you." Abs did not look at me and walked strait into the kitchen.
"Mm Izzy I will call you back later?" I hung up and walked to Abs.
"Abs, are you serious?"
“Yes. You can have it." He walks to me and puts his arms around my waist.
"Kim, I know you love me for me as person and not for my money. So this is a perfect gift for you." I hugged him and told him how happy I was that he was in my life.
The next moth I got the keys of 'Vision' and went to it. I called Izzy to join me. When we were there, we took the board that said 'Vision' on it off. We walk back in and open a bottle of champagne. Izzy had something for me. He walked to his car and came back with a very big package. I on raped it and show the word Dream. It was in neon light and it was just how I imaged it. I thanked Izzy for this great gift. He helped me to hang it up. I still could not believe it. My dream came true. I could not wait for the opening. Izzy was going to help me with ordering stuff for the club.

The day of the opening had come. I woke up because I had to pick Abs from the airport. The opening of my club was on the birthday of Abs. His birthday party was in my club. While I was waiting for Abs I looked for the people who were waiting also for there family and friends. When I saw Abs, I was so happy. I ran to him and he took me in his arms. It was only 5 days that Abs and I were apart.
We went home. It was still early in the afternoon but I had to do lots of things in the club. I told Abs that he got do a nape and that I will meet him in the club. I took my keys and went off.
Izzy was already standing there, waiting for me. Izzy and I went in and make everything ready. I contract five bartenders. One of them was Izzy. He was the boss over them. But I told Izzy that he got the night off so he could party with his cousin. I showed the other bartender around and told them about me party.
"My boyfriend is celebrating his birthday here tonight. All the people are family or friends of his. Everything is free. No questions ask. If there are, problems just come to Izzy or me. He can help you to." After that, I told Izzy that I was going to change clothes. When I got back, Izzy gave me a compliment that I looked good.
It was opening time. I invited lots of friends and family of Abs and mine. Also I invited Scott, Sean, Ritchie and J. Abs did not know that. It was along time that they saw each other. Than when everyone was in, Abs came in. We sang for him. He turned a bit red. He walked over to me and gave me hug. He whispered something in my ear.
"Thank you Kim. This night will be great, because of you." I gave a kiss.
I walked to the bar and grape the microphone.
"Hello? Can I have your addition please? We are here for two things, first to open my club 'Dream'. And I don't know what the second reason is. No joke. Of course we are here to celebrate the birthday of my boyfriend." I looked at him and I saw his smile.
"But before that, I want to thank some people who helped me to make this dream come true. First Abs. You know what you did to me to make this dream come to. Thank you." I gave him a kiss.
"Than I want to thank my mum and Cedric for there help. I love you both." My mum was there too. "Also and I can't forget them, Monique, Miranda, Tom and Errol. Thank you for your help when I had a hard time. And than Izzy. Will you please come for one second?" I looked for him but I could not find him. I heard a yell. It was Izzy and he was on his way to the bar.
"Izzy, I want to ask you something. You helped me so much with this place that I want you to be owner with me. I can use your help." Izzy looked at me very shocked. He did not though that I was going to ask him.
"Of course. I would love to be owner with you." He gave me a hug.
"One more thing to say than, I hope that you have a good night out. Drinks are free tonight. So all can say is: DJ play the music." Everyone was looking up at a little area where you can see the DJ spinning some records. Only Abs saw who it was. It was his old DJ mate, Dane. Abs went to him and I talked to Monique and Miranda. They were happy for me. That night we had a great time. I was so happy just to see Abs happy. Abs thanked me a lot that night. He did not saw Scott, Sean, Ritchie and J. I took Abs with me and let them meet up again. They were all so happy. They told me how great this party was and how cool this club was. I thanked them and left Abs with them alone. What Abs did not know was that I had a surprise for him. I rehearsed this week with Scott, Sean, Ritchie and J about an act that I was going to do for Abs.
"Can I have your attention for one more time, please? I do not know if you all know but 5ive is in the house. But I need Abs for a second. Abs, where are you?" I saw two arms waving.
"Abs, can you come here please? I have a little surprise for you." A striptease I could hear him saying.
"That is for tonight if you are a good boy." I said to him when I saw him.
"Abs, stay here and enjoy. Everyone make some noise for 5ive. Well without Abs."
"But we don't need Abs. We have Kim." J said giving Abs a teasing face. The music started. It was a remix of 5ive. We all rehearsed all week and now I had to do it. I sing the part that Abs had to sing. I was good. Sometimes there was a rap mistake but thank god for J. He helped me when I make a mistake.

After our little performing, I went into my office. I sat there to come to myself again. Not much later Abs came in.
"It was good Kim." I looked at him. He sits next to me.
"Kim, are you alright? You don't seem to be happy."
"I am Abs. Very much. I’m just tired that’s all."
"Well do you want to go home soon? If you do, I will come with you. I was just thinking and you didn't give me present yet." I laughed
"I know Abs. Just wait." I grape his hand and we walked back to the people.
We all know Abs. He is a DJ and he always will be. He wanted to spin the records for a while. So I let him. He enjoyed it very much. After that, we went back to the dance floor. Not much later Errol called us.
"Kim and Abs, you better come with me and see this." We walked after him to the exit. When we were standing outside, we could not believe who we saw. Maria and Ronaldo.
"Abs and Kim, I’m here to tell you how happy I am for you both. Abs, happy birthday and Kim good luck with your club. Hope that it will very successful like 'Vision' was. I want to apologize for the things that I have done to you, Abs. I hope that we can be friends somehow. Kim, I’m not going to get Abs away from you. I love Ronaldo, you know. He even asked me to marry him." She showed the big diamante ring on her finger. I could not believe my ears. That girl apologizes for her actions that she had done in the past. Abs looked at me and asks what I though of it.
"Well you are welcome at this party, but if you make trouble, you have to leave."
"Thanks, Kim." Ronaldo said. Maria and Ronaldo followed us inside.
Abs talked with his friends some more while I was chatting with my mum and family.
Later that night I was dancing with Monique. We had a great time and talked about the weekend that we were for the first time in London. It was already one year ago. Time goes fast.
I felt two hands on my hips and a sweet voice telling that he wants to leave.
"What about your guest's, Abs?"
"Forget them. I want to be alone with you. Because I’ve been a good boy, so I think its time that you do what you told." I turned around and I gave him a dirty look. We said goodbye to our family and friends. I gave the keys to Izzy.
When Abs and I got home, I gave him his present. And I can tell you, he was very happy he got it...

Part 3 Roll with me
We are a year later now. Abs and I we still happily together. Although we didn’t have time to see each other that much. It was a weird year for Abs. He released his album Abstract Theory and released 3 singles.
I’ve been very busy with my club ‘Dream’. It was even more popular that ‘Vision’. I did have some up and down’s but Izzy was a good help than.
Miranda and Errol broke up early this year. They still are good friends. Miranda already found another boyfriend called James. He lives in the US and Miranda was there most of the time.
Monique and Tom were still together. They even got a little girl called Bianca. She was 4 months old. Izzy was still looking around. We did set him up with some friends of me and Abs. But it didn’t work out well.
Cedric moved back to Holland and Antje took his place in his apartment. She designed cool things for my club.

