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Old Friend

I worked in a pub near by the house were I was living with my friends. The owner of the pub was an uncle of mine. I did not have any parents. They died in a car accident. My uncle decided that he was going to take care of me. My mum was his little sister. I always had a close band with my uncle. When he found out that I needed a job he asked me, if I wanted to work in his pub. And I did.

A view years back I had a special friend. We could go on well together. His name was Richard. I called him Abs. We were only friends. In the beginning when met I had a little crush on him.
We studied together. But also we went to the cinema together. He had a girlfriend. Her name was Danielle. She was nice. I could get along well with here. He spends most of the time with her. But when he had some time free, he spends it with me. I was single for a long time but in senior year of high school I became in love with this guy called Eric. But after our graduation he broke up with me because he was in love with some one else. I had a hard time because of that but Abs was there to cheer me up again.
That summer everything changes. Abs and I grow away from each other. He wanted to be a singer. He went to auditions around the UK. I was happy with the way everything was. Had a place to stay; a great job. But I lost good friend. Abs and I spoke sometimes but it wasn’t the same as first.

Back to now, I was working in the pub. My best friend Miranda came in with her books. She was early done from school.
“Kim, can you give me a big cup of coffee, please?” I nodded my head to her. She was sitting at some side table by the window. I brought her coffee. It was very quiet that day. So I though it was time for a little break. With my cup of tea, I joined Miranda. She was looking sad, so I asked her what the problem was.
“Well you never guess. Chase broke up with me. I’m too jealous was his reason.” Miranda said sarcastic face. Chase and Miranda know each other of a couple of years now. I never liked Chase. But he made Miranda happy so I was happy. Miranda knows how I was thinking about Chase.
“Now you can tell me; I told you so!”
“Miranda, you know what I though about him but he made you happy. So I’m not going to give you that kind of talk.”
“Kim, are you done with your tea?” I heard my uncle yell at me. I looked at him.
“Yes almost. I’ll be there in a minute.” I looked back at Miranda.
“Girl, it’s going to be alright. I have an idea. Why don’t we go out tonight? Just be crazy. Maybe you can get your thoughts of Chase.” I stud up and walked over too the bar.
The afternoon Miranda was sitting there with out moving an inch. When it was 6 PM I was done working, grape my jacket and bag and walked over to Miranda.
“Are you coming or want to spend some more time here?” Miranda looked up. She nodded and gets her things together and we walked out of the pub.

Later that night we got ready for a good night out. Diana and Carrie were also living in the same house as me and Miranda. I met those girls a couple years ago. When I moved to London, I know no one, only my uncle and some of his friends. The girls came one day into the pub. My uncle knows Miranda because her dad was a good friend of his. He introduces me to Miranda. She introduces me to Carrie and Diana.

We were getting ready for a good night out. Carrie had just a new boyfriend and she couldn’t stop talking about him. We will meet him later that night. I was going to drive than night.
We arrived at 'Pop'. We were getting late but we could found a seat. We ordered drinks. I was looking for Carrie and her new boyfriend. She told us how special he was but she never showed us his picture.
After a view minutes Carrie called us and she walked over and took a seat.
"Well, where is your guy?" Diana asked.
"He is getting me a drink. He can be here any minute." Carrie answers.
A familiar person came walking to our seat.
"Well girls, this is him. Abs, those girls are my best friends." Carrie said to guy with a smile.
"Hi nice to meet you, I’m Diana."
"Same thing, I’m Miranda, hi." The girls shock his hand.
"Kimmie, is it really you?" They guy asked me.
"Yes…" It took a view seconds before I know who he was.
"Abs! O my gosh. Long time since I saw you." I hugged my old friend. Carrie had a surprised look on her face.
"You know him. How nice." Carrie responds.
That night Abs and me had a nice talk.
"Where have you been?" I asked. Carrie was on the dance floor with Miranda and Diana.
"Well I’ve been busy with auditions all over the country."
"Do you have a contract already?"
"Yes three moths ago I’ve been contracting by BMG with four other guys. We are a band called Five. And soon our first single will be released."
"Wow you really made you dream come true. I’m proud of you."
Carrie, Diana and Miranda came back.
"Abs, I want to go home." Carrie said when she saw Abs.
"OK we will go than. Bye girls hope to see you soon. Kim, I will call you tomorrow, maybe we can chat some more." Abs stud up and was holding Carrie hand.
"Well I work at the pub in London West. Here is the address. Come by anytime." Abs and Carrie walked away.
"Wow that's great to see an old friend again." Miranda said.
"Yes it is." I said but was not feeling very happy that I saw him. I have two feelings now. I’m happy that I saw him again but than I had a little crush on him.

The next day I woke up with a hang over. But I need to go to work. I took shower and got dressed.
The girls were already gone for school or work.
I went to the pub and my uncle was already busy cleaning tables.
"He Kim. How are you?" He greeted.
"Well I have a hang over but I will get over that." I was walking to the kitchen to make me something to eat.
"Kim? There was a nice guy this morning here." Ben was de name of my uncle, cam to the kitchen.
"He told me that he was an old friend of you, Abs was his name." I was looking up.
"Do you know if he comes back?"
"Well he gave me this." He gave me a little note.
'Hi Kimmie, to bad that you are not here yet. Give me a call when you are there. Love Abs.'
"So is that the guy you told me about? Richard was his name, right?" Ben said.
"Yes that is him. I will call him later. Let's get to work." I didn't want to think about what happened between me and Abs.

