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Mr. Perfect.

“Hello? Abs, are you still there?”
“Yes, I’m here, only Scott is doing weird. He wants to speak to you.”
“Well give him than or is there anything you want to say?”
“No, I will give you Scott. I will speak to you later.”
“Ok, bye.”
“Kim, you there?”
“Yes, I’m here. Scott, my man, how are you doing?”

Scott was my big brother. He took care off me when I was little. Now we don’t live at home anymore.
He was always on tour with the guys of 5ive and when he was home, you could fine him with his girlfriend, Miranda.
I was in college and I had big fun there.

How did I get in contact with Abs? I will tell you…
It the end of the spring, three years back. I was living in London with my parents.
I had to walk with the dog, Dingo. Scott was in 5ive already. I didn’t know the guys yet.
But when I was walking with the dog, his leash dropped out of my hand. Dingo runs away.
I yelled his name a couple times but he didn’t hear it. I heard a boy called his name.
“Dingo, come here... Good boy.” Dingo did listen to the boy. I couldn’t believe it. Dingo listens to nobody except my dad.
I walked over to the boy and I noticed his beautiful dark brown eyes.
“Thank for calling the dog.”
“It’s ok. Don’t need to thank me.” I gave him a smile and he smiled back.
I was walking back to my house but still looking at the boy with the leash in my hand but when my dad came home. When he stepped out of the car he called Dingo, Dingo runs over to my dad but I was still ‘attached’ to the dog so I felt over.
The boy runs over to me and asked me how I was. I didn’t have any pain until I looked at my knee. I had a big scrape and a lot of blood.
“Do you live there? I will take you there.” He said.
I tried to say ‘No it’s ok’ but he already helped me up and helped me back to the house.
When I came home, my mum run outside.
“What happened?”
“Nothing I’m fine.”
“Can you get a cold towel?” The boy asked and my mum runs inside to get one.
In the mean time we introduce. His name was Richard Abidin Breen. I introduce myself to. Kim Robinson. He said that he needed to go so he gave me his phone number and left.
My mum came back and asked me who the guy was.
“Mum, that is Abs.” I smiled.

That summer Abs and I had a great time. We had a lot in common.
What he didn’t tell me, that he was in the same band as Scott.
At the end off the summer Scott came back from a long holiday with Miranda. I told Scott about Abs. He was thinking of his best friend in the band.
That night Scott decided to invite his band mates for dinner later that day.
I helped my mum out in the kitchen when the door rang. Scott opens the door en let the guys in. He introduces them. I was shocked when I saw Abs.
“You got to be kidding me?” I said while I was hugging him. All the other guys though that we were crazy. Scott introduces every one to me.
He started with Jay. Jay was a tall, muscular looking male who had his left eyebrow pierced.
Next was Ritchie. He had a sweet face with clearly blue eyes. Sean was the quiet one and was best friend with Jay.
We had a lot of fun that night at dinner.
I asked Abs why he didn’t told me that he was in a band with my brother.
“I was afraid that you might not like me for me but as the artist Abs, you know?” He answered.
“Ow you silly!” I gave him a playful push.

That is how I met Abs and the rest of the guys who were in 5ive. Back to my phone call with Scott.
“Hey I'm great. We are busy with our new album. But tomorrow Abs will come to you, right?”
“Yes he is. I really can’t wait. I don’t have to think about college and just have a chat with him. Just like we did a couple years ago.”
“Abs can’t wait either. He is jumping around like crazy these days.”
“He really is? Can I speak to him for a second than? I will try to get him calm for today.”
“Okay here he comes. Hey Kim, I will speak to you soon and say hi to mum for me ok?”
“I will, Scott. Bye!”
“Abs here again.”
“He kangaroo! I heard that you are jumping around and make everybody crazy?”
“I am, girl. Sorry I just can’t wait to see you and relax, you know. You will pick me up tomorrow, right?”
“I will be there at 1:30 PM. I promise!”
“I need to go now. I will see you tomorrow than. See ya!”
“Okay Abs, See you than, bye.”
Abs came to see me tomorrow to see if I was ok. I had a little accident last week. When I was cleaning my kitchen I felt badly. I felt with my head on the kitchen sink unit. Or shall I tell you the truth? Abs and the rest of the world thinks that I fell. Only Mark doesn’t know that I didn’t fell. I will tell you who Mark is. He is my ex boyfriend since last week. I broke up with him because he had trouble with ‘keeping his hands home’, if you know what I mean.
We had a big fight and he was so mad that he started to hit me. I directly told him where the door was.
My mum didn’t like him and told me many times to break up because he was treading me bad.
I didn’t tell her about this fight. I told my best friend Abs, that I fell but he insists of coming to check if I was alright.