It’s been a long time that Abs and I spend some time together and than finally we decided to go on a holiday to Miami. We didn’t saw each other in 4 months and than the day before we went to Miami, Abs came home. I was home waiting for him, made some dinner. Errol and Izzy took him from the airport and drove him to our apartment. I suppose to watch dinner but I felt asleep on the couch. Abs came in and still I didn’t wake up. Abs was standing there looking at me. He walked over to me and woke my up by kissing me on the lips. I open my eyes and meet his.
”Welcome back, Abs.” I whisper.
“Thank you. It’s good to be back.” He kissed me deeply. After a while making out, I smelled something from the kitchen.
“O no dinner!” I jumped up and ran to the kitchen. Abs followed me.
“No, dinner is messed up!” I said sad while Abs was holding me from behind.
“Did you make something for dessert to?” He asked, kissing mine neck.
“Yes I did and that is not failed. It’s standing in the freezer.” Abs let go off me and walked over to the freezer.
“OK.” Abs wanted to open it but than I stopped him.
“No, you are not going to see it. Just wait. You can order some Chinese or something. Dinner failed. Sorry Abs.” Kim walked into the living room and turned on the TV. Abs griped the phone and called for dinner.
30 minutes later we eat. I was still pretty upset that my dinner failed. When we were done eating, Abs walked to the kitchen. I got hear that he opens the freezer and two spoons.
“You still want dessert?” Abs came back with a smile and reach out his hand at me. I stud up and griped his hand and he lead me to the bedroom.

The next morning it was time for us to go to Miami. We packed all our stuff and Antje drove us to the airport.
“Why didn’t I spend the night here?” Abs joked. We checked in and said goodbye to Antje and walked into the plane.
“Finally, can’t wait till we are on that beach.” I said when we take off.
“Beach? I want to see our hotel room.” Abs said with a huge smile on his face. I pinched him in his arm before rest my head on his shoulder. I felt asleep very soon.
I woke up because Abs had to use the toilet. When he was back, the pilot announced that we were almost there. We had to buckle our seatbelt and wait. I hated to land.
When we were safely on the ground we walked outside.
“Aloha Miami.” Abs said. He griped my hand and we walked to our suitcases.
We drove to our hotel and checked in and walked to our room.
‘O my gosh, did you see this, Abs?” I said while I was looking out of the window. Abs walked to me and was holding me tight.
“Beautiful right? Everything is here; sun, beach and cocktails. The most important thing is that you are here with me. I missed you so much when I was away those four months. I’m glad that we are finally here. For two whole weeks!” Abs said while he turned me around to look at him.
“Abs, I’m so happy that I have you. I love you.” I said before I kissed him.
“Kim, I should be thankful that you still with me. How could love me when I’m away a lot.”
I didn’t answer him. I just kissed him fully on his lips. It felt like our first kiss. He lifted me up and placed me on the bed and removes my clothes as I removed his. He kept kissing me in my neck like a maniac.

It was 4 pm when I woke up. I still was far away when I saw that Abs was still lying next to me, all naked. I stepped out of bed and walked into the bathroom, took a shower.
When I went back to the bedroom, Abs was already awake.
“Hello you.” He said.
“I wanted to go to the beach. What to come with me?”
“Well I’m actually very hunger.” Abs tried to get my legs when I pass him.
“You are always hungry. Please will you come with me?” I asked with me sweetest smile.
“Ok, I will just give me a minute.” Abs stepped out of bed and got dressed.
Finally after 15 minutes we were on our way to the beach. We putt our stuff on the sand and I had to run to the water because Abs was chasing after me. We had fun in the water.
It was nice again to be together like this. I really missed it. Than when I was teasing Abs, Maria flipped into my mind. I stopped directly.
“Is there something wrong, Kim?” Abs asked me when he saw something was wrong. I walked back to our stuff and lay down on my towel. Abs followed me.
“No there is nothing. I’m very tired right now. That’s all.” I looked at Abs.
“Let me guess. Maria?” I didn’t know how he knows that.
“How can you tell?”
“Well to be honest with you, I was thinking about her to.”
“Yes, I don’t know why I did really.”
“It’s ok hon. You’ve been with her for 3 years.” I turned around at Abs who was lying on his back looking up.
At 8 pm when it went a bit cold we decided to eat. We sat at a beach restaurant. We had a nice meal and saw the sunset.
“Kim, do you want to walk with me along the beach?”
“Of course I want that. Let’s go.” Abs paid the bill and we were off the beach.
We walked for 15 minutes; hand in hand, without saying a word.
“Kim, can I ask you something?” Abs broke the silence.
“Sure.” He stopped me and I looked at him.
“Kim, you mean the world to me. I have everything when you are with me. I love you. I want to spend me live with you, forever. Now my question. Kim, my love, do you want to be my wife?” Abs sat down on one knee and holds a box with a ring in it. I started to cry.
“Yes there is nothing more that I want to be.” Abs came up and holds me tight.
“Thank you for saying yes. I was so nervous.”
“Did you plan this for a long time?” I was being curios.
“Well no. When I came home yesterday I told Izzy and Errol about my idea and we went to the jeweller and I pick this ring.” We our eyes meet again, he wiped a tear away. We started to kiss.
That holiday was great. We took lots of pictures. Also from the night that Abs proposed to me.

When we were back home, Abs and I invited all of our friends. We told them directly the good news.
“Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I will be soon, Mrs. Breen.” I looked at Abs with a smile. Everyone was happy for us and congrate us.
“When will be the big day?” Miranda asked. She was here to together with James. Finally I saw him. He was nice.
“We still think about it.” Abs said.
“Well than all I want say to you two, good luck and wish you the best guys.” Errol said.
Our friends go home late that evening.

Almost my day was there. I’ve waiting so long for it. Abs was most of the time away, to promote his album. But I got good help for my friends. I got a beautiful dress and Miranda, Antje and Monique could be my bride mates.
A week before the wedding Abs came home. He was so nervous for our day. We invited lots of friends. Most of my friend who I still was in contact with came. My mum and Cedric came to.
My mum and the mum of Abs became good friends.

The day has arrived. I woke up to found Abs but I was forgotten that he spend the night with Izzy.
I stud up and walked to the bathroom but than the phone rang.
“Good morning love. Ready to become Mrs. Breen today?”
“Hai, well I don’t know if I ever be ready to become Mrs. Breen.” I laugh.
“OK well you can’t go back now. Are you awake for a long time?”
“Well just about for 5 minutes. I was about to take a hot shower.”
“You were? Damn wish I was there.”
“Whaha, you might get lucky next time mister. I have to go or I will be late. See you in a view hours.”
“Wow you are tuff lady. See soon. Bye. Kim?”
“I love you! Mhaw!” Abs said quickly. Before I could answer him, he hung up.

I was done with my shower and get my things and picked my bride mates up. We drove to the church. I saw that the car of Abs was already there. Miranda and Antje did go into the church first to check that I didn’t saw. When everything was clear Monique and I sneaked in.
When we got dressed, we talked about the past. I heard a door knock.
“Hello? Can I talk to Kim, please?” Abs was shouting.
“No, you can’t see her.” Miranda, Monique and Antje said at the same time.
“But what if I want to see him?” I asked with a smile.
“I promise you, I won’t look at the dress.” Abs begged. I walked to the door and open it a little bit. I only saw his face. He had a huge smile.
“What do you want to talk with me about?”
“I don’t want to talk I just want to..” He bent his head closer to mine and gave me a small kiss.
“I just want to wish you luck.” He said when he walked away. I closed the door.
“Was it important?” Antje asked.
“Yes it was.” I was far away for reality.