Diana and Miranda came later that day to the pub. They took a seat at the bar.
"Hi Kim, how are you?" Diana called me. I gave them both a tea.
"I’m alright. I’m having a hang over but I’m OK." I said.
"Did you speak to Abs already?"
"No, Miranda. He was here before I was here. He left a note behind." I gave the note to the girls.
“Are you going to call him?”
“Don’t know. It’s a bit weird. It’s been couple years since I saw him for the last time.”
“Your right, he does look cute though.” Miranda and Diana laughed.
“Kim, you are here finally.” Abs came walking into the pub.
“Abs hi.” Miranda and Diana graphed there tea and left the bar.
“Can I give you anything?”
“A coffee would be nice.” He said.
“Abs, I have a break in 15 minutes. Can you wait till then? It’s a bit busy around here now.” I said while I was giving his coffee.
“No that’s cool. I will join Miranda and Diana, where there names right?” I smiled and looked at the girls. He walked over to them.
After 15 minutes of working in the kitchen, I had finally a break that I can use. Before I got me tea and walked to Abs and the girls, Mark walked in. He had a crush on me since I worked here and he asked me out lots of times but every time I said no.
“He sexy thing, can you get me a coffee to go?” He asked. I gave him his coffee and a fake smile.
“You can give me some more smiles if you still want me to like you.” I gave him an angry look and he walked off.
“Who was that?” Abs asked while I was joining them.
“Some weird guy that is totally into her.” Miranda said.
“He looks ok. Why don’t you give him a chance?” Abs said.
“Because he is so not my type. I like exotic guys, remember?”
“How do you explain Eric than?” We started to laugh.
“We will leave you to alone than. Abs, nice seeing you again and Kim, we see you tonight than.”
“I have to work tonight, girls.”
“Again?” They said.
“Yes, the new guy had gone home ill today.” The girls said there goodbye and walked off. Abs was giving me a weird look.
“What did I do this time?” I asked.
“I’m still waiting for an explanation.” Now I gave him a weird look.
“What do you mean?”
“Well explain Eric for me.” I started to laugh.
“Believe me; if I know that that guy was going to hurt me I never ever date him.” We laughed.
“What happen to us, Kim?”
“Don’t know. You started a singing carrier and I think that we ‘split’ up from there.”
“So now, it’s my fault!”
“No, I never said that.” Abs started to laugh.
“Kim, I was only joking. It was my fault. I could keep in contact with you when I was away from home a lot.”
“Well why didn’t you?” I saw my uncle with an angry face.
“Listen Abs, I have to go back to work again. My uncle is looking very mad right now.”
“I understand. I will drop by tonight to visit Carrie. Maybe we can talk than. I really missed our talks, Kimmie.”
“I have to work but I think when you drop by tonight you won’t have time to talk. Carrie doesn’t like to talk.” I laughed and walked away.
Not much later Abs placed his cup on the bar and waved me goodbye.

That night when I was done working I walked home. As I walked inside the house I saw Abs and Carrie making out on the couch.
‘O… I’m sorry…” I walked right into my bedroom. I putt my computer on and get myself in some comfortable clothes and looked who was online.
There was no one online but than I remember that Abs told me he was in a band called Five.
So I looked to see if there was a site about them. And there was. When I was done checking that out I decided to go to bed.
When I was lying in bed I heard that Carrie was saying goodbye to Abs.
“Miss you already. Why don’t you stay here? Please…” I could Carrie say.
Not much later I heard that some keys and than a door that has been closed.
“She has come with him.” I laughed and tried to sleep.

The next day I didn’t have to work. Everyone was gone. Miranda needed to talk to Chase and Diana had to work and Carrie still didn’t come home last night.
When I woke up at 11 AM and it was a big mess in the house so I cleaned it up after I took a shower.
While I was vacuuming, Carrie came home.
“Hi Kim.” She said with a smile on her face and walked into her bedroom.
“Everything ok?” I yelled.
“Yeah!” I heard.
“O Abs asked me if I said hi to you.” I also heard.
“Thanks Car, sleep well girl.” I yelled back.
After cleaning up I went to the movie store to rent some good movies. I saw Abs was there to.
“I used to like Misery. Good movie until I saw a movie that got me nightmares. Since than I never saw a horror movie.” I said standing next to him.
“Kimmie, hi. I don’t know what I what. I think I take these movies.” He handed me a couple movies.
“This are good, I think.”
“You want to rent a movie to?”
“Yes, I was just looking if there was a good movie that I need to see.” I laughed and walked around the store.
“Think I will have a matrix night.” I picked the three DVDs who were standing next to each other.
“Cool idea.” Abs laughed.
“Why don’t you come over to my place tonight? We will watch them together with some take out Chinese.”
“Seems fine be me. But are you not going to be with Carrie?” Abs started to laugh.
“Believe me. She can be with out me for a while after last night!” We started to laugh.
“Still got that kind of talk, Abs.” We laughed and we paid for the movies and walked out.
“Ok, I will see you tonight at 5 than?” He asked.
“Yep I will be there.” He gave me his address and I walked home.

When I arrived home Miranda was sitting on the couch with a big smile watching some cartoon.
“You seem happy.” I said while I putt my movies on the table.
“I am. Chase and I working everything out and he is taking me out tonight.” She turns the TV down.
“O ok, congrate than.”
“Kim, don’t worry he is not going to hurt me this time. I will hurt him this time.” I turned to her.
“What do you mean, hurt him this time?”
“I just win his trust now and when is totally in love with me I will dump him the same way he dumped me.”
“Are you sure that is the right way to hurt him?”
“I though that you liked that idea because you hate that guy.”
“I still do but still it’s wrong I think. But do what ever you want, girl.” I walked up to my room.
“Whatever!” I heard her mumbling.

I got changed and walked back into the living room when Miranda and Diana, who just came home from home, were sitting on the couch watching the news.
“Girls, I’m leaving. I’ll be home late. Bye.” I said and walked to the door.
“Kim, hold on for a second.” Carrie called.
“What’s up?” I said and putt my jacket on.
“Abs is mine.” She said serious.
“I know he is. He is a good friend and I’m glad that he is back in my life.”
“Ok I just want to let you know that.”
“Ok cool. Well if you excuse me, I’m off.” I graphed the bag with DVD’s and closed the door.

When I arrived at Abs I rang the doorbell.
“Hi Kimmie.” Abs said and hugged me. As I walked in, I took my jacket off.
“Nice place.”
“Thanks. So you got the movies?” I handed the bag.
“Cool, I hope that you still like the same Chinese food.”
“What do you mean?” I hear a doorbell.
“Because I already order the food.” Abs walked to the front door.
“You still remember mine?” I asked surprised.
“Yep. “ He said proudly as he came in with the food.
As he placed the bag down, he asked me if I wanted to drinks something.
“Yes an orange soda would be nice.” He walked into the kitchen and came back with two glasses and a bottle of orange soda.
“Ok than let’s start watching than.” He said and after he putts DVD number one in the DVD player.
He took a seat next to me and we started to watching and eating the food.
“I really missed this. Just watching a movie together and eat Chinese, was a good idea of you Abs.” I said when I came back from the toilet after the first DVD was done.
“And you tough I forget that?” He made a funny smile.
“Mm yes.” I said honestly.
“I remember a lot of things of that time.” He came to sit next to me after the putt DVD number 2 in his DVD player.
“I could also remember you had a crush on me.” I could feel I turned red and had a weird feeling in my stomach.
“Let’s watch the next movie, ok?” I made a fake smile at him.
“Ok let’s do that.” He pushed play on the remote and I graphed my glass placed my legs and feet on the couch.
“Comfortable?” He asked.
“Yes, thanks.” I smiled at him and turn my head back to the TV.
As the second film continued I was only thinking about what he said before the movie began.
‘Was it that obvious that I had a crush on him that time?’ I asked myself.
“Kimmie, still following the movie?” He asked me.
“Mm what? O yes, I’m just tired.”
“Here, lay your head on my lap. If you fall a sleep I will wake you up when the movie is finished.” So I did after the putt DVD number 3 in his DVD player.
“Sleep well, Kimmie.” He said after just pushed play. I smiled.
Not much later I did fall a sleep on Abs lap. I didn’t saw the end of the movie.