The next day I woke up with a good feeling. I took a long shower and drop by at my mum’s for a cup of tea. She asked me if Abs was going to have dinner with us that weekend. Abs loved my mum. Since my dad died, he and mum had a special band. She didn’t saw Scott that much but mum knows that is not his fault.
I told her that dinner was a good idea and that I was calling her later that day. I drink my tea and went driving to the airport. I saw so many people waiting.
When the doors went open a lot of people walked out. There were no paparazzi so Abs was lucky.
I looked at the doors and saw a lot off people hugging. I looked at the doors and one of the last people wear a cap that I remember. It was Abs. I gave him that cap for his birthday. I walked over to him and welcome him with a big hug. I could tell he was happy to see me.
We picked up his bags and walked to my car.
“Eat or sleep?” I asked in the car. It was a stupid question because like always he picked eat.
I drove into the closest McDrive and we order.
We drove directly to my room so no one would recognize Abs.
Abs never had been into my room because I was living there for one month only.
He followed me inside my room. I walked into the kitchen while he was checking out my room.
“I know it’s not like you have at your place but I don’t have that much money like you have.” I joked.
“Shut up! You don’t have it that bad. You have a TV, DVD player and a laptop and a couch.” He lay down on couch. He was so tired that not much later he fell asleep.
I decided to do some shopping. I made a note where I told him where I was, may he wake up, and I left.
When I came back I saw that he was still sleeping. I grabbed a blanket and cover him with it.
I lay down on my bed and started to read.
I felt asleep to and woke up in shock. I looked at the couch was Abs was still sleeping on. He looked so funny with his cap still on his head. I took a shower and made myself some tea. I sat on the table and watch the TV. Abs woke up. He sat up straight and looked at me. A couple seconds later he lay back again and watch on the watch for the time. When he saw it was already 10 AM he sat up again.
“How long have you been awake? And why didn’t you woke me up?”
“I’m up for two hours and I didn’t wake you up because you needed some sleep. Here is a towel and there is a shower.” I throw a towel at him and he walked into the shower.
Fifteen minutes later he walked out of the shower with no shirt on. He walked over to his bag to get one.
“What are you looking at?” He said when I was staring at chest and abs.
“Nothing, it’s just that I don’t get to see nice chest and abs everyday in my room.” I joked but I did enjoy my view.

That day we went into the city and tried to avoid the paparazzi. That was big fun.
We got home with new clothes and food and good movies. We decided to have a marathon night with movies. I made a quick phone call to my mum to tell her that Abs was coming with me for dinner the next day. My mum told me that Scott was coming to with his girlfriend, Miranda. I could go along with her great so this was going to be fun.
Abs and I watch 4 movies that night and the last movie we both fell asleep on the couch.