Than the moment I’ve been waited for. Everyone was sitting in the church. My bride mates were walking already. Than it was my turn.
When I was in the eye of Abs, I could see that he liked my dress. He smiled like never before. I walked into the church. I saw everyone was there. All the people that I loved and all the friends Abs loved.
“Welcome, friends and family. We are here to connect this couple here for life.” The minister was still talking but Abs interrupts him.
“Can we please skip this part?” He asked.
“Ehh ok. If that’s what the couple want.” The minister looked at me and I nodded.
“Ok but I have to ask the audience first. Is there anyone who doesn’t want this couple to be together forever? Please speak now or forever hold you speak.” Abs looked at me with a smile.
“I think everyone is happy about us.” Abs said.
“No not everyone is, Abs!” Abs and I looked at the other side of the church.
“Maria. I know that she was going to reunion my day.” I said angry.
“No she won’t do that Kim. Maria, what do you want?” Abs turned to her.
“I want you, Abs. I love you and I always will.” Maria walked over to us and she stopped right before Abs.
“You go away now! You can’t have Abs and you won’t get him. You don’t even want him. You are just here to hurt me and you know that if you putt on finger on him that I turned mad. Well guess what, I won’t let that happen and I will marry him, today.” I stud between Abs and Maria.
“You make me laugh, you know that?” Maria said right into my face.
“She is right, Maria. You won’t get me. I belong to Kim. I’m sorry that you should hear it. Sorry people who are here but Kim and I already married. We got married in Miami. We wanted to have a big party and make it real for the all people who love us. So go and please let us have a wedding that we wanted more than anything.” Abs said. All the people in the church were talking.
“Maria, come here!” Ronaldo was standing at the door.
“I told you not to go here! Why didn’t you listen?” Maria turned around.
“No, I have to tell Abs that I loved him more than anything.”
“You loved him more than me?” Ronaldo asked and turned around and walked outside.
“No Ronaldo please wait!” Maria walked out of the church.
Abs turned around and me. I was about to cry.
“I’m so sorry, Kim.” Abs was holding me tight. Than I saw black and passed out.

“Mrs. Breen can you hear me?” I hear a doctor calling for me. I slowly open my eyes.
“Mrs. Breen do you know were you are?”
“In the hospital?”
“Yes you are. Welcome back.” The doctor was checking my eyes.
“Mrs. Breen, your husband is standing outside. Want him to come in?”
“Yes, please send him in.” The doctor left and let Abs in.
“Hi you silly.” Abs said while he was holding me.
“I have no idea what happened.” I asked.
“Well you don’t want to know.” He said.

After two hours the doctor came back.
“Good to see you two here. I have big news. Kim when was the last time you had your period?”
“Well it’s been a while.” I answer him.
“I ask you this because I think that you are pregnant.”
“I’m what? Are you serious?”
“Yes I am. Hope its good news.” Abs didn’t say a word. He walked over the window.
“I think I will come back later.” The doctor left us alone.
“What’s wrong, Abs?”
“Maria told me she was pregnant when we were still going out. But she got a miscarriage than.”
“O I didn’t know that. I’m sorry.” Abs walked back to me.
“Don’t be. I was afraid that this might be wrong to.”
“I hope not. You know? I was a bit afraid when the doctor said pregnant. But I think I like this idea.”
“I like it to and I want to raise it with you.” Abs gave me a kiss on my forehead.
The doctor came back in to tell more details about the baby that I was caring.

After 3 hours I could go. Abs drove me. I though we were going home but we went to my club ‘Dream’
“I though that we were going home.” I said while he parked the car.
“I though that we were having a party.”
“O that’s true. We are married. Well almost!”
”No we are married but not in front of the people we love. Do you want to come inside?”
“Yes let’s party!” Abs leads me inside. Everyone was there. They didn’t know that I was pregnant. Abs and I decided to keep it a secret for a while.
The doctor orders me to keep it slowly. So I did.

“So Mrs Breen, want to dance with me?” Abs asked.
“Of course Mr. Breen.” I stud up and walked to the dance floor. I was still a bit weak but Abs told me that everything was going to be fine.
“How do you feel?” He asked when we slow danced for a while.
“I feel ok. A bit weak but fine.” I said.
“Abs?” I looked for his eyes.
“I’m tired. Can you take me home?”
“I will. I’m tired to.” We said goodbye to our friends and family and drove home. Abs opens the door and let me in. I went directly into the bedroom, took of my clothes and cuddle in my bed.
Five minutes later Abs joined me. He was holding me tight.
“Goodnight sweet.” He whispers. Not much later we felt asleep.

Abs and I didn’t go on our honeymoon. We talked a lot about our baby; names, things for the baby room. Stuff like that. Abs did spend some time with me and took some time of from his music.
One morning Abs and I invited Miranda, James, Tom and Monique, Errol, Izzy and Antje.
“Guys, thank you all for coming. We invite you here because we have something so say. Kim, I gave you the word.” Abs said.
“Thank you. Well I’m expecting a baby.”
“Is that why you passed out on your wedding day, two weeks ago?” Tom asked.
“Yes, because I was to angry at Maria that my blood pressures rise to fast. That’s why I pasted out. In the hospital they found out that I was pregnant.”
”But we didn’t want to tell you because we wanted to be sure.”
“I’m glad for you two. If you need any stuff just say it and I will look for Bianca’s stuff.” Monique studs up to congrate me.
They all started to ask us questions about when it is coming; is it a girl or a boy.
“I don’t wanna know if it’s a girl or a boy. I like to be a boy though.”
“You do?” Abs asked me.
“Yes I love boys.”
“Is this girl is great? She likes boys. Really Kim, you are the first one that want a baby boy.”
“Well I do.”
Later that afternoon our friends left.

I was 2 months pregnant when I found out about it. Now, four months later, I have a big belly and Abs was still busy in the studio. I was feeling worst every day but all my friends helped me thru this rough time.
Miranda and I were sitting in the living room when Abs came home.
“Hai Miranda, how are you?” Abs said while he was sitting next to me.
“I’m doing great.” Abs gave a kiss to Kim.
“You look sexier everyday, know that.” He gave my belly also a small kiss.
“Abs, Miranda is about to leave us.”
“What do you mean?”
“James asked me to move in with him. And I said yes. I want to make a positive move. I will miss it here. And I will miss you two the most.”
“Kim and I will come and visit you, if you like, with the baby.” Abs said. He stud up and walked into the bedroom.
Miranda had to leave. We said our goodbyes.
“Kimmie?” Abs was shouting from the bathroom.
“Yes Abs?” I walked into the bedroom when Abs walked in.
“Is she gone?” I walked closer to Abs.
“Uhu why do you want to know?”
“O nothing.” I pushed Abs on the bed.
“Be careful with me.” He said.
“I should be careful with you? What about me? I’m caring your baby.” I was crawling on top of him, kissing his belly that made him go crazy.
“If you go on like this, I will go crazy you know.”
“Will you please keep your mouth shut? Or I will make you shut up.”
“And how are you going to do that?” On the question I gave him a big kiss that couldn’t stop him from kissing me.

“You are going to be in big trouble mister when I’m done here.” I shouted to Abs two months later. I was having my baby and I shouted at Abs because he was on my nerves.
“Just let her say that and don’t get it personal.” The nurse said to calm him down to.
“Come on, Kim, push on more time!” I shouted from pain.
“Congratulations you two with your boy.” The doctor gave me the baby and lays him on my chest.
“Wow Kim, thanks for giving me a boy. I love you.” Abs gave me a kiss.
“Do you have a name already?” The nurse took our boy away to check on him.
“Yes I have a name. Chris. Christopher Breen.” I said with a smile.
“I like the name Chris.” I didn’t told Abs about the name I chose.
The doctor came back with Chris.
“Chris is a perfect boy. Here he is. You can go home later tonight.”
“Thank you doctor, for everything for the last two week.” Abs shakes the hand of the doctor. I thanked him to.
Abs and I took little Chris home.
“Welcome home Chris.” I was holding him and Abs opens the door for us. Abs couldn’t take his hands away from his son.
“Abs did you called some friends to come over tonight?”
“Yes I did, but if you don’t want to I will call it off.”
“I will call them.” I gave Chris to Abs and walked to the phone, grabbed it and took a seat next to Abs and Chris.
When I was done calling Abs and Chris both felt asleep. I took Chris from Abs and lay him in his bed. I walked back to the living room to wake up Abs. We watched some TV but not for long…

Part 4 Roll with me
When little Chris was 6 moths everything around us change. Abs was away more and I decided to go to work more. Izzy worked double because I was there one’s in two weeks. I was there now twice a week. I had a good babysitter. Her name was Jen. She was an old friend of Abs. She wouldn’t mind to babysat that much. We paid her good though.