The next morning I was awake by a noise. It was a coffee machine.
“O sorry, Kim, didn’t mean to wake you up.” Abs said while I was sitting up.
“How long did I sleep and why didn’t you wake me up?” He gave me a cup of tea.
“I never woke you up.”
“I know but this is diverend.” I walked around the room.
“What?” He just sat on the couch.
“Nothing Abs, think I will leave.” I putt he tea on the table and took my shoes on and walked to the door and took my jacket on.
“Kim, wait. Why is this diverend? I though that we were friends.”
“We still are but there had been a lot changed since you left.” I walked out of the door and slammed it behind me.

As I enter my house, everyone looked at me.
“Tell us, who was the lucky guy?” Miranda asked.
“No one. If the phone goes, I’m not home and I don’t want any visitors.” I walked in my bedroom and slammed the door and started to cry.
Because it was Sunday and I didn’t have to work I decided to stay in bed all day.

The next day I had to work again. I didn’t want to but when I arrived I was feeling better until Mark walked in.
“Hello, hot thing. How are you? You look so sad.”
“What do you want?” I asked.
“Two things, a hot coffee and you taking one too so we can talk.” I handed him one coffee.
“I can’t join you because I’m not on my break yet.”
“And when she has a break she will spend it with me.” Abs came in.
“Are you her boyfriend?” He stud up. I was about to say no.
“Yes I am. So leave her alone.” I just stud there with open mouth.
“Or what, you are going to hit me?” I came from behind the bar.
“No but I will.” I said standing between them.
“O now I should be scared.” He made weird faces but than suddenly he graphed my arm.
“You will go on a date with me someday.” He let go off me and walked out of the pub.
My uncle came running down at me.
“Kim, are you alright?”
“Yes, I am.” He left again.
“Thanks, Abs.”
“You welcome, can I get a free drink now?” He smiled.
“Yes, what do you want? Coffee?” He nods.
“I’m sorry about yesterday.” I said giving him his coffee.
“What about yesterday?” He took a sip of his coffee after he said that.
“You know what I mean. I just let you standing there.” I was cleaning some glasses.
“Mm Kim, can I get another tea of you?” A costumer that came a lot asked.
“Yes, sure. Coming right up.” I helped him and walked back to Abs.
“Why did you leave suddenly?” He asked.
“I don’t know.” He looked in my eyes and his eyes asked me if I was sure.
“Really, it was weird somehow.”
“Was it because I said that you had a crush on my in that time? Because you not, were you?” I could feel that I was turning red again.
“Kim, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that.”
“Abs, I have to go back to work now.” I walked into the kitchen.
When I got back, he was already gone and Diana, Miranda and Carrie walked in.
“Hello Kim, need some help?” Miranda asked.
“No it’s ok. I will come join you all in a minute with tea.” I made a fake smile and got back to work.
When I join the girls with the tea Carrie gave me a weird look.
“So girls, you never told me what you think of Abs.”
“He is cute and has the looks. Little question does he has nice ‘abs’ to?” Diana joked. They laughed.
“Kim, what’s wrong?” Miranda asked.
“Nothing, just think of what happened earlier today.”
“What happened?” Diana asked.
“You know that weird guy who I crazy about me? He has threatened me this morning. Thank god that Abs walked in.”
“He was here this morning?” Carrie asked.
“Yes, at 10:30.”
“He told me he had to leave to the studio at 10 AM.” Carrie phone rang. It was Abs I could tell.
Not much later she came back to our table.
“Abs asked if we all want to come to his home next week to meet the other guys. I already said yes.”
“I don’t know yet. I maybe have to work.”
“Kim, you work too much. Please come with us.” Diana said.
“I will see what I will do.” I walked off.

The whole week Abs and I didn’t spoke or saw each other. Carrie spend the whole week with Abs. Diana had to work a lot and Miranda spend the whole week with Chase. I worked a lot that week and when I got home I went to bed early. Mark didn’t come to the pub anymore and if he came one more time my uncle was going to call the police.

It was Saturday night. The night that Carrie asked all of us to come to the house of Abs to meet the other guys of the band Five. I agreed to go with them. I took some time of work.
“Kim, are you ready?” Carrie yelled from the hallway. Diana and Miranda were already waiting for me. When I walked over to them I saw that Abs was standing there to, holding Carrie close.
“Hi Abs.” I said putting my jacket on.
“Girls, let’s go.” Abs said holding the door for all of us. I was walking behind Carrie because I was going to close the door. I made a fake smile at Abs and we walked to the cars.
“I will drive with Abs. More want to come with us?” Diana said yes so she stepped in his car. Miranda was going to join in my car.
“Can you please tell me what’s going on with you and Abs?”
“Mm Ok. I had a crush on him when I just met him and he found out about that this week.”
“Still have a crush on him right?”
“Yes but don’t tell anyone. Not even Diana, please.”
“No I won’t say a thing. Let’s go to meet the other lads.”

When we arrived at his house the other guys were not there yet.
“Make yourselves comfortable, they will be any minute.” Abs said so I sat down on his couch where I slept a week before.
When the door rang Abs run to the door and opens it.
“Abs!” The guys went for a group hug.
“Lads this are the girls I’ve been talking about. Miranda and Diana over there, you all know Carrie. This is Kimmie. Mine Kimmie.”
“The Kimmie, you talk about a lot?” A guy with glasses said.
“Mm yeah think so.” I said not knowing what he mended.
“Abs said you are his best mate beside us.” That guy with spikes made a joke.
“He really says that?” Carrie asked hugging Abs.
“Yes and I really mean that.” Abs said pushing her away and came to sit next to me.
“This is Ritchie, Scott, Jay and Sean.” Abs introduces them to us.
“Nice meeting you all.” The guys said and took a seat between the girls.