The next day we had dinner with my mum. Abs couldn’t wait to go. He saw Scott again but also our dog Dingo, the dog that brought me and Abs together.
We were there at 4:30 PM. We walked inside and say hi to my mum.
“Scott and Miranda are in the backyard. Abs, can you come to the kitchen? I want you to taste what I made for you.” She said and walked to the kitchen and Abs followed her. I walked to the backyard and saw Scott and Miranda.
“Hello, you two!” I said. They greeted me and Scott asked me to play basketball with him. We always played it when we were little and every time Scott won. Miranda decided to go inside.
“Why do I always say yes to this? I never win.” I said when I shoot the ball in the basket.
“I don’t know, Kimmie. You tell me!” He smiled.
“So did anything happen between you and Abs?” He asked. I looked at him.
“Kim, you don’t see it do you?”
“Scott, he has a girl, Danielle, remember?”
“Yes I do know that, but why is he with you instead of her?” Our mum called is in for dinner. Scott gave me a questioned look and walked inside.
At dinner I was thinking about what he said about Danielle. He had a point about that.
We had a nice meal and had a lot of fun. Me and Abs were tired and decided to go home.
The days after that night we decided to take it slow. We were so tired.

“Kim, when can I get to meet your boyfriend?” Abs asked when we were eating one day. I told him that I broke up with Mark but didn’t told him why.
“I told you many times that we broke up last week and there is no way that we are going to be together.”

Abs was always a party animal and wanted to go out. I didn’t like to go out and party but with Abs it was always fun. We went to a club near by. We were enjoying it much.
“I need to go freshing up.”
“I will wait at the bar.” He said and when I walked to the toilet I hear a familiar voice.
When I wanted to go back to the bar I heard that voice again. It was Mark who was standing in front of me.
“Kim, I’m so sorry for what happened last week. I want to talk to you about it.” I looked at him mad but inside I was so afraid that he was going to hit me again.
“By the way who is that guy you have been dancing all night with, your new guy?”
“I will talk to you when you are sober. I need to go, Mark.” He blocked my way for a couple of seconds.
I pasted him and walked fast to Abs.
“Who was that guy, Kim.”
“No one, Abs.”
“Come, let’s dance!” He grabbed my hand.
“I want to go home.” I said with a sad face. He wanted to say that he didn’t want to go but when he looked into my eyes he know that I was serious. We walked to the exit.
“Do you want me to drive?” He asked and I throw the keys over. We get in the car and drove off. I still didn’t feel save and was scared.
“We are being followed. I will drive other way home.” Abs asked and turned right instead of left.
He parked his car and hoped that the car that was following us didn’t notice.
The car drove further but stopped the car and parked it before ours. I recognized the car. It was Mark.
He stepped out of his car and walked over to our car.
“Do you know him, Kim?” Abs asked.
“It’s Mark.” I told him. Mark runs back to his car when we heard a police car passing us.
Abs started to car and drove back home. We didn’t say a word but when we got home, Abs saw how scared I was. Than Abs asked me a question that shocked me.
“Kim, you didn’t fell, did you? That Mark guy beat you up.” I burst into tears. Abs putts his arms around me and told that everything was going to be fine.

The next day I woke up and saw that Abs was awake and was making breakfast. He made a smile at me and handed me a cup of tea.
“Did you sleep well?” He asked when he sat next to me.
“I did but only because you were here.”
“Why didn’t you tell me that Mark beat you up? You know, you can tell me everything.” He was right about that.
“Did you tell no one about it? Not even Scott, your own brother?”
“I couldn’t, Abs. My family hates him.”
“You should go to the police and report him.”
“Don’t think that I didn’t though of that but Mark told me that he was going to kill me if I ever told any one especially the police.”
“I do understand you but I still think you should go to the police.” There was a minute of silence.
“Scott though that you might be pregnant.” I laugh.
“Abs, can you please not tell any one about it?”
“I will, Kim, but you need to do something. He doesn’t stop, you know.”
“I will think about it. Now I want to go back to sleep.” I lay my head on his lab and I felt asleep with his hand stroking my hair.