One night I decided to stay home because I was not feeling so good. I called Jen off. Abs was home from his promotion tour and wanted to go out with his cousins. After I putt Chris into his bed I decided to go to bed myself.
When it was 4 AM, Abs came home. I heard the door. Because I was too tired I pretend I was a sleep. Abs came into the room, got undressed and cuddles under the sheets. Normally he putts his arms around me but this time he didn’t. I turned around and putt my arms around him.
He pushed me away.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing, just go to sleep.” Abs walked out of bed and sat down on the chair that was standing by the window.
“Are you sure?” I sat down up strait.
“Kim, there is something you should know.” He didn’t look at me.
“You can tell me everything and you know that.”
“I kissed some one else.”
“Did you just kissed her or happened more? And please be honest, Abs.”
“I only kissed. I swear.” Finally he looked at me.
“Well than I can live with it but promise me it won’t happen again. Would you please come into bed with me?” I lay down again. Abs came in.
“You don’t want to know who I kissed.” Abs looked at me.
“Do you want to tell?” I asked.
“Maria.” He whispered.
“What did you say?”
“Maria. I kissed Maria. Well she kissed me and I kissed her back.”
“You kissed who…? I can’t believe it!” I went mad and stepped out of bed and walked into the living room. I heard Chris cried so I went to check on him. I picked him up and walked thru the room. Abs was standing in the doorway.
“Kim, I’m sorry.” I putt Chris down when he felt asleep. I close the door of his room.
“Kim, please talk.” I went into the bedroom to get dressed.
“I have to leave now. Give me time to think, Abs.”
“Kim, we have to talk about it.” I graphed my jacket.
“I will come back tomorrow evening.” I slammed the door behind me.

As I was walking down the street, I was thinking where I should go now. It was so early in the morning. I couldn’t go to Antje because she was in Turkey with her boyfriend Gürkan. I decided to go to Miranda. I knocked on her door. To see my surprised Chase opens the door.
“O Chase, I though Miranda was alone. I will leave you two alone.” I turned around.
“Kim, no come in, please.” Chase let me in.
“I know it’s early and I’m sorry but I need to talk to someone.” Miranda walked into the living room.
“Kim, what are you doing here, so early?” Miranda said next to me before I started to cry.
“Abs kissed Maria.” I tried to say.
“He really did that?” Miranda said.
“Miranda, I think I should leave. You can find me in the hotel.” He gave a kiss to Miranda and walked out.
“Tell me everything.” I told her anything. I spend the night there.

“Good morning, what some tea?” Miranda woke me up. I nodded.
“Thank you for letting me stay here. I will leave today and go to Holland for a couple days.” Miranda gave me a cup of tea.
“You can stay here as long as you want. What are you going to do with Chris?”
“I will take him with him today. My mum wants to see him.”
“Want me to come with you?”
“No, Abs is on promotion tour again so he is not home. At least I hope he is not.”

Later that day I went home. I was so hoping that Abs was not there. I just can’t see him now.
I graphed the keys out of my jacket and just before I putt the key in, Abs open the door.
“Kim, I know it was you. How are you?” He wanted to hug me but I pushed him away.
“I’m here to get some things and take Chris with me.”
“Why don’t you stay here and I leave?”
“No I will go back to Holland for a while and my mum wants to see Chris.” I walked into Chris room to check if he was sleeping. I decided to pack first.
“Kim, come on please let me explain some things.”
“What’s there to tell Abs. I know you still love her other wise you wouldn’t kiss her.” I said mad and walked into our room to get some clothes.
“Seems I have no choice.” Abs said and sat down on the couch with a very sad face. I was thinking if I was doing to right thing.
I woke up Chris and put him some clothes on and walked to the living room and gave him to Abs.
“Say your goodbye for now to him.”
“For now? That means I’m still can see him?” I nodded with a smile.
“It’s good to see you smile again, Kim.” I started to blush.
“Chris, be nice to mummy Ok? I will miss you very much.” I saw how Abs was holding his son close to him and make funny faces. He gave Chris back to me.
“Bye Abs, please if you love me give me time and don’t go after me.”
“I promise, Kim. Remember though that I love you more than anything. You’re my life.”
“I know Abs. I know.” We walked to the door and we didn’t share a word. I walked out and Abs closed the door behind me.
“So it’s going to be you and me for a while, little.” I said.

First we went to Miranda to say goodbye. I called my mum to ask her I she could pick me up from the boot. She told me that she was standing ready already.
“Bye Miranda, I will call you when I’m in Holland. And believe me I will come back to here.” I gave her one big hug and she gave a small kiss to Chris. Chase was going to drive me to the boot.

On the boot back to Holland I was thinking a lot what happened between me and Abs. Chris had falling asleep again. All the memories for most positive and of course we had our bad days. But I never ever could think that Maria was reunion this again. I could have known that if I ever get with Abs I get her to. I have to switch my thoughts.

I arrived in Holland I was happy to see my mum. She was also happy to see her grandson again. She was holding him and never let go.
“Shall I drive than?” I asked my mum who was still talking to Chris.
“No I will drive. On the way home you tell me what happened there.” I told her everything since the last time we saw each other. I was so nice to see my mum again. She was so happy.

At home my mum called Cedric who promised her to come after right after work and he did.
“I can’t believe he kissed her. Are you sure he only kissed her?” He asked at dinner.
“Yes. I also asked if you did go any further. He looked me right in the eyes and said no and I believe that.” Mum walked in with desert.
“If he just only kissed a girl I wouldn’t be so mad but Maria?”
“Any idea what you are going to do now? I mean with you club to.” Asked my mum.
“I think I will go on a holiday. Antje asked me if I wanted to come with her to Turkey together with Abs but I think I will go alone.”
‘What about Chris?”
”I will go only a view days so I will leave Chris with Abs, if he can. I really can use that now.”
“Why don’t I take him for a week? Than you can go to Turkey if you want.”
“I don’t know, mum. I will ask Abs first. I will do the dishes.” I stud up and walked to the kitchen. Cedric helped me.
That night I watch some TV and called Miranda and Monique. Monique was shocked when she heard it. Also I called Errol and Izzy. They were with him when Abs kissed Maria.
“Hai Kim, how are you?”
”I think Abs didn’t tell you the news.”
“What news?”
”Kim, I’m so sorry. He is here now. He is so sad. I can tell and swear to you that he only kissed her for 1 minute. That’s all.”
“It’s ok Izzy. I need time that’s all. The reason why I called you is because, and don’t tell Abs about this please, I’m leaving to Turkey for a couple days. And I wanted to ask you if you don’t mind running the place again. I’m so sorry to do this to you but I really need a holiday.”
“No that’s ok. I know you need your holiday. Kim, Abs wants to talk to you.”
”No Izzy, I don’t want to talk to him.” I could hear Abs yelled that he loved me.
“I will hang up than ad watch some TV. There is a movie that I want to see. Bye and say hi over there ok? Will you tell Abs than I love him? Bye.”
After I hung up I feel even worst. Why did I say that I love him? I do love him.
“Kim, don’t worry. You two will work out fine. Just give it time. Chris is a sleep. Maybe you need sleep to.” Mum made some tea.
“Nuh, I want to see a movie with Bruce Willis.”
”Ok but sleep enough ok. I have to work tomorrow so you and Chris have the home alone. Do what ever you want.” She went to her bedroom.