At the end of the evening Abs and I didn’t spoke to each other. I spoke to the others and I had fun but I was getting tired and wanted to go home.
“I’m off. I’m tired and need some sleep.”
”We want to stay here.” Diana said.
“That’s ok I can drive you home if you want?” Scott said.
“Can you bring me to than?” Miranda asked.
“Sure I can.”
“Ok than, nice meeting you guys.”
As I walked to the door to get out I heard that I was followed.
“Kim, wait a second.” It was Abs. We putt our coats on and walked out side.
“We need to talk.” I nodded.
“I know but do we have to do this now? I mean your girl is sitting inside waiting for you.”
“Your right but she is spending the night so she can wait for a minute or five.” We sat down in front of his house.
“I’m really sorry about last week. If I ever know that you had a crush on me, I never would bring that up.”
“That’s ok, Abs. I never told you that anyway.”
“How long you had a crush on me?” He asked.
“For to long!” I smiled.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because I didn’t want to lose you.”
“To be honest with you I had a crush on you to.” I looked at him surprised.
“You were? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Same reason, didn’t want to lose you.” We both started to laugh.
“Think I need to go inside now.” He said.
“Yes. I had a great night, Abs. The guys are great.”
“Glad you enjoyed it. Hope we talk soon ok?” He said while we were standing up. The door opened.
“Abs, are you coming? The guys are asking about you.” Carrie said.
“Yes, be there in a minute. Close the door for a minute.” He said. Carrie didn’t understand why Abs was asking her to do that.
We were waiting till she finally closed the door.
“Goodnight Abs.” I hugged him.
“So we are friends again?” He said while we were still hugging.
“Yes, we are.” With that I walked to the car.
“And Kim, what do you tomorrow night?”
“Nothing yet.”
“I will pick you up at 8 if you like. Let’s do something crazy.” He said on his funny way. I started to laugh and stepped into the car.
“See you tomorrow than.” I waved him goodbye and drove off.

The next morning i woke up with a good feeling and found out that no one was home. I though that Diana had a great night with Scott and Miranda spend her night with Chase. And Carrie, like Abs told me, she spend the night with him.
I couldn’t wait for that night. I was glad that Abs know the truth about me but I still had a little crush on him. Bu he has Carrie and he is happy.
When it was finally 8 PM Abs arrived. Miranda and Diana came home that afternoon. Carrie came with Abs.
”Hi Carrie, had a good day?” She nodded adn walked right to her room, without saying anything.
“And how are you? Ready for a great night?” Abs asked me while i was thinking about what the problem of Carrie was.
“Mm what? O Yeah let’s go!” I graphed my coat and keys.
“So what are we going to do?” I asked Abs when we were driving in his car.
“Well i though it would be cool to play paintball!” He smiled.
“Paintball? Never played that but a seems like fun.”
When we arrived at the playhall we went inside and got changed into some special clothes.
“Can you look more beautiful?” Abs joked when he saw me wearing a white suit.
“Did you see yourself?” He only smiled at me.
After one hour, and he was winning, I was tired and I wanted to take a little break.
“Abs, can we have a little break, please?” I sat down on some hay.
“Aw, already tired? Can’t have that I’m winning, right?” Abs laughed and came sitting next to me.
“Very funny, Abs!” I had paint all over me so I wiped it off with my sleeve.
“Wait you have some paint there.” Abs wiped with his hand some paint that was on my cheek.
“Thank you.” I said. I looked straight into his eyes. We were sitting only a view inches away.
Not much later Abs leaned forward and kissed my lips softly. I kissed him back but after a minute I pushed him away from me.
“I can’t do this. I’m sorry.” I stud up.
“No, I’m sorry. I totally forgot about Carrie, one of your best mates. Let’s go home and you can take a shower at my place and after that we go into a club.”
“Ok good plan and we never did this.” I said.
“What did we do that?” Abs stud up and shoot with his paintball gun at me.

After thirty minutes we got changed and went to the house of Abs.
“You go first; I want to watch the news for a minute.” I said to Abs.
“Ok, I will yell when you can.” Abs took his shirt off in the room and walked to the bathroom.
“It’s free.” Abs came back after 10 minutes. As I walked into the bathroom, I heard the door rang.
Abs walked with still no shirt on to the door and I walked in the bathroom.
“Abs, where can I found a towel?” I asked when I stepped back out of the bathroom 2 minutes later. I saw that Carrie and Abs were kissed in the hallway.
“O sorry, I just need a towel.”
“Kim, what are you doing here?” Carrie pulled Abs away.
“Look, Abs, can you give me a towel and that I leave you two alone.”
“No Kim. Abs, explain please!” Carrie went mad.
“Well that simple. We went paintball and we want to go out after that but we looked really bad so I offer her a shower.”
“O and why are you not wearing a shirt?” Carrie was already holding the door.
“Abs, I think I will leave.” I said.
“No this night is not over yet. Carrie, I’m sorry but still I want to go out with Kim.”
“Well than I will leave now and don’t come back. Kim, don’t expect from me to be nice to you.”
“Carrie, why did you say that? It’s not her fault!” I wanted to say something but Abs was first.
“Too late, Abs!” Carrie walked out and slammed the door.
“Abs, I’m sorry.” I said. Abs was sad and walked into the living room.
“That’s ok. You can’t help it that she is so jealous.”
“Still want to go out?” Abs shakes his head.
“No, I think I will watch a movie.”
“Want me to stay or shall I go home?”
“Hope that you can stay. I really can use a friend.” He looked at me with eyes that I can’t say no to.
“Ok I will stay but can you please give me a towel so I can take a shower.” Abs gave me a towel and I walked to the bathroom.
After 15 minutes I walked back to the living room.
“Abs, want me so make some coffee?” I asked but I saw that Abs felt asleep.
I decided to home but before I leave I left a message for him.
‘Abs, I’m off home. I’m sorry about what happened between you and Carrie. I just want to let you know that I enjoyed our kiss. Hope to talk to you soon. With Love, Kimmie.’
I walked out and I totally forgot that I didn’t have a car.
“Mm, Miranda? Hi, so sorry I’ve I woke you up but ca you please pick my up? I’m at Abs... Ok see you soon!” I hung up and wait in front the house of Abs.
It was dark and I turned around when I found out that Abs was awake. He turned the light on.
“Kim, wait a second.” Abs come running out side.
“Hi, I am off going home but didn’t have a ride so I called Miranda and she can be here any minute.”
“Sorry that I felt asleep.”
“Did you read the note that I left on the table?”
“Mm yes that’s why I run outside. I wanted to say goodbye.” Abs came closer to me.
“Do you mind if I kiss you?” He looked strait into my eyes.
“I don’t know Abs.” But before I know it I felt his lips again. All I can and wanted to do was kiss him back and I did.”
“Stay here tonight, Kim.” He asked me with cute eyes after we pulled away.
“I can’t. It’s not fair to Carrie.” I saw that Miranda arrived.
“Ok, I understand.” He gave me one last kiss on the lips and that changed my mind.
Miranda walked out of her car to greet Abs.
“Nice seeing you again, Abs. How are you?”
“I’m doing ok, I think.”
“Let’s go, Kim.” Miranda walked to her car and I gave Abs a wink. He smiled at me but didn’t know my plan.
“Miranda, wait! Can I tell you a secret that you have to keep, especially to Carrie?”
“Sure but I think I know what you want to tell me. It’s Abs. You are in love with him aren’t you?”
“Yes I am and I think he feels the same for me. I want to spend more time with him tonight. I called you because he felt asleep and I didn’t want him to wake him but now he is awake and looks really hot and cute.”
“Ok get out of my car than. And get him and I won’t tell Carrie but you have to promise me that you will tell her soon.”
“I will! Thank you.” We hugged and I stepped out of the car and walked to a surprised Abs.
“What are you doing?”
“I changed my mind. I will spend the night.” I smiled at him.
“Ok cool.” We walked hand in hand inside.
“What anything to drink?” Abs asked me when we were inside. I switched off the light and walked to over to Abs.
“I don’t want a drink. The only thing I want is you!” He grabbed me hands and lead me to his bedroom. When we arrived there we started to kisses heavenly.
“Although this is weird, I like it a lot.” Abs said while he was busy to undress me and still kissing me.
“Sst, don’t say anything now.” We felt on the bed and started to laugh.
“Sure you wanted to do this?” I asked.
“Yes don’t you worry, just enjoy it.” Abs said while he undid his shirt.
“O, who said that I didn’t enjoy it?” Abs started to laugh.
“Why are you laughing, mister?” I asked.
“You just said that I had to shut up and now you are the one who talks!” Abs started to kiss my mouth so I didn’t had a chance to say anything back. That night was nothing but very passionately.