When I woke up I asked Abs about Danielle.
“When can I get to meet her?”
“She is a little bit jealous lately. When I want to tell her something about you she changes the subject.”
“Why are you here instead of with her? I mean I’m glad you’re here but she misses you to.” He walked to my balcony. I followed him and stood next to him.
“Kim, when I’m here I’m can be me.”
“And you can’t with her?” He didn’t know what to answer.
“When I told Danielle that I was going to spend some time with you she went mad. It made me think. She doesn’t get me. I’m not going to give our friendship for her. I know you longer that her. I can not compare it.”
“You can’t compare love and friendship, Abs?”
“I didn’t say that I love her. You know what? I didn’t fell in love with her. I just wanted a girlfriend but I don’t have the time for it. For you I make time. I’m lonely sometimes and you are the only one I can trust. That what friends are for, right?”
“I’m lonely to for a while now, even when I was with Mark.” Abs and I saw each other twice a year and we called like once a week.
“What I’m trying to say is that I don’t want you to lose her because of me.”
“Who said that we were talking about her? I though we were talking about us.”
“You see us just as friends.” I said.
“So you never though us as a couple?” I smiled.
“With you? You’re kidding me. I like guys who are tall and big.” I joked but Abs didn’t like the joke and walked back inside.
“Sorry Abs.” I said and sat on a bench. Not much later Abs came back and sat next to me.
“To be honest with you I did though about ‘us’. But I can not do that just to get rid of Mark. I mean I can go out with everybody.”
“I’m not everybody, Kim.” He said. He looked straight into my eyes. He was right about that.
“It’s not going to work. You have to go on tour a lot and I have school to go to. It’s driving me crazy just to think us as just friends, Abs. But you have a girl waiting for you and what do you want with me?”
“Is that what holds you back, college and Danielle?”
“What about you? How do you think about us?” He stood up and walked to the end of the balcony and lean on it. I joined him there.
“Like I said to you before, I feel save and I can be myself when I’m around you. Of course I though about it, but you are right. It can’t.” I though about the time we spend together. It was big fun.
I looked for his eyes and looked deep into them. He looked deed into mine. Before I know it we came closer together and our lips meet. He answered my kiss back. When I felt his arms around me I just melt inside and I didn’t want this to end. Why didn’t I make this move sooner? It was great.
When we need to get to air, we smiled.
“What now, Kim?”
“Abs, you have Danielle. I shouldn’t have kissed you, sorry.”
“But she is not here and probably she doesn’t want to see me. She didn’t come to say goodbye when 5ive had to go to the US. And Scott doesn’t like her.” He walked back to the bench.
“Why doesn’t Scott like her?”
“Because she is not like you. When I’m on tour with the guys I talked out you instead of Danielle. Scott told me to make a choice just before I went here, Danielle or you. I have been thinking about this a lot this week. I know who I’m going to choose, you. I’m going to tell Danielle as soon as possible that it’s over.” I sat next to Abs.
“You’re sure? I mean if this goes wrong we lose a lot.” His face came closer to mine.
“Kim, I’m sure and we already lost so much time.” He smiled before he softly kissed me.

The next day we have been out to dinner, just the two of us.
“When are you planning to break up with Danielle?” I asked.
“I’m going to see her as soon as possible. I want to tell her in person. I told her that I was going to call her when I was here but I still haven’t done it. My sell is off and the guys need to talk to me they can call to your phone. I know that Danielle didn’t call me. I will ask Scott to come over to watch. I’m not leaving you alone and Scott wants to spend some time with you.”
“No Abs, Scott is enjoying his holiday to and he doesn’t know about Mark.”
“Kim, Scott is your only brother and you can trust him. He will do everything to protect you. So do I.”
“Okay, he can come.” I said after a while.

Next day Scott came to London directly. Abs and I decided to make out when Scott came our way. And when we saw Scott we did make out.
“I know that there was coming a day that would come and meet you doing this.” Scott said. I was so happy to see him, it’s been a while. We decided to go and get something to eat. We didn’t eat much because there were paparazzi. We bring our food home.
When we were home, Abs and I told about Mark and what he had done and that I lied to him and our mum.
“Why didn’t you tell us?”
“Because I know how you all though about him, mum was right and she was going to give a speech that I didn’t want to hear. I know I was wrong.”
“Why are you leaving now, Abs?”
“I’m going to break up with her and tell her about me and Kim.”
“I see, well now Kim and I can go out like we did.” Scott smiled at me.
Abs and Scott were best friends and Scott never got out like we did before he went in 5ive.