The next day I woke up because Chris was crying.
“What’s up, buddy?” I picked him up and walked downstairs. After I gave him some milk I called Antje.
“Kimmie! How are you? I heard about Abs. I’m so sorry.”
“Well it’s ok. You not the only one who thinks that. So how are you and Gürkan?”
“Couldn’t go any better. We are talked about kids. He wants them to.”
”So you are trying much? Sorry I will shut up.”
“Whaha it’s ok. Girls I miss our chats.”
”Well that’s why I called you. I need a holiday big time and I was thinking why not going to Turkey.”
“Of course you can come. Would be fun and maybe you found a good looking guy here.”
”Well who knows? I will bring Chris to Abs first, if he has time. And if he doesn’t my mum is looking out for him. I will bring pictures of my son.”
”Cool, can’t wait. Just call me when you are at the airport.” We said our goodbyes and hung up.

A week later I just mail Abs to ask if he can take care of Chris for one week. But he wrote me a long mail and he told me how much he needs me and Chris but he couldn’t take Chris for one week. So I let mum take care and I packed my stuff and Cedric drove me. Mum was with us and Chris to. It was hard for me to leave him for one week.
“Now go and have fun and don’t think about Abs ok?” Cedric said before he hugged me.

“Finally, I’m in here. So where is Antje?” I asked my self out loud.
“Kimmie!” Antje run up to me.
“Wow it’s so good to see you. How are you?” A guy walked over to us.
“I want you to meet my fiancée, Gürkan.” I never met him. Antje told me lots of things about him.
“Nice to meet you, Antje told me lots of things about you.” I gave him a hand.
“Only good things I hope.” We laugh and walked to the car.

We drove to a big home on the beach in
“O my gosh, you live here?” I asked Antje.
“Not yet but I will move her official with Gürkan next month. He lives here already.”
“You leave London now to?”
“Yes sorry but I will make a room in the house special for you.”
“Whahaha thank you.”
That night we had dinner and I decided to sleep early.

The next day, Gürkan had to work so Antje and I went to the beach.
“So you see any cute guys around already?” Antje asked.
“No not yet but who knows.” I laughed.
After a couple hours I hear a familiar voice.
“Look there she is.” It was Izzy and Errol and Gürkan
“Guys, what are you doing here?” Gürkan walked over to Antje to give her a little kiss.
“Sorry Kim, these guys really need to talk to you they said.” He said.
“Yes we do. Kim you need to go back and talk to Abs. He is losing it, girl.”
“Look, I need time and I told him that. I do know that he loves me and I do love him to but I need time to forget about Maria.”
“Will you please call Abs soon?”
“Yes I will when I get back. I’m here with friends and I can use this holiday without thinking to much.”
“Ok we will leave you alone now. Bye Kimmie.” They guys hugged me and walked away.
“Kim, go back to London.” Antje said when Gürkan left.
“What do you mean?”
“You love Abs so much and it’s killing you that you can’t be with him.”
“Nothing I will drive you to the airport and you will work it out with him.”
“O ok. Maybe you are right.”
“Maybe?” We laughed.

That night I got back to London. I was only in Turkey for two days but Antje was right. I did miss him and I really needed to talk to him.

“Abs.” I whispered when I saw him open the door.
“Kim, hai.” I walked in. It was very weird walking in my home.
“Abs, we need to talk.”
“I know but I’m glad you’re here.” We both sat down on the couch.
“Kim, I’m so sorry that I kissed..”
“Sst, please don’t say her name. I know that she is you ex and been together for a long time but she is not you girl anymore. I am. ” He was holding me hand.
“I know Kim and I’m so sorry. I didn’t know she was going to be there. Can I ask you a question?”
“Sure go ahead.”
“How is Chris? That’s one. Second question. Would you be mad if I kissed other girl but Maria?”
“No, well maybe a little bit. If you promise me not to kiss any other girl I will forgive you. And Chris is doing great. Miss him like crazy. I will going to pick him up tomorrow.”
“What will happen to us now, Kim?” I let go of his hands.
“I still need time to forget the idea of you and Maria and I hope you give me that time.”
“I will give you all the time that you need.” I walked back to the door.
“Think I will go to Holland and get Chris. You will see him soon.” Abs open the door for me.
“O and Abs. Don’t call me I will call you.”
”Ok I will leave you alone. I’m glad that we talked” I give him a smile and walked away.

Two days later I went back to London. I though about what Abs said. Than I made my choose
I called Izzy because I wanted to surprise Abs.
“Hai, it’s me Kim. Listen I have a question. Can you ask Abs if he wants to go out to Sintillate tonight? I want to surprise him”
“I call him. I will call you back in 15 minutes, Ok?”
“Okido, do you best please, don’t say that I’m going to be there.”
“I won’t, talk to you soon.” After we hung up, I went online to see if some friends were online.
Chris cried and I went to watch on him. At the same time Izzy called.
“Good news, Abs is coming. He doesn’t want to but I confined him to come anyway.”
“Thank you so much. See you tonight than.”
I was so happy that my plan will work out. I putt Chris back to bed and called Jen.
“Ok I will come. Do you mind if I bring Mark with me?”
“No that’s ok. See you in a view minutes than.”

Jen and Mark came early and when I got ready I took off.
It was already were busy in the club. I was looking for Izzy and Errol.
“He guys, good to see you. Where is Abs?”
“Kim, you look great. He is over…… there.” Errol was pointing at Abs who was talking to a girl. I couldn’t see who it was but after a view seconds I found out it was Maria.
“No, not again. I’m leaving.” I turned around.
“Kim, look. He is pushing her away.” I turned back and saw he pushed her. Maria caught my eye. I walked over to them.
“Maria, stop I’m with Kim now. You need to learn to understand that.”
“What did she do when she found out about us? She left you. I would never do that, Abs.” Maria came closer to Abs. Putt her arms around her neck. That made me so mad.
“He there, missed me?” I said putting my arms around his waist. I saw two dark eyes and smile watching me.
“Kimmie, this is not what you think.”
”I know, hun.” I whispered in his ear.
“Now let go of me.” Abs said while he pushed the arms of Maria away. He turned around for a big hug.
“See I still get him. No matter what.” I said with out any sound just so Maria can understand. She went red and ran out.
Abs and I slow danced for a while.
“So, means this that we are back together?” He asked me when he looked into my eyes.
“If you still want and need me.” I joked.
“You have no idea.” He smiled and kissed me softly on the lips.
“You remember what day it is?” I asked him after a view minutes.
“Yes I do. Three years back we kissed here for the first time. How can I forget that?” We smiled.
“Shall we go to the boys or want to leave?”
“Let’s go to the boys. They will happy to see us together again.” Abs took my hand and I walked behind him to his cousins. They were so happy to see us.
“Kim and Abs? Back together?” Monique and Miranda did also come.
“I’m sorry, Kim I called them to. Hope that you don’t mind.”
“You mean that this was a set up?” Abs asked his cousin.
“Never trust your cousins.”
“Well you don’t like this? Because I can leave though.” I stud up but Abs graphed me.
“I will never ever let you leave again.” He whispered in my ear.
“Guys, we will leave now. We have some catching up to do?” I said.
“We do? O yes we do!” Abs said with a big smile.
We said goodbye to our friends and walked out.
“Ready to go home?” He asked in the car.
“Not yet. Drive by to Antje’s home. Need something.” He stopped there and I stepped out of the car.