The next morning I woke up and soon I found out that I was lying on Abs chest. I looked up at him.
“Good morning, sunshine.” Abs greeted me.
“Hi, are you long awake?” I lay down again.
“Just a view minutes but I didn’t slept much.”
“Why is that? We did make it that late, did we?” I started to laugh.
“I just was thinking about what to do now.”
“What do you mean?” I was stroking his chest.
“Carrie, what I want to do with her.”
“O shit. Carrie!” I yelled and sat up strait.
“What’s wrong? Do you regret about what happened last night?” He asked when I stepped out of bed.
“No way, that was heavenly, Abs, but it was wrong what we did to Carrie.”
“I know.”
“I think I should go home.” I got dressed and before I walked out of that room I gave one last kiss to Abs. When I kissing him deeply, we heard a door rang.
“Let it ring, Kim.” I smiled and kiss him again but it rang again.
“I have to go, Abs.” We walked to the door and Abs opens the door when I took my coat on.
“Carrie?” I heard Abs say.
“Kim, why do I found you here every time I visit my boyfriend?” Carrie looked at me.
“I was just on my way out. Abs, give me a call ok.” I hugged him.
“I had fun last night, hope you had to!” I whispered. He smiled at me.
“What is there to laugh about?” Carrie asked when I pulled Abs away. I walked out of the door with a huge smile on my face.
On my way home I passed by the pub that I worked.
“Hello!” I went in for a big cup of coffee.
“Kim, I was just about to call you. I was wondering if you want to work this afternoon and night.” My uncle greeted me.
“Yes, sure. I will go home first to change. I spend the night with Abs.”
“He is dating Carrie, right?”
“Uhu yes he is! We only had a great night. I was so tired that I felt asleep on his couch.”
“It’s your business what you do, Kim, but I think that there happened more!” He said with a smile and I started to laugh.
“Just gave me a large coffee to go, please.” My uncle nodded.

When I arrived home, I open my door and found out that Miranda and Diana was sitting on the couch.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Carrie just came home.” Diana walked into the kitchen.
“Okay.” I said and took a seat on the couch as well.
“Abs told her every thing what happened between you two last night.” Miranda said.
“O and she told you two, great. She is mad is she?”
“What do you think? You two hurt her really bad.”
“I’m sorry it was not my idea to hurt her and last night was also not planned.” Carrie came walking in the room.
“Kim, hi. Girls I want to say that I will move out soon. I can’t live with her.”
“Carrie, I will move out. There is apartment above the pub free. I already though about it for a while to move out.” Diana and Miranda didn’t believe there ears.
“I spoke about it with my uncle and that it easer for me to because of work.” I stud up and walked to my room to get changed and get to work.

That day went very slow and I was thinking about last night and also about Carrie. We were almost best friend and friends never do this to each other what I did to her.
Abs walked in together with Scott.
“Hi, Kim. Nice seeing you again.” Scott greeted and they took a seat at the bar.
“How can I help you two?” I asked.
“Two large coffee, please.” Scott said.
“Coming right up.” I gave them two coffees and went back to work.
I made a little note that I gave to Abs.
‘I’m really sorry what happened between you and Carrie. Can we talk about it soon? Xx Kimmie’ I gave it when Scott was in toilet. When Abs read it he called me.
“I am off to promote things and I will leave this afternoon that’s why I’m here, to say goodbye.”
“Goodbye for now, I hope?” Abs smiled.
“What do you think? I let you go ones and I won’t do it again, promise.”
“Ok than, seems we can talk when you are back than.”
“Yes. I just want to know I heard that Carrie is moving out.”
“Yes she wanted to move out but I told her that I will move out. There is an apartment above this pub that I like.”
“Okay, but you are not moving out because of Carrie?”
“Well this is a good reason to take this chance.” Scott came back.
“Abs, we need to go now.”
“I know.” Abs stud up and I walked from behind the bar.
“I will call you.” Abs hugged me.
“Ok, I will wait than.” We looked for one of the last time into each other eyes.
“Bye Abs.” I gave him one big hug and I felt a tear coming down. I pushed him away and walked into the kitchen.
“Bye Kimmie!” I heard him yelling.