That night Abs decided to go to bed early. Me and Scott talked all night.
“Abs told me that you don’t like Danielle, why not?”
“I don’t see what he likes about her.”
“Scott, you have Miranda and Abs feels lonely sometimes.”
“But he has you. Abs always has a girl around him but it never got serious. If he has something that he wants to talk about he calls you.” I smiled and looked at Abs who was cute when he was asleep.
“I didn’t get him when he had Danielle. She is not like you. He should have looked further and he finally did now.” Scott told me also how proud Abs was when he talked about me when they were on tour.
“Abs feeling really bad about your though about Danielle.”
“I’m sorry, but she is just not you.”
I told Scott more about Mark. I gave him more than I told Abs. Scott was really worried about me.
After our talk we decided to go to sleep. Scott on the couch and I stepped in bed next to Abs who was far away in Dreamland.

Abs had to leave the next day. It was not fun but he had to go and tell her. Scott and I brought him to the airport. Abs didn’t want to go and I didn’t want him to go but I had Scott around me.
After we waved Abs goodbye we drove the mall for some shopping. When we were waiting to pay I saw Mark. I got scared again but he didn’t saw me.
We walked to my car and drove home.
“Is there something wrong, Kimmie?” Scott asked.
“I saw Mark.”
“Why didn’t you say anything?”
“I told Abs last week that he had a bad taste in girls, except you of course, but what did you saw in him?”
“I don’t know, Scott.” I smiled.

Scott wanted to go and see mum so the next day we went over. We stepped out of my home and just before I wanted to get in the car I though of something that I left inside of the house.
“Wait in the car. I will be right back.” And before I was inside I heard that someone was calling my name. It was Mark. He walked over.
“Kim, I need to talk to you.” I pretend that I didn’t hear him and wanted to walk inside but Mark grabbed my arm.
“Let her go.” Scott stepped out of the car and stands between me and Mark.
“I want to talk to you, Kim.”
“I don’t want to talk to you.” I yelled.
“You heard what she says, leave.” Scott said.
“Mark, go home. Scott and I were leaving.”
“I can’t go home.” I heard him say.
“Please, Kim.”
“Okay you have five minutes. That’s all.” Scott looked at me mad.
“It’s ok Scott. Go.”
“No Kim, I’m not going to leave you alone. If he wants to talk to you he can talk to me to.” I agreed and Scott stands next to me.
“Kim, I miss you badly. I feel so stupid for what I did to you. I don’t know what to do now with out you.”
“There is nothing you can do. What you did to me I can’t forget and forgive. And I never will.”
“But Kim, I will never hurt you like that again. I was so mad that I lost control. I promise it never happen again.”
“It did almost happen when Abs and I were out. You followed us.”
“I was drunk. I was depressed of you.”
“I can’t take you back. There happen too much and I have a boyfriend now and I love him.”
“That guy in the club?”
“Yes, him but he is not here. Mark, understand that it’s over between us.”
“But Kim, I mean it. I want you back. I love you.”
“Mark, it’s over. Move on. If you come near me every again I will call the police.”
“You think like that? You give everything up?”
“Yes and for the last time, it’s over!” Mark came closer to me.
“It’s over until I say it over!” Scott pushed Mark away from me.
“You heard what she says. Go and leave her alone.” He walked away and Scott and I stepped in the car.
“Scott, please don’t tell mum about this?”
“I won’t, sis. Do you think that he will come back?”
“I don’t know, but I’m counting on it.”