“Jen and Mark?” I yelled before I open the door.
“Yes come in.” I heard.
“Hai, you to can go home now. I will take Chris with me.”
“Are you and Abs back together?” Jen asked putting you jacket on.
“Yes we are and now we are going home.” I carefully picket up Chris who was sleeping.
“Ok see you soon than and thank you for coming so fast.” We closed the door and they walked to there car and so did I. Abs was standing outside.
“Sst, he is asleep.” I can see that he wanted to hold his son so bad.
“Let’s go home now!”

Part 5
Weeks went by fast. Abs was away a lot and I was getting back to ‘Dream’. Jen and Mark both helped me out a lot when it came too little Chris. He was growing so fast.
“Izzy, you can go now. I will clean up here.” It had just been past 5 AM and I was tired and everyone was already home.
“Sure you can clean up?” I nodded and he grabbed his coat and walked out.
“See you tomorrow than!” I heard him yell. I yelled back.

A view minutes later I was done washing the glasses and than the light switched off.
I went to the fuse box to check that the fuse was not blown but it was.
“Think you need this!” I recognized that voice.
“Abs!” I yelled and started to kiss him deeply.
“Though you might be happy to see me!” Abs said when we pulled back. I smiled.
A few minutes later, Abs had fixed the fuse.
“I still can’t believe you’re here. What brings you back?” I asked.
“I started to miss you and Chris.” He was still holding me tight.
“You have no idea how much I missed you.”
“I never had been away long since we got Chris.” I smiled.
“You really love that little guy.” He smiled.
“Can we go home now?” He asked.
“No, why don’t we stay here? There is no one around and when we are home, Chris might wake up!” I gave him a sneaky smile.
“You sure?”
“Mr. Breen, why don’t you trust you wife for ones?” I said grab his hand and led him into the club and pushed him on one of the sofa’s we had.
“I do trust you! That’s not the problem at.” all.” He said while I started to kiss his neck.
“Than what is?” I said looking into his eyes.
“Nothing, forget what I said.” He made me kiss him.
Twenties minutes later we were busy fooling around on the small sofa and than suddenly I heard my sell phone.
“Think that is Jen. I promised to be back at home around 5:30 AM.” I said when Abs was kissing my neck.
“What do you hear than? I don’t here a thing. You do not move an inch, okay?” I started to gasped.
“What?” He started.
“Whaha, nothing, you are doing everything right. But I really want to answer me sell.” Abs looked at me.
“Please?” He got up and I looked for my jacket.
“Gosh, ring again.” I yelled.
“I got it.” I could Abs yell and I walked over to him and tried to get my sell.
“Abs, please.” I started to be angry a little bit but he gave it back to me and found out that it was Jen. Abs walked to bar to get a drink. Mean while I was calling Jen back.
“Hi Jen, sorry that I didn’t pick up the phone but is there any trouble?”
“Kim, hi. It’s ok, just wanted to let you know than Miranda called. She tried to call you but you didn’t answer somehow so she called to your home. She asked if you could call her back as soon as possible.” Abs walked back with a glass of water.
“Yes I will. Mm Jen, do you mind to stay a little bit longer?”
“I don’t know. I’m very tired and I need to go to work in the morning to.”
“Ok than, we will come home than.”
“What you mean with ‘we’? Jen asked.
“Abs is back in town.” I smiled at Abs.
“Aha, and you wanted to spend some time together. I see, but I really want to go home and get me some sleep in my own bed.”
“It’s ok, Jen, thank you anyway. We will be home in 15 minutes.” I hung up and took a sip of my water.
Abs stands up and grabbed his clothes.

When we were home, Abs went to see Chris who just was awake. I thanked Jen and Mark and lead them out.
As I walked back to the living room I saw Abs walked with Chris.
“Look, I’m going to bed. I’m tired.” I kissed Abs and gave Chris a little kiss on his little forehead.
“I will come in a second.” He said when I closed to door of the bedroom.
And not much later Abs joined me.
“Mm, I missed this the most.” He hugged me tight.
“What do you mean?” I was almost a sleep.
“Just this, holding you close and you sweet smell.” He squeezed when I tried to turn around so I could see his eyes.
“I missed this to!” I kissed him.
“By the way, did you call Miranda already?” He asked.
“No I will do that first thing in the morning. I don’t want to think of anything but you.” I kissed him again but this time we didn’t stop kissing.

The next day I woke up and saw that Abs was not lying next to me. There was a note lying on his pillow.
‘Babe, I just got a call, they need me in the studio. I will be back before you know it.’ I sighed and stepped out of bed, got dressed and walked to Chris room. He was just awake and was playing with his toys that were lying in bed with him.
“Good morning, love.” I open the curtains. He starts to smile.
“Got a good idea, want to surprise daddy, sounds that good with you?” He smiled even more.
I get Chris dressed and made something to eat for us.

An hour later we arrived at the studio Abs was working. I walked in and asked where I could find Abs.
“He is working in studio one. They are recording so be quiet.” I nodded and toke Chris with me.
I knocked on the door and when I hear a yes I walked in.
“Kimmie!” I heard Abs yelling. I waved at him and sat down.
“Do you mind if they staying here?” Abs asked. He man behind the controls didn’t mind and Abs went on.
After 15 minutes they had a break. Abs introduces me to David.
”I will get us something to drink. Do you want anything Kim?” David asked.
“Mm some tea would be ok.” I smiled and he walked out of the studio.
“Why are you here?” Abs asked sitting next to me and I had Chris on my lap.
“Just wanted to be here.” Chris wanted to go to Abs.
“Did you call Miranda already?”
“No I didn’t. I will do that now. Can you look for him one second?” I grabbed my phone and dialed the number of Miranda.
“Miranda here.”
“Miranda, it’s me Kim. So sorry that I didn’t call you sooner.”
“It’s ok, glad that you do call me. Listen, I just spoke to Maria.”
“Ohw.” I sack into the couch. Abs looked at me.
“Yeah, she is planning to come back to London. Things between her and Ronaldo are not working out.”
“Okay.” I saw Abs was playing with Chris. I smiled at them and stud up.
“Did she say anything about Abs?” I said quiet enough so Abs couldn’t hear me.
“Mm yes she did, that’s why I called you. Think she is going to try to get him back.”
“Okay thank you for letting me know. Shall I tell Abs you think?” I asked her because I didn’t know what to do.
“Maybe not a good idea.”
“Ok thank you again. By the way how are you doing there? Miss you, girl!” We talked for 10 minutes and than David came back.
“Abs, back to work, mate!” I hung up on Miranda and Abs gave Chris back and gave me a small kiss.
I decided to go home after 30 minutes of listening but my mind was with Maria. She didn’t know we had a son.
“Nice meeting you David. Abs I will see you soon, don’t make it to late. It’s my free night so.” I smiled at him and he smiled back and walked out.