Three months went on. I moved out of the house and got the apartment about the pub. Miranda and Diana came to visit me a lot but they did tell me that what I did to Carrie was wrong.
Like this day. Five was coming back to London again. Abs and I were still in contact. We called ones a week.
“Kim, are you coming later today to pick up the boys at the airport?” Diana asked me.
“Not sure. Maybe Carrie will be there. Abs and she talked.”
“Yeah they did. Carrie told us to keep it a secret from you.”
“She doesn’t know that Abs and I still have contact?” I asked shocked.
“No.” Miranda said.
“I think I better stay home than.”
“Ok, but now I’m off than. Scott called me yesterday to ask me if I wanted to be there!” Diana smiled from ear to ear when she said Scott.
“Say hi to them for me, I’m going to see Chase. He wanted to talk to me and sounded serious when he called.”
“Okay than. I think I go to the mall than.” The girls left again.
I was that afternoon thinking about what to do. Abs did ask me to come to.
“I have to go and see him!” I stud up from the couch and get my keys and walked to my car.

When I arrived at the airport I saw some fans standing there already. I smiled at them and they were running to me.
“You are the girlfriend of Abs right?” I turned around and was surprised.
“What?” More girls were standing around me.
“Look!” One of the girls showed me a picture. It was Abs and me at the night we played paintball. We kissed at the picture.
“Nice picture but that’s not me!” I said and tried to walk away.
When I finally arrived I saw that the guys were already come out with there bags. Carrie was there too, hugging Abs tight. Scott noticed me.
“Kim!” He walked over to me and hugged me.
”Hi Scott, nice seeing you.” I saw Carrie walking over to me. She was mad I could tell.
“Leave!” She shouted at me.
“Excuse me?” I said.
“Carrie, don’t!” Abs said to her.
“Why not? She has nothing to do here.”
“Remember I’m her friend to.” Scott told her.
“Carrie, stop. She is still a friend of mine to.”
“But I though that…” Carrie was not done with her line but Abs interrupts her.
“Yes you though but you think more that is not true.” Abs hugged me.
“Sorry, Kim.” I smiled at Abs when he let go.
“Think I will leave now.” I hugged the rest of the guys and wanted to leave.
“Kim, wait a second.” I could Abs say so I turned around.
“Abs, please no.” Carrie was pulling on his arm. Abs gave her a mad face so she let go.
“We need to talk.” Abs runs over to me.
“We do?” I asked.
“Yes would you like to come over at my place tomorrow night? We will rent some movies and eat Chinese.”
“Ok sure why not?” I said with a smile and turned around.
“O Abs, did you saw the magazine top of the pops? There is a picture of us kissing.”
“There is? No I didn’t saw it. Not sure if Carrie saw it.”
“I don’t know but I’m off.” I walked to the car and saw the other saying goodbye and walked off.

That night I was working because that new guy was sick again. My uncle was thinking about letting him go. He is never there.
“Kimmie, can you please give me a coffee to go?” It was Mark again. It’s been a while since the last time I saw him.
“Hi Mark, yes sure.” I made him a coffee to go and when I gave it to him Abs walked in.
“Thank you, Kimmie, keep the change.” Mark said and gave me a wink. When he turned around he saw Abs.
“No one is calling her Kimmie, only me.” He said and Mark run out of the pub. Abs and I started to laugh.
“Can I help you?” I leaned on the bar.
“No, just wanted to talk to you.”
“I though that we were going to talk tomorrow.”
“Yes but I couldn’t wait.”
“O ok. You know what? I will give you a coffee and in one hour this pub will close so than we can talk.” He smiled when I gave him a coffee.
“Why don’t you close the pub now? There is no one.”
“I know but my uncle will be mad when I close it.” He nods at me to let me know that he understands it.
His self phone rang after 10 minutes. I got tell it was some one he didn’t want to talk to.
“Kimmie, can I ask you a question?” He putts his phone away than after he switched of his phone off.
“Yes sure.” I was washing some glasses.
“Did you enjoy that night that you spend with me?”
“Wish night do you mean? I spend so many nights with you.” I teased him.
“You know what I mean!” He smiled at his empty cup.
“Yes I do know what you mean.” I said with a huge smile and grabbed his empty cub.
“Well?” He looked at me with his puppy eyes.
“Yes I did enjoy it. It was weird but I defiantly enjoyed that night. Why do you want to know?” I had a huge smile on my face thinking about that night.
“O just wanted to know.”
“It was Carrie was it?”
”What?” He looked up strait away.
“On your phone?” He turned red.
“Yes it was her. She is so jealous! Sometimes it really drives me crazy with that.”
“Did you tell her that?”
“What? That she is jealous? No but every time I try she talks about something else or kiss me.”
Miranda and Chase came walking in.
“Kim and Abs, nice seeing you her.” They said at the same time and started to laugh.
“They’re drunk. Big time.” I started to laugh when Abs said that.
“Kim, can you give us something to drink?” Chase said when Miranda tries to sit down at the bar but she felt of the bar stool.
“Ok I will give you two cups of coffee.”
“Can you give me one to than?” Abs said. I smiled.
“Guys, why don’t you go home and get some sleep?” I said giving them there coffee.
“I can’t drive them home. I walked.”
”My car is away to. It’s getting fixed.”
“Why don’t you give them your room?”
“And what about me than?”
“You can spend the night over at my place, on the couch.” He said with a smile.
It was almost time to close the pub down and I walked over the Chase and Miranda.
“Guys, you can’t go home, you are so drunk. Here are the keys of my room. Stay there for tonight.”
“What about you than?” Miranda started to laugh.
“I will spend the night at Abs place.” I said and Miranda and Chase started to laugh.
“To sleep I hope!” Chase said and soon he laughed to. I gave them the keys and closed the pub.