Abs called that night.
“She cried last night when I told her about us. I was not expecting that.”
“It’s never fun to lose a boyfriend. Especially not like you. How late you going to be back tomorrow? I will be there with Scott. I miss you so bad.”
“I will be there at 12 PM. Don’t you get crazy with Scott aright? He can be so hyper.”
“And you are not? Scott is my brother and I know him my whole live. I’m used to that. You should be happy with a friend like him. He is getting some pizzas now.”
“Gosh what’s with you today? You keep giving people compliments.”
“I just miss you.”
“I miss you to, Kim. More than first, I miss you as person but also your kiss.” I have to laugh.
“My lips are thanking you but the rest of me is jealous.”
“As soon is I’m there I will take care of that. Well as soon your brother is gone. We don’t need him, believe me.”
“Mm sound very tempting, Mr Breen. Why don’t you come here right now?”
“It’s worth the waiting, I promise. You sure you’re okay?”
“I just miss you. That’s all.”
“Kim, I know there is something wrong. Tell me.”
“Okay. Scott and I were going to our mum and just before we wanted to go Mark came walking down.”
“Did he hurt you?”
“No, Scott came out of the car and he was with me all the time. Mark wanted me back, but I told him I don’t want him and that I have you now.”
“Good, Kim. I’m glad Scott is there.”
I was shocked when I found out a rock came threw my window. I walked over to the window.
“Kim? Kim, are you still there?” I heard Abs calling me.
“Yeah, I'm here and I'm fine. There is just a rock threw my window. I’m going to take a look outside. Hang up okay?”
“Yes I will, be careful okay?”
I walked with the phone in my hand to my door and open it just to see the street. When I was holding the door I felt a worse on the door. The door opens hard and I felt on the ground and yelled. The phone dropped. It was Mark in the doorway.
“Kim? Shit, Kim! Mark is there, is he? I will come and be there right away.” I could Abs yelling.
“Abs, help me! Abs!”
“Kim, shut up!”
“You shut up and leave my house, now!” I tried to get up and walked inside the living room. I could tell that Mark was drunk again.
“Kim, I don’t want to hurt you so please stop yelling.”
“What are you doing here?”
“I’m here because you want me here. I want you back and you want me back.”
“Mark, leave, please. Or I will call the police.”
“Call them. By the way call you stupid boyfriend to. I don’t care because I don’t leave.” I walked to the kitchen but it was too late. Mark already grabbed me. He grabbed my chin so I couldn’t move it.
“Kim, take me back. No, you have to take me back.” I was scared again when he looked straight into my eyes.
“Of course I take you back, Mark. I love you. You know that.”
“Don’t lie to me, bitch.” He slapped me in the face. I felt blood in my mount. I decided to keep my mount or to move. Maybe he will stop.
“You never gave me a chance. You listen to your friends who told you to break up with me. I just tried to be human.” He finally let me go and walked in the living room.
“I know you are a human and mean it good.” I finally said something. He looked at me and come close to me. I wish I could go away.
“You are doing it again. You lie to me, again!” He grabbed my arms en pushed me to the wall. With every word he pushed me harder against the wall. So bad that I started to see white and lost my feeling in my legs.
“I just loved you, Kim.” Mark almost cried.
“I know. We can talk about it, maybe everything will go right this time.” I shouldn’t have said that. He starts to get angry and pushed me again to the wall. This time I was black and I felt down in the floor. He picked me up again.
“No, Kim, You don’t give you now, you never give up!” He tried to hold my eyes open to see what he was going to do.
“I love you, Kim. Tell me you love me to.”
“Mark, I love you to.”
“Was it that hard? That’s my Kimmie.” He took me in his arms and I could feel his breath in my neck.
Than I pushed him away from me, I pushed so hard that we felt on the floor, me on top of him. I got up again and run to the door. I felt Mark was trying to get my legs. But when I was at the front door I saw Scott standing there. He saw that Mark tried to get off the ground and Scott pulled me behind him.
I couldn’t stand on my feet any longer.
“It’s alright. I already called the police.”
“Scott. No, look out for him!” Mark was still trying to get up but he collapsed. Not much later I pasted out and I felt that Scott got me.