The next thing I did was driving to Monique. Tom was working and Bianca was old enough to open the door.
“Hello, Bianca, nice seeing you again!” Monique walked to the door.
“Kim and Chris, nice seeing you here. Come on in.” I walked in and Monique closed the door.
“Mm can I change Chris for one second?”
“Yeah sure you know where to go!” I walked to the room of Bianca and she walked after me.
I changed Chris and walked back to Monique who made some tea.
“Look I need some advice. Maria is coming back.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes and she is planning to get Abs back and she don’t know about Chris.”
“O so what do you want to do know?”
“Miranda told me not to tell Abs, but I don’t know.”
“Maybe you should tell him. Did she try to call you or Abs?” Monique asked van Bianca came sitting on the couch next to her mum.
“I don’t know if she called him but she didn’t call me.” And before I know it my sell phone rang.
“Helllo?” I walked into the room.
“Kim, this is Errol. Listen can you come over? There is someone here who wants to talk to you.”
“O can you tell me how it is?” I looked at Monique and knew it was Maria.
“Maria!” He said.
“And she wants to talk to me?”
“Ok I will come right now.” I hung up.
“Can I leave Chris here for an hour?”
“Sure you can. Tell me anything when you pick Chris up.” I walked to the door.
“Ok I will. Thanks for the advice and wish me good luck.” I hugged one of my best friends.

I drove to Errol’s place and when I walked in I saw Maria sitting on the couch.
“I will leave you two some time alone.” Errol left us alone.
“Kim, it’s nice seeing you again.” I nodded.
“So what brings you back?” I start happily.
“Simple, Abs.”
“Yes, look I know you are married and stuff but I know that Abs still loves me.”
“Look we have been trough this conversation. I’m not doing it again.” I heard a door rang and 2 seconds later Monique stands before me with Chris. I get Chris who was burning up.
“Kim, I think we need to bring Chris to the hospital.” Chris was crying.
“Who is this little boy?” Maria stand next to me and looked at Chris.
“This is my boy, Chris.”
“You boy? With Abs?” She starts to laugh.
“What’s funny about that?”
“Abs never ever wants kids!” I become angry.
“Kim, I will drive you and Chris to the hospital.” Monique suggests. I nodded and went to the car.
“Errol, do you mind calling Abs to come to hospital?” I saw him nodded but Maria grabbed the phone.
“Maria, no!” I yelled.
“Kim, come on, do not think about her, think about Chris.” Monique yelled. I stepped in with Chris still in my arms and we drove off.

“Kimmie!” I heard Abs yell and I turned around.
“Abs.” I hugged him.
“I got a call from… Maria.” He looked to the ground.
“Though so, because she was at Errol’s place. We talked.”
“About what?”
“Let’s go to Chris, shall we?” I walked to his room and Abs was just standing there.
“I can tell you that Chris is caring a virus. Not a serious but normally they get this when there older than 2 years.”
“So what happens now?” I asked picking Chris up.
Just keep him warm and give him a lot of liquids. If he is still like this in three days come back than.”
“Thanks doctor.” Abs said, shaking hands.

When we arrived home I walked to the kitchen while Abs was bringing Chris to bed.
“So are you going to tell me why you talked to Maria?” Abs walked back in the kitchen
“Yes, let’s sit down.” We walked to the living room.
“Maria is back for a reason. You.”
“Yeah, she is here to get you back.”
“O dear.” Abs stands up. “What do you think?”
“I don’t know, Abs.”
“Kimmie, I’m not letting you go again, remember? She can be here but she won’t get me back. I’m yours, forever. “Abs bent down to look me in the eyes.
“I do know that. It’s just… I don’t know what she is going to do now, you know.” Abs nodded.
“I understand.” Abs sits next to me and pulled me closer in his arms.
We were just sitting there while I was listing to his heart beat. It almost made me fall asleep, until the door rang.
“I will get that.” Abs stud up and I lay on the couch but as soon I heard the voice of Maria I sat up.
“Maria, what are you doing here?”
‘O didn’t Kim tell you?” Maria walked into our living room.
“What?” Abs looked at me.
“I’m here to get you back.” I hear Maria whispering in the ear of Abs.
“Leave!” I stand up and walked to her and grabbed her arm.
‘Auw! Abs, help me! This woman is hurting me bad.”
“This ‘woman’ is my wife. And she is right. You need to leave.” Abs pulled me away from Maria and after she made an evil smile at me she walked to the door. I walked around the room like mad.
Abs let Maria out and walked back to the living room.
“I really start hate her!” I was still walking mad around the room when Abs looked at the window.
“She is not here to get me back. She is her to get you mad. And I think she done that now.”
“What do you mean by that?” I wanted that Abs looked at me so I walked to the window and stand next to him so he could see me.
“Nothing, just…”
“Just what, Abs?” I yelled and a view seconds I walked to the couch and burst into tears.
“Sorry I yelled at you.” I tried to say.
“It’s ok.” I hear Abs say. I saw him walking to the room of Chris.
“I heard him cry so I bring him to his mum.” I saw Abs coming back and I smile because he smiled at Chris. Abs gave Chris to me.
“Hey boy, sorry I woke you up.” I held him close to me.
The self phone of Abs went off.
“Hello?....Izzy! Yes I’m doing ok. How about you?... Yeah sure you can come. Wait I will ask Kim first…” I nodded. “Okido, you can come…Ok see you in a minute.” He hung up and sat next to me.
“Still angry now?” He smiled like never before. So sweet that I started to laugh.
“Me angry?” We laughed.

A view minutes later. Izzy walked in.
“Guys, Maria is back.”
“I don’t want to hear her name ever again.” I said.
“Sorry Kim. She just came to tell me that you went mad on her.”
“Yes she was. What else did she tell?”
“She is here to get you back, Abs.”
“I know. She told us. But I also think that she is here to get Kim mad.”
“I know I’m jealous but I’m not jealous for that tramp.” Abs hugged me.
“But she knows how to get you, sweet.”
“I know that but what can I do?”
“Really Abs, she has changed since you dated her.” I stud up and walked to the kitchen to get me a drink.
“I know, if she was just normal like that time…” Abs said when I came in.
“Than what, Abs? Was I still around then?”
“Than she wouldn’t give this many trouble to us.”
“I really wish this was over. Every time things are good between us she comes around, you know?”
“It’s been a while since we have been on a holiday, isn’t it?” Abs said.
“Yeah it has been a while for me. How do you know, Abs?” Izzy said with a huge smile on his face.
“Just guessing, Iz.” We laughed.
“Why don’t we go to Miami?” Abs asked, pulling me closer.
“That would be nice. Would it be the same like the last time we have been there?” I smiled at Abs.
“Sure. Maybe Izzy wants to come to?” We looked at Izzy.
“Of course I want to come”
“We will ask all or friends. Will be a big party on Miami!” I stand up and grabbed the phone.
“I will call Miranda, Monique and Antje right away.” I walked back to Abs to give him a kiss on his cheek and walked in the bedroom and left the boys alone.

Four weeks later all of our friends went to Maimi. Errol, Izzy, Miranda and Chase, Monique and Tom, Antje but also Chris and Bianca.
We rent a huge cottage so we all could stay there.
“This is one of the most beautiful days.” Abs said. Our sun Chris ran outside and jumped in the pool. He had his swimming diploma just before we went on this holiday.
Not much later Abs lifts me up and jumped in the pool with me and every body follows into the pool.
“Why did you do that for?” I yelled to Abs
“Just though it would be fun.” Chris starts to laugh.
“And why are you laughing, mister?” I swim over to him and lift him up and throw him in the water.
I stepped out of the pool and went inside to get a towel and sat down in a chair, enjoying Abs playing with Chris.
“Is there something?” Monique sits next to me.
“No, I just have something on my mind and I need to talk to Abs about it.” I smiled to her.
“Ok. This was a very good idea of you and Abs, this trip to Miami. Tom and I were having some trouble and we needed a holiday and than you called us!”
“If there is something wrong you can talk to me, Monique.”
“I know but we are fine now.” She smiled.
“Can you watch for Chris for a moment while I talk to Abs?”
“Sure take your time!” I stood up and called Abs.
“Abs, can you come for a second with me?” He swims as fast as he can to the side and get out of the pool. We walked inside.
“Listen Abs, there is something that I need to tell you.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing is wrong.” I said down.
“Than tell me what you want to say.” Abs sat down next to me.
“I think I’m pregnant.”
“O my gosh! You’re telling me that I’m going to be a dad again?” He yelled and everybody ran inside.
“O hi, guys. Yes, Abs.” I smiled. Chris runs to me.
“Mum, why are you smiling and is dad is go crazy?”
“Whaha because you are going to have a little sister or little brother.” And he jumped up and started to jump with Abs.
“Guys, I’m not sure. Still have to do the test but when I had Chris I had the same symptoms like I have now.” I stood up.
“I’m going to buy the test now. And when I’m back I will do it.” I smiled and walked to the car.
“I’m going with you. I need to buy a test also.” Antje run after me.
“Also?” I smiled. On the way to the drugstore we talked about her boyfriend, Gürkan and that they both want to have kids.