Abs and I walked to his home. It was 1 AM and I was really tired and really got use a shower and some sleep.
”But what are you going to do with Carrie now?” I said after a minute of five silences.
“Don’t know. There is a girl that I started to like to. And she is not jealous.”
”She isn’t?” Abs looked at me.
“Nope that I know.” He grabbed my hand.
“Are you sure she isn’t?” I smiled.
“Maybe a little bit than.” He smiled and squeezed my hand a bit.
As soon as we arrived at his home and we walked in, I started to kiss him.
“Sorry think this is not a good idea but when I’m around you I just can’t stand the fact that you are not mine.” I let go of him and try to walk to the door but than Abs grabbed my arm.
“Don’t be sorry.” I looked into his eyes again that made me kiss him again.
“I’m not sure if this good idea, Abs.” I tried to push him away.
“I so agree with you.” We kissed again and didn’t stop for 10 minutes.
When we let go off each other we just looked into each other eyes and smiled. His self phone rang.
He grabbed it and saw it was Carrie.
“Pick it up.” I said.
“But what if she is going to ask me questions?”
“Well ok don’t pick it up and kiss me!” I said. He doesn’t have to think about that and throw his phone on some table and kissed me.
“Wait. I will turn off mine to.” I said walking to my jacket that I already took off.
“Hurry up!” He said.
“I got a text message.”
“Don’t look at it just come.”
“O NO!” I said in shock. Abs runs to me.
“What’s wrong?” He grabbed me from behind.
“Ben, my uncle, had a little accident and is now home.”
“He is ok? I’m sorry, what do you want to do?” Abs let go off me.
“I want to go see him. Want to come with me, please?” Abs nodded and we took our jackets on and walked to his car and drove to my uncle’s home.
When we arrived he was laying on the couch next to him was his best friend, Susan. She was like a mum to me. Ben and she never been dating though.
“Susan, how is he?” I hugged her and walked to my uncle.
“I’m alright. Don’t worry.” He smiled.
“What happened?” Abs asked.
“Susan, this is my best mate, Richard. The guy I’ve been telling you about.” She nodded.
“He felt of the ladder when he wanted to hang this painting.”
“And you felt. I really though some bad happened.” I sad next to Abs.
“No I’m fine. Just broke my leg and some ribs.” He wanted to laugh but he had pain I could tell.
“Well I think we will go than. I will work tomorrow so you can take your rest.” Abs and I stud up and walked to the door followed but Susan.
“Don’t worry, Kim. I will stay with him in case he needs anything.” I smiled and walked out.

“Gosh I’m so tired. I really good use some sleep.” I said in the car back to Abs place.
“So do I.” Abs said while he was parking his car. We stepped out and I waited till he opens the door.
“After you.” He said after a view seconds. I walked in the house and I felt weird.
“Can I use your shower first?” I asked.
“Yep sure. I will go online for a minute.” He smiled and I walked to the bathroom.
After 15 minutes I walked into the room with only a towel.
“Mm can I borrow a shirt?” Abs turned around and gives me a smile.
“Why do you need one?” He walked over to me.
“Because I want to sleep.” He walked to his room and I followed him.
“Here you go.” He gave me a shirt that I remember.
“You have that shirt? I though I lost it at home.”
“Nope I had it, hope you don’t mind.” That shirt was mine and for some reason it was here. As soon as he left the room, I putt it on and walked back to the living room.
“Abs, where do you want me, I mean shall I sleep on the couch?”
“No, you can take the bed.” He said while he was looking at the screen of his computer.
“Thanks, good night, Abs.” I turned around to walk to the bedroom.
“Hé don’t I get a kiss?” I walked back and gave him a kiss on his cheek.
“Why don’t you come with me to bed?” I was kissing neck.
“Good idea, though you never asked. That couch is not very comfortable.” He closed the computer down as I walked to the bedroom.
When I was laying under the sheets for a minute or 2, Abs came in bed.
“Mm nice.” He said while he was holding me tight.
“I will break up with Carrie tomorrow.” He said.
“Ok.” I turned around so I could look into his dark eyes.
“I have no idea how to do that.” He looked to the sealing.
“When do you guys have to go off and promote again?” I said while I lay my head down on his naked chest.
“Two days.”
“Let’s go to sleep, Abs.” I gave him one last kiss on the lips and gave me a big kiss back.

The next morning Carrie came. I was still asleep when she came.
When I woke up I heard her and Abs talk.
“It’s Kim right! That is the one you love more than me. I know it. I won’t be surprised if she is lying in your bed right now.” And before I know it the door went open.
“See, I know it!” She said while Abs just stud there looking at her.
“You know what? I’m glad that we split up.” She walked madly to the door and slammed the door behind her.
“I’m sorry?” I said when Abs looked at me.
“Don’t be. It’s better this way.” Abs jumped back in bed again.
“What time is it?” I asked after 5 minutes. I didn’t know what to say to him. I was feeling sorry for him that he lost her and it was my fault.
“It’s almost 11 AM. You should get to work.” Abs gets up and walked to the bathroom with out saying a word.
“Abs, I’m off, bye.” I yelled in the hallway. I didn’t hear Abs so I just stepped out side.

That day went fast and I decided to go to bed early.
‘Ring ring.’
“Damn thing!” I said reaching for my self phone. I was almost a sleep.
“Hello??” I was a bit upset until I hear a sweet voice of a person that I was thinking about all day long.
“He sunshine, how are you?” It was Abs.
“I’m alright. I was just about to go to sleep. I’m tired.”
“O I’m tired to but I can’t sleep. You’ve been on my mind since you left.” I could feel I turned red.
“Listen there is a reason why I called you. I’m leaving the day after tomorrow and I realized we never been on a real date. So I wanted to ask you to spend tomorrow night with my?”
“Yes I would love to.” We had a sweet and small talk; we hung up and tried to get some sleep.

Although he has been my friend for years, this was weird, going on a real date with him.
When it was 7 PM he rang my doorbell.
“Are you ready?” Abs first says when I open the door.
“Hello to you to.” I smiled at get my coat.
“What are we going to do?” I said when we were driving.
“Remember your first bungee jump?” He asked.
“Mm yes and it was my last!”
“Well I want to do it again but this time I want to jump at the same time with you!”
“You love this don’t you?” We laughed.
“Please?!” I was shaking my head but then I looked into Abs eyes and I couldn’t say now to them.
“Ok, ok! But stop giving me that look than.” Abs was happier than ever. He was addicted to the kind of jumps.
When we arrived, Abs started to jump around me and funny faces.
“You scared aren’t you?” I hold me suddenly from behind. I was looking up to see how high it was.
“Yeah I am but as long you are jumping with me I’m doing ok I think?!” Abs squeezed me a bit.
“Don’t worry I won’t leave your site.” He whispered.
“Kim, I though that you were afraid of highs?” Mark was walking towards to Abs and me.
“I’m not! What made you think that?” I asked.
“You told me ones I remember.” It was Carrie walking our way and she kissed Mark.
“You two?!” I started to laugh but I saw that Abs was letting me go and walked away.
“Abs, wait.” I followed him back to his car.
“Maybe this was not a good idea. You are not ready for this, Abs.” He didn’t say a thing and drove off and brought me home.
“I’m sorry, Kimmie.” He almost cried.
“For what?”
“I don’t know. I though this was the best way. Now I know what my feelings for her were.”
“It’s alright, Abs, but she seems to be over you already.”
“I know and I didn’t think about her when we are together and she is not around, but seeing her with that guy.” I stepped out of the car.
“Kimmie, wait. I’m sorry. There was something that I wanted to ask you tonight. Can you please step in the car and come with me to the beach or something?” I smiled at him and stepped back into his car.
“I don’t know what to do about me feelings for Carrie. There are gone when I’m with you alone but when I see her they come back.” Abs tells me when we are on the beach. In the car we didn’t say a word.
“I know what you mean and I can’t help you with that, although I want to.” We sat down in de sand.
“Like now I want to kiss you and all.”
“When you are back from your promotion tour we will see what is going to happen.”
“But I don’t want to. I can’t be away from you for 2 whole months.” Abs putts his arm around me.
“You’ve been away for two years, Abs. You can survive two months.”
“That was diverend.” I smiled.
“I know, it’s going to be hard for me to.” I leaned my head against his shoulder.
We just sat there with out saying a word for a while.
“Why don’t you come with me and the lads?” Abs said suddenly.
“What do you mean? Just leave everything here?” Abs smiled.
“Yeah you can work for us. I don’t what you can do but I will think of something.”
“I don’t know. What about the pub and my uncle?”
“Talk to him, maybe he is ok with it. Please Kimmie?” He gave me that look again.
“Ok I will. Can you drive me there now than?” We stud up and ran to the car.

“Stay here ok? I will come back soon.” I stepped out of the car after I gave Abs a kiss on his cheek and rang the doorbell.
“Kim, hi, come in.” I walked in and sat on the couch.
“Listen, Abs asked me something this evening. He wants me to come on his promotion tour with his band. I want to come with him but…”
“Go with him.” He interrupts me.
“Do you mean it?”
“Yes, I could see what he means to you and I will ask Susan if she wants to work sometimes. She will love to work there.”
“Maybe she wants to work there because of you?” I laugh and I saw that he was turning red.
“Look I have to go and start packing I guess. You have no idea how happy I am right now.” I hugged my uncle and walked to the door.
“But promise me you will call me sometimes.” He opens the door for me and saw Abs standing there with a smile.
“I will. Thank you again.” I hugged him for the last time not knowing Abs came walking to our way.
“Abs, be careful with her ok?” Abs nodded.
“I will and that is a promise.” We said goodbye and Abs and I walked back to the car.

“I need to pack my stuff than.” We drove to my place.
“You know we still got some time left.” Abs said while I was looking for my travel bag.
“Yeah so?” I walked to my closet and start packing.
“So…” I noticed that Abs was checking me out.
“Don’t you have to pack?” I gave him a sneaky look.
“No, I got everything already. Shall I help you than?” He grabbed the bag away from me.
“That is not very helpful, Abs.” I yelled when Abs run off with my bag.
I ran after him and soon we felt on the bed, me on top of him.
“Ha got you!” I said laughing.
“Yeah well done, now what?” He looked me straight in the eye.
“I have to pack.” I wanted to leave but Abs grabbed me.
“You will have plenty of time.” The only thing I should do was to kiss him.
“See that is what I want to do all night.” He whispered when we pulled back. I started to laugh and lay down next to him.
“Did you call the other guys already that I’m coming?”
“Yes I did and they were happy about it.” He hugged me tight.
“This is going to be so cool. I’m going to be around you 24/7.”
“24/7?? Gosh that is a lot!” Abs said serious. I sat up and gave him a weird look.
“I’m sorry, just joking around.” He said while I still was looking weird. I walked off the bed.
“Kimmie, I’m sorry.” Abs sad up because his self phone rang.
“We leave sooner? 11 AM. Ok I will tell her. See you than.” He hung up.
“I will be going home than. You have lots to pack, right?” Abs walked to the door.
“O no. You’re not going anywhere, Breen.” I grabbed his arm and he started to laugh.
“Be careful with me. I have a promotion tour coming and I have to look good.” He had no chance to say more because his lips were to busy. We walked to my bedroom and he spends the night.

The next morning I woke up because someone rang my door. I walked to it half a sleep did not know it was 10 AM already.
“Kim, not ready yet? I thought that we were going to shop today.” Miranda and Diana walked in.
“Mm what?” I said while Abs walked of the bedroom with only his boxer on.
“O sorry. Hi Abs!” Abs looked up and walked back to my bedroom.
“Look girls. There is something that you need to know. I’m leaving London today for two months.”
“What do you mean?” Abs walked back in with his clothes on.
“Abs ask me to join him and the lads on there promo tour.”
“Are you serious?” I gave Abs a smile.
“But are you now together as a couple?” Diana asked when Abs sat close next to me.
“Mm yes I think you can say that.”
“I’m happy for you but Carrie told me what happened and I think that was not a way to break up like that.” Diana said.
“I know. It was not a good way but I wanted to break up with her that day.” Abs said.
“But I have some stuff to pack. So girls if you want to stay, that’s ok but I’m in the bedroom.”
“No we are going also. I saw a nice shirt that I want.” We laughed and I let the girls out.
“Mm Kimmie, do you have a lot to pack, because we have to leave in 15 minutes!” Abs yelled at me.
“Really?” I smiled.
“Why are you smiling, start packing!” I started to laugh.
“I already got everything.” And walked to Abs.
“But I though that I…” I kissed his lips.
“Let’s go.” I said when I pulled back. We grabbed me bags and walked out.
My uncle was in the pub working. Susan was there to.
“I’m leaving.” I walked into the pub with Abs. My stuff was already in the car.
“Kim! Ben told me about you leaving.” She hugged me tight.
“I’m so going to miss you for two months.” My uncle hugged me.
“Are you leaving, Kim?” A customer that came a lot called me.
“Yes, Mr. John. I’m going to traveling with my boyfriend.” Abs waved.
“We really need to go now.” Ben hugged Abs to and whispered to be careful with me. Abs smiled and I hugged for one last time Ben and Susan.
“Bye guys. I will miss you all!!” I yelled when I was outside and stepped in the car.
“Ready for a terrible ride to the airport?” Abs asked me.
“O yeah let’s go!” Abs drove off and I waved the pub goodbye and have a great time on tour with the lads…