I woke up in the hospital. Scott was also in the room. He was lying on a chair, sleeping. A nurse came in.
“Hello, do you know where you are?” I gave an answer to that question that I know. She did some test with me and left after ten minutes.
Scott woke up and greeted me. He told me what happen back at home. He also told me that Abs was on his way.
“When Abs heard that you dropped the phone, he packed his stuff and jumped literally in the plane. I would love to see that.” I had to laugh about that. But when I laughed I felt pain in the right jaw en right shoulder.
The doctor came in.
“Hello, miss Robinson. My name is Doctor Gray. I will be treading you while you’re here. We had some pictures taking, whish they don’t tell much about you. We need to do some more tests.”
He looked at Scott and asked if he was family. Scott just wanted to react when we heard that someone was knocking on the door. Not much later I saw Abs with a stuff animal. I was so happy to see him. He walked over to me and holds me tight in his arms. He didn’t let go for a long time.
“I will come back later, miss.”
“Doctor, you can call me Kim.” He nodded with a smile and left.
“Kim, I told the police what I saw but they still need your story as soon as you’re better.”
Scott looked at me and I know he was feeling guilty. He walked to the door and opens it. He looked at me and Abs and walked out.
“He is so mad at himself. He felt so guilty that he left you alone.”
“Abs, I told him to get those pizzas. I got crazy. I needed some time alone. I’m the one who feels guilty. I'm so stabber. I’m glad he is fine. Mark could have beaten him up too.”
“I’m glad he was on time. Mark could have killed you.”
“I really though I was going to be died.”
“What happen with Mark, by the way?” I told him the story that Scott told me.
“Mark is arrested. Scott keeps telling me that it’s his fault that I’m laying here. He thinks that he should never leave me alone.” Abs still holds me tight when Scott walks in,
“And I still think about it, Kim. I should never get those pizzas. I know you told me to, but you’re my sister. Abs, I’m so sorry that your girl is lying here.” He almost cried. You could see his tears. Abs let go off me and hugged Scott.
“It could end worst, mate.”
“Scott, it’s my own fault that I’m here. I should have listened to Abs when he told me to go to the police.” Scott walked over to me and hugged me. He never cried but this time he did cried. I cried to.
Scott was my only brother but he was my best mate as well.
“I don’t know what to do without you, Kimmie, I really though that I was losing you.”
“Bro, you don’t get rid of me that easily.” I smiled and luckily Scott did to.
“Scott, can you do me a favour? Call mum and pick her up. I think it’s time to tell her the truth and also about me and Abs. She doesn’t know that either. I will tell her first about Mark and than I will tell her about us.” Scott directly walked to the door. He looked at Abs.
“Hey Abs. Watch her good. You never know.” We all laughed.

My mum didn’t know what she heard when I told her about Mark. She was shocked at mad at the same time. And she gave me that speech what I was afraid off. She was glad that Scott was there just in time.
After I told her about Mark I told her that I had some good news. I asked Abs to come and sit next to me.
“Mum, I have good news. Remember what I told you when you saw Abs for the first time?” My mum looked at him and than back at me.
“Mm I think I do. I asked you who that cute guy was, I believe.”
“Yes you did. Well this ‘cute guy’ is now my boyfriend.” Mum looked at us happy. She was happy and congratulates us that I though that she forgot about what happened with Mark but I was wrong.
“Kim, you do look out with man, you never know.”
“Believe me mum, this is not just a man. It took me years to think that he is my man.” I smiled at Abs and I saw that my mum was smiling to.

That week, Abs had to rehearsal a lot for the up coming tour with 5ive. I watch a couple of times and I think not everyone was happy with me being there.
The night before he went off I spend the night with him. I was going to say goodbye the next day.
“Why is saying goodbye so hard?”
“Think like this. We said goodbye for 3 years and we did a great job than.”
“This is diverend, Kimmie.” We were already lying in bed.
His head on my shoulder and his arm around my waist.
“Your right about that but there are worst things.”
“Kim, why don’t you come with us? I would love it.”
“I would love it to but there are people who are not okay with it, I think. You saw how they looked when I was there at the rehearsals this week.”
“You right about that.”
“I will be waiting here until you come back. You can count on that.”
“And if there is something you call me, right?”
“I will, Abs.” I was playing with his hair a little bit. He grabbed me tighter.
“Leaving you is no fun. It never was.” He said like a little boy.
His eyes met mine and soon our lips met for a long and firing kiss.