We arrived back to the cottage and we did the test right away. Abs and I also invited Gürkan to this trip.
I came outside the bathroom and Abs walked to me.
“Well is it positive?” He asked.
“No. I was so sure!” I said and walked to the kitchen to get a drink.
“Is it 100% sure this test?”
“No, I could do another test.”
Antje run out of her bathroom.
“I’m pregnant!” She yelled and hugged Gürkan tight.
“Congratulations guys.” I said with a fake smile.
“What about you?” Antje asked.
“Nope, it was negative.”
“But I will go now and buy another test.” Abs said and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek.
I said back on the couch while everyone was making them ready to go the beach.
“Want me to take Chris with you?” Miranda asked.
“If he wants to go to the beach with you, sure.”
“I will ask him.” Miranda walked away and not much later she came back with Chris.
“Mum, why are you not coming with us to the beach?”
“I will tell you later. Just have fun.” I smiled.
Five minutes later everyone was gone and I start to cry.
After 15 minutes Abs came back.
“Where is everyone?” I whipped my last tears away.
“There on the beach. They took Chris with them.”
“And how are you feeling?”
“Not good at all. Do you have the test?” He grabbed it out of the bag.
“I will do that later today. If it’s negative again now, I will cry more and I don’t want that.” Abs holds me tight while we were watching TV.
“You really want another baby, don’t you?” He asked.
“Yes, when I look at Chris I remember the time he was little.”
“You mean that every time out baby grows up you want another baby?” He laughed.
“No, it’s just… I want to have another baby so that Chris is not alone and he can play with her.”
“You want a girl?”
“Or a boy, I don’t care.” We laughed.
“If the test is negative, we will make sure we get another baby soon!” Abs smiled.
Thank you for searing me up. I really needed it.” I grabbed the test.
“You sure you are doing it now? You can wait till we home.”
“No I will do it now.” And I walked to the bathroom.
Ten minutes later I came back from the bathroom and saw Abs looking up from the TV.
“This one is positive!” I smiled.
“So you’re pregnant?” Abs asked.
“I still think I am. But I will go and see a doctor when we home.”
“Ok, so you want to go to the beach now?” He asked.
“No let’s stay here and swim in the pool. Just the two of us.” I wrapped my arms around his neck.
“Fine by me.” He smiled and kissed me softly.
After a couple minutes we ran hand in hand in the pool.

We were lying in the sun when the rest came back from the beach.
“Daddy!” Chris run to Abs and jumped on him.
“Auw!” Abs yelled and Chris went off him right away.
“It’s ok, Chris.” Abs sat up and he had pain.
“You’re ok?” I asked Abs. Chris starts to cry.
“Chris, come here.” I said. Chris walked to me and sat on my lap.
“Don’t cry, little. I’m fine. Just gave me a minute.” Abs said.
“Sorry dad.” Abs smiled and than Chris smiled to.
“Kim, you’re pregnant!” Monique yelled and walked outside.
“How do you know?” I asked.
“You left it on the table.”
“Ow, I’m sorry!”
“Congratulations!” Tom hugged me.
“Well because the first was negative I’m still not sure so when I'm home I will see a doctor.”
“Can we please eat now?!” Izzy asked.
“I’m getting hungry to.” Tom said.
“Well let’s go. You’re sure your fine, Abs?” I asked him.
“Yes, I’m fine. Let’s go.”

Two weeks later we went back to London. We had a great time there and decided to do this holiday ones a year.
“Kim, did you call the doctor already?”
“Yes, I did. I have an appointment tomorrow.”
“Want me to come with you? I can have a free day off.”
“It’s ok, I can go alone but I think I could use someone when he said ‘it’s negative’.” I smiled.
“Ok I will come with you than, but you could just ask me.” He smiled.

The next day I woke up and saw that Abs was watching TV.
“Wow your wake up early. It’s only 9 PM.”
“I got a phone call this morning. Wish was not that good.”
“What was it about?”
“About Maria, she had a car bad accident.”
“Yes, Miranda called.”
“I’m sorry to her that Abs.”
“Yeah yeah.”
“Did she die or is she really bad hurt ?”
“Don’t know. Miranda will call when she has news.” He stood up and toke a shower.
“Abs, I know I didn’t like her but I never wanted this to happen to her.”
“I know, Kim. I feel the same. But also I think about my time I spend with her.”
“We have been together for more than 5 years now. You spend with Maria 3 years. She was bothering us and you still think of her in the time you dated her? What do you think I feel now?”
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“You did Abs. I need to get ready for the doctor. You can stay home. I think it’s better if you stay here.”
“I will go to the studio.” I walked to the shower and get me self ready.
Ten minutes later I hear that Abs left.
Twenty minutes later I left for my doctor appointment.

“So you did two tests, one was negative and the other was positive?” The doctor asked.
“Yes, we were on a holiday in Miami.”
“I did some test and I’m afraid I have bad news. It’s negative. You’re not pregnant.” I closed me eyes and try not to cry.
“Thank you. I will tell Abs.”
“I’m really sorry to tell you this.”
“It’s ok. Just want to be sure.” I stood up and shake hands with the doctor and walked out.

I wanted to tell Abs so I went to the studio.
“Hello, I'm looking for Abs. Where can I find him?”
“He said that he didn’t want any visitors.”
“Well I’m his wife.”
“He is in studio 2.” I smiled and walked to the studio and knocked on the door and open it but I didn’t saw anyone.
“Hello, anyone here?” I yelled in the room.
“Shit, it’s Kim.” I heard someone say and than I saw Abs standing up in the singing box.
“Kim!” He was pulling his shirt straight. I walked to the singing box. I know something was wrong.
“O my gosh! You…” I turn angry when I saw Maria lying on the floor.
“Kim, it’s not what it looks like!”
“You think I’m blind than!?” I yelled.
”See, I know I get him back.” Maria smiled.
“But I though you had an accident.”
“I made that up.” Abs said.
“So how long is this going on?”
“Just before we went to Miami.”
“I hate you, Abs. How could you do this to me!? I though that Miami was special. We did talk about the future and about a new baby. By the way, I’m not pregnant and now I’m so glad that I’m not!”
“Not?” Abs asked.
“No it was negative! But I’m glad that I am because now I can fly back home, to Holland. I will pack my stuff and this time I leave you forgot! It’s so over. You can have him, Maria. I hope that I never see you ever again! Both off you!” I turned around and ran out off the studio, to my car.
As I sat down behind my while I start to cry.
“How could he do this to me?” I yelled and as soon as I saw Abs coming out of the studio looking around, I turned to engine on. He looked my way and ran to my car.
“Kim!! No!! Wait!” I heard him yell. I drove off the parking space and didn’t saw a car coming and he drove into